Mommy Can Help Ch. 03

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Ever since her 18th birthday, Emily’s relationship with her mother has been very different from before. Ever since Emily took that seat between her mother’s legs and was taught how to masturbate herself, she’s wanted more, but she didn’t quite know how to channel her sexual frustration into anything productive. She hadn’t dare masturbate since her birthday, since she knew it wouldn’t feel as good without her mommy’s support, gaze, and touch. Now, nearly 2 weeks later, Emily was so horny, yet so shy, that all she could do was make small advances and hints towards her mother. A brush against the thigh here, a panty-less day there, it was all just Emily begging to be touched again.

Noticing her daughter’s new-found sexual energy, Mary decided to put some boundaries into place to assure that her daughter didn’t grow into a whore (at least not a whore for anyone but her own mom).

The first step she took was to make a new list of house rules. On the fridge, below the normal chores that any senior high school student would have to do (the dishes, sweeping, etc.), Mary now has taped the following rules:

1. No masturbating without supervision

2. Always ask permission to cum

3. When mommy says to do something, do it

4. No playing with other other girls or boys private parts without supervision and permission from mommy

5. Emily must inform mommy any time she feels horny

Rule number one was the one to be tested this night, as Emily shuffled in to the living room wearing nothing but a silky, light blue, short nightie, and white socks with bunnies on it. Her hair was tied into two pigtails. She looked nothing short of absolutely angelic.

Mary was sitting in the living room watching tv as she usually does at 8:00 at night. Mary’s hair was also tied up, her’s into a tight pony tail. She was wearing a black band t-shirt from her college days that hardly fit her, and red short shorts that exposed her pussy every time she opened her legs too wide. Mary’s breasts pressed into her t-shirt and stretched the fabric to its limits; it was clear that she was not wearing any underwear or bra. Mary preferred it this way, as in the hotter months, such undergarments become a nuisance.

Quietly, as to not disturb mommy too much, Emily took tiny steps into the living room until she was just in mommy’s field of vision. Mary turned her head and smiled at her daughter.

“Hello cutiepie. What can I do for you?” she said.

Emily blushed. She didn’t want to say it. She didn’t want to say that she couldn’t stop thinking about her mother’s fingers circling her clit or pushing deep inside her and probing her private parts. She didn’t want to reveal the dirty, incestuous thoughts that had been on repeat in her head for weeks now, or that these thoughts ankara escort were all she were thinking about in this very moment, and it was causing her cunny to leak.

“Mommy, I… I need some help.”

Mary’s eyebrow raised, obviously something was wrong. “Of course babygirl, what can I help you with?”

“I-I want to masturbate…” Emily’s face was beet red, and she was staring directly to the floor. She didn’t dare meet the gaze of her mommy. This was the first time she had asked for anything like this, and it was equally parts embarrassing and exciting.

This statement wiped all confusion off Mary’s face. Of course her horny babygirl wanted to masturbate, what an angel. “Well, go on” she said.

Emily glanced up at her mother and inquisitively looked at her mother’s very serious face. “What do you mean?”

“I mean go on!” Mary took a big pillow out from behind her on the couch and threw it down on the floor, just between her and the TV. She gestured for her daughter to sit down on the cushion, so thats exactly what Emily did. Unsure of what to do next, Emily looked up at her mother, her legs crossed and her arms crossed as well in an attempt to hide her hardening nipples.

“Masturbate for me, I know you know how.”

This is not what Emily had expected when she saw her mommy after the new house rules. It was such a shock, Emily was very tenative at first to uncross her arms and unhook her legs, but slowly she did just that. Her cunny started leaking again; she loved showing off for mommy and her body’s reaction only proved that. She loved the attention. Emily paused again, she knew what she needed to do, but it was so scary to actually do it.

“What, do you need help? What if I tell you exactly what you need to do?” suggested Mary.

Emily nodded; she liked being guided by mommy.

“Okay sweetie. First, why don’t you spread those legs nice and wide, and lean back onto your arms.” Mary turned down the TV volume, and by the time she looked back at her daughter, she was in position. She saw a little wet spot in between Emily’s legs, and it made her own pussy twitch in excitement.

“Now, take your right hand, and start to tease yourself through your nightie.” Emily’s hand slowly reached down and pressed into the smooth, cool fabric. It accentuated her cameltoe by her pressing and massaging into the material. Her wet spot only grew with this action, and her breathing began to get more shallow. Her eyes began to glaze over as she stared up at mommy. Mommy who was watching her masturbate. Mommy who was watching her daughter masturbate on the floor right in front of her. The wet spot got bigger.

“Very good, are you wearing underwear sweetie?” Emily’s head shook. “Good girl, now peel that nighty to the side so I can escort ankara see you.” Emily hooked her fingers on the edge of the romper and peeled the fabric away from her leaking cunny. It revealed her small, smooth pussy. She had just shaved yesterday, but even with no hair her clit was flush against her body. Only a tiny, twitching nub was visible underneath it’s hood. As for her hole, Emily was soaking now, and her juices ran from her cunny, down to her ass, glistening in the TV’s glow.

Mary smiled softly. “Such a pretty girl,” she said under her breath. “Now, take your right hand and begin to rub it up and down your entire cunny. Make sure to get all the juices to wet your clit.” Emily did just that, making small, slick sounds as her smooth little fingers danced up and down the folds of her labia.

“Good girl, now take that middle finger, and tease your clit. Ever so lightly, just trace tiny circles around it.” Emily’s hips instinctively bucked at first at the sensation. She wanted more, but she knew she had to follow mommy’s instructions. She knew her masturbation had to be completely supervised and instructed by mommy.

“Now press a bit harder, every once in awhile adding, and releasing pressure on your clit.” Emily struggled at first with this instruction, but remembering how her mommy’s fingers had moved rhythmically just weeks earlier over her little button made her get into a smooth rhythm of pleasure.

“Good girl,” Mary cooed. “Just like mommy showed you.” She looked down at her daughter with a loving, caring gaze. Such a sweetheart, she was so proud of her. Her own daughter all grown up and learning to masturbate all on her own. So precious.

“Now move faster, I know you want more baby.” Emily’s finger began to flick around and around her clit, and finally her breathing, which had become increasingly shallow and shaky, transitioned into moans. Emily didn’t moan like her mommy, and instead her moans were high pitched and innocent. They were small and pure, and never got very loud until she climaxed.

“Ahh.. oh mommy… my button is so hard… I love rubbing it for you ohhh…” Emily squeaked.

“There you go, rub that little button for mommy. You’ve got it all on your own.” Mary smiled slightly, and returned her gaze to the TV her favorite show was coming on soon after all. She turned her attention away from her daughter for a few minutes to watch, but little did she know that this move only drove her daughter to agony and arousal like never before.

Emily craved her mommy’s attention and her mommy’s praise, and taking that away from her only made her jerk harder. As her arousal filled the room with the scent of sex, Emily spread her legs wider and jerked faster and harder. She wanted her mommy to look at her while she masturbated, ankara escort bayan internally begging for her mommy’s attention. Emily leaked more juices and they started to make a delicious smacking sound with every circle of her clit. Squishing her juices around, she was sure it would get mommy’s attention, but she continued to watch colors dance across the TV screen.

Emily groaned and began to pant as the warm tingles grew more and more, coaxing herself to an orgasm.

“Mommyyy…” Emily moaned, causing Mary’s eyes to look away from the TV and down to her daughter, uninterested, as if masturbating on the floor in front of your own mother was a normal routine. “Mommy please…”

“What baby? Be specific.”

When all she got was little squeals and grunts as Emily’s hand jerked faster and faster, Mary knew exactly what Emily wanted.

“What? Do you want mommy to watch?”

Emily nodded rapidly, letting out a “mhmm…”

Mary kneeled down on the floor in front of her daughter on her hands and knees, so her face was hovering inches away from her daughter’s wet slit.

“Do you want mommy to watch you masturbate? Do you want her to watch you cum all over this pillow?” Mary taunted, her eyes glued to her daughter’s hole, which was twitching and swollen red, begging to be fucked. She watched her daughter’s fingers massage her clit and brush over that sensitive little nub just as she had been taught. “Do you want her to see you as you reach an orgasm right here in the living room, right in front of your own mommy?”

It was too much, Emily’s moaned loudly “Mommy! Mommy can I cum please?” She was right on the edge and she couldn’t hold it off much longer, yet mommy made her wait.

“I’m sorry, what was that baby girl?” Mary said softly, her voice dripping in seductive sarcasm.

“Ohhh Mommy please! Please please please may I cum mommy! I need to cum ahh!” Her fingers circled rapidly, creating a smack, smack, smack. This sound only drove her closer to cumming, but she knew she couldn’t without mommy’s permission, rule number two.

Finally, Mary said “Yes baby, cum for me. Let me watch you cum so up close to me. I can see every inch of your cunny as you cum, go on.”

Emily’s back arched and she let out a very loud, final “mommy!” Her mind seemed to go blank as the intense pleasure hit her, and all she could possibly think about was being watched by mommy. Her clit twitched underneath her finger, and she felt her muscles contracting. A transparent-white liquid oozed out and flowed down onto the pillow, soaking the fabric with her sweet juices. Mary watched it flow the entire way, out of her hole, down her ass, onto the pillow, and slowly sink in to the fabric.

“Good girl” she said, as Emily’s hips began to slow down their thrusting. “Very good girl. Thank you so much for cumming for me baby.” She kissed her daughter on the stomach and got up, and walked off to her bedroom to catch a good night’s sleep.

Just another day under the new house rules.

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