My First Year in College Ch. 24

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Tyler is a freshman student at Creepside College. Gay and closeted, he has some troubles controlling his urges surrounded by frat guys, sexy professors, his hot brother and most importantly, his stunning straight roommate: Austin. The story is divided into 2 main parts – semester 1 (ch. 1 to ch 12) – semester 2 (ch. 13 to ch. 24).


My First Year in College.

Chapter 24: A different kind of love (Epilogue)

There I was, licking Martin’s hairy and sweaty asshole in the locker-room, Austin holding my head against his mate’s anus, while 10 other guys were jerking off around us, ready to fill up my ass.

I guess my life had taken a turn since I had started College a year prior.

As I was eating Martin’s salty hole, pushing my tongue deep inside, my mind went away for a split second. I was back inside my big brother’s car, he was driving me to campus for the very first time, I was anxious, still closeted, I was afraid to meet my roommate and the other students. So many things had changed since then.

I felt someone feeling up my ass. Two guys were playing with my cheeks, spreading them as I was servicing Martin. Henry put his big black cock right next to Martin’s ass so I could go from one to the other. I spat some of Henry’s precum inside of Martin’s opened and musky asshole, I felt powerful.

Austin joined the fun and put his dick next to Henry’s. I attempted to put two of the biggest cocks of campus inside my mouth at once. I could not make it but I still rubbed them against each other. Both guys moaned loudly. Martin switched position to add his own cock in the mix, the golden trio was now rubbing their shafts on my face, washing it with their precum.

Behind me, things got more intense and I felt someone fingering me roughly. I felt shivers over my body. At this point, we had already been playing for 45 minutes and my dick was ready to explode.

“Lick his ass!” Austin ordered to the guys who were groping me.

“Gross” someone responded.

“Do your job Rohan! Eat that fag ass!” It was Tobias speaking, he pushed the poor Rohan’s face inside my hole. The guy did not seem too grossed out after all, he started to eat me out avidly. Tobias spat on my anus, hitting the other guy’s face in the process.

I felt myself cumming in my jockstrap but the twelve guys who were surrounding me did not seem to notice or to care. I remained hard afterwards.

“When do we get to fuck this tight ass?!” Tobias grunted.

“What do you think Ty?” Austin asked me, playing with his precum between his fingers, landing some on my lips.

Tobias roared behind us:

“Really, Austin?! I thought he was your bitch? Since when do we ask stupid cunts’ their authorization to pound their ass?!”

“You’re right Tobias, he is MINE. So, I get to decide how we should proceed.” Austin pulled on my necklace where the letters “Property of Austin” were still shining to make his point. “What do you think Ty? Ready to get fucked?”

“Not Tobias first.” I said, heavily breathing. I was very horny but I had not forgotten about the frat leader’s elephant size cock. It still scared me a little.

“Who shall go first then?” Asked Austin.

“I volunteer as a tribute!” Joked Martin. I smiled and winked at him. I thought it was a good option, Martin’s cock was drenched with saliva, spit and precum.

“If Martin got to fuck you, I can keep up with the mouth.” The Asian guy whom I still had not caught the name pushed Martin aside and started to face-fuck me. Martin went behind me as the other guys were cheering him up. Tobias looked a bit mad but kept on jerking his immense cock with his two hands. Soon, another cock was slapping my cheeks and two dicks were put inside my hands, some cocks were also slapping my feet.

“Now open the backdoor!” Shouted one of the guys. I had maybe 7 or 8 guys feeling me up at once, slapping me with their dicks, or touching me in one way or another while the rest of the group was jerking off behind them.

I was still sucking two dicks at the same time when I felt Martin’s dick inside of me.

“Huuuuummmmmmmm” I moaned loudly as I felt him entering me for the first time.

“Fuck guys! MY DICK IS IN ANOTHER GUY!” Martin could not believe it himself. “Fuck, that shit feels good!” He started going back and forth doggy style as I kept on jerking off dicks with both hands while sucking two or three other guys. I could recognize Austin’s taste in my mouth.

No-one never tells you how difficult it is in practice to give a blowjob while you are being severely pounded from behind. I did my best.

Austin held my head still and fucked my face while in my ass, I could feel Martin pulling away only for a few seconds and let someone else take his place. No idea who the next guy was. But that dick was big.

Sure, I was no longer a virgin and I had my fair share of experience during the 3 months prior but this was a whole new level. The male odor which was filling up the entire room, a mixture istanbul travesti of sweat, precum, and male testosterone, was driving me insane.

I totally lost track of what was happening but Austin seemed unstoppable now, ravaging my face while I was fucked from behind by yet another guy. I felt some of Austin’s precum on my tongue, I knew him too well and could sense he was about to cum.

“Now, taste your own ass!” Martin had come back, putting his dick in my mouth, replacing Austin’s.

I went for it without thinking, licking Martin’s hairy shaft. Another dick soon joined him; the guy called Rohan. At the same time, someone else was pulling my hair and fucking me. So many juicy hard cocks, so many muscular bodies.

Fuck. I felt a different guy entering my ass. That time, it really hurt. I knew it before I could see it, “Big boy” Henry was in me!

“Woohoo! Now that’s a good slut when she can take Henry’s weapon entirely in her pussy!”

I heard some more cheering up and one of the sophomores spat on my face.

This was so degrading.

I had become their sex toy, their slave, their thing.

But again, I felt a weird sense of pride, of power, despite my submissive position.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” Shouted the Asian guy whom I was still jerking off with my right hand. I started massaging his balls.

“Breed him” Barked Austin. He looked at me and I nodded, I was trying to grab Tobias’ huge cock in my left hand at the same time.

Henry got out of my ass to let the Asian guy fuck me for less than a minute and unload his jizz inside of me. I received my first load.

One out of twelve I thought.

As I felt my asshole being filled, someone pushed my head towards the floor so I would bend over even more. Tobias’ foot was soon on my face. Now, that was the perfect submissive position.

What the fuck is wrong with me that I loved it?

I thought of Mr Fletcher, how he got me under his foot too. I started to lick Tobias’ sole. Those guys had become animals while fucking me, but I, too, was unrecognizable. I was desperate to prove that I could be the biggest whore they got to fuck. That a gay guy could do better than any other girl.

They could call me cunt, bitch, whore. I was one.

Austin checked on me and I nodded I was fine, while drooling on the floor.

The guys kept on fucking me, one by one, Tobias still blocking me in this position, my ass fully exposed and wide opened. Sometimes, they were fingering me too. Some were having fun spreading my ass to help their mates out. Another guy cummed inside of my hole and I was ordered to keep the cum inside of me.

Luis fucked my ass right after a third guy unloaded in me, he got some cum on his dick in the process. Tobias ordered me to lick it off and I was allowed to move so I could deepthroat Luis’ cock. I took good care of licking the white cum who was dripping from his shaft and balls. I swallowed it all. Luis seemed to have lost any reserve and was grunting with pleasure.

My knees were starting to hurt. I guess my ass was getting sore too. Although I could not stop, this was a once in a lifetime experience.

I always knew I was into this fantasy. But right there, I realized that I was good at it, I was made for this. Made to be a submissive whore.

Tobias pushed his own dick inside of my mouth.

“You were afraid that I would go first in your tight asshole? Wise choice man, but you know I have to go in there anyway! You better lube out my big fat cock.”

I spat on it, jerked him off. I could not believe I would take that giant schlong in my ass. Someone else was fucking me. I did not recognize the cock. It was not as big as the other ones though so I was sure it was not Austin.

Tobias was always the roughest one. He spat on me, slapped and choked me while I was trying to swallow his cock. Semi-crying, I pushed myself to the limit to please this insatiable sex freak. Damn, who I am kidding? I was a freak too!

At some point, I had to beg to switch position, my knees could no longer handle the doggystyle position on the floor tiles.

Henry and Martin moved me around. They lied me down on one of the benches and pull my legs up in the air, they both held one of my legs, my asshole was once again fully exposed and opened and I could feel cum dripping out from it. Beside me, I could see a river of dicks ready to explode. My dick was fully out of my jockstrap at that point, dripping with cum.

“Austin, please, give us the honor!” Said Martin, quite formally.

Austin placed himself between my legs and started to fuck me. He put his hand on my throat and look at me in the eyes while he was pounding me. He had never fucked me that hard.

“Fuck, I need to cum too!”

That was Henry. I thought he would move towards my ass to breed me like the others but a few seconds later, Henry’s white thick semen was covering my entire face while Austin was still fucking me. My roommate seemed fascinating by Henry’s load and penetrated istanbul travestileri me even harder. I licked some, smiling at the guys who were jerking off around me. I would have collected cum in my hands but they were taken.

Another guy cummed on my face.

Five out of twelve loads, I thought.

I was sore and dizzy and could feel my dick releasing some more cum from time to time. I remained hard throughout the whole thing though.

Austin stopped himself before cumming and the guy named Rohan, who had previously licked my ass, replaced him. Austin put his right foot on the bench right next to my face. In this position, I could see his hairy legs, wet from sweating, and his hole, wet also. I started to suck on his toes while he was jerking off right above me.

The five guys who had already cummed moved aside to the shower section of the locker-room, still checking on the action from afar. I could see Henry, casually chatting with the Asian guy while looking at me, getting gangbanged. Their wet muscular bodies and their now flaccid dicks were glistening under the water. They were stunning.

Tobias asked:

“Now my dear Austin, may I penetrate your whore?”

Austin looked at me, his big toe in my mouth.

“Please. Let him fuck me.” I begged.

Austin smiled at Tobias.

“Be my guest.”

I expected this to hurt. It did.

Tobias entered my ass and I felt like he was tearing me open. I shouted and some tears immediately came up to my eyes. I heard a guy exclaimed in a blur: “you’re going to break him!”. I could have fainted.

But it was just the tip. I guess this was closer than a fisting than a fucking and when Tobias really started to go at it, I really felt I was about to die.


His dick was not fully in me yet but I was already in so much pain.

As excited as I was, I just wanted this to stop at this point.

“Please stop…” I mumbled. I searched for Austin but he was no longer beside me. I started to panic as someone else shoved his balls into my mouth. I could no longer talk.


It hurt some more.

This needed to stop.

Then I remembered, the safe word.

“ZYROX” I cried out pushing the other guy aside. It was Luis’ hairy balls against my mouth.

Immediately, I heard Austin without being able to see him: “Stop Tobias!”


Martin let go of my legs, the other guys backed off a little but Tobias was still pounding me, even harder than before.


I was crying at this point.

He would not stop.

Austin was screaming too but I could not understand what he was saying, I caught Tobias shouting some more:


“Zyrox…” I whispered, defeated.

I did ask for this…


I felt the huge dick inside me throbbing and unloading some cum, but then, it stopped, Austin had jumped on Tobias and had pushed him against the lockers.

Still dizzy, I pushed aside yet another big cock who was coming near my mouth, the guy was cumming visibly very excited by what just happened, his semen landed on the floor.

It took a few seconds for me to be able to look at what was happening.

When I was able to straighten a bit, I could only see nude male bodies fighting on the locker-room floor, half of them still fully erected. Finally, I realized most of the guys were trying to separate Tobias and Austin.

“HOW DARE YOU?! YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!” Barked Tobias, held by Rohan and Henry at Austin, who was held by Martin.

Austin did not respond but jumped back towards Tobias. My roommate made an impressive move he could only have learnt during wrestling practice and he managed to headlock Tobias against the floor tiles.

“You fucking maniac!” He said to Tobias between heavy breaths, struggling to keep him against the floor.

During the fight, Austin’s dick was still hard pressing against Tobias’ ass. What a sight that was.

“Calm the fuck down Austin!” Tobias managed to push him aside and got up. His dick was still semi hard, dripping with cum, only the first load had gone into my ass. The rest had been spread on Austin’s chest and thighs during the fight.

Tobias shook his head: “All of you fucking pussies.”

“Austin, I… It’s fine.” I was still shaking. I had no idea if I were fine actually but the way Austin looked at Tobias was terrifying. He could have killed him with his eyes. I had never seen him like this.

“See, the fag is fine!” Chuckled Tobias.

“You asshole! I told you about the safe word. You agreed to it.” Austin was still mad. He was visibly frustrated with himself he could not control Tobias and protect me.

“What travesti istanbul do you want me to do man? He just said he’s fine, aren’t you fine Tyler?”

“It’s all good” I responded, still heavily shaking.

“All in good fun then.” Tobias smiled. He looked at me: “Sorry if I’ve been a bit too rough kiddo.”

The scene was surreal. At this point, half of the guys had cummed, including Tobias, the other half were still holding hard-on despite of the fight. Austin and Tobias were defying each other. And there I was, my face covered in cum, my asshole filled, my own dick still rock-hard, completely out of my filthy jockstrap.

I had an idea.

“Yes, all in good fun.”I said.

“See!” Tobias grinned at Austin.

“Although, I still think you owe me one.” I spoke. Tobias smile faded away. The other guys look interested.

“What do you want?” Tobias barked at me.

“I think I should be allowed to fuck you.” The kinky thought had come into my mind when I had seen Austin’s hard dick against Tobias’ ass. The ALPHA MALE, leader of the frat, captain of the football team, being fucked by a fag like me. It felt like the perfect way to settle this.

“That seems only fair” Austin gave me an understood nod.

Tobias paced around, his naked muscular and sweaty body could smash me in only a second. I thought he was about to beat me off, to punch Austin, insult us. But with a devilish smile, he only said:


That caught us off-guard and we all remained frozen for a few seconds.

“OK, I said. You think I’m afraid of a little fag’s dick?”

Austin looked at me, uncertain of what was about too happen. I was not too sure myself whether Tobias was serious or not. Hell, I did not know if I was serious or not. Feverishly, I stood up from my bench and walked towards Tobias. The other guys who still had not cummed had started to jerk off again, forming another circle around us.

“I think you should kneel down on the bench.” Said Austin.

Tobias gave him the middle finger and talked to the other guys:

“Only a real man is confident enough to take a dick up his ass.”

On that note, Tobias got on all fours and spread his ass.

I removed my jockstrap. Fuck. This was really about to happen. I had never done anything like this before, obviously in these circumstances, but I had actually never fucked another guy in the ass! Tobias Finnigan would be my first. I could not process that thought.

“What are you waiting for?” He barked.

I took a look at Austin, he seemed very unsure too. Luis, beside him, was masturbating his cock intensely, seemingly hypnotized by the unexpected turn of event.

I was naked. My dick was hard and dripping with precum. I spread Tobias ass and took a good look at his pink shaved asshole. It was not that tight. It was inviting.

And just like that, without another word, I started to penetrate him. The other guys cheered around me. First, I thought they were encouraging me, but then I realized that they were still applauding their guru.

If Tobias says this is not gay to get ass fucked by another guy, then it is not gay, and this should be respected and supported. Did they realize how their “real man” “alpha male” theories were ridiculous? I could not say. All I knew was that I was balls deep inside of Tobias asshole and he was moaning of pleasure. Even his dick which had just released a crazy amount of cum was getting hard again.

Two other guys cummed in their hands while jerking off in a circle around Tobias.

I kept on fucking the frat leader, staring right as Austin who seemed so proud of me. The ALPHAS, what a bullshit name, I thought. My necklace was bouncing on my pecs as I was pounding the football captain’s ass.

After a few minutes, I could not take it anymore and let myself cum inside of Tobias’ asshole. To be honest, at this point, my balls were almost empty but still, I left my semen in Tobias Finnigan’s virgin ass. This was something to cherish.

Afterwards, I knelt down and stuck my tongue out to receive Martin, Luis and Austin’s juice. They were the last ones who had managed not to cum until this point.

Martin cummed inside of my throat. I swallowed it eagerly. Luis cummed on Tobias’ ass with a satisfied look on his face. I licked it all directly from Tobias’ cheeks. Austin finished me off by cumming on his own chest, letting me eat it all. Because my face was full of cum, I deposited some more semen on Austin’s body while I was hungrily licking him off. He did not seem to care. This mix of cum swallowed from Austin’s abs was a delicious smoothie and a perfect way to end this gangbang.

We were all drenched and exhausted.

As if it was just another casual Wednesday, Tobias stood up, looked at the mess and proposed to go shower.

“Not a fucking word of what happened outside of here!” He just said.

“I don’t think anyone would like this to be known…” added Luis. He looked at me a bit worried, I thought about Janice. What would she think?

“I was mostly talking to Austin’s bitch.” Tobias replied, looking at me.

“I won’t say a word.” I responded.

Eleven naked guys went to take a shower and Austin stayed behind with me, offering me a towel.

“Pretty crazy uh?” He eventually said.

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