My Wife’s New “Lover”

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My wife Julianna is an amazing woman and I love her very very much. We are both 38 and have 2 wonderful boys. She is a fantastic mom to our sons and each day I quietly give thanks that she is my wife.

Our sex life, though scheduled around naps is very good, at least I think so. One of the greatest joys I get out of life is giving Julianna pleasure. I love making her come and seeing her in total ecstasy.

Our sessions usually start in the hot tub. We soak for a bit talking about the boys and catching up on what is going on in our lives. At this point I usually start to get very excited, seeing her in her bathing suit always gets the blood flowing. Julianna is 5’8 with long legs, long slender fingers, nice hips, broad shoulders, nice sized breasts, an ass that screams squeeze me and her smile is absolutely lovely. When she looks at me an smiles, though I don’t tell her very often, I feel joy knowing that she chose to be my wife.

In the hot tub, we usually chat for 15 – 20 minutes while our kettle boils heating up the water for the KY and one of our ‘toys’. Once we figure the boys are asleep, we get out of the hot tub, Julianna heads upstairs to rinse off and I fill 2 glasses with boiling water. One being a coffee mug for the KY and the other considerably larger so I can fully immerse one of our dildos so it is nice and warm for her.

When we first met I bought her a dildo about 5 inches inches in length, that I would use to fill her while I sat between her legs playing with her clit.

After the birth of our second son, Julianna and I decided it was time to upgrade our toy to something a little more substantial. I searched on the web a bit and found one that I thought she would like.

The new dildo is about 9 inches in length and quite a bit thicker than “little John” as she so affectionately calls our older dildo. As I filled out the order form on the net for the new dildo my cock grew rock hard just thinking about sliding it into her. I put a rush shipment on it so that we would have it for the coming weekend and rushed off to bed to masturbate. That night I came so so quickly bahis firmaları and violently that my balls ached. I fell asleep with visions of Julianna coming with the new dildo deep inside her.

The next day I told Julianna about my purchase and she was right into it. On Thursday our package arrived. I feverishly opened it up to check it out and I must say I was very pleasantly surprised. It was definitely longer and thicker and I could not wait to pleasure her with it.

For the rest of the week, I masturbated at least twice per day, each time imagining the orgasms Julianna would experience with it. Those next few days saw some of the most intense orgasms I have ever experienced by my own hand.

Anyways Saturday came soon enough. Once the boys went down for their nap, I faithfully put on the kettle and we met in the hot tub. We were both excited about our new purchase so the hot tub only lasted about 5 minutes, long enough for us to be sure the boys were asleep.

Julianna headed upstairs to rinse off and I brought up the boiling water. After a quick rinse I met Julianna on the bed and we kissed and played for a few minutes until I could not take it anymore and told her it was time to don her blindfold. We had mutually agreed that she would not lay eyes on her new lover until after I had made her come with it.

Once the blindfold was in place I quietly brought the dildo into the room. I took my usual position between her open thighs. Her pussy was very slick already and I dribbled some warm KY onto her pussy and started working it in. I used lots so she was ready for her first experience with our new friend.

Julianna always lets out a slight “uuuummmmm” and relaxes totally, spreading her legs wide open surrendering herself to me when I start with the KY.

I am very in tune with her body language and usually spend 2-3 minutes of gentle rubbing of her well oiled pussy until I notice that she is really starting to feel good before I start with the toys. After a few minutes of stroking and probing I could tell it was time. I poured generous amounts of hot KY onto the kaçak iddaa new dildo and stroked the shaft of it to ensure no spot was left untouched. I must say It felt really good in my hands and for a brief moment wished I had a pussy so I could feel what it would be like to be as as full as I knew it would make her. As I rubbed the KY up and down the thick shaft, I was a bit concerned it would be too big for her and I would not get to bury it inside of her pussy.

I slowly rubbed the head of the warm dildo against her clit. Julianna moaned a little until I slowly slid the head into her. She was quiet for a second or two then I slid it in about half way.

“Ohhhhhh gaawwwd its sooooooo thick” she said. I held it still for a bit while I continued to rub her clit. I could tell she was very close to coming so I pulled it out and rubbed more KY all over the dildo and onto her open pussy. Again I slowly started rubbing her clit and at the same time slid the dildo about two thirds of the way in. “Gaaaawwwd that feels good” Julianna moaned “I am so full”.

At that point I slowly withdrew the dildo so that only about 2 inches were left inside of her, then slowly I pushed the entire length into her pussy and just held it deep inside..

“Ahhhhhh” she moaned. I was so happy she felt so good and was very pleased I was able to get it all the way into her. I started rubbing her clit rhythmically, up and down and in small circles just the way she likes it.

Slowly I started to fuck her with that big cock, sliding it in and out of her stretching pussy. I loved seeing her body language when she was so full. It was a real turn on for me to know she was in ecstasy.

I continued fucking her with the dildo, sliding its entire length all the way in and out. Burying it deep inside of her became easier and easier the more I fucked her with it. I loved watching her pussy lips stretch around the shaft, almost clutching at it.

I could tell by her quivering thighs that she was very close to coming so I slid the entire length into her once again holding it deep inside of her while I focused on her kaçak bahis clit. I had to make her come before I shot my load just from just watching this cock stretch her pussy wide open.

“Does it feel nice to be so full of hot cock?” I asked.

“Ohhh yessss… Ohhh god yes… OH GOD” she moaned as she began to quake as her orgasm started to set in. After a few seconds she started to convulse moaning “ohhhhh god… ohhhhh god”.

Once her orgasm ran it course, I told her to remove her blindfold so she could meet her new ‘friend’.

“Its huge she said”

“Yes” I said “but not too big?”

“No it is perfect and I love being so full. It is awesome!”

Julianna’s eyes were glued on the cock as I slid it in and out of her pussy a few times. She was mesmerized as I slid its entire length in and out of her swollen pussy. I could tell by the glazed look in her eyes that she was really liking it.

“It is so big, and it fills me right up…. I love it…. good pick baby.” she said to me as she looked at me lovingly.

“Now its your turn” she said

I slowly withdrew it from her soaking pussy and set it aside, elated that she enjoyed it so much.

I laid on my back and she positioned herself over me “Someone is excited” she said noticing how hard my cock was.

“I just love making you come and seeing you in total ecstasy it is one of my great pleasures in life” I said

“You are very very good at it and I love our new toy” she repeated.

With that, she licked the head of my cock and I just laid back to enjoy my time, trying not to come too quickly.

Julianna gives great blow jobs. Timely squeezes, nibbles, licks and scraping teeth. It drives me crazy when she looks into my eyes as she slides my cock into her mouth. Often during her blow jobs,as I watch her slide my cock in and out of her mouth, my thoughts wander and I imagine I am watching her pleasure another man, someone with a nice long thick cock. Sometimes I am watching from our closet, other times I am sitting or standing close to the bed looking on as she makes love to this other man and other times I imagine I am rubbing or licking her pussy as the other man fucks her with his cock. Stretching her open with his manhood, filling her entirely….. but those are other stories for another day.

Love you J.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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