My Girlfriend’s Friend

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It was the third year of my studies and I was pretty much enjoying that great love of my life, my roommate Roula (see the story: “The roommate”). I was spending my days in the university and in the great cafe of Athens, while most of my nights were filled with hot burning lesbian sex with that special girl from Salonica. I had never dreamed that having sex with a girl could make my studies so explicit! I wasn’t sure what I enjoyed more, having my pussy devoured by my cute roommate or tasting the sweetness between Roula’s firm thighs. We both pretty much kept ourselves naked all the time we were home together, so that I could feel her up or finger her at the drop of a hat. It wasn’t uncommon for Roula to come behind me, cup my chest and then push me to the floor and eat my plump pussy to orgasm. It seemed that Roula couldn’t get enough of the pretty lips that always seemed to bulge out invitingly to her!

Though we used to have a great sexual life together, we had a great frustration: a threesome! I can’t remember how many times we had talked about this subject. I had suggested looking for a willing gal at the gay bar we used to go but we weren’t sure how that approach could happen. Roula had suggested going to the park a late afternoon and teasing passing gals by kissing each other on a bench but it didn’t work; how many bi or lesbian gals walk alone in the park a late afternoon? So, the only we could do was to dream and wait a chance. And, of course, masturbate at this thought!

One afternoon, Roula made an announcement as she came home from the university: “Vicky, darling, tonight we’re having my friend Lola over. Do you remember her? I am sure that she can be your friend too.” When she came closer, she winked: “Can you guess what I mean by this?”

I smiled wide, hugged her and replied softly: “Anything you say, my baby, anything you say!” It wasn’t the first time I heard about Lola. She was a student in university of Salonica. She was from Salonica too and Roula’s lover during the last year at high school. Roula had told me nothing but I was sure that she was still “enjoying” some private moments with Lola during holidays. I felt very excited because I could see what was Roula meaning by “friends”! I was sure that Lola already knew that Roula and me were lovers and I hoped that Roula had already told her about our frustration.

At eight o’clock sharp there was a rap on the front door and Roula ushered in a blonde of our age. “Nice to see you again, Lola,” Roula greeted her, “I hope you will enjoy your evening with us!”

“Mmmmm!” Lola hummed watching me intently. poker oyna “I hope so too, there are all the conditions!”

“I’m sure you will be more than satisfied,” replied Roula easily, “Vicky is a very good friend.”

I was wearing a short shirt, one that left my navel free and most of the top of my boobs totally exposed, and tight jeans. I wasn’t sure about what I had to put on but, finally, I decided to dress a little…invitingly! I knew Roula very good, so I was ready for a “teasing game” or –maybe- some “role play”. But, though I knew almost everything about Roula, I knew nothing about Lola, so the continuation surprised me!

“Oh my God,” Lola moaned softly, “Roula, she’s even more beautiful than you described her!” And she supplied smiling at me: “What an absolutely beautiful body, the breasts of a mature woman and the lower body of a very young girl!”

As I approached, Lola met me halfway and immediately I began feeling the young girl all over from head to toe while she was spending a particularly long time on my huge chest.

“What size bra do you wear dear?” asked Lola, while staring at my getting hard nipples, which I knew that in a while would try to tear my shirt.

“34-C,” I replied, while feeling my vagina dampen under the hot staring of the sweet blonde.

“Has Roula ever told you that I like great boobs?” asked Lola.

“Of course,” I replied again. “But has she ever told you that I like boobs too?” I asked without shame. It was a great surprise to me hearing my words. I believed that I was a rather shamed girl but that moment I realized my fault!

“Yes, she has,” continued Lola, “but Roula knows that I also love to kiss the boobs I like.”

“Lola, my dear, Roula knows also that mine love to be kissed!” I replied smiling shifty.

I said previously that I was ready for all but not for this: I hadn’t completed my phrase when Lola dropped her bag and coat on a chair, walked close to me and cupped my breasts with her palms. “I suppose that you mean it, babe. Nobody plays with Lola!” she winked staring deep into my eyes.

My smile froze on my lips and I couldn’t spell anything. Lola didn’t wait for more. She unbuttoned my shirt, bowed her head, took a nipple into her mouth and proceeded to nurse on my breast as if she were a little baby. My nipples are naturally sensitive and the insistent mouth and tongue of Lola were engorging my clit with blood, which in turn caused it to throb rhythmically in time with Lola’s flicking tongue. I dropped an eye on Roula who was looking at us and I saw her licking her lips canlı poker oyna and rubbing her crotch over her jeans. This made the sense of Lola’s suck even hotter.

After several minutes of tit sucking, Lola stood up and began removing her clothes. She had a nice body in pretty good shape. Her tits, while not as large as mine, were firm with light pink nipples. Her pussy was covered with a thin growth of dark hair and the lips bulged with sexual desire. When she was completely nude, she hugged me and gave me a deep kiss while crushing our boobs together between them. It was an amazing kiss, which made me step a little back to lean against the wall.

“Lola, you are amazing,” I whispered into Lola’s ear when we finally pulled apart. “I am so wet that I think I could cum just by thinking about it!”

Lola smiled wide but didn’t say anything. She let her hand slip down between us, touching me intimately, and then dropped to her knees to take my trousers and slip off. I helped her and in a few seconds I was standing in front of her totally nude with my legs slight apart. Lola didn’t wait to give my vagina a nice French kiss! My lips bulged full and proudly while she let her tongue probe up and down my sopping slit. When her tongue would make contact with my clit, my body chilled slightly, as if begging for more. Lola looked up into my face.

“I want to suck you off, babe,” she whispered, “your little pussy is so wet…”

I was close enough to my climax. “Oh, yes,” I barely whispered in a hoarse voice, “suck me off, I need it so badly…”

Lola looked over at Roula, who by now was sitting on an armchair. Her jeans were down her legs, her blouse was on a chair and the middle finger of her right hand was traveling up and down her slit. It was strange but with her other hand Roula was holding our 10-inch dildo, rubbing her nipples with it. It was our only toy and I hadn’t seen her fetching it from her bedroom but I didn’t care about it since I had other, more important things to think about!

“Roula, she tastes so good, I don’t think I can get enough of her,” said Lola and returned quickly her mouth to my dripping pussy without waiting an answer (anyhow Roula was too busy to give an answer). She buried her tongue in the gaping slit. My vagina contracted hard around the probing tongue and I started to rub furiously my clit. Seconds later my orgasm drenched Lola’s mouth with a shower of pussy juice. It was the first time in my life I had an orgasm while I was standing on my feet and I still wonder how didn’t I collapse on the floor!

“Oh, my…” internet casino I moaned, “Roula, look at me! I am cumming!” Roula, watching all the action intently, felt her own muscles grip her fingers. She was fingering herself fast and hard as if trying to cum with me. Finally she did it! Both, Roula and me were in the throes of massive orgasms ripping through our quivering vaginas and the room was filled with the moans and groans emitted from the cumming vixens!

By now Lola was in a state of extreme sexual heat, and desperately needed the relief only a hard climax could deliver. She pushed me back down on the sofa, lay down with her legs spread wide apart and her head back in my lap. She motioned for Roula to take a place between her open legs while she again took my nipple into her mouth. Roula took off her jeans and panties and reached the sofa. She took up residence between Lola’s thighs and gave her a short hot session of female-to-female oral sex. Lola bucked her hips up into Roula’s mouth, trying to force her clit against the slithering but elusive tongue that was roving all over her vagina. In the meantime, my cunt was again flooding do to the view and to the sucking mouth that had attached itself to my hard nipple. I slid my hand down to my crotch where I began rubbing my clit in pace with the sucking of my breast.

Lola was now almost hysterical with lust. Roula was eating her pussy, while expertly avoiding her emblazoned clit, which coupled with the nipple in her mouth, was driving her almost insane with desire. With mouth full of tit, Lola begged Roula to finish her off. Roula pulled her mouth away from the steaming cunt and in one quick stroke, buried the 10-inch satisfier deep into the pussy of the now quaking girl. When the huge dildo bottomed out, Lola let my nipple slip from her mouth as she screamed in orgasmic delight. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her shaking body, as her ex-schoolmate between her legs rammed the rubber phallus in and out of her defenseless box. Seeing the hot blonde getting pounded into submission by the massive fake pecker was all it took for my own cunt to suddenly be wracked with another cum of it’s own. A horny sexy brunette from Patras and a horny sexy blondie from Salonica were having simultaneous orgasms while a horny sexy brunette from Salonica watched all the action!

When it was all over, three very satisfied women lay in a heap on the couch trying to catch their breath while the aroma of female sex permeated the air. While we relaxed, Roula looked at the ceiling and put her index finger under her chin, trying to look thoughtful.

“Well,” she asked both of us at last, “is it a good idea to serve ourselves scotch on ice, rest a little and then play again the game changing roles?”

We laughed loudly! The night seemed to be very interesting!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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