Neutral Green Ch. 03

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Authors Note: Hey guys here’s the next chapter of my story, I would like to thank my editor TallMan56 for his time. I would like for you guys to leave feedback to help me progress with my story. -SL


Avery had a death grip on my hand as she led me out of the store, the store doors slid open for us and we stepped foot back outside were the cold wind whipped Avery’s hair around. On the way back to the car we passed a woman holding her daughter and she took a look at us and raised her eyebrows, she then focused on me and gave a “uh-oh” look. The child lifted her face from the warmth of her mother’s shoulder and looked at us openly with curious bright grey eyes.

Avery tugged me all the way back to the car and we stopped in front of the trunk. She reached down and pulled the latch violently yanking it open and reached over and ripped the bag from my hand throwing it in the trunk. She slammed it down and snatched her hand from mine and begin walking to her side of the car.

“Avery look-.” I began and she snapped her head around eyes ablaze with a dangerous glint in them that screamed “Shut up!” that made me press my lips into a straight line as she turned back around and walked to her door opening it and shutting it without a word. I let out a nervous breath and reluctantly dragged my way to the driver’s side and opened the door getting in, dreading the ride back home alone with Avery. I started the car and instantly cranked up the heat, I couldn’t feel the tips of my ears and I was losing the feeling in my fingers.

I pulled out of the parking lot and started our journey back towards home. The tension in the car was so thick you could cut it with a knife. The tingling sensation I usually felt when Avery was watching me was replace with a rough prickling feel. Out of the corner of my eye Avery was looking dead at me and her cheeks were red and it wasn’t cold in the car, her eyes were bright with anger and a glint of, hurt? I reached down and held her hand in a brotherly fashion which she roughly snatched it out of mine and focused on the road.

I took a deep breath, “Avery, you cannot do that ever again in public, what if someone we knew saw?” I stated firmly.

She kept her eyes on the road and stayed silent

I took another deep breath and placed my attention on the road.

“Did my confession mean the slightest bit of importance to you?” Avery voice sounded strained.

“Please no. No, no, no, no, no, no. Don’t be crying.” I begged in my head. I looked over only to see those beautiful emerald eyes glistening with tears that sent drops cascading down her flushed cheeks. An explosion of guilt spasm over me and boiled violently inside, I was mortified to know I was the reason she was crying. Even with the tears streaming down her face it was deadly serious, her face was like stone, and her eyes were the only things she needed to portray her emotions.

I reached my hand out to wipe away her tear, “Avery please don’t cry.” I pleaded.

She leaned further away from and continued to give me a tearful glare, “Answer me.” she said her voice cold.

I didn’t. This whole entire time I’ve only thought about what’s best, not what’s right. I thought about what happened when I came home how she gave me a mind numbing welcome home kiss, and how I jerked-off afterwards. The intimate encounter we had on the couch involving me releasing into my shorts and Avery hers, and the possessive tongue twirl she gave me in the store. I knew she cared a lot about me in romantically instead of sibling-y. I cared about her too. The words she spoke to me about what I was feeling inside was what she feels. I couldn’t feel what she was feeling right? I never, not once accounted her feelings in this situation, or mine.

I opened my mouth to speak but I was lost for words. I looked into her eyes they were slightly pinkish from her crying and a determined sparkle in her eyes.

“No, I didn’t. I’m sorr-.” She held her hand up silencing me and turned back toward the road.

We drove in silence all the way back home before she started up the conversation again as I pulled into the garage and I stiffened nervous of what she was going to say. She spoke a few words.

“You will be mine.” She whispered before she stepped out the car in walked into the house.

The steely determination in her voice as she made my blood turn hot and caused a stir in my pants. But was overcome by the thought of the problems I’ve caused in our relationship. I stepped out of the car into the house when my phone buzzed in my pocket. I reached into my pocket to fish it out, the caller ID read “Mom.”

I pressed talk, “Hello?” I answered.

“Hey sweetie,” she was whispering, “I’m in a meeting right now but called to tell you I’m not going to be home until late, so it’s just a heads up.” She told me.

“Alright that’s fine.” I said but worried because she went to work early and isn’t coming home until late, mecidiyeköy escort she would probably deathly tired about the time she came home.

“Tell Avery what I said I’ll see you guys later.”

“Okay bye.”

“Alright bye.

I hung up and placed my phone back into my pocket and entered the living room sitting down on the couch grabbing the TV remote switching it on, a cooking show popped on but it was just background noise in my thoughts. My mind was set on trying to fix things between me and Avery. I thought before I waited too long the things between me and her were going to worsen if I didn’t have a face to face conversation with her. I stood from the couch and started climbing the stairs, I walked towards Avery’s door and stood outside it. I gently leaned into it hovering my ear against the door trying to listen inside. I heard nothing.

“Maybe she’s asleep.” I thought, but dismissed the idea when I heard the slightest shuffle inside.

I built the courage up and knocked on her door softly but firmly so she wouldn’t be able to miss it.

“Avery I need to talk to you.” I spoke my voice sounded far away and by heart was pounding in my chest.

There was a light padding of feet on the ground and the door swung open, revealing a crying Avery. Tears were swimming in her eyes while they spilled out running down her cheeks. Her mouth was set in a frown and her eyes seemed brighter than before with her tears reflecting the light.

I was overcome with concern and worry as the instinctive need to comfort her, I wrapped her in an embrace when I felt her stiffen. I didn’t like that. I pulled her closer to me and nuzzled the top of her head, she melted into me and released a sniffle.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, even though I had an inkling of an idea but wanted her to tell me the problem.

She stepped from my hug and took my hand and led me towards her bed. I gazed around her room since this was the first time I’ve been in it since I left, her bed was on the far side of the room against the wall next to her window. The wall was dark green and so was the one across from it, the other two were black giving the room an odd comfortable feeling. On my left there was a black elegant wooden dresser against the wall of the door and on the far black wall also to my left she had a smaller dresser with a glamour mirror on top of it, with a closet door next to it. We sat down on her comforter which was black with green vines traveling across it, her room smelled exactly like her, the intoxicating smell of apples and rain with apple portion over powering the rain smell a bit.

She sat cross legged on the bed and wiped the tears from her face as her eyes connected with mine, a shine of hurt dwindling in them. I watched the small flickering of her pupils flick over my eyes.

She stayed silent so I guess I was going to speak first, “I came here to apologize for being inconsiderate. I never realized your feelings and all this.” I looked back into her eyes, “but why do you want to pursue the thought of us being together?”

She searched my eyes. “The things, the feelings I feel are too strong to simply ignore.” She said. “I’ve felt like this for a very long time. You also shouldn’t try to refuse the way you feel about this, us, Me.” she whispered tears building up again. “Not only are you refusing the love we have for one another, after I tell you how I feel. You blatantly flirt with another girl in front of me.” Her voice was shaking and a tear escaped. It pained me to see her cry.

“I’m sorry.” I was silently pleading in my head for the tears to stop.

“Kiss me.” She whispered.

I froze. “What?” I was confused.

“If you truly are sorry then kiss me. Kiss me and mean it.” She was looking at me intently her eyes seemed even more vivid and held a sparkle of hope.

“Avery, we can’t.” I tried to argue.

“Kiss me and I’ll forgive you.” She leaned forward.

“Avery.” I said feeling vulnerable, part of me denied the act of kissing her but a way bigger part granted me all the access in the world.

“Please.” she breathed as she leaned in closer. I was unaware that I was getting closer as well, our noses were barely touching. She was close now her eyes darkened and closed halfway, the anticipation to feel her soft lips again was tortuous.

I felt her breath on my lips as I waited for them to meld against hers, but they didn’t. I opened my eyes only to peer in hers which were open and sparkling with a hint of amusement and patients. I was wonder what was wrong until it hit me. She wanted me to kiss her. She was waiting for me to meet her halfway. Did I want to? I knew if I kissed her it wasn’t going to end up as a simple quick apology kiss. Did I really want to?

I did.

I moved forward molding my lips to hers out noses slightly brushing against each other. She moaned into mouth which set my blood on fire. nişantaşı escort No, this was no “I’m sorry” kiss. This was everything I felt put in one intimate action, every single primitive emotion that swirled inside me.

I reached around her back and brought her closer to me crushing her chest against mine, the feel of her soft breast pressing in between us only caused me to completely forget everything as my senses were overrun. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I brought the other arm around her as she pulled me on top of her as she fell back onto the bed. I released her lips and started kissing and suckling on her neck. She sucked in a sharp breath and a whimper escaped her mouth, her head turned to expose more of her neck. I kissed my way back up along her jaw line and reconnected our lips were her tongue slipped into my mouth and swirled with mine.

I was barely aware of her hands traveling down to the hem of my hoodie grabbing both it and my shirt tugging upwards. I struggled to break our kiss as I raised up and removed both clothing items in one swoop. I gazed down and a looked into her half-lidded eyes, dark with lust and the usual sparkle in her eyes was more like a fog. I dove back in once again to taste her sweet mouth which was waiting for me as she rose to meet me halfway placing her arms on my neck dragging me back down on top of her.

I placed my hands below her hips and slid them upwards underneath her shirt and gripped her waist, a shudder shook her body as she moaned loudly and tightened her hold. I gently massaged her hips and waist rubbing up and down causing her to squirm under me as she rolled her hips to keep them pressed in my hands.

She tore away from the kiss her chest rising up and down quickly. “Take my shirt off baby,” she breathed.

Hearing her call me “baby” sent a current of blood rushing into my already evident tent in my pants making it painfully harder. I slid my hands further up pushing her top up with them, then I felt the my palms touch the soft sides of her breast feeling the smooth skin, her lips parted and a moan flowed out.

“She isn’t wearing a bra.” I thought through the lust clouding my head.

She raised her arms up and I leaned down to kiss her lips and swirl my tongue with hers before raising her shirt completely off of her. Her hair floated back down as her shirt slid over it, the throb that erupted in my pants reverberated through my whole body making it jump it my shorts. They were perfect. The twin porcelain globes bounced beautifully in front of me, the sight before me was breath taking. Avery layer underneath me face flushed, eyes dark with lust, her breathing caused her wonderful breast to slightly sway and jiggle. They looked bigger outside and were topped with cute delicate light brown nipples.

A shimmer of worry swirled in her eyes as she moved to cover up her breast. I reached my hand forward and gently but firmly uncovered the twin perfections.

“Don’t. You don’t ever have to hide yourself from me.” I whispered, she looked away shyly and a smirk played on her lips.

I leaned down and kissed her sweet mouth, she brought her tongue to mine but I was already tracing my way down her jaw along her throat. I kissed right below the hollow of her throat and left a wet trail to the valley of her chest. Her smell of Apples and rain filled my senses as the intensity of it grew at the base of her neck and chest, I couldn’t think straight not that I needed to. I cupped the sides of them and slightly spread them as I dragged my tongue between them and sucked on the skin between them. A groan escaped between her lips as she arched her back. Suckling my way down and over I kissed the underside of one breast, I heard an intake of breath as she held her breath. I licked and sucked to the top until I reached the edge of her areola and diverted my way around the point of interest she silently begged me to please. I brought my mouth over the top of her turgid nipple and began to draw circles around it not making contact with it.

“Please,” she let out a shaky breath, “don’t tease me.” she said arching her back trying to maneuver her nipple into my mouth, I chuckled and closed my lips around it sucking it firmly. A loud moan slipped from her mouth, her hands snapped to the back of my head and urged me to suck more of her tit in which I eagerly complied and sucked as much of the top of her breast as I could. I started to gently squeeze her other one and rubbed the rough pad of my thumb on top of her erect nipple and brushed it firmly on it. She was clearly enjoying as she made little mewling sounds.

I switched places and gave her other nipple attention, I licked and sucked it till it was wet then started gently plucking it between my teeth and rolling it in my mouth. She whimpered and moaned loudly and tightened the hold on my head.

I sucked on her nipple one last time before I made my descent. otele gelen escort The smell of her sweet arousal tangled with her apples and rain aroma, drove me mad. I left a hot trail of kisses down her stomach pausing to lazily swirl and flick my tongue in her navel, dipping it in and out. I continued my way down till my lips felt the fabric of her pants. I slid my fingers into the waist band and slowly slid them down creating a feast for my eyes. She was wearing black panties which created a stark contrast between the dark material and her pale skin. The smell of her arousal was strong in the air now it made my cock throb in anticipation. She lifted her leg allowing me to remove her pants from them, I place one leg on my shoulder and pulled her pants off. I removed them and her toes came into view which I diligently showed each one affection my kissing them and suckling a few causing her to let out a low moan and giggle.

I kissed the soles of her foot and left a trail of sloppy kisses along her ankle, calve, and thigh. I could really smell her arousal now. I was no stranger to foreplay, I was actually probably among the few that enjoyed giving oral pleasure were as most who do it out of obligation or don’t give at all and just received. Spreading her thighs apart revealed the crotch soaking wet to where it clung on like a second skin almost outlining everything, her puffy lips were evident through the material even the sides of her thighs were slightly glistening.

“You made me like this.” Avery breathed, I looked up into her eyes that were foggy with lust and watching me intently. She was lightly squeezing her breast moving it in a circular motion.

“Did I really make her this wet?” I thought. I brought my nose to the soaked crotch of her panties and pressed it against them letting her sweet musk cloud my head and shoot electricity to my dick which was begging to be released from its confines. Sticking my tongue out I dragged up along the wet fabric tasting her, she was sweet, tangy, and a little salty. Her juices scent my mind reeling, I wanted to sample more of her desire. My nose brushed against her clit and she shuddered letting out a whimper. I pulled her legs together so I could slip off the undergarments, grabbing the edges I pulled them down torturously slow, the sound of her panting increased the further I came to revealing her sweet flower. Bringing my face forward I nibble on her pelvic bone causing her hips to jerk upwards off the bed with a gasp.

I chuckled and continued removing her panties I uncovered her pubic hair witch was cut into a nice little upside down triangle, I liked it when girls had pubic hair, it was odd sometimes seeing it bare. I lightly grazed my teeth over it causing her hips to buck and take a sharp gasp. Placing a firm kiss on her pelvis I shimmied her panties all the way off. My breath caught in my throat, perfection was the first thought that came to mind. She was wet. No sopping wet. Her outer lips were puffy and glistening, the light pink of her outer lips complimented the dark pink of her inner lips which were slightly spread open like a blooming flower. I felt her squirm under my observation and felt her thighs flex as she tried to close them hiding the flower from the light.

“Don’t.” I whispered breathlessly, bringing mg face closer stopping at only a few inches from her sex, I thought to myself. “Is this what I wanted, to cross this barrier with Avery? To become my sister’s lover.” Her aroma was thick in the air I was breathing, influencing my decision. “Was I ready for the potential problems that could happen to us?” The delicate fingers curling and winding through my hair pulling me closer decided for me. My lips brushed her swollen labia, slipping my tongue out I traced the edges of her inner and outer lips lightly making her moan. Wrapping my hands underneath her thighs dragging her slightly closer, sucking her lips together I began swirling my tongue on her core tasting her on my tongue.

“O-oh my god.” She whimpered squirming her hips more.

Intentionally ignoring her clit I circled around it digging my tongue lightly at the bottom of the hood and coming close to grazing it but evading her pronounced button, she tried in vain to aim her hips downwards so I could make contact with her interest of desire. Holding her tightly I circled back around dragging my tongue through her lips collecting her juices before prodding her entrance with the tip of my tongue. Delving into her hot orifice my mind went blank aw her honey thickly coated my tongue, her moans were growing louder and her fingers in my hair tightened. Rhythmically thrusting my tongue in and out, withdrawing my tongue back into my mouth I savored her flavor. I flattened my tongue firmly dragging it between her lips upward and against her clit were I sealed my lips around it lashing it with my tongue and sucking on it.

I heard a sputter of her gasping for breath along with her lower body squirming stiffly around with her hack arched high as she released and ear piercing scream into the air. I felt warm liquid splash against my chin with a few drop rolling down my chin, quickly placing my mouth over the opening I only received a few squirts before her body and back tensed once more before collapsing on the bed like a ragdoll.

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