Midnight Cowgirls

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I was in the middle of cleaning my muddy black riding boots until my phone rang on my dresser from an unknown number.


“Hey, it’s uh Kaylee, right? The redhead? It’s Jess from the riding club. Um, I know I wasn’t the smoothest when I introduced myself this morning…”

‘That’s an understatement,’ I thought.

“I wanted to make a better impression, so I got your number from a groom. I hope you don’t mind me texting. I was a little shy before because… well, if I’m completely frank, I’m very taken by you, Kaylee. Your form as you ride your beautiful bay around the arena. The way you work together, you almost become one… You’re so masterful, and um, if I can be more frank, my uh heart skips a beat when I see you, and I’ve never felt this way about a woman before… d-does this out you off?”

“No, I’ve noticed you, too.” I wasn’t going to lie to her. When I first saw her, I noticed her long, pretty dark blonde hair and her never-ending smile that showed off her dimples. Her soft yet stern country accent was attractive, to say the least.

“I knew it! I sensed that. I’ve been training Mable, my lovely palomino, on the most challenging jump course lately, mainly to get your attention. I’m glad that it worked… I could feel your eyes on me as I took those jumps. I’ll say that did make it hard to focus, feeling you watching me, but I’m thrilled to know it wasn’t my imagination getting the better of me. What I felt was real. Did you feel it too?”

I could tell she meant what she was saying, her voice a whisper like she was hiding from someone as she spoke. “Possibly…” I said, twisting the deep red lock of hair in front of my face.

“Look, I know we haven’t interacted much, but the connection is palpable. When you brushed past me in the tack room… I felt it course through my whole body. Your knowing smile when we pass each other on the grounds. It’s like something is percolating between us, beneath the surface. It’s been there from the moment I saw you. I don’t know if I fully understand it, but I’m happy to have confirmation. I thought I might have been dreaming all of this.”

Her voice shook on that last sentence like she had a bug in her throat. “It- it’s a little surreal.” Apparently, mine did the same.

“I’ll say! This is completely new territory for me. I’ve been so tired of everything lately… the same people at work, the same people at dinner, the same problems every day, it seems. I’ve been spending a lot more time at the club, and honestly, the fact that the horses are quiet companions doesn’t hurt. Out here, riding, I feel truly free and among myself. Then you came along and threw me for a loop. When I see you, it’s like I’m a giddy high schooler experiencing my first crush, and it feels so new yet so… familiar. Am I going too far? I’m going too far, aren’t I?”

“Um, a little bit, but I’m curious, why me?” I asked, shifting on the tack room bench.

“There’s something about you, so unexpected that excites me. You’re carefree, yet so skilled. Stunningly beautiful, yet fiercely strong. Exceedingly elegant güvenilir bahis yet not afraid to get your hands dirty. I haven’t come across anyone who surprises me more than you do. I mean… I thought I was completely hetero, always have been, but when I see you, my thoughts go somewhere lush and luscious.”

“I see where you’re coming from.” It came out nearly a moan.

“I think about what it would be like to reach behind you and pull your ponytail leaning your head back, so your pretty mouth opens up slightly. And then my mouth meets yours. I could keep going. Would you like that?”

“I would.”

“I think of tasting you. Actually, I’m at the stables right now. I could tell you moreover an evening ride.” Jess said. I wasn’t going to pass this up.

“Giddy up, cowgirl.”

“Lovely. Just so you know, there’s no pressure. As your aware, I don’t really know what I’m doing. I’m just so happy you’ve agreed to meet up. If anything, this gorgeous evening ride will be illuminating, and it’ll be delightful to spend some time with you, Kaylee. Shall we saddle up and meet back here?”

“Sure,” I said, standing up putting my boots back on.

“Sounds great.” She then hung up the phone.

We made our way from the tack room to our respective stalls, preparing our trusty steeds for the ride. We brought them around to the front of the barn. Jess’ Mable snorted gently while mine -Balthazar- responded with a flick of his mane.

“Seems like those two are feeling pretty friendly; maybe that’s a good sign.” She joked. I deftly mounted Balti as I watched her watching me. She swung up onto her saddle.

“Ready to head out?” Jess asked.

“Where are we going?”

“I have a couple ideas of where we could venture. There’s a trail at the back of the grounds, the one that goes off into the woods. If you follow it to the end, there’s a lovely little pond with fireflies and bullfrogs. If we keep going a little ways, we reach the end of the grounds. We could jump the fence, but I’ve never been brave enough to do it on my own. I’ll do it with you if you want.”

“Let’s go to the pond,” I said, looking straight at her.

“Sounds perfect. It’s a lovely little spot. I’ve spent a decent amount of time there lately, just daydreaming and relaxing. It’ll be so nice there, too. I can still hardly believe you came, that you weren’t scared off by my clumsy advances.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t scare easy,” I said, smirking, staring straight down her back. We made our way down the trail, chatting easily and ducking under low hanging leaves as we go. I grazed an incredibly thick tangle, and it shed leaves and branches all over me. Jess pulled Mabel up right beside me and started brushing off the tiny stalks and fronds. She paused, plucking a leaf from my ponytail. She dropped it as we watched it flutter to the ground. Her soft hand stroked my cheek, and I felt that familiar electric charge.

Jess smiled. “You’re so stunning. Under a blanket of plant debris and all.” She then leaned over her mouth, brushing against my blushing cheek. Then they türkçe bahis led to my mouth, sealing it with a tender kiss. She softened under my touch and gazed into my eyes.

“This feels more magical than any kiss I can remember,” Jess ran her hands through my hair. “Can we do that again?”

“Yes. Please, yes.” I moaned.

She pulled up ever so close to me and leaned over behind me, pulling me nearly onto her saddle. Jess’s waiting face met mine as her mouth parted my tongue and delved softly inside me. We remained in this pose, tenderly exploring each other, enjoying this new sensation for a few minutes before parting. As we pulled apart, our breaths were heavy, our chests lightly heaving. We moved further apart and continued down the trail in thoughtful silence.

“I’m feeling that charge, though. I hope you’re feeling it too.”

I laughed and moved ahead. “Wait for me!” Jess said, spurring Mabel on easily matching my pace. I reined in Balthazar, stopping quickly, and Jess stopped right beside me. I brought Balti close, and I leaned in this time onto her saddle leaning in one hand on my own. I pressed against her, lightly kissing a trail over her heated neck. She turned her face to me and kissed me. As she opened to me, her tongue delicately explored my mouth as I probed into hers sweetly. We then settled back into our saddles, flushed and giddy.

“I want to touch you so badly. Let’s go to the pond.” Jess heaved.

We picked up our pace, admiring the trail but wanting to dismount, or at least I wanted to. We reached the pond, dismounted, and tied up our horses. We settled onto a bank and heard the croak of a bullfrog. The sun started to descend into the sky, and the fireflies began to emerge. Jess looked into my eyes and sensed my invitation. She sat next to me, gently kissing my neck, and I shuddered with pleasure.

“I can’t believe this feels so good, Kaylee. Are we on the same page?”

“God, Yes, give it to me, Jess. Please.” I begged, feeling these new unknown urges nearly sent me over the edge. Her hand moved from my neck down to my chest, where she lingered hesitating, looking into my eyes. I took my hand and pressed it against her breasts. We kissed again, our hands wandering over each other’s bodies, indulging and delighting in the novelty. I could tell Jess noticed the sun was beginning to set.

“Let’s hops onto our horses and dash back to the club before it gets dark. There we can get a little more comfortable and see where this goes.” Jess said.

“I’ll be there.” I rushed straight back and got Balthazar settled in. I ran to the front of the stables to find Jess waiting there, looking coy. She saw me and ran over, eagerly pressing my mouth to hers, sharing a sweet luscious make-out session. Jess then took my hand, and we headed to the lounge; luckily, everyone had left for the day. We didn’t have to do any explaining and just enjoy this. In the lounge, we each jump into a shower and wash up.

We looked at ourselves in the mirror. Jess moved behind me and kissed my neck. Her hands gently made their way up my sides and güvenilir bahis siteleri lightly landed across my chest. She delicately stroked, and I moved beneath her as I moved my head back. It’s like our bodies just knew what to do. “I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anyone before Kaylee,” With her hands on me, I felt that charge spread through me once again. “I want all of you so bad. And you can have all of me. Does that sound as good to you as it does to me?” She asked, gently biting my ear.

“Yes, ma’am” was all I could say. I opened my towel, exposing my ample breasts to Jess. Her fingers trace light circles, slowly moving over my nipples, which stiffened under her fingertips. Jess gazed into my eyes, and with the same look of lust and longing, I felt for her. She turned toward me and lowered her face down onto my breasts. I took it gently into my mouth, sucking her, then twirling my tongue along with her hardening nipple. Again a rush of heat flooded my body.

“I have a feeling we could lift each other to new heights of pleasure. We could pop into the showers again, but together this time. Or there’s a warm cozy little nook tucked up in the loft of the barn.” I explained.

“Let’s s-shower.” Jess moaned into my mouth.

“Perfect. We hung our towels and jumped into the closest shower—warm water coursed over our naked bodies as we locked eyes. I traced a line up her stomach to her full, slick breasts. I couldn’t help but touch myself feeling my warm and wet pussy. Jess moved in to kiss me, gently biting my lip. I shuddered, lightly stroking my clit. She brought her face down to my breasts, suckling one and then the other, twirling her tongue around my pink nipples. I started stroking myself faster. I could hardly contain myself; I was so close.

“Should I keep going?” I asked.

“You better!”

Her tongue on my nipple had me floating on an unknown high, lingering on the edge of ecstasy and orgasm. All I had to do was lightly twirl a finger around my clit, and I was done. Like a diver sailing off the high dive, I came. My whole body shook, and I couldn’t help but cry out, putting a hand on the wall for support. This felt more all-encompassing and complete than any orgasm of my life. I could hardly catch my breath. “I have to let you feel this,” I said, grabbing her face.

“Mmm, yes, ma’am.”

We’re both giggling, warm water flowing all over our skin. I brought my mouth to her beautiful breast. I just had to taste her. I tongued her nipples lustfully. I moved behind her and kissed down her long neck. I fondled her tit with one arm while the other makes its way down her front to her warm, wet, waiting center. She shivered and let out a yelp. I gently worked my finger between her lips, stroking her, landing alongside her beautiful clit. I stroked her faster, finding her clit, just barely making contact. Jess stood up with a start. I knew I found her sweet spot. I slowly stroked around her pussy. I felt her buckle and shake, faster and faster, until she screamed aloud and grabbed me, her body quaking in complete and utter ecstasy. We held each other, breathing heavily, allowing the now lukewarm water to run over our tired naked bodies. I looked into her eyes and kissed her.

Although it was my first time pleasuring a woman, I loved every minute of it. Surprisingly at ease.

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