Overtime Ch. 04

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PT 4: Last Time’s a Charm

Viola Jean walked through her new house. She had just unpacked the last box from the move an hour ago. She strolled into her kitchen and prepared a cup of tea. As she waited for the water to boil she reminisced about what she did a month ago. For a few months after the holiday party Patrick had begun dating Trish on a regular basis and Viola was becoming overwhelmed with her emotions. She knew Patrick was fucking Trish, and it didn’t really bother her at first. It was the way he showed her off as if throwing it in Viola’s face. Trish frequently visited Patrick; her laughter irritated Viola like sand in a bathing suit. She’d sit in his office while he would plan a date with Trish and once off the phone with her, he would then have his dick in Viola’s ass.

When she accidently walked in on Trish on her knees with Patrick’s cock in her mouth, she just couldn’t take it anymore. Her eyes welled up as she exited the office quickly. Trish didn’t see her but Patrick did, he knew how Viola must have felt but he didn’t know what she would do next. Two hours later Viola Jean was in the human resources department requesting to be transferred to the firm’s new office in Texas. Her request had to be signed off on by Patrick since she was his executive assistant; Viola forged his signature. She didn’t want him knowing her plans or making an attempt to stop her. She flew down to Texas that weekend, picked out a house to rent and began the move. She didn’t tell anyone at the office about her last day. It was her responsibility to train a new secretary but she knew if she picked a replacement and started training Patrick would find out what was going on so she told human resources that Patrick would pick out and train a new secretary AFTER Viola transferred.

The move was a shock to her family but they had gotten used to the idea quickly. Micheal was excited as he knew the job market in Texas, for his carpentry abilities, would be financially beneficial. Viola had sent Micheal and her sons down to Texas the same week she secured the rental; they had a month to settle in without her.

The month went by quietly and quickly as Viola barely spoke to Patrick. He preoccupied himself with Trish and made no sexual advance towards Viola anymore. For the whole month she found herself in her empty bed thinking of Patrick and masturbating to orgasm. She’d imagine his hands sliding up her petite frame massaging her breasts, his mouth sucking and kissing her flesh. She’d finger herself faster and faster as she imagined him slowly sliding his cock in and out of her asshole. She could even feel his teeth bite her ear as she came in her hand.

On her last day, a Friday, Trish had visited Patrick and he decided to leave early for the day with her. He managed to wish Viola Jean a good weekend before hurrying out the office with Trish. That evening Viola changed her cell number and hopped on a plane to Dallas.

It had now been a full week since leaving New York and she felt free of Patrick, free of the jealousy that seemed to eat away at her and coming to terms with the guilt she felt from lying to her husband. Her tea pot whistled snapping Viola out of her reminiscing. She made herself a cup tea and relaxed on her new plush navy blue couch; she sunk into relaxation mode.

Ding dong

She wasn’t expecting visitors but figured it was some sort of neighborhood welcome committee. It was hot that Friday and Viola Jean had on short shorts and the bottom of her plump ass peeked out of her shorts. Her ribbed tank top clung to her sweaty skin. She glided to her door relishing every step, thinking about how awesome it was that she finally had her own house even though rented it was still a house 2 floors with a front and back yard. She smiled at the fact she wouldn’t have to watch Patrick court Trish anymore. Viola shook her head, took a deep breath and exhaled Patrick out of her system. She missed him less and less and the fact that she didn’t see him made letting go easier.

Ding dong

Viola opened her door. There he was in a striped Ralph Lauren short sleeve polo, black slacks and Oliver Peoples sunglasses grinning from ear to ear. “Mrs. Ramsden. How are you settling in?”

“Patrick why and how are you here?” Viola was shocked and angry but her heart skipped a beat and body trembled.

“It’s actually pretty funny, I went into work earlier this week to find out my secretary now works in the new Dallas branch. Imagine my surprise when human resources told me that I am the one who signed off on your transfer and I also stated that I would find and train a new secretary. So explain something to me Mrs. Ramsden. How did I agree to all of this when I remember nothing? “

Viola Jean shrugged her shoulders.

“Are you going to invite me into your new home?”

“No.” Viola’s eyes met his; he could see the anger and cold in her eyes.

“The Dallas sun has been good to you.” He said admiring the darkness of her complexion. “It’s very sexy and rich like strong black coffee.” He expected a smile but Viola’s face was pendik escort stern.

“Patrick why are you here?”

Patrick was about to respond when he heard footsteps behind him.

“Uncle Patrick!!” Daniel ran up to Patrick who picked him up instantly. “You came all the way from New York to visit?!”

Patrick nodded and smiled. “Of course I did. I want to make sure my favorite family is all settled down in Texas. Are you a cowboy yet?”

Daniel smiled “Uh huh me and Andrew! Daddy made us cowboys when we first moved here! Right Mommy?”

“Yup. Where’s daddy and Andrew?”

Just then Andrew was running up the porch steps with Micheal following behind.

“Well well Mr. Slater what are you doing here? The New York office can’t live without my wife huh?” Micheal greeted Patrick with a handshake.

Patrick chuckled. “No just my department. How are you? How do you like it here?”

“It’s great down here; always warm, best impulse decision Viola ever made. Come on in, I’ll show you the house.” Micheal lead Patrick into the house. The whole situation seemed unstoppable by Viola so she didn’t say a word when Micheal decided to become a host and invite Patrick into their home.

Patrick was impressed by how nicely decorated the living room was. Viola and Micheal gave the house a modern look; it was kept very neat for them to have children.

“We used a textured paint for the walls.” Micheal said inviting Patrick to touch their freshly painted steel gray walls. It felt like sandpaper.

“Nicely done.” Patrick said smiling at Micheal and then turning to smile at Viola.

She rolled her eyes, sat on her couch, turned on her television, and began drinking her tea. Micheal continued to show Patrick around the house. Viola watched the time intently waiting for Patrick to leave. He had already been there for an hour and according to Viola Jean, he had been there too long 55 minutes ago. Micheal came back into the living room, Patrick was in the kitchen with Daniel and Andrew.

“Patrick is gonna join us for dinner. He said he had some barbecue tips for me that we’re gonna use.” Micheal smiled.

“Micheal don’t you think Patrick would rather be out on the town not hanging around us?” Viola said. Micheal could tell his wife was annoyed.

“Look I know you’re tired and he’s your old boss but he’s a cool guy. Come on, we never really had people over, even when we were in Brooklyn.”

“Besides I can go out on the town another time.” Patrick called from the kitchen letting the couple know he was eavesdropping.

Viola shrugged her shoulders and nodded in agreement with Micheal. What else could she do? Admit that she had slept with her twenty-something year old white boss and became so jealous when he started dating Trish she moved her family across the country?

Eventually everyone relocated to the backyard. The lawn was neatly manicured and that set up a separate area for the boys with a jungle gym and playhouse. Patrick admired the layout that he knew Viola planned. It seemed she made it perfect for her right down to the patio furniture. He sat down in one of the wicker chairs and took in the sight of Viola as she laid out on the chaise lounge. Micheal had come out with a glass of moscato and handed it to his wife; she politely motioned for him to leave the bottle with her. Micheal did so and went back to the kitchen for more bottles.

“I would like to announce something to you two.” Patrick said as Micheal joined them placing the bottle on the table.

“Go ahead we’re all ears.” Micheal smiled.

“Trish and I are getting married.” He smiled ear to ear. He watched Viola’s face. Shock and disbelief quickly flashed across her face as she hid her initial reaction with a phony smile. She raised her glass.

“A toast to you and Trish may y’all be as happy as Micheal and I.” she smiled.

“Congrats man.” Micheal grinned slapping Patrick five.

Patrick smiled back at her as he sipped his glass but he wasn’t amused with the toast and the hidden sarcasm that Viola directed at him. The three continued to drink, Viola ignored the chatter between Patrick and Micheal; she focused on her sons playing as the sun set.

“Boys bedtime.” She called trying to hide her inebriation from the children.

“Goodnight Mom, Dad, and Uncle Patrick!!” they said and unison as they ran into the house heading for their bedrooms.

Viola was on her fourth glass. She was tipsy and annoyed, a bad combination given the situation, as she rose from the lounger and grabbed the unopened bottle of moscato. “I’m heading to the living room.” She slurred as she stumbled into her house. She didn’t open the bottle but sat it on the coffee table as she stretched out on the couch and watched television. The sounds of Michael and Patrick laughing and joking around were like nails on a chalkboard to her. She began to relax as she noticed how late it was getting and knew Patrick would have to go back to his hotel soon. She heard the men enter the house and Michael walked over to her and sat on the coffee escort pendik table.

“I think your boss should spend the night in the basement. He’s way too drunk to drive.”

Viola twisted her mouth. “Call him a cab then.”

“Why are you being so mean? He’s your old boss I thought y’all got along.”

“Yes at work he is a professional acquaintance him being here is making him a personal acquaintance.”

“Well no matter how you feel about him you can’t just let someone you know go into the streets drunk.”

Viola knew Michael was right. Back in New York she hated when people would leave her house drunk. Most of the time she would let visitors sleep the liquor off so that they are well enough the next day.

“Okay.” She smiled faintly. Michael smiled back and kissed her forehead.

“C’mon Patrick you can stay in the cave we made downstairs.”

Patrick followed Michael through the house and down the stairs to the basement. The basement was dark and Patrick didn’t know what to expect and was hoping it would be somewhat finished and he’s be able to sleep there for the night. As he followed Michael his mind drifted to Viola, her chocolate petite frame stretched out on the couch while she relaxed into her inebriated state. When they reached the bottom of the basement stair Michael flipped on a light switch illuminating the whole basement. Patrick was in awe as the basement looked like a second living room. It was nicely lit with bluish gray walls and plush burgundy carpeting.

“The sofa doesn’t pull out but I’ve fallen asleep on it, it’s very comfortable.” Micheal said as he patted the cream colored plush sofa. “There are towels and a mini fridge down here with water and juice so knock yourself out. I soundproofed the basement so you can blast the television as loud as you want and no one will know.”

“Thanks a lot for this Mike.” Patrick smiled. “I would’ve been alright, I’m not that drunk.”

“Hey it’s the least I could do. Sorry about Viola she usually gets the final word with everything but I couldn’t just send you out tired and tipsy. I can imagine she’s probably just as bossy when y’all worked together.”

Patrick nodded, he couldn’t really agree since whenever Viola even seemed bossy or uptight he’d bend her over his desk and straighten her out.

“Well tomorrow bacon and eggs on me. Have a good night and if you need anything get it yourself.” Micheal laughed as he left Patrick in the basement and headed to bed.

Patrick wandered the comfortably furnished basement. Micheal and Viola seemed to own every gaming console invented. He checked out the mini fridge which was packed with juice and water as Micheal said. He had wasted 20 minutes in the basement and felt it was time to pay Viola a visit.

He slowly crept up the stairs. He could see the soft glow of the television illuminating the house. He walked up to the couch to discover her sleeping. She snored softly, deep in her alcohol-induced sleep. He smiled at her. Her tranquil face was almost childlike. He took in the sight of her from head to toe it had been so long since he’s seen her or even shared the same space as her in a while. He had neglected her to build a relationship with Trish. His eyes traveled along her curves, starting with her petite feet and ankles, along the soft curve of her calf to her toned thighs the white glow from the TV looked nice against her dark skin. Patrick admired her tight shorts, how they hugged her body displaying the curve of her hips, the roundness of her ass and a faint outline of the treasure hidden between her legs. His mouth began to water. Her tank top had ridden up a bit exposing her flat stomach. He never really got to see her stomach; Viola was shy about her stretch marks or ‘wear and tear’ as she called it. Patrick didn’t mind, he liked every flaw she had and wanted to kiss every nook and cranny on her body.

Her breasts heaved with every breath she took constrained in the tank top and bra begging to be released. Patrick’s hands trembled as he knelt before her to get closer. His ears were wide open listening for any sounds of movement within the house. He began to breathe slower and deeper he inhaled her scent of alcohol and sweat mixed with the sweet smell of her favorite lemon scented lotion. He moved closer, his eyes on her mouth. Her thick full lips were slightly parted and moist. He missed sucking and biting on her bottom lip whenever she allowed him to kiss her. He let Viola control how often he could kiss her. She enjoyed it but she explained it to him that every kiss he gave her shook her to her core. Patrick didn’t see it as a bad thing but went along with Viola’s request.

He slid his hand up to her face stroking her soft cheek lightly. Viola smiled eyes closed. Patrick placed pecks of kisses all over her face Viola purred with pleasure. He could feel his body temperature rise as he finally moved in and covered her mouth with his. Her mouth tasted like the sweet moscato they had been drinking. Viola’s eyes remained closed but Patrick could feel her kiss him back. Her tongue danced in pendik escort bayan his mouth running along his teeth. Patrick slid his hand behind Viola’s head and pressed his mouth harder against hers. Viola’s eyes shot open and she broke the kiss.

‘What are you doing?!” she whispered angrily.

“Kissing you.” Patrick smiled.

“What the hell is wrong with you? My husband is right upstairs, my children are right upstairs!”

“They are all asleep and I thought we should have a little fun since its been so long.”

Viola shook her head in disbelief. She sat up on the couch and moved over to put space between herself and Patrick. He sat next to her but gave her the space she wanted.

“Why did you leave Viola?”

“I wanted a better position with more responsibilities and a better place for my family.”

“I could’ve had the firm give you whatever you wanted, you know that.”

Viola didn’t respond.

“Was it Trish?”


“Viola Jean this is me, I know it was cause of her just admit it.”

“Okay maybe it was because of Trish but she’s not the main reason.”

“Then what’s the reason?”

“You, I left because you didn’t really need me anymore for anything. You work fine by yourself, you don’t really need my help, and you aren’t stressed anymore because you have your fiancé.”

“So you think since I’m not fucking you that I wouldn’t miss you if you were gone? I thought I was supposed to find someone else, isn’t that what you wanted? We can’t be together so what was I supposed to do?”

“This conversation doesn’t matter, I’m here, staying here, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Patrick nodded and rose from the couch.

“I see.”

“Best thing for us is for you to leave me alone.”

“One more time please? We can go to your basement and have just one more time. I’ll leave in the morning and never bother you again.”

Viola shook her head.

“I’ve missed you Viola regardless of what you think I really missed you. Didn’t you miss me?”

“At first but I got over it, I returned to my life and I’m content. I have a house, a good job, and a family. Is Trish not satisfying your needs?”

“It’s not that. I miss you.”

“You miss fucking me.”

“No. Well yes, but not only fucking. I miss being around you. Like you stated, you’re married I can never have you the way I have Trish but I’d like to have you once in a while just to be close to you.”

Viola Jean rolled her eyes. Patrick kneelt before her and looked into her sad brown eyes and took her small hand into his.

“Come on Viola we can go downstairs. No one will know. Just this once and I’ll leave here before anyone wakes up tomorrow.” He whispered.

A tear from Viola’s eye rolled down her cheek as she shook her head no. Patrick took her face into his hands and kissed her softly on her forehead.

“I understand.” He said as he attempted to smile. He left her on her couch and hung his head in defeat as he headed to her basement. Once downstairs he turned the television on and removed his clothing down to his boxers. He stretched out on the couch wanting to relax and ignore how he was feeling about Viola.

Viola sat there on her couch in the dark. The alcohol was wearing off and she slipped in a state of regret. Patrick’s scent lingered in the air lightly. She smiled to herself as visions of his face begging for one last time flashed in her mind he looked so sweet and adorable especially when sad. She could feel her body temperature rise. It had been a while since they had been together but the situation was so dangerous. The kiss lingered she licked her lips and swallowed she could still taste his saliva. Her thighs ached to wrap around him once more, her pussy begged for an orgasm and her asshole was waiting to be filled by Patrick’s cock the moment he walked into her house.

She got up from the couch and began walking towards the door that led to her basement and hesitated as her hand wrapped around the brass doorknob. Quietly she turned the knob and made her way downstairs. She could hear the sound of the television on but couldn’t tell what was being watched. She tiptoed down the stairs, she figured if she didn’t make noise she had a chance to change her mind and head back upstairs. She could see the back of Patrick’s head but couldn’t tell if he was asleep.

When she reached the bottom of the stairs she cleared her throat. Startled Patrick quickly turned around. The shock disappeared and was replaced with a smile when he saw his ex-secretary standing in front of him. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach as her feet helped her walk towards him. Patrick stood up with open arms ready to embrace her. Viola slowed her pace when she realized he was only in his underwear. It had been a while since she had seen him without a shirt. He had slimmed down, his body had become more muscular since she had last seen him. Viola could see his erection tent the thin fabric of his underwear. Without blinking an eye she was in his arms wrapped in the warmth of him. She buried her face in his neck and inhaled deep. The scent of him filled her lungs she missed his scent her tongue slid past her lips and she licked his cream colored freckled skin. When she picked her head up and his eyes met hers.

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