My Best Friend’s Dad Ch. 01

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The older boy, the long, dark haired twenty five year old was on the sofa with the younger, eighteen year old blonde girl. The younger boy, the short haired twenty two year old was lying on the thick pile carpet with the dark haired, nineteen year old girl. Both girls were only wearing their panties. They were about to have sex.

They had come close to this a few evenings ago. The four of them had been to a country pub and on the way home Bill, the older boy, had driven his dad’s Ford Mondeo into a field beside the road. Running alongside the field there was grass track that led to a big barn over half a mile from the road. He had used the spot before, several times. It was deserted and safe for any car approaching would be seen for enough time to get dressed.

The blonde girl, Sammi, was in the front with him. Her friend, Sara was in the back with Jon. They had been kissing and caressing each other since they had left the pub. As Bill drove, he had put his hand on Sammi’s jeans covered leg. Sammi had held his hand and had reached over and placed her other hand on his thigh.

Neither couple had yet had sex, but the inevitably of their three week relationships leading to that was becoming more and more apparent.

With the car parked behind the barn, but with a good view of the lane, Bill climbed over the central console and squeezed beside Sammi on the front seat. They kissed. It was a long, open-mouthed, tongue-probing kiss. At the same time Jon was sliding his hand inside Sara’s thin sweater and cupping her small B cup breast. Bill was not far behind his friend and squeezed Sammi’s boobs outside her blue and white hooped long sleeved tee shirt.

The two couples became more adventurous. Jon pulled Sara’s tits out from her bra and Bill fiddled Sammi’s bra clasp undone. Neither girl objected for it felt very grown up being with these older boys and doing such things. It took only about another twenty minutes for the boys to have gone further, much, much further. Sara’s was topless and Jon had his hand up her skirt. Sammi’s bra was off and her tee shirt was pushed up round her neck. Sammi’s jeans were pushed down near to her knees and Jon’s hand was in her panties that also had been pushed down a little. Both girls were holding the boy’s cocks that had been pulled out from their opened trousers.

The girls started to climax at roughly the same time, but Jon came into Sara’s hand before Bill shot his load onto Sammi’s stomach.

Nothing was said, but they all knew that Sunday, when they were having a barbecue at Sara’s dad’s house, they would fuck. Sara’s dad would be out all afternoon and evening for he had gone to Manchester to see a football match that didn’t finish until six.

Sara’s parents were divorced. Although she lived with her mum, she spent a lot of time at her dad’s house for her mum had a power job and travelled a great deal. Sammi lived with her mum and step dad as her parents were also divorced. She and Sara were best friends and spent a lot of time together both at Sara’s mum’s and her dad’s houses.

They had a lazy barbecue with beer and wine. Sitting in the garden as the sun set they paired off. Sara and Jon were sitting on a hammock, Bill and Sammi were lying on a sun bed. They started kissing and touching each other.

“Let’s clear this up first can we?” Sara asked.

They cleared up, put all the stuff in the dishwasher and tidied up the barbecue and patio before going into the large, square shaped lounge. Sara switched her iPod on, but not the lights. Although the lamps from the patio cast some light into the lounge it was quite dim, but they could see and, of course they could hear each other.

So Sara and Jon heard the rustle of Sammi’s short, sundress being removed and the squelching of her and Bill’s kissing. Just as the other couple heard the sound of the zip on Sara’s shorts being pulled down. Both couples heard the others’ low moans and sighs and whispered phrases as inexorably they moved towards having full sex.

From her position on her back on the sofa Sammi saw that Sara on the floor was down to her panties and Sara saw that Bill was lying between her friend’s opened legs.

This wasn’t the first time the girls had sex in the same room. Earlier in the year they had been on holiday in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt and had met two Dutch boys, who had fucked them firstly in the girls’ room then in theirs.

So it wasn’t a surprise to either girl when they saw the boys removing their friend’s panties, saw the boys undressing, saw them putting condoms on and heard them fucking their friend.


The boys had left at around nine. The girls showered and got dressed and were watching TV when Sara’s dad came home. They chatted for a while and Sara asked.

“Dad is it ok if Sammi stays the night?”

“Yes of course” her forty five year old father, Mark replied turning the TV on to watch the news. “Would you like something to drink or eat, I’m starving.”

“We had a barbecue earlier, there’s some salad and French bread left if you would like some Mister Reynolds?” Sara Esenyurt Escort Bayan asked.

“Mark please Sara, mister makes me feel even older than I am.”

They all laughed. “Look I need a shower, it’s a long warm drive down from Manchester.”

“You have your shower dad, we’ll put our jarmies on and get the supper.”

“He’s pretty cool your dad, isn’t he Sara?” Sammi said as they undressed and put long tee shirts on.

“Dunno, he’s just my dad isn’t he? We get on great though.”

“Well I wish I had one like him” Sammi said tying her blonde, shoulder-length hair into a pony tail.

Sammi couldn’t believe what was happening to her when they got downstairs and started fixing the salad with the bread and a bottle of cold white wine. As she was laying the table in the kitchen, Mark came in. He was wearing a dark blue towelling dressing gown that ended just above his knees. His legs beneath the hem were bare and that made Sammi suddenly think that he might be naked under it. Where the lapels of the gown were parted slightly she could see the covering of dark with a tinge of grey hair on his chest; she could imagine those hairs rubbing across her nipples. That made her shudder and feel relieved that she had borrowed a shorty dressing robe from Sara as her nipples had hardened like two acorns.

Mark and Sara’s mum had been divorced for just over a year and parted for two. It had been pretty amicable and there was no acrimony over money for both had their independent wealth and had good jobs; she was Human Resource Director for a motor retail group with over a hundred dealers round the country and Mark was a director of an advertising agency. Whilst, Eleanor his ex-wife, had several partners since they parted, a couple of who, Mark guessed, may well have been ‘partners’ before the marriage break up, Mark had only had one fling and that lasted just a month or so.

He attended to his sexual needs in a number of ways. Obviously masturbation, generally brought on by looking at porn videos, mainly lesbian on the net. A hooker that he used to ‘entertain’ clients returned the business he put her way by giving him the occasional blow job and a high class massage parlour where a variety of girls sometimes two at once massaged him and provided the extras that were necessary to make him cum. Despite these, he was continually frustrated. Although Eleanor and he had rowed a lot, they had also fucked a lot and had they have got on as well out of bed as they did in it they would never have parted.

Sammi seemed to be coming to his house with Sara more and more frequently recently. He didn’t mind at all. After all Eleanor had to travel round the UK and was away a lot and it wasn’t really fair for a nineteen year old to be left alone in a flat in Docklands. In any case he enjoyed the company of his daughter and naturally her friends were welcome; he was flattered that both she and Sammi wanted to come to his house in Islington.

He had known Sammi for several years and had watched her grow up into the beautiful, sexy young woman she now was. ‘Fuck’ he had thought when he realised that he was thinking of her as being sexy. He looked across the table at her feeling guilty that he was looking for a hint of her nipples through the thin robe and tee shirt. Amazingly, he thought, or maybe imagined that there were two small indentations. He caught her gaze. She was staring at him and smiled. Not a big grin, but more what in films they would call a slight enigmatic smile. At the same time she raised her eyebrows as if asking a question. But what the fuck was the question and, as importantly what was her answer? He smiled back and picked up his wine glass and drank from that to hide his confusion.

The late supper finished they went into the lounge and watched a documentary on Fleetwood Mac, a sixties and seventies pop group.

“Weren’t these the group who swapped partners?” Sammi asked as she and Sara were sitting on the big sofa their feet tucked under their bottoms.

“Yes and some of their songs were about that” Mark said getting up, picking up the wine bottle.

He walked over to the sofa noting that Sammi’s dressing gown was gaping and the swell of her small boobs were clearly outlined.

“More wine ladies?” He smiled taking in the sight of both girls legs where their dressing gowns had ridden up.

“Please dad” Sara said holding her glass out.

“Yes please Mister, er sorry Mark,” Sammi said that little smile forming again on her nice lips as their eyes met.

God I am beginning to fancy my best friend’s dad she thought to herself. As Mark leaned forward to pour her wine the lapels on his gown parted a little and she saw his broad, hairy chest almost down to his waist. Dragging her eyes away from it she looked into his eyes and whispered. “Thanks Mark.”


Almost involuntarily his hand found his swelling cock. He stroked it and it grew quickly to its bloated fullness. He stroked it with his fingertips and then wrapped his hand round it. He got up from the bed and walked over Avcılar Escort Bayan to the tall loft mirror. He liked looking at himself as he jerked off. Pumping slightly more firmly and a little faster he knew that he wouldn’t last long. He rarely did nowadays unless he had just been to the massage parlour or had been with Marie the high-class whore.

He got some tissues and placed them by his feet as, alternating between staring into the mirror and closing his eyes, he pumped faster. He was near and visions of the two-girl massage of last week came into his mind. He saw Christy and Pippa kissing as they leaned across his naked body and fondled each other’s breasts. That made him wank faster. He saw them holding his cock and rubbing it, bending down and moving their faces close to it. He felt both tongues licking his length. In his mind he could see vividly as one pair of lips and a tongue orally had sex with his balls and as the other pair of lips wrapped themselves round his cock. It sunk into her mouth. He started to pump with long, languid near to cumming strokes seeing the other mouth close over his balls and suck them as the tongue massaged his scrotum. Sinking to his knees to ensure that his cum would not land on the carpet he held his cock almost horizontal to it. One pair of lips was applying pressure to his cock as another did to his balls. He could feel the cum building up, the pressure on his cock increasing and it starting to throb as it prepared itself to eject its offering.

And then with a deep grunt, a big shudder of his body and a thrust of his cock in his hand his mind shot his cum into the waiting mouth of his daughter’s best friend, Sammi as his daughter sucked his balls.


“I’ve got an interview at Durham” Sara told Sammi on a Sunday afternoon a few weeks later as they were lying on Sara’s bed doing homework and listening to music.

“You need at least four straight A’s to get in there don’t you?”


“Well we won’t be going to the same uni then will we?” Sammi smiled.

She was bright, probably brighter than her friend, but she had less application. Her expectation was four Bs with maybe one A.

“Oh hi Mark” Sammi said looking up as Sara’s dad came in after knocking at the door.

“Hi girls. How are you both?”

“Great” his daughter replied.

“Ok” Sammi said a little glumly.

Mark sat on the edge of the bed side on to the two girls, who were both in jeans and tee shirts.

“What up Sam?”

“Oh nothing.”

“Look Sammi, I don’t want to be nosy or ask questions that you don’t want to answer and I don’t want you taking this wrong way.”

Sammi had no idea what he was talking about really, but had a mild panic attack when she suddenly imagined him saying. ‘You have to stop fancying me.’

“That’s ok” she managed to blurt out as their gazes locked over Sara who was lying on her front between them.

“You seem to be spending an awful lot of time here, which you are welcome to do, but is there a problem or anything?”

‘Yes I would like to take all my clothes off then strip you naked and have you fuck me rigid’ she wanted to say. Instead she muttered. “Things aren’t too good at home at the moment. My mum and step dad are rowing a lot. I hate that.”

“Sorry to hear that luv. Please feel free to come here as much as you wish” he said quietly, wondering how he could get her to ‘cum’ here without alienating his daughter or being accuse of being a pervert.

“That’s great thanks Mark” Sammi said flashing him that quizzical smile

“I have to go into the office girls.”

“On a Sunday?”

“Yes we have a big presentation on Tuesday and the team working on it need my advice.”

“What time do you think you’ll be back dad?”

“Certainly not before nine or so.”

“I was wondering about dinner.”

“I’ll have something in the agency, why don’t you have a take away?” “Yeah could do we are seeing Bill and Jon later. Ok if they come here and we get Chinese or something?”

“Of course.”

“And if they have a few beers.”

“No problem. See you later” he said kissing his daughter on her head as his eyes met Sammi’s.

“Mmmm I hope so” she whispered.

Sara was sitting on Jon’s lap facing him, whilst Sammi was lying on her back with Bill between her opened legs. They were all naked.

Jon moved Sara so that she was kneeling across his thighs, she was straddling him. He was holding her slim hips. “Now you fuck me” he said thrusting upwards as he pushed downwards on her hips.

His cock surged up her heavily lubricated cunt and they started to fuck.

Hearing Jon’s remark Bill lifted Sammi’s legs up and put them over his shoulders. “Ok Sam?”

“Mmmm lovely” she groaned back as the tip of his cock nuzzled against her lips.

“Then take this baby” he muttered thrusting firmly so that his cock shot up Sammi’s equally heavily lubricated cunt.

Both couples fucked for a few minutes.

“Oh god yes” Sara was moaned as Jon said.

“Fuck I am cumming, you’ve done me.”

“Good, cum then Jon, cum for me.”

“Oh Sammi, Sammi” the older guy said as he moved to that stage of a fuck where the man slows down and makes long deep surges into his lover’s cunt.

“Yes, yes, yes oh fucking yes” Sammi sighed back as her orgasm built and she started to cum. As she felt Bill erupting it engukfed her mind and body.

“Is it good Sam” he grunted his cum shooting into the condom.

“Oh yes Mark, yes, yes” she groaned.

Luckily for Sammi the other three either, didn’t hear what she said or, thought it was something else.

Having showered after the boys had left the two girls were again getting ready for bed when Mark came home rather earlier than expected.

“Shit Sar, that’s lucky ten minutes earlier and we would be really fucked.”

“Well I don’t know about you luv, but I was really fucked weren’t you?”

“Mmmm actually yes I was, he is a good fuck Bill.”

“What did you call him as you were both finishing?” Sara asked knowing full well that her friend had said Mark.

“Dunno, what did it sound like? I was real gone.”

“It sounded like Mark.”

“Mark. What like in a man’s name?

“Yes, you weren’t imagining fucking my dad were you?” Sara laughed as at that moment he called out.

“Hi girls I’m back.”

They went downstairs, but this time didn’t wear the dressing gowns. Instead they were both just wearing mid-thigh length tee shirts.

Despite having stopped at the massage place on his way home and having a vigorous fuck with a slightly overweight, big-titted Latvian woman, Mark was still instantly aroused when the two girls came into the kitchen. Since that wank when he had imagined his daughter sucking his balls and Sammi giving him a blow job, he had quite regularly fucked the blonde in his mind. Seeing her here in his house bare footed with the tee shirt clinging to her little tits and leaving much of her legs bare she was instant hard on material; total sex on legs he thought as Sara got three beers and he and Sammi stared at each other.

“Hi Mark” she said softly.

“Hello Sammi, how are things at home?” He asked wondering if he could get away with hitting on her?

“No too bad, thanks” she replied thinking how she would so love to take the hem of her tee shirt and pull it up to show him her body.

“Here you go” Sara said giving each of them a Peroni.

They chatted as they drank their beers.

Sara genuinely hadn’t noticed what was going on between her best friend and her dad, but that was typical of her. She took things very much at face value and behavioural nuances and such like just seemed to pass her by. That’s why she really had been everyone’s friend at school. It was also a reason why, along with Sammi she was a fairly easy lay.

Sammi couldn’t believe how easily she had got away with calling out Mark’s name as Bill had made her cum earlier. Also she couldn’t really believe how her friend hadn’t noticed how she was when Mark was around. It was a bit like when she had lost her virginity, she was sure her mum and friends would see the difference now that she was a woman. But just like then when no one seemed to notice, Sara didn’t now.

Of more concern to her was did Mark notice? Did he realise just how much she fancied him and the extent to which she lusted for him? She had no idea, but expected he didn’t as she was careful as she had to be in front of Sammi. At times she wondered what she would be like if her friend wasn’t there. And at other times she wondered what he would think if he realised just how many times he had fucked her in her masturbation fantasies.

They had moved into the lounge where Mark was sitting in an easy chair with Sara on the floor beside him. Sammi was sitting on the sofa opposite them. Her bare legs were crossed and the hem of her tee shirt had ridden up her legs. Mark could hardly tear his eyes away from where the thin material was clinging to her boobs. His erection was growing and getting caught up in the tail of his shirt and his boxers. They were both imagining the same thing; him fucking her on the sofa.

“Is it next weekend you are off to Durham?” Mark asked Sara his eyes flitting from his daughter to the erotic vision of her friend on the sofa opposite him.

“Yes it is dad” Sara replied her hand rubbing up and down her father’s calf.

“When do you go babe?” Sammi asked wishing you had the guts to do a Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct.

“Friday afternoon and back Monday morning.”

“Lucky girl” Mark said imagining Sammi naked.

“I’m working most of the week” Sammi said.

“What in the restaurant?”

“Yes, apart from Wednesday.”

“I’ll see you then won’t I?” Sara asked.

“Yes of course” Sammi replied looking at Mark and smiling, said softly. “So three nights on the raz then Mark?”

“Why want to join me?” He replied without thinking.

“Hmm chance would be a fine thing.”

“No, now you two when the cat’s away the mice shouldn’t play.”

Sara and Sammi were staying at Eleanor’s that night so after they left Mark checked out a few videos. He was entering lesbian into the search engine when he saw a category that he hadn’t used before. He clocked on teens and as menu came up. He selected teen girls with mature men.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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