Nights in Orlando Vol. 03

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This is a continuation of Nights in Orlando vol. 1 it will rest in my palm as my thumb rubs circles around it. As my lips close around you, I’ll tilt my head back in pleasure, causing a gentle tug. I’ll pull my flattened tongue across the surface of your ball sack and moan because it feels so delicious to have you in me.

My right hand will still be pressing your cock into your stomach, but my fingers will have started to wrap around the shaft. I’ll pull my face away from you, sucking furiously on your nut as it slips out of my lips. I’ll immediately turn my attention to the other ball, sucking it in more urgently than the last. I’ll bathe it with equal fervor, but by this time my left hand will be subtly stroking your cock.

With my right hand, I’ll push so that both of your balls are in my mouth. My hand will drop to your leg, where it will run up and down with increasing vigor, marking time with the need I’ll feel for you to push your cock into my pussy.

My grip on your cock will have become firm by now, the stroking more deliberate and swift as I roll your balls around in my mouth. I’ll tilt my head back, and my nose will brush the underside of your shaft. I’ll push your cock down so that it rests on my face while I suck your balls.

Without warning, I’ll free your nuts from the case my mouth has become and shove your cock in their place. I’ll try to get all of your dick into my hot mouth, shoving the head into my throat until I know I can’t take anymore. I’ll hold it there and swallow, causing it to slip just a bit further. With your cock shoved down my throat, I’ll make slow sideways sweeps with my tongue. At the same time, I’ll reach up and cup your balls in my left hand.

I’ll take your shudders as a sign to get to work. I’ll pull my head back, bahis şirketleri sucking furiously, watching your cock as it slides out of my mouth. Quickly, I’ll begin a series of steady strokes in which I’ll take as much dick into my mouth as possible. I’ll reach up and grab your hands, placing them on the back of my head; an invitation for you to fuck my face. I’ll sloppily suck on your cock, enjoying the fullness that I feel. I’ll reach for my tits and squeeze them firmly as your balls slap against my chin. I’ll love looking up into your eyes as your cock pushes into my throat and glides back out again.

My pussy will glisten and throbb with need. Each time your dick invades my throat, I’ll feel a more intense need in my cunt, until finally I won’t be able to control it. I’ll pull my head off of your cock with a loud popping sound and back away. I’ll hold your pants down as you step out of them, then crawl a few feet into the living room. I’ll look back at you, still standing in the foyer. With my ass in the air, I’ll reach back with both hands and pull my pussy open.

You’ll just stand there, looking at me with my red, wet cunt waiting for you. My voice will startle you: “come fuck me, Jon.”

You’ll walk up behind me and press your body against mine. Your hot skin will only intensify my need, but you’ll make me wait. You’ll put your hands on my back and begin to move my body, but my pussy will be empty and drowning in need.

“GIVE ME YOUR COCK” I’ll demand huskily, and you’ll chuckle. With one hand on my shoulder, you’ll use the other to glide your cock between the wet folds of my cunt. I’ll be short of breath, pushing my ass back to you in a silent sort of begging.

After a few moments of this, you’ll stop and ask in your teasing voice “where do you bahis firmaları want it?”

I’ll already know what you’re asking before you’ve finished and I will interrupt you with a strained “PLEASE FUCK MY PUSSY!”

You’ll slip your beautiful cock head back between my pussy lips, and again you’ll run it along my slit. Then you’ll suddenly shove your dick into my cunt, burying it completely within me. I’ll let out a sort of howl as it shoves into me, but I’ll push back against you as if trying to get more.

You’ll hold me still for a moment, your cock burried deep in my pussy. I’ll love the way you feel inside me, and I’ll be filled with an animalistic need for more. I’ll start wiggling underneath you, pushing back against you. I’ll instinctively reach for my tits and squeeze them, pinch my nipples as my cunt throbs around your cock.

Finally, you’ll start to pull your dick out. I’ll feel an uncontrollable need to have it deep inside me, so I’ll push my ass back against you, trying to get it there again. You’ll playfully chide me and I’ll relent. You’ll keep only the head in my pussy, working it in small strokes. I’ll enjoy it, but soon I’ll be whining and whimpering. You’ll continue to fuck me with your cock head, but ask what I want, as if you don’t know.

“Please slam it all the way in,” I’ll beg.

“Slam what all the way in where,” you’ll tease.

“Please, Jon, shove your cock up my pussy.”

Before I can even finish saying it, your cock will be burried deep inside my cunt. I’ll moan a deep, lustful moan, and you’ll begin slamming your cock in and out of my pussy with breathtaking force. A few strokes later, I’ll be quivering as my first orgasm washes over me. My pussy will tighten around your cock, my body will shake uncontrollably as a wave kaçak bahis siteleri of the most intense pleasure imaginable floods my body.

As you sense that my orgasm is subsiding, you’ll slow the pace of your fucking and ask how it was. I’ll be speechless. You’ll pull your cock out, leaving only the head in, and again working it in slow, short strokes. My breathing will slowly settle into a rhythm only slightly more ragged than normal. I’ll look over my shoulder at you. I’ll start to open my mouth to say something and you will suddenly shove your cock all the way into my pussy again. I’ll scream out in unbridled lust and push my ass back against you.

We’ll push against each other; your cock slamming into my cunt, my cunt gobbling up your cock. The longer this continues, the harder your dick will get. I’ll approach another orgasm, and all I’ll be able to think about is your hot cum all over me. The more I think about you spraying your juice on me, the closer my orgasm will be. As your cock pushes against my womb, I will mutter “I want your cum now.”

You’ll not have heard me, since it will be between grunts of deep pleasure that I say this. I’ll have to say it again, louder this time. “I WANT YOUR CUM NOW!”

“Where do you want it?” you’ll ask.

“All over my pussy and ass,” I’ll tell you.

You’ll keep stroking your cock in my pussy, and I’ll grip it as hard as I can. I’ll love the way the ridges of your dick feel rubbing my insides. I’ll concentrate on wrapping my cunt muscles around your cock, as if I am milking it. You’ll make one final hard shove inside me, which will cause my second orgasm to overtake me. I’ll be moaning in pleasure as you pull your cock out.

The cool air will be a stark contrast to your hot cock. You’ll give your dick a few tugs, and finally your cum will come splashing onto my pussy and ass. The hot sticky juice will feel delicious on my skin. When you’re done squirting your cum onto me, you’ll drop down to the floor beside me.

“Hi,” I’ll say.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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