Meet Becca and Michelle

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Rebecca’s, or Becca as she liked to be called, very being captured my attention from the first time that I saw her. She is stunningly beautiful in a classic way. She has eyes into which you fall and get lost. They are large round ovals filled with deep brown pupils. When she applies mascara to outline her eye the effect is dramatic. Her eyes pull yours to hers. Her hair cascades down her back. She is a woman of “presence”. She is 5′ 7″ tall, weighs about 150# and has breasts that capture one’s attention and imagination. Most young women are drawn to her breasts like a moth is drawn to light. Her body is one in which the marble sculptors of old would pay handsomely to have as a model. Caressing her marble sculpture would feel as smooth as her skin but without its warmth and suppleness. She has a way about her that sets her apart from others who provide similar services. She gets into her clients’ souls.

Becca provides women their first meaningful girl-girl experience. While some of her clients arrange for the experience themselves many are given it as a gift by either their male partner or a friend or group of friends.

She has a small horse ranch in which she boards horses providing stalls, feed, exercise and community. She sets a beautiful picture atop of a stallion cantering through the meadows. At one time there was an exercise track on the ranch but she replaced it with a fenced in meadow in which to exercise the horses. She felt the meadow was more natural and obviously more beautiful. Those feelings reflect the person that she is.

The quality of Becca’s service and the reputation that she has earned from it has enabled her to charge her clients accordingly. Together with the income that she receives from boarding horses, she is able live comfortably on her ranch. She limits the number of clients to 20 a year. Although the demand exists she does not serve a client more than once.

The ranch has an outbuilding that she uses for her service. It contains a bedroom, a bathroom and a utility room.

The bedroom is appointed in an upscale manner. In addition to a queen size bed there is a chaise lounge, an upholstered arm chairs sufficiently narrow for a woman to easily sit in and drape her legs over the arms and an armless chair sturdy enough to enable one to sit in the lap of the other. The paintings on the walls are original oil paintings of nude women either alone or together with another. The paintings are all in good taste and would be acceptable in a public museum or public art gallery. They set the tone of the room and for the activities that are pursued in it.

The bedroom is equipped with remotely controlled video cameras that are discretely placed. They are operated remotely from within the utility room. Becca retains a staff of women to assist her. There are no men involved.

The bathroom juts out from the back of the building. The outside walls are glass as is the ceiling. The commode is tucked away in a niche for privacy. The shower is large with multiple shower heads and can easily accommodate a few people. There is a marble bench seat along one wall as well as gripping bars along the other walls. The bathroom contains a sunken Jacuzzi.

The bathroom opens to a patio. Adjoining the patio is a stream fed pool.

There are discretely placed video cameras providing coverage of the patio, pool and bathroom except for the commode.

The property around the back of the outbuilding is sufficiently landscape to provide complete privacy and sufficient shade.

It is an idyllic setting for enjoying sex. To Becca, sex is all about foreplay and orgasms. She found that intercourse while instrumental in procreation most often indicated the end of foreplay. Becca enjoys foreplay and enjoys women who also enjoy foreplay. Women have so many more things to play with then men and they usually want to and are able to play longer. To Becca sex is fun, therapeutic and to be enjoyed. She sees it as recreational.

The service Becca provides spans five days. The client arrives on the first and settles in. She is put up in the outbuilding. She works alongside Becca for the first two days tending to the ranch and the horses. The objective is to establish a relationship between Becca and her client. In most cases the client becomes infatuated with Becca. She is that kind of woman. The client joins Becca and the hands who help Becca run the ranch for all meals in the ranch house. The client has complete and free access to the ranch house. For the period of her visit she is part of the ranch family.

On the third day Becca introduces the client to girl-girl sex. They spend that and the next day and both nights together. Walking, hiking, riding, lounging in the pool or Jacuzzi and playing in bed, on the couch, on the arm chair or on the straight back chair. On the morning of the last day they share their last intimacies before the client leaves to return home.

After their day of girl-girl sex, if the client is a competent güvenilir bahis horse woman, Becca enjoys riding with her alongside to a waterfall at the far end of the ranch where it butts up against a low mountain. They swim nude in the pool at the base of the waterfall and enjoy intimacies in the grass nearby. There is something to be said about enjoying sex in the outdoors.

In the days after the client leaves, Becca reviews the video recordings and creates a DVD which she sends to the client. She then destroys all video recordings. Her integrity is unquestionable.

Sometimes, one of the girl ranch hands might ask if Becca would show her what girl-girl sex is all about. Becca does if she feels a “connection” with the girl. Usually the girl cannot afford Becca’s service. In exchange they give Becca the right to the videos that are taken of their experience. Becca gives them a copy of the DVD and sells copies to members of a selected group whom she trusts. Becca views what she does as beauty not pornography.

There was a young woman working at the ranch who became infatuated with Becca. You could see it in her face and in her body language whenever she interacted with Becca. Becca was aware of it. She was flattered by it. She wanted to recognize her appreciation of it.

The young woman was adorable. She was relatively inexperienced in sexual things and she was shy. It was cute to see her shyness when she interacted with Becca. She was, though, a very competent and reliable ranch hand with whom the other hands enjoyed working.

One morning when the young woman, Michelle, arrived for work, Becca asked her to dust and vacuum the outbuilding bedroom and to clean the bathroom which would involve cleaning the shower and Jacuzzi. Becca knew that to do that, Michelle, would have to undress and basically take a shower. Becca asked Michelle to call her when she was done but before she put back on her ranch work clothes.

When Becca arrived in the bedroom she found Michelle wearing boy shorts and a loose, camisole top. It was evident that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Becca was wearing a wrap around blouse that tied in front, work shorts and was barefoot. She had removed her boots and socks in the outbuilding’s alcove.

Coming to stand before Michelle, Becca took her hands in hers and looking into her eyes, said “Michelle, I want to thank you for your hard work but more importantly I want to thank you for the feelings that you hold for me. They warm me greatly when we work together.”

Becca took Michelle’s hand and led her to the bed, guiding her to lie down. Michelle’s smile filled her face. She was already in awe of what she anticipated was going to happen. She lay relaxed, one leg slightly bent, a hand lying on her stomach. Before Becca lay down she removed her work shorts. She was wearing bikini briefs.

Becca lay down beside her and wrapped one hand around the back of her neck and the other on her lower cheek and brought her lips to Michelle’s and kissed her gently. She kissed her several times raising a bit to observe Michelle’s reaction. Michelle’s expression shouted “I’m here for you. I surrender to you.” Michelle took her hand that lay in-between her and Becca and began to stroke Becca’s thigh. During one pause when Becca rose slightly, Michelle smiled and quietly giggled. Becca returned to gently kissing her. Michelle’s body language told of the effect that the kisses were having upon her.

Her chest was rising higher as she inhaled more deeply. She moved her body turning slightly into Becca’s. She began returning Becca’s kisses. Becca began kissing her with a more open mouth. Michelle responded first with murmurs and then by raising her hand to grasp Becca’s hand that was around her neck. The kissing continued. Michelle was squirming. She grasped Becca’s hand more firmly. She was breathing deeply, murmuring.

Becca lifted her head and looked into Michelle’s eyes. Michelle was looking at Becca with adoration. Becca scooted closer to Michelle and began caressing her body, first along her bare arm and then lightly over her body bring her hand to Michelle’s chin. Michelle was all smiles. She giggled. Everything about her shouted” I’m here for you. Enjoy me.” Becca kissed her longingly.

Becca was deeply affected by Michelle’s complete surrender to her. Becca looked at her with a serious face. She sensed Michelle’s radiance, Michelle’s adoration for her. She took Michelle’s hand and brought it to her lips, kissing the back of it several times before caressing it. Michelle watched. She felt safe. She was gently caressing Becca’s thigh. Through it she was maintaining her physical connection with Becca.

They exchanged some words, Michelle giggled and Becca again brought Michelle’s hand to her lips but this time she began kissing her palm and inside forearm. Michelle giggled and squirmed a bit like a little girl. Michelle shared that she was shaking. Becca, smiling, told her that she could feel it.

Becca began türkçe bahis caressing over Michelle’s top, over her breasts, abdomen, arms and hands. She raised herself to kneel next to Michelle and continued to caress her. “I like how it feels when you touch me.” Michelle told her.

Michelle lay relaxed and safe next to Becca. Becca realized that she could do whatever she wanted to her. She liked Michelle. She recognized and appreciated what Michelle was feeling by giving herself so calmly to her. She felt honored. She felt a great sense of responsibility. It was self evident as she looked upon Michelle that Michelle would experience a Becca that few others had.

Becca continued caressing Michelle .She began caressing her breasts and cupping them. She leaned in and kissed Michelle with a slightly open mouth. Michelle returned the kisses. Michelle would whimper from time to time. Whenever Becca raised herself a bit to look into Michelle’s, eyes, Michelle would giggle slightly. During it all, Michelle maintained contact with her hand on Becca. She’d stroke Becca’s arm, the one caressing her or would stroke her bare thigh.

Becca slightly pulled down the top of Michelle’s chemise to give her access to the top of Michelle’s breast. She planted several kisses over the top of it. With the other hand she caressed Michelle’s other breast. When she kissed Michelle, they did so with tongues. Michelle rolled her body into Becca. She wanted, needed more.

Becca leaned forward and slipped her hand under Michele’s top and began caressing her bare skin moving up to caress her breasts. Michelle watched Becca’s face, smiling like a little girl enjoying herself, giggling and inhaling and exhaling noticeably. Becca was smiling at her, enjoying seeing the enjoyment in Michelle’s face.

Becca rose up and began caressing Michelle’s bare skin, her abdomen and her legs from her thighs to her toes. She kissed Michelle’s toes. “You’re getting me so excited,” shared Michelle.

Becca smiled broadly. She was enjoying herself. She was enjoying Michelle. It was obvious that this was more than just recreational girl-girl sex. It was more than giving an inexperienced girl just some experience. They continued playfully, touching one another, enjoying being there with one another.

Michelle said that she didn’t know what to do.

“Just do what feels comfortable, what feels natural. Don’t feel that you have to do anything that you don’t want. Enjoy.” Becca told her.

Becca sat back up and slipped her hands again under Michelle’s chemise and reached up and caresses and cupped Michelle’s breast. She pulled Michelle up to kneel before her and she grabbed the hem of the chemise and pulled it up to remove it. Michelle raised her arms like “a good little girl”. Her breasts where young, beautiful, like two large European coffee cups of firm Jell-O each topped with a cherry half.

Becca positioned Michelle before her and began caressing her chest from her shoulder to her stomach, lightly, gracefully back up and down including her sides. Michelle held her lips closely shut trying to prevent a giggle. It was cute.

Becca brought her hands to the sides of Michelle’s face and ran them up through her hair. Michelle liked it. She told Becca so. Becca leaned up and kissed Michelle’s forehead, then her nose and then paused looking at Michelle who was anticipating a kiss. They kissed fondly, Michelle bringing her hands behind Becca to stroke her back. Becca cupped Michelle’s face in her hands and kissed her deeply. Michelle lost herself in the kiss and in the closeness.

As they kissed, Becca dropped her hands to Michelle’s breasts and toyed with her nipples. When she stopped, Michelle moved back a bit and unknotted Becca’s blouse and slipped it off her shoulders. Becca was wearing a bra. She needed to. They rubbed their chests together, Becca’s bra encased breasts to Michelle’s naked ones. They hugged, planted small kisses and licked on bare skin. Becca brought Michelle’s hand to her breast and encourage her to caress her. She was looking at Michelle with an “Am I teasing you?” look. It was a beautiful moment which Becca always paused at when she would subsequently watch the DVD.

Becca pulled down the strap of her bra to give Michelle access to her breast. Michelle reached for it and sighed. They rubbed their bare breasts together. They rubbed their nipple together. They caressed one another’s breasts. Becca’s breasts were twice the size of Michelle’s. Michelle could not stop from caressing and fondling them.

Becca leaned down and began making slow love to Michelle’s breasts. She buried her face in them, between them. She kissed and licked them and gently, teasingly sucked her nipples. Michelle whimpered and sometimes giggled. It was obvious that Michelle enjoyed it. As Becca was doing it, Michelle was caressing Becca’s breasts.

Becca pushed Michelle back down onto the bed and straddled her, mons-to-mons, breasts-to-breasts. She began kissing Michelle güvenilir bahis siteleri and Michelle returned the kisses with equal ardor. Becca began grinding her mons against Michelle’s. Michelle lay there enveloped in the sensation and the moment. She reached behind Becca and unhooked her bra. They stayed like that for a while just enjoying their closeness and the movement of Becca upon Michelle.

Becca got up and positioned herself between Michelle’ splayed legs. She began caressing Michelle under the top her shorts, pulling them down a bit to gain ease for caressing. She brought her hands to Michelle’s crotch, pulled aside the crotch of her shorts and began caressing her pussy with the back of her hand before wetting the flat of her fingers and gently caressed her labia. Michelle’s lips were aroused. Michelle lay there watching Becca and enjoying Becca’s explorations of her pussy. Becca would often wet her fingers. Michelle sighed. “You’re making me wet.”

They both enjoyed what was happening. There was no urgency. Although Becca had seen and touched many pussies before Michelle’s there was some about Michelle and her pussy that was different. She was enjoying that difference. She played, often looking up to Michelle to see if she was OK. Michelle was happy, very happy. She radiated happiness.

When she collected enough of Michelle’s wetness at the end of her finger she brought it to Michelle’s lips. Michelle cleaned it with her tongue before sucking it into her mouth. Becca left it in and toyed with Michelle’s tongue. Becca began sucking Michelle’s nipples. She wasn’t trying to go anywhere. It was just the pure pleasure of doing it. Becca changed positions lying on top, between Michelle’s legs. They kissed.

Becca rose up, scooted down kneeling and removed Michelle’s shorts. Michelle felt “exposed.” It was written on her face. Becca lay back upon her and they kissed before Becca started kissing her way down Michelle’s body often caressing her face against Michelle’s body. When she arrived at the bottom, kneeling, she pulled Michelle up to a sitting position. Michelle’s face was level with Becca’s breasts. Becca fed Michelle a breast supporting it with her hand to keep her nipple readily accessible to Michelle. Michelle suckled. When she stopped Becca began rubbing nipple to nipple and they kissed, continuing to rub nipples during the kiss. It was obvious that Michelle enjoyed the intimacy of it all. They kissed with their tongues. They held one another. They caressed one another.

Becca shifted her position, sitting flat on the bed with her legs crossed in front of her. She pulled Michelle up such that she was sitting sideways in front of her with her nearest side against Becca. They could kiss. Michelle could cup Becca’s breast and play with her nipple. Michelle had placed her closest leg up and over Becca’s knee. Her other leg extended out onto the bed opening herself wide to Becca.

They kissed. Michelle fondled and caressed Becca’s breast. Becca cupped Michelle’s pussy with her palm and gently massaged it and then doing so with the flat of her fingers. Things unfolded unhurriedly. Becca dropped her middle finger and dragged it between Michelle’s labia several times before bringing her fingers to Michelle’s mouth for her to savor her taste and to wet Becca’s fingers more. They kissed. They talked quietly to one another sharing how they were feeling about what they were doing. They looked into one another’s eyes. They smiled. One could see that they were enjoying the moment.

Becca dropped her hand back to Michelle’s pussy and slowly penetrated Michelle with her index finger up to the second joint. She moved it out and in caressing Michelle’s G-spot. Michelle whimpered. Becca placed her thumb onto Michelle’s clit and gently massaged it. “Do you like that?” Are you getting excited?” “I want you to cum for me.” “Show me.” Becca quietly said to Michelle.

Michelle had dropped her head down and was nursing on Becca’s teat. As Becca continued caressing Michelle’s G-spot and clit, she could feel Michelle’s body trembling and her nursing became more aggressive. “When you are about to cum, kiss me.” she instructed Michelle. Becca was afraid that if Michelle came while she was nursing on Becca, that she might bite down too hard on her nipple.

When Michelle came she gripped Becca in a hug, holding her tightly, kissing her, until she came down from her high. She leaned back, looked at Becca saying “That was wonderful. Thank you.”

“There is more to come.” replied Becca smiling. She moved Michelle to lie flat of her back, her legs dangling over the side of the bed and sank to the floor between Michelle’s legs spreading them apart as far as possible. She began placing teasing kisses around Michelle’s stomach: the inside of her thighs, her mons, moving closer to her pussy until she was planting soft kisses on her labia. Michelle was whimpering. Becca toyed with Michelle’s labia with her finger, dragged her finger through the lips until she inserted her index finger into Michelle’s vagina and teased her G-spot, continuing kissing her now on the clit. Becca was watching Michelle as she was playing with Michelle’s pussy, from time-to time leaning in to lick her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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