My Aunt, My Love Ch. 04

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The day after aunty and I had performed a fuck in front of her pool girl, Rosita, Aunty Pat and I were lounging by the pool. It was mid-morning and our naked bodies were gleaming with sun tan lotion, both of us darkly brown beneath the brilliant Spanish sun.

My penis was aroused and I looked across at aunty. “Aunty,” I said, “do you think I’m a sex maniac? Look!” And with that, I pointed to my stiffness.

Aunty Pat, the 40-year-old former lingerie model and video sex star, stretched and smiled at me. “Course not, silly,” she replied. “You’re like a kid who’s been given the key to the candy store.

“You try not to use the key all the time, but it’s very difficult to resist the temptations in the store. Your cock is the key to the candy store. My cunt is the candy store, it’s that simple.”

“So I’m quite normal?” I asked, stroking my turgid shaft.

“As normal as any eight-inch cocked young man who’s fucking his aunty can be,” laughed Aunty Pat. I took that as a compliment!

We lay back for a while, then Aunty Pat swung her legs from her recliner. “Time for my chair exercises, I think Tony,” she told me. “I’ll need your help with them.”

“Chair exercises, aunty?” I queried, totally ignorant of what she was talking about.

“Just some little exercises I like to do in the kitchen – in fact, they could be done outside by the pool,” she told me. “But today it’s so damn hot, I think I’ll do them inside. Ready?”

And with that she stood, slipped her high heels on and held out her hand. I gazed at her big breasts, the nipples shiny and erect, her shaved pussy gleaming with promise. My uncut cock started to stiffen even more as I took her hand and we walked into the kitchen.

Once inside the cool of the house, Aunty Pat pulled an armless, high-backed chair away from the kitchen table and placed it in a roomy space between the table and the large range. Then she stepped up on it, placing her feet on the outer sides and presenting her front towards me.

Her pose left me in absolutely no doubt what she intended me to do, so I stepped forward, placed my hands on the undersides of her lush bum and my mouth on her piss flaps. I gave her a tender kiss there, then drove down to her cunt, wet and inviting.

“Yes, Tony, yes, that’s lovely,” she said, stroking my long black hair with both hands as I performed my oral adoration at the musky, hugely aromatic minge.

My tongue delved into her vagina, tasting the sweetness of her sex juice, then I pulled out and flicked up between her labia to start sucking on her clitoris.

“Oh that’s lovely, darling,” Aunty Pat said, softly, as I sucked on her erect clit.

Then she pulled my head away from her pussy and turned around. When she was in position, aunty leaned over and grabbed the high back of the chair. “Now back there, darling,” she said, in a husky voice.

This time I put my hands on her arse cheeks before bakırköy escort placing my tongue against the brown crack of her anus. Pulling the buttocks slightly apart, thus presenting a pinkish anal interior, I flicked my tongue against the musky entrance. It tasted slightly salty and I drove up, while aunty let out a long, slow sigh.

“Oh Tony, that’s so lovely, I just love analingus, you’re so good, so good,” she informed me as I pressed my face deep into her backside.

After a few minutes of arse licking and kissing, I removed my face as aunty straightened up and turned around again before sitting on the chair, facing me.

“Now, a bit of exercise with this proud young fellow,” said Aunty Pat, and taking my ball sac in one hand and pulling my erection to her lush tits, she placed it between the big brown globes and whispered: “Tit fuck time, Tony. But don’t come, we’ve got a few more exercises to go yet!”

My penis, which is not circumcised, started a fucking movement between her slippery mounds, the foreskin being pulled back almost to the ring on its upstroke, then sliding back to cover my cock head on the downstroke. The friction was intensely arousing, and I had to concentrate very hard on not coming!

After some minutes of the tit fuck, Aunty Pat sat back, withdrawing her breasts from the attentions of my cock, now slippery from its smearing with sun tan lotion from her big boobs.

“Now a little oral exercise, I think,” said my aunt, and she lowered her face to my penis and began to suck the first three inches or so of my hard-on, while stroking my ball sac with one hand. Again all my forces of concentration were needed to deny my balls permission to shoot my overnight load of spunk up my shaft and into her mouth.

After a brief period of fellatio, aunty stopped sucking and stood, presenting her back to me, her feet spread wide, her hands grasping the top of the chair back. “Lick my anus, there’s a pet,” she ordered, and I knelt to perform more anal adoration.

“Now wet it, get it really damp,” said my aunt, and I deposited several globs of spit there.

“Now put your willy in it, there’s a darling,” said Aunty Pat, a tremor of excitement running through her voice.

I placed my erection against the wetness of her anus and pressed slowly against her brown rosebud aperture. Gradually I eased myself into her back passage, until my pubic bone was banging against her nates as I arse fucked her, my hands reaching around her front to cup her beautiful big breasts.

“Now my cunt, darling!” came the next order, and I withdrew my pulsating prick from one smooth orifice before thrusting it in one smooth, plunging stroke into another, once again delighting in the soft satiny feel of her cunt.

But I was not allowed to play there for long. Aunty pulled off me, and indicated I was to be seated. When I was on the chair, she stepped başakşehir escort forward, placed her feet on either side of the chair, then straddled my groin before sitting down on my erection.

Once more I thrilled to the slippery smoothness of her vagina as it grasped my cock. Then aunty pressed her big boobs against my face and pleaded: “Suck my nipples, suck!”

I tongued and licked at first one nipple, then running my tongue across the heaving mounds, did the same to the other. Soon, very soon, Aunty Pat was crying and sobbing and humping and heaving on me before she called out “Yes, that’s it, that’s it!” and she came.

She hugged me tight, her upper body quivering and trembling as the orgasm ebbed, then stood up and told me to stand, as well.

I obeyed, and Aunty Pat placed her hands on the back of the chair and put her feet close together, her buttock cheeks clenched tight.

“Now place your cock on my arse crack, Tony,” she told me.

I stepped behind her and laid my cock on the crack between her cheeks, its tip, foreskin pulled back, pinkly pointing up at me. Then I began to rub my slippery shaft up and down in the arse crack, aunty assisting by thrusting her cheeks back against me as I masturbated on her.

Finally all the overnight tension was released in a sudden spurt from my balls and a thick glob of semen shot out to plop silently on aunty’s lotioned and sweat-smeared back. This was followed almost instantly by a second glob, then a third, before I reached the end of a knee-trembling ejaculation.

“Oh fuck, that was great, aunty,” I panted, bending over to plant a kiss on her cheek, my hands still cupping her nipple-hard breasts.

“Clean me, there’s a dear,” said aunty, and I applied tissues to her back till all signs of my emissions were gone.

Outside again, we lay by the pool, this time sucking on lovely cold bottles of San Miguel.

Aunty Pat smiled at me and asked: “Well, Tony, how did you enjoy helping me in my chair exercises?”

I took another gulp at the San Mig, and told her: “That ejaculation I had was one of the finest I’ve ever experienced, aunty. It was all the pent-up overnight tension, I guess.”

Aunty nodded. “And the fact that you were involved in all sorts of adoration games on my body before you were allowed your release, I think, Tony.”

We lay back, luxuriating in the warmth, when Aunty Pat propped herself up on one elbow and looked at me. “What say, after lunch, we play chair exercises again – only this time, you can be the person calling the shots, as it were.”

My penis was already starting to quiver at the thought. “Lovely, can’t wait till after lunch,” I told her.

“Oh, OK, you smooth-talking bastard,” she laughed. “Reckon you’re ready again so soon?”

I swung my legs onto the tiles between our two recliners and stood beside her. “What’s it look like, aunty?” bebek escort I said, as my prick stood stiff and ready for more action.

“You’re incorrigible, Tony,” she laughed. “OK, let’s go.”

Back in the kitchen, the chair where we had “exercised” about an hour ago stood in the same place, and I stepped up onto it and presented my front towards aunty.

Pat stood in front of me and, keeping her hands by her sides, flicked her tongue out against the underside of my scrotum, licking first one testicle, then the other. Her tongue then traced a path from the base of my shaft up my cock to the tip, glistening already with pre-cum.

Opening her mouth, but still only using her mouth and not touching me with her hands, Aunty Pat sucked the top couple of inches, her wet mouth mingling with my pre-ejaculation juice.

“Oh fuck, that’s so fucking gorgeous, aunty,” I gasped as she slowly fellated me. Then I decided it was time for a move.

Without warning, I pulled my cock away and turned to present my cheeks to her, bending slightly to grasp the top of the chair back.

This time, Aunty Pat brought her hands into play, pulling my buttock cheeks wide to allow herself untrammelled access to my anus. I gasped as I felt the wetness of her tongue inching its way into the first half an inch or so of my rectum, then she pulled back and began to lick and kiss me there, thrilling me with every contact.

Soon I decided on another switch. Moving around again, my throbbing cock almost poking her in the eye, I sat down. Aunty smiled and turned her back on me before impaling herself on my erection, her cunt readily accessible to my cock.

I cupped her breasts in both hands, but she took my left hand from her left breast and placed it on her pussy, so I began to massage her clit as she bounced up and down on my pulsing prick.

It didn’t take long for her to bounce her way to a noisy orgasm, then she relaxed and fell back against my upper torso, our mouths meeting in a meltingly soft, sweet kiss.

I allowed my cock to slide from her satiny snatch, then helped her to her feet. Standing behind her as she grasped the chair back, I once more rubbed my cock against her bunched buttocks until I again shot my spunk onto her back in an “instant replay” of my climax from earlier that morning.

The rest of the holiday went far too quickly. There was the occasional “display fuck” for the pool girl, Rosita, but mostly it was me and Aunty Pat, lusting after each other and playing lots of “chair exercise” games.

Well, as I said when I started this story, I’m 20-years-old now and living back in London. I’m in a stable relationship with a woman 19 years older than me, influenced obviously by the fact that Aunty Pat was 22 years my senior when she seduced me in Spain two years ago.

My new lady is busty, like Aunty Pat, and has a lovely shaved snatch. I’ve also introduced her to the “chair exercises” and we always end with me wanking away with my cock in her arse crack until I shoot my spunk onto her back.

She thinks it’s a strange way to come, but as long as I give her arousing clitoral orgasms she doesn’t seem to mind.

Just like Aunty Pat, really.


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