Mommy’s Panties

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This is just something I’ve been working on. It’s not very long, I was considering multiple parts, if you guys like this one well enough. This is my first story on this site, so please, be cordial. I’m still rather inexperienced, so forgive me my errors. Before you read, there’s no actual sex in this first part, but the sex will come.

All characters in this story are at least 18 years old.



“Okay sweetie, I’m off to run some errands, I’ll be home in an hour or so. I love you.” my mother said, opening the front door to leave.

“I love you too, bye mom.” I said as she walked out the house.

First off, let me start by telling you a bit about myself and my mother. I was 18 years old, living with my mother in a small house in the suburbs in Reno, Nevada. I’d never had many girlfriends, so I was still a virgin. I wasn’t unattractive or anything, in fact I’d always been told I’m handsome. I had short brown hair and hazel eyes, I was 6 feet tall and had a build somewhere between average and athletic. I had a pretty light skin tone and a smooth clean complexion, acne had never been a problem luckily. All in all, I was a slightly above average 18 year old. My mother on the otherhand was far above average, at 42 her age barely showed at all, if anything she got even more beautiful as she got older. My mother’s long straight hair was brown like mine but with highlights and she had the same hazel eyes. She was maybe an inch or two taller than me and had an athletic build. She had DD breasts and big round firm ass, that she owed to running almost daily. She also owed her long toned legs to that ritualistic running. Her complexion was smooth like mine, with minimal wrinkles. My mother was nothing short of certified milf and my friends knew it and reminded me of it all the time.

It was the summer following my highschool graduation. Unlike all of my friends, who were looking forward to starting their college careers, I was saddened because it meant leaving my mother. I probably would’ve been considered a mama’s boy, but I didn’t care. My mother and I had been very close my whole life, especially after my father walked out on us when I was a young child. So my mom had raised me alone my whole life pretty much. I loved her more than anything in the world and she loved me just the same.

Anyways, I watched from the window as my mother’s car pulled out the driveway and vanished down the road. Satisfied that she was gone for the time being, I could finally do something about the hard on in my pants that I had been harboring for much of the day. It was hard to get any privacy living in such close proximity to my mother, so I had to take any chance I could get to relieve my hard ons. Which I got a lot of, like I said, living in such close proximity to such a beautiful woman, what guy wouldn’t have a hard on all the time. The only problem was I could only get off one way.

I made my way to my mom’s bedroom at the end of the hall. I opened her door and stepped inside, immediately I spotted what I was looking for, her dirty clothes hamper. At the top of the hamper was a pair of black lacy panties, mom’s panties. I grabbed the panties and put them up to my face to smell them. The odor wasn’t super strong, but it would certainly do. I took the panties and left her room, I headed straight to my room down the hall. I shut my door behind me and got in my bed. I sat with my back against the headboard and pulled down my pants, freeing my fully erect cock. I brought the panties up to my nose and took a big whiff, the faint odor of mom’s pussy filled my nostrils and made my cock twitch. I wrapped one hand around my shaft and began stroking while the other held the panties up to my nose. Before long I my muscles began to tense up as I felt ready to burst. I covered the tip of my dick with her panties and shot my cum into the crotch. Then suddenly just after I came, my door opened and standing in the doorway was none other than mom. I had been so wrapped up in what I was doing I didn’t even hear her enter the house, but what was she doing back so soon? I wondered. It happened so suddenly, I had no time to react, I just sat there with my mom’s panties wrapped around my cock and a shocked expression on my face.

“Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry sweetie! I came back because I forgot my phone and.. oh nevermind. I’m sorry honey.” mom said quickly, before leaving and shutting my door behind her.

I sat there frozen as I heard the sound of my mother leaving the house once more. It was every teenager’s nightmare, my mother had caught me masturbating. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she walked in on me masturbating with a pair of her panties, and there was no way she didn’t see that I was using her panties. How could I have been so stupid? I was terrified that I had screwed up my relationship with my mother. I wanted to run after her as she left, to apologize to her but I was too scared. After a while I swallowed my guilt and shame, then cleaned myself up beylikdüzü ucuz escort and took mom’s panties back to the hamper in her room where I had found them. I went back to my room and laid down, I tried to think of what I could say to mom, I wondered if she’d ever forgive for me being so depraved.

After about an hour or so I heard my mother’s car pull into the driveway. I stayed in my room as she entered the house, hoping to avoid her. Sadly I had no such luck as soon enough I heard her knocking on my bedroom door.

“Honey, are you decent?” she asked.

I was once again terrified of what mom may have to say, but I swallowed my fear and decided to just face it head on.

“Yeah, come in.” I said, my heart racing and my nerves on fire.

I sat up in my bed as mom opened my door and walked over to the bed.

“Honey, I think we should talk.” she said as she took a seat on the foot of my bed.

Upon hearing her serious tone I was launched into panic mode again, my heart beat a million miles a second and my face was blood red.

“I’m so sorry mom! Please forgive me! I promise it’ll never happen again.. just please forgive me mom” I began pleading.

My mother, seeing the look of terror and desperation on my face, grabbed me and wrapped her arms around me in a loving embrace.

“Honey, it’s okay.. just calm down.. I’m not angry with you.” she said.

“Really? So you don’t hate me?” I said as we broke our embrace.

“What? No of course not sweetie. I could never hate you, I love you no matter what.” she said.

“Thanks mom. I love you too.” I said, feeling my heart rate slow and my nerves calm.

“I just wanted to talk about what happened, that’s all. Remember sweetie, we talk about everything, don’t we?” she said.

“okay” I said.

We sat there for a few minutes in silence, until I had a good chance to calm down. I couldn’t believe she wasn’t upset with me, surely most mothers would have a cow if they caught their sons doing what I had done.

“I’ve known about your proclivity for my panties for a long time now. It’s perfectly natural sweetie, I don’t mind. I just wanted to ask, why my panties? I mean surely, as handsome as you are, you could get any girl you want.” she said.

I was still a little nervous, but I decided to just tell her the truth. After all, mom and I never lied to each other, I needed to tell her the truth.

“Well, it started years ago not long after I first started masturbating. I was doing it in the bathroom one day and I happened to see a pair of your panties on the floor. And I’ve always thought you were the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen and you’re so nice. So for whatever reason I just decided to pick up the panties and smell them. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked and I’ve done it so much now, that I can’t get myself off any other way. I’ve never had any interest in other girls, only you.”As I spoke the words I felt embarrassed to be saying it out loud, but relieved to finally be telling mom the truth.

“hmm.. well I’ll make you a deal. You can use my panties all you want, because I understand that you have your needs, but you have to bring them to me when you’re done, so they can be washed before they stain.” she said.

What the fuck did she just say? I thought. She couldn’t be serious, but her completely straight face told me otherwise. I mean what mom would be okay with something so depraved, apparently my mom.

“are.. are you serious mom?” I asked, puzzled.

“Of course I’m serious. Look, like I said, I understand that you have your needs. And if my panties are the only way you can satisfy those needs, then what kind of mother would I be to deny you that? Besides, they’re just panties, what’s the harm?” she said, still dead serious, but also very understanding.

I couldn’t believe my mom was being so cool about this. How could I not take her up on the offer?

“Oh wow, thank you mom. You’re the best mom ever, I love you.” I said.

“You’re welcome sweetie. And you’re the best son ever, I love you too. Now I’m gonna go get supper started.” she said, getting up and leaving my room.

I was left sitting in my room alone, trying to process what just went down. First my mother had caught jerking off with a pair of her dirty panties and surprisingly enough, rather than freak out, she said she didn’t mind and that I could continue doing it. My beautiful sexy mom, with pornstar good looks, had just given me permission to use her panties when I masturbate.

After a while I heard my mother calling me from the kitchen.

“Honey, supper’s almost ready!” she called out.

With that, I cleared my head, put on a t-shirt and made my way to the kitchen. In the kitchen mom was standing at the stove finishing our supper.

“Hey sweetie, why don’t you get us some plates and silverware out?” my mother said as I walked in.

“Sure mom” I said. beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort

I grabbed some plates and silverware and put them on the table, then took a seat. My mother brought the food over and gave us each a serving. She poured herself a glass of wine and took the seat across from me. As we ate we made a little small talk, mom mostly telling me about work and me just listening as she gossiped about coworkers and what not.

“So honey, have you figured out where you wanna go to college yet? You sent out some applications, right?” she asked.

I had actually been accepted by UCLA, my main college of choice. But I hadn’t told mom because I was so apprehensive about moving so far away and I knew she would insist on me going. But since she was asking, I knew I had to tell her the truth, like I said before, I’m incapable of lying to this woman.

“Well.. I did get accepted into UCLA.” I said.

“Oh my gosh, that’s great honey! Why didn’t you tell me sooner? That’s a great school, this is cause for celebration!” my mother said with much enthusiasm.

We said nothing else on the subject luckily. I think she could sense my unease talking about it. And she didn’t want to pry. We finished our supper with the usual small talk, and my mother got up to take our dishes to the sink. I marveled at her perfect ass as she leaned over the sink to wash the dishes. Soon my cock began to twitch in my shorts, so I got up and went to the livingroom. I sat on the couch and turned on the TV, hoping the semi hard on in my shorts would go away. Then I heard my mother finishing up in the kitchen, she walked into the livingroom and stopped when she saw me. I already knew she had seen the tent forming in my shorts.

“Hey honey, I’m gonna go shower. Then maybe later we can find something on Netflix. Sound good?” she said.

“uhh.. yeah, sounds good mom” I said, trying not to stare at the wet spots on her white shirt, which had caused her bra to become slightly visible.

My cock was almost fully hard at this point, and I needed desperately to take care of it. Mom left the room and I waited a few minutes until finally I heard the shower turn on. I got up from the couch and made my way to the hallway, that’s when I noticed something hanging on my door knob. As I stepped closer I was delighted to see that it was none other than a pair of yellow cotton panties, mom’s panties. I touched them and found they were warm to my skin. I grabbed them and went into my room, I shut the door behind me and began investigating the panties further. Not only were they warm, but the crotch was still moist, they were fresh. I love you mom, I thought. She had left me the panties she’d been wearing all day.

I tossed the panties to my bed and began stripping off my clothes. Naked, I climbed into bed and sat with my back against the headboard. I grabbed the panties and brought them up to my face. I took a huge whiff and the musk of my mother’s pussy made my head spin. I immediately reached down with one hand and began stroking my rock hard cock, whilst inhaling mom’s scent. I knew I wouldn’t last long, I seldom did when sniffing mom’s panties. I began licking the wet area of the crotch to get a taste of mom’s pussy, the taste was very faint but it was intoxicating. Feeling my climax approaching, took one last huge whiff of my mother’s juices, then wrapped the panties around my cock and continued stroking with vigor. Before I knew it, I was shooting a huge load of cum right into the crotch of the panties.

After a few minutes to come down from my orgasm, I removed my softening cock from the cumfilled panties and set them to the side. I then slipped my boxers and shorts back on, and then I heard a knock at my door.

“Come in” I said.

My door opened and my mother stood in the doorway with her pajamas on. Her hair was still damp from the shower and I took a second to look at her face. God damn, I thought, she’s beautiful even without make up.

“I see you got my gift..” she said, looking at the wadded up pair of yellow panties next to me.

“Yeah…thanks.” I said.

“…Did you use them?” she asked.

“mmm hmm…uhh.. yeah” I said.

“Good sweetie, now give em here so I put them in the wash.” she said.

I grabbed the panties and got out of bed to hand them to her. She took and turned to leave, but stopped and looked back.

“Go find us something to watch hun. I’ll just go throw these in the wash.” she said, then walked away.

I went to the livingroom and sat on the couch with the remote. I looked through the different shows and movies on Netflix when I noticed how much time had passed, and mom still wasn’t back. I wondered what could be taking her so long, I mean it’s not like putting a pair of panties in the washing machine was a time consuming task. Mom finally walked in a few minutes later, her cheeks looked flushed.

“Hey mom, what beyoğlu escort took you so long?” I asked.

“Oh..umm.. nothing. I don’t actually know if I’m up for watching anything tonight, I’m feeling kinda tired sweetie.” she said, sounding a little odd.

“Oh… okay mom. You feeling okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Goodnight sweetie.” she said, then she walked over leaned down, kissed the top of my head and made her way to her room.

“Goodnight mom” I said, as she walked to her room.

Okay, that was odd, I thought. I wondered what was up with mom, she sounded kinda funny. I hoped she was alright.

Over the next few weeks it had become a bit of a ritual. Every night, my mom would go take a shower and she would leave her dirty panties hanging on my doorknob. I jerk off using the panties then after her shower she would come get them back. Then she’d seemingly disappear with the cumfilled panties, she said she was just taking them to the laundry room to throw them in the wash, but that always seemed to take much longer than necessary. I couldn’t help but wonder what exactly mom did with the panties.

One day after mom had gotten home from work, I was sitting in the livingroom, when she declared that she going to take a shower. I waited a few minutes until I heard the shower going and then I made my way to my room, as usual mom’s panties were hanging on my doorknob. I took them in my room and inhaled their strong musky aroma as I stroked my hard cock, then came into the crotch of them. Not long after I had finished and cleaned up, mom had come to collect the panties. I handed her the panties and waited a bit while she made her way to the laundry room on the other side of the house. When satisfied that I had waited long enough, I made my way to the other side of the house. As I approached the laundry room, I noticed the door was shut, but slightly ajar. I stepped closer and peaked through small gap. What I saw shocked me to my core.

Her back was turned to me but I could see that she had a hand in the front of her pants making small motions. Meanwhile her other hand held the cumfilled panties up to her face as she licked and sucked my cum from the crotch of the panties. I could hardly believe what I was seeing, mom was eating my cum from her panties while she played with herself. My cock instantly grew hard again and it was then a crazy idea had popped into my head, an idea that without thinking too much I had decided to act upon.

“Hey mom, do you think I could get those panties back? I’m still kinda hard.” I said, pushing the door open, to catch her in the act.

Mom quickly turned around to face the door, her hand still in her pants and the panties still up to her face, she had a look of both shock and terror. So I tried my best to act surprised too.

“Mom, what are you doing?” I said, feigning surprise.

“Sweetie, I… I was…oh screw it, you caught me. Ya see, honey, mommy has needs too.” she said.

Then she did something that I hadn’t even considered, I just wanted to catch her while she was masturbating and licking my cum from her panties, and I didn’t think on it any further. But then my mom undid her pants and pulled them down, revealing a pair of sexy black lacy panties. I was transfixed, unable to look away. Mom hooked her thumbs under the waist band of her panties and began pulling them down. I saw her pussy for the first time, the pink lips looked soft and puffy, and glistened with her wetness. Above her pussy was a thick patch of dark curly hair. It was the first pussy I’d ever seen, besides the ones I’d seen in porn, obviously mom liked to go au naturel.

She stepped out of her panties and held them in her outstretched hand, offering them to me. I was still in shock at first, I couldn’t believe what was happening, I never would have anticipated that my mother would reveal her pussy to me.

“Take them sweetie, they’re all wet from mommy’s juices.” she said, biting her lip.

How could I refuse the offer? I reached out my hand and took the panties, as I did mom smiled at me. I could feel how soaked they were from her juices, my cock began to harden. I was turning around, to leave the room and retreat back to my own room, when mom stopped me.

“No honey, do it here. Mommy needs to watch you, like I said, I have my needs too.” she said, biting her lip once more.

I nodded my response and slowly brought her panties up to my nose. I took a huge whiff and the strong scent of her fresh pussy juices almost knocked me on my ass. I then pulled down my pants, exposing my rock hard cock to my mother, who grew wide eyed upon seeing it. I began stroking my cock and continued inhaling the scent of her wet panties.

“Sweetie, you’ve got such a big nice cock. Do you like the smell of mommy’s panties?” she said, in a lustful manner.

“Yes, mommy.” I said, whilst still stroking my cock and sniff the strong musky odor radiating from her panties.

A fire flashed in mom’s eyes and she smiled a big sexy smile, upon hearing me call her mommy. Apparently the taboo of what we were doing spurred her on even further, because she immediately began fingering her wet hairy pussy as I jerked off in front of her. This went on for another couple of minutes, I was getting close and judging by mom’s desperate moaning, she was close too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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