Marie and the Girl Scout’s Brother

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Carl was helping his sister sell Girl Scout cookies. Earlier in the day the siblings set-up outside a grocery store.

Marie had just finished shopping when she first spotted the girl, and then the hunk standing next to her.

“You look too old to be a Girl Scout,” she standing in front of the table, looking up and down at Carl.

“That’s funny of you to say. I’m helping my sister here. My name is Carl,” he said, also giving Marie a quick scan.

“You could call me Marie,” she said. “Do you do home delivery?”

Carl thought for half a minute. “I could do that if you bought, say, $50 worth of cookies.”

His sister was in awe of that, as so far they had sold $20 worth. She was jumping up and down in excitement of the offer.

“How about if I get $100 worth of cookies?”

“That would work? What kind and how many do you want?” Carl said

Marie wrote her name and address on a slip of paper, and told Carl he could choose the cookies himself, and asked if he could stop by at 6 pm.

“Yes ma’am,” Carl said.

Marie smiled, liking Carl’s politeness, and she winked at his sister, and went on her way.

Carl’s sister hugged him and thanked him for being there to help her. She looked up to her brother a lot.

The siblings decided to call it a day, as the $100 order would take up almost all of the girls’ existing supply of cookies.

Carl placed what they had in five boxes and put them in the back of his pickup truck. He then folded up the table and also put it in the back, and helped his sister into the truck and they drove to get some ice cream cones.

Around 5:50 pm Carl arrived at the address on the slip of paper, he loaded the boxes on a dolly and walked escort ataşehir up to Rutgers front door, and rang the bell.

Marie arrived after a couple minutes and opened the door.

“Hello there, I like your promptness.”

“I brought the cookies, where do you want them?”

Marie thought for a few seconds and said, “Why don’t you bring them in the front foray for now.”

He did so and she closed the door.

“Tell me, Carl, why do you think I bought so many cookies?”

“I don’t know.”

She walked closer, enough to hold Carl’s hand, and said, “I liked you from the first moment I saw you, and wanted you to come to my home, somehow.”

“I am 48 years old, and I have a real liking for younger men. How old are you?”

Carl said he was 23, had graduated from college and had started working at his dads company.

“I was helping my sister to sell cookies and look at pretty women, like yourself,” Carl said with a smile. “It was a real thrill when you stopped by.”

“What did you like about me?” Marie said, squeezing Carl’s hand.

Carl said he liked her blue eyes, pink lips, her smile, her curly blonde hair, the black leather jacket she wore over a white top, hip hugging khaki pants and black leather boots that were over her knees.

“You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen,” he said.

Marie was blushing, and thanked Carl for his admiration with a kiss on his cheek.

“For the past 6 years I have lived here alone. My husband died suddenly and left me enough to live on comfortably, just I had this empty feeling inside. I’ve not been with too many men since his passing.”

She walked Carl to a sofa and they sat down.

“I went kadıköy escort bayan to college, too, and worked for a few years before getting married. I was with Sam for 25 years.”

They got up, and she gave him a tour of the house and they wound up in the bedroom, and sat on her king size bed. Carl was really anticipating what he thought was going to happen and started to get an erection.

Marie kissed him softly as she unbuttoned his shirt. She told him to take off his shirt and pants and slip his underwear off. He was now naked in front of Marie, who pulled him on the bed, got on top, and kissed him deeply. She was turned on by Carl’s athletic build, his hard chest, six-pack ripped stomach and his erection, which she estimated at 7 inches long and maybe 2 inches wide

Carl felt warm in Marie’s arms, and his full erection was nudging at her upper thigh.

She got up off Carl and in a heavy breathy voice, said stay and watch me. She stood off the side of the bed, and slowly removed her boots, revealing her feet cover in nude nylons.

She took off her jacket and her short sleeved top, then unbuckled her belt and unbuttoned a row of buttons to pull down her hips.

She leaned over to kiss Carl, as her boobs brushed against his chest. Her nipples were erect. Carl thought she had large enough breasts and that she smelled of a floral perfume which he liked a lot.

She stood in front and spun around and put her thumbs into her nylons on each side of her hips and pulled them down, revealing a red string bikini. She spun around and with Carl’s eyes staring at her, she slipped her panties off to reveal a recently waxed pussy, and climbed back onto Carl’s hard body.

She escort bostancı positioned herself onto Carl, and started riding him and kissing him simultaneously.

“Just relax, baby,” she said. “Let’s enjoy this moment.”

Her pussy slid up and down his cock, and Carl held back from cuming too soon. In a couple minutes Marie was feeling her orgasm start, and she was moaning in Carl’s ear as she finally released. Her pussy was well lubricated and Carl’s cock was slick with her cum.

They were making love for about 10 minutes when Carl whispered in Marie’s ear, “I’m going to cum really soon.”

“Stay in me. I want to feel your hot cum.”

She kept going up and down on Carl until he started to tense his muscles in his neck, and she stopped. Carl moved up a bit as his cum was delayed, and after Marie felt him relax, she went back to fucking Carl.

She started kissing Carl and told him to enjoy the ride.

They kept fucking in this fashion for 30 minutes, with Marie stopping three more times. Carl couldn’t think straight anymore. His whole body felt every sexual sensation he received from Marie, whose pussy was drenched in her organisms and was leaking onto Carl’s crotch.

Suddenly Marie had an idea. Carl was getting ready to cum, his neck muscles were tensing, she pulled off him, to his dismay, but she started to lightly stoke him up and down and told him to release his cum for her. He was close and she told him cum on her breasts.

His cock released and a torrent of cum blasted off on her breasts, again and again, with four big shots of cum covering her chest.

Both Carl and Marie were breathing heavy. They took a shower together, cleaning each other and drying each other.

After they were dressed, Marie thanked Carl for bringing the cookie. She said she would write a check to Girl Scouts, and that he could keep the cookies and resell them, as long as he came back next week.

Carl did, and their relationship flourished.

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