Master Jakob and Seth Ch. 12

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Chapter 12 – Night at the spa

I felt the pressure from Master’s message. I was looking forward to learning more about his magnificent body and how he likes it serviced, but it was clear from his tone that he expected me to put a lot of effort and thought in and not just guess. I feared that if he had to constantly correct me it would be annoying to him and make for unnecessary effort on his part – and that would ruin the experience for him. I know this was supposed to be part of training but I wanted to minimize any discomfort to him.

The first thing I did to prepare was to get a layout and understanding of his bathroom. It was larger than average. In one corner was a large whirlpool tub and on the opposite corner a large walk in shower with a bench along the back walls. There were controls on the outside of the shower – one was to turn on the steam function and the other to heat the benches. I thought using the shower would be a perfect place to start so I turned the bench warming function on and set it to a comfortable temperature. The heating elements extended to the back so when he sat on the bench and leaned back against the wall he would feel warm on his back too.

I walked over to the whirlpool tub and checked it out. It was big enough for two and had a heat setting for water temperature. I filled the tub and set the water temperature to the recommended range. I then went to pull together supplies – a bunch of towels and washcloths, Q Tips, cotton balls, clippers, scissors, files, lotion, toothpaste, and a host of other bathroom hygiene items. I made sure they were all ready and quickly accessible.

I pulled out a white cotton robe for Master to wear then checked on the heat of the seat and the tub water temperature. I noticed that the shower heat element also warmed the floor. I brought over 2 small pillows and a small seat cushion and placed them on the shower seat. Master would be sitting for a while so this would make him more comfortable. The last finishing touch was lowering the lights and putting on low volume spa music.

I was still very nervous about how Master would react – it felt similar to that feeling before a big test. I felt comfortable that I put all my effort into planning and preparation but was still unsure what the outcome would be. I washed my hands then walked into the living room and told Master I was ready for him.

“Great,” he said, “I’ll be right in.”

Before heading back to the bathroom, I grabbed a few cold bottles of water and brought it in for him to drink during the session. He walked in a few minutes later, still fully dressed. bostancı escort I knelt before him and carefully took off his sneakers and socks then moved up and undid his pants button and belt buckle as he just stood there motionless. I then got up and pulled the shirt off of him and held the robe for him to slide his arms in. Once he robe was around him I knelt back down again and slid off his pants and boxers.

I paused for a second and glanced across his magnificent body. I felt the desire to worship him bubble up inside me and I felt my dick tighten a bit inside the chastity device – but I knew I had a lot of work to do. I opened the bottle of water and handed it to him as I walked him into the shower and guided him onto the cushioned bench seat.

As he sat I explained my general plan in a soft voice, “I’m going to start at your head and work my way down, Sir. Then I’ll let you sit in the steam shower for a few minutes and take you to the whirlpool.”

He looked across the room with a peaceful smile on his face and just nodded. I started with a soft massage of his head and ears – just softly working my fingers through his hair and inhaling the scent. I picked up a Q-tip and dipped one end in a warm bowl of water and gently cleaned out the inside of his ears – first inserting the moist end then the dry end and working any wax out in the process. It took 2 Q-tips for each ear until the swab came out clean.

The next part was working in his mouth. I started by pouring a little cold water and mouthwash in a cup and asked him to rinse. I held a bowl for him to expectorate into after he swished the liquid around his mouth. I started by flossing between each of his teeth – using a Y shaped tool that was long enough to get the floss to his back teeth. I was very careful when going inside his gums and gently worked away any plaque or residue. I was able to feel the shape and depth of each tooth as I cleaned them. I cleaned the floss each time particles came up and some teeth – especially in the back required two or three runs. I was thankful that no blood came out. I finished up by brushing his teeth then again handed him the rinse mix and he swished and spat into the bowl.

I put the spit bowl down and sprayed some shaving cream into my hands – warming it a bit before smearing it on his face and neck. Using another bowl with warm water I dipped the razor and carefully shaved his face and lower neck. I finished by applying a warm towel to his face and applying aftershave.

After the shave I gave a back and shoulder rub. Again I was slow and meticulous – ümraniye escort bayan kneading the muscle to provide him relief but also getting to know what it felt like in my fingers. I brought my nose closer again to take in his scent as I worked my way down to his hands. I applied a moisturizing cream then took out my nail tools. I started by clipping his nails getting as close as I could without risking discomfort, then I worked off his cuticles and filed the edges down. I finished by buffing each individual nail making them smooth and naturally shiny.

When finished with his hands I paused a second before kneeling knelt to serve his feet. Up to this point Master has just received the service without saying anything. He would occasionally sip his water and let out long relaxing sounding exhales. I was wondering if the silence was good or bad and a bunch of thoughts went through my head. I always want feedback but should I interpret his silence as satisfaction? Is he saving all the criticism up for the end? I shook the thoughts out of my head and started with his feet. I made sure I got down low with my face as close to the floor as possible while still being able to do the service. I first picked away any lint remaining from his socks then held each foot in my hand and massaged each part. I placed each foot back down on the warm tile floor and applied the same process that I did for his hands. I made sure to be even with the clippings and it took a longer time to work away the cuticles.

I was kneeling and had my head down working on his foot when I heard him exhale and felt something run down my back making a water noise. I was startled but quickly realized he was pissing. I moved my shoulders but he said, in a soft voice, “Just stay there until I finish.”

He made a relieved sound with his breath as I felt the piss run down my back away from his feet and into the drain. The sounds of him pissing against my back and it going down the drain overcame the soft spa music and the smell of piss filled the shower area. I stopped and kept my back in the same position until he finished. He didn’t even move his hand down to hold his dick. He just let it go, knowing I was there but not caring.

For some reason the smell was strong and the thought that came to my head was to make sure none of it got on him. I waited until he finished and any remaining pee had rolled off me until I cleaned up the shower stall tile floor. I then went back to working on his feet. He had nice looking feet with straight long toes. His big toe was slightly bent inward but still straight and not overlapping. kartal escort I spent a lot of time filing each nail and even more time buffing each nail. I then used a pumice stone to soften any rough spots on the bottom of his feet by the heel.

When I was done I wrapped each foot in a hot towel and let it stay on him for a few minutes. In the meantime I set the steam shower to go. I removed the towels from his feet then asked if I can take his robe. He got up off the seat and handed the robe to me and I stepped out, closed the door and ran the steam.

While he was in there, I prepared the whirlpool by testing the temperature of the water and adding the bubble solution. Once I turned on the jets – the bubble solution went to work and started to create a large amount of bubbles. The timer on the steam shower went off and I opened the door and walked Master the few steps into the tub.

“Is the temperature Ok Sir,” I asked?

“It’s perfect Seth,” he replied. “So far this has been great. What I would like though is for you to massage me and wash me while i’m in here.”

I sat on the edge of the tub and started massaging and washing his head shoulders and back. I made sure the water didn’t get into his eyes and I ran the washcloth across his beautiful face. I rinsed the cloth then started wiping across his chest. I moved gently across his nipples, first with a very wet cloth, then with the tip of my finger. I felt around the nipple and the tip – feeling the sensitivity. I wet my finger again and ran it gently across each nipple. Master gave out another exhale of relaxation. I used the water to make sure I wasn’t irritating the surface but kept working my finger around the area helping him to relax.

Next I moved on to washing his stomach and sides moving down to his pubic region. I was very careful when washing around his dick but took the opportunity to feel his testicles. They seemed large in comparison to mine. I used the washcloth to wash there and as much as I could get to under him. He lifted a bit off the tub which allowed me to pass the cloth across his hole.

After that I worked on massaging his legs and feet. I spent a good amount of time – maye 5 minutes on each and admired my work on his feet – which now looked great. MAster spent another 5 to 10 minutes in the tub and then told me he wanted to get out. I held the robe for him to step into and then I grabbed a towel and knelt to dry his legs and feet.

“You did a good job Seth, I’m proud of you,” he said. “I think I’m going to go to bed now. I’m looking forward to going to Kennywood tomorrow and want to get some rest. Clean up here and then you can have some free time.”

With that he walked out and went to bed. I cleaned up and put back all the accessories. I then went to the other bathroom, took a quick shower to rinse the piss off me and went to bed myself.

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