Niece and Uncle Visit Vegas

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Fortunately the flight landed at LAX pretty much on time at 6am. Customs and immigration was the usual total chaos but an hour later I was shaking the hand of my brother in law in the arrivals area.

We went back home and he prepared coffee. I declined breakfast as I was still full from the business class breakfast. He had to go to work so drove off after finishing his coffee.

I unpacked, showered and shaved and looked for something to do to keep me awake for the rest of the day. Staying awake all day was the only way I had found to get over the jet lag.

Of course, my thoughts soon turned to my cock, and, as I was home alone, thought a leisurely wank would hit the spot. I stripped off my jeans and underwear, lay on the bed and searched Literotica for some stories from my favourite categories. I pulled up some nice Incest/Taboo and Loving Wives stories and began to stroke as I read through them.

I guess because of the jet lag it took me a while. A story about a father and son fucking the daughter while the mother looked on finally had me shooting all over my hand and stomach. That was a big one I thought as I started to clean up.

I was almost ready when I heard the front door bang closed and shortly afterwards a knocking on the bedroom door.

“Uncle Peter, are you up?” It was my 20 something niece, Samantha.

I scuttled to the bathroom to finish cleaning up and get dressed.

“I’m just in the bathroom. Be right out.”

I made myself presentable and opened the door.

She gave me a strange look before breaking into a big smile, throwing her arms around me and giving me a big hug.

“It’s been so long. So good to see you.” As she continued to hug me close.

The thought struck me that I was lucky to have just had a wank. The way her slim, gym fit, perfect little body clung to me, I knew my cock would have otherwise risen to the occasion and I would have been in trouble.

“It’s great to be here. You are looking really great.”

And she did. As I said slim, gym fit body, flawless light brown skin and big toothy California girl smile. Her personality was great also. Reserved when she didn’t know someone but full of fun and laughter with friends.

“Dad said to come and get you and take you to lunch.”

It had become a thing between us whenever I visited LA that we would have lunch together at least once per trip. We had visited quite a few different restaurants across LA.

We had consequently grown fairly close and she usually opened up with me to discuss her life.

“Sounds good. You choose.”

Today it was CPK and we stayed a while just chatting and generally catching up.

Eventually, we finished lunch and chatting. She had some chores to do before coming back home for a family dinner that night so dropped me off and took off.

Once inside, I relaxed in front of the TV but my thoughts soon turned to how she had turned into such a happy, pretty young girl.

I had followed her on Instagram and while most of her posts were entirely innocent photos of her with girlfriends, meals, drinks and the like, there were a couple of very nice poses in various small bikinis.

She showed much more skin than I thought her conservative upbringing would have allowed. But, I guess, that was Southern California college girls for you.

I hesitate to admit that on more than one occasion I had included her photos in jerk off material.


Eventually that afternoon the whole family returned home. There were welcomes and hugs all around. A bottle of very nice red wine was cracked and we caught up on what had been happening since my last visit.

Over dinner my sister in law said.

“I’m sorry bro. I have had a couple of people resign from my restaurant. I am not going to be able to go with you to Vegas. You can still go on your own.”

A very nice room in an upmarket hotel/casino had been booked ages ago. My SIL and I had shared hotel rooms before. We would book a room with two large beds and no hanky panky had occurred. I knew she was very conservative that way and would not permit any funny stuff.

“We were going to drive. Is there a spare car or should I hire one.”

“I could take some time off and drive you,” from Samantha. “It’s been ages since I’ve been to Vegas.”

Her parents looked very doubtful.

“I’m sure Uncle Peter doesn’t want you hanging around annoying him.” From my SIL.

“Oh, I don’t know,” I joked. “It would do my ego a world of good to be seen with such a pretty girl.”

Samantha smiled at me shyly. “See, it’s settled. I will go instead.”

The next day was spent generally catching up and relaxing.

Samantha had her own apartment about half an hour from her parents’ home so on the day of departure she called in to pick me up before heading off to Vegas.

She jumped out of the car to give me a hug and to help with my luggage.

Clearly she was already in Vegas mode, wearing tight short shorts and a loose tank top. Damn she looked good. If only she wasn’t my niece.

Then I got another shock as yalova escort she bent down to pick up my small bag, her top flopped open and it was very obvious that she did not have a bra on. I got a full view of very nice breasts with nice brown nipples.

I think she caught me staring but gave me a big smile anyway. I guess she must have been used to being ogled by randy guys.

“Come on, let’s get going,” as we got into the car and drove off.

The trip was uneventful, apart from me taking sidewards glances at her figure. She chattered away seemingly not noticing the dirty old man sitting beside her. More than once I day dreamed what it would be like to suck on those tits and pussy and to fuck her.


After checking into the hotel we showered and changed and went out on the town. She showed me some of her favourite watering holes and we had a bit of a buzz going by the time we went for dinner.

We went to a great steakhouse and shared a bottle of wine over dinner. We were both feeling pretty mellow and relaxed by the time dinner was finished.

We wandered around looking at the lights and generally people watching and having a great time.

She was walking close to me and we were arm in arm when we were accosted by some guy who was either drunk or very high.

He seemed to take exception to the fact that a very pretty young brown girl was on the arm of an older white guy. Some very nasty and threatening words were spoken.

As nobody seemed interested in helping us, I hugged her close to protect her and took off quickly back to our hotel. Once there she ran to the bathroom.

When she came out she had changed and went and lay down on her bed, clearly still upset at what had been said.

I went to the bathroom and changed into shorts and T-shirt. I don’t normally wear underwear to bed but given the proximity of a pretty girl in the room, I put some on just in case the little man got any ideas.

She was lying curled up on her bed, facing away from me and appeared to be quietly crying.

I went over, sat on the edge of the bed and gently touched her arm.

“You OK? What’s up?”

She turned, sat up and pulled me into a hug.

“I’m so sorry, uncle. He should not have been so nasty to you.”

“That’s OK. I’m old enough and ugly enough for it not to bother me. He was just jealous that you were with the white guy and not with him.”

“It’s you I am concerned about. You are a pretty and smart young lady and you should ignore them.”

I hugged her close and stroked her side in an attempt to console her. The feel of her slim, toned body pressed hard up against mine certainly got the little guy interested. I tried as hard as I could to push all carnal thoughts out of my mind.

After a couple of minutes I felt her relax into my chest.

I looked down at her.

“OK now?”

She looked up. Because of our positions, when she looked up at me to reply our lips touched.

It seemed like ages but must have only been a second or two that we like that with lips touching. Both surprised and unsure what to do next.

I knew I should pull away and was about to do so when I felt her lips open slightly and the tip of her tongue tentatively touch my lips. I could taste a mixture of tears and red wine on her lips and tongue.

I did the same and the tip of my tongue gently touched hers.

I didn’t get a negative reaction so I slowly opened my lips further and extended my tongue.

She did the same and at the same time lifted her arms, wrapped them around my neck and pulled my face hard into hers.

We adjusted the angle of our heads to get the correct alignment. Now it was a full on open mouth kiss. This girl knew how to kiss and use her tongue, with just the right amount of suction.

We kept on kissing and I could feel the hunger in her kisses.

‘In for a penny, in for a pound.’ I thought to myself as on the next upstroke of my hand on her side I brought it up to her armpit. I could feel side boob and a little under boob.

As I stroked downwards I waited for a negative reaction. When I didn’t get any, I continued stroking her like that as we kissed and hugged.

If anything her kisses became stronger and she pulled me in tighter.

I extended my thumb so on the next upstroke of her side, I ‘accidently’ brushed my thumb across her nipple.

It was as hard as a rock. I may have been mistaken, but did she let out a quiet moan when I did that?

Again no negative reaction, so I continued. With each stroke of her side I increased the pressure of my thumb on her boob and nipple.

On one up stroke I left my hand on her boob and gently massaged it with my hand and her nipple with my thumb.

Yes, that was definitely a contented sigh deep in her throat when I did that.

Finally she broke the kiss. She looked at me and smiled then moved into the middle of the bed.

“Lie down beside me.”

I did so and while she hugged our upper bodies close, she opened her legs and wrapped her thighs around my leg and pulled my thigh in tight between yalova escort bayan her thighs.

We were so close that I knew that my thigh was pressed up against her pussy

We continued the deep kissing.

My hand crept under her t-shirt and began massaging her bare boob.

They weren’t big but they were perfectly formed and the nipple was still rock hard.

We stayed like that for some minutes. I was far from complaining but I wasn’t game to go any further without some sign.

She finally broke the kiss, lifted her upper body off the bed slightly and pulled her t-shirt off over her head.

I guess I must have sighed or groaned as I looked down at her perfectly formed upper body.

She grinned. “Am I pretty?”

“You know damn well you are perfect.”

I lowered my mouth to the closest nipple and began to suck and gently nibble on it.

Again she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me hard into her chest.

While my mouth was working on her nipple, I moved my right hand down and started caressing the outside of her upper thigh and squeezing the cheek of her backside.

Gradually, she opened her thighs away from my leg and twisted her lower body away from me.

This gave me full access to her pussy.

Slowly I moved my hand from her outer thigh to her inner thigh. I began stroking her, coming closer and closer to her panty covered pussy.

She definitely moaned when I first gently stroked her through her panties.

I was completely turned on by the feel of her panties. They weren’t wet but the heat and almost dampness of her panties and thigh gap area was intoxicating.

My fingers concentrated on massaging the area of her pussy lips.

Now she was clinging to me strongly and I could hear her breathing getting stronger.

“I’ll take them off.” I whispered in her ear.

She lifted her lower body. With some difficulty with one hand I pulled her panties down and away from her legs.

My hand went back to her slit and gently caressed it. My fingers went from top to bottom, occasionally teasing her clit as they passed.

As her pussy lips swelled with arousal, I could soon feel the moisture start to leak out between them.

She clearly wanted more stimulation as whenever my fingers approached her clit she thrust forward to give it extra pressure and attention.

When I judged the time was right, I released her arms from around me and got up on all fours. She looked at me questioningly.

I gave each boob a gentle kiss then kissed my way down over that flat belly to her pussy.

Most women are unsure about openly displaying their pussy. She was no different. When she realised what I was going to do she reached down and tried to pull me away and close her legs.

I gently grabbed her hands and pulled them to the side as I continued my journey to her most intimate parts.

“Don’t worry.”

She hadn’t completely shaved but she was very neatly trimmed with no loose hair, giving a very good view of her slit. Her pussy was fully engorged with her inner lips, coated in moisture, peeking out.

I love that soft, warm area of a woman at the edge of her thigh gap where her thigh meets her lower body. I lowered my head to that spot on one side and kissed and licked my way to the other side, tickling her pussy lips with my tongue as I did so. I kept repeating that and with each repetition she wriggled her hips trying to get more attention on her clit and lips.

Finally, she reached down and when my tongue was at her slit held me there.

“Your pussy is very pretty,” as I flicked my tongue against her clit.

“And you taste great.”

I reached around her waist and with both hands gently pulled her pussy lips apart. I took the time to admire her. The two inverted V’s of her inner and outer lips were coated with moisture with her clit looking very enticing.

I then licked her lips from top to bottom. It didn’t take her long to reach down and pull my face hard into her when my tongue reached her clit.

“Please Uncle Peter, stop teasing me. Make me cum.”

With that I gave her clit my full attention. Soon the involuntary muscle spasms started as her clit took over control of her body. She started shuddering and tensing her body.

“I’m cumming. I’m cumming,” as she clenched my head tightly between her thighs and moaned in her orgasm.

I kept gently licking her clit as her spasms subsided and she soon pushed my head away.

“Sorry, too sensitive.”

I didn’t want to force the issue but obviously wanted badly to fuck her. I wasn’t completely sure what to do. I was still on all fours between her thighs as she caught her breath.

As she reached down to my upper arms to pull me towards her, she whispered, “I want you inside me.”

I must have hesitated a moment because she pulled my stronger.

“Don’t worry. I am on the pill.”

I moved upwards until I felt the head of my cock touch her lips. I reached down and teased her lips and clit with my cock.

She pulled me into a close hug, lifted her escort yalova hips to meet me and begged.

“Uncle Peter, don’t tease. I need you inside me.”

I tried to make the feeling last as long as possible as I slowly slid my cock into her. I couldn’t believe how hot, wet and tight she was as she groaned when I bottomed out in her.

I slowly stroked my cock in and out of her pussy, savouring the intense pleasure of her tightness and wetness. I wanted this to last for as long as possible.

She look up at me and said.

“Uncle, I have a confession to make and please don’t get mad.”

“OK, I promise.” ‘This is a bit strange,’ I thought to myself.

“I saw you on your first day here.”

“Yes I know. We had lunch.”

“No, dad told me to take you to lunch but to be quiet when I went into the house in case you were asleep.”

“I opened the bedroom door and saw what you were doing. Then I went back out and made some noise to warn you before I came back into your room.”

‘Oh, shit,’ I thought, ‘Here we go.’ How bloody embarrassing having a pretty young girl catch you wanking.

“I’m sorry. I got carried away when I thought the house was empty.”

Then a horrible thought struck me and I had to ask.

“How long were you watching?”

She hesitated, “I watched you stroking yourself and saw you cum.”

“I’m sorry.”

She pulled me closer and whispered in my ear.

“I haven’t been able to get the memory out of my mind. I was so wet when we were having lunch. I had to leave you at home and go and take care of myself.”


“Yes, and tonight I couldn’t resist. I know it is so wrong but I had to do it.”

“Really. You always seemed so conservative and uninterested in relationships and sex.”

“That was when I was studying. I’ve had a couple of boyfriends since then but nothing too serious.”

I had continued slowly stroking inside her as we talked and I could feel the pressure starting to build.

Still holding me close to her, she continued to whisper,

“Fuck me Uncle. Fuck your little niece. I want you to cum inside me.”

I was very surprised. I had never heard this girl ever swear before. Now she was in full throat begging to be fucked.

I started to speed and strengthen my thrusts as she continued to tell me to fuck her. As much as I tried not to, I came too damn quickly.

My softening cock was soon pushed out by her tight hole and I lay down beside her.

She turned and gave me a kiss on the lips.

“Thank you Uncle. That was wonderful.”

“I better get cleaned up,” as she rose from the bed, naked and uninhibited and walked to the bathroom.

I marvelled again at her perfect form. She had one of the cutest and tightest backsides I had ever seen.

She turned at the bathroom door, smiled at me and held out her hand,

“Aren’t you going to join me?”

I didn’t need a second invitation.

We soaped each other’s bodies as we showered but the best was when she turned her back to me and put one of my soapy hands on one breast and the other on her pussy.

She giggled, “You dirtied me so you should clean me up.”

The job took a lot longer than it should have as there was much more playing than washing.

Finally we rinsed off and I thought I’ll get back at her.

As she turned towards me, I squatted down so my face was right in front of her pussy. I gently spread her pussy lips, made a big thing of doing a close inspection of inside her lips, and announced,

“Yes, all clean.”

Then for good measure gave her clit a good strong lick from my tongue.

She squealed and pulled away.

“Enough for tonight. Come to bed.”

We separated and moved towards our separate beds.

“What are you doing? Come and sleep with me in my bed. I want you beside me.”

We lay down spooning our bodies with one of my hands on one tit and the other between her legs on her pussy.

As I started to drift off to sleep she stirred.

“Uncle Peter, I guess I should stop calling you Uncle now? It seems so naughty now that we have had sex.”

“I think you like being naughty so you better keep calling me Uncle.”

“Mmmm, OK. Maybe I should change it to Dirty Uncle Peter.”

And we drifted off to sleep.


When I woke next morning I leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. This woke her and she returned the kiss.

She glanced at the clock.

“We can’t do anything now. We have to be up and ready in time for the tour.”

“Wait until tonight. You spoiled me last night. Tonight it is your turn.”

I looked at her questioningly.

“You will just have to wait and see,” as she jumped off the bed to get dressed.

The rest of the day was spent on tours and sightseeing.


After dinner that night, as we went back to the room. She looked at me,

“You shower first. Don’t bother dressing afterward.”

I did so and lay down on the bed, rigid cock pointing skyward, as she showered.

She soon came out of the shower looking very fresh.

With a smile, she handed me a little blue pill and a glass of water.

“Take this. I think you are going to need it.”

“Now it’s your turn,” as she knelt on the bed between my legs and started to gently stroke my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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