Painted Goddess Ch. 01

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Mandy was a reporter for the university’s official paper, she didn’t rank high enough to pull off many big assignments but this one landed right in her lap. The head arts reporter was on another story, and her name came up. That was fine with her, any opportunity to get her name on an article with guaranteed interest was a good opportunity, and this one sure had guaranteed interest. The article was about the art of Brock Mitchell, popular body artist.

Mandy was flipping through one of Brock’s flyers on the bus ride over, she began to think about what it would be like to be painted…having intricate designs brushed and drawn on her naked skin by a skilled artist…his hands flowing over her body with care and tenderness…then stepping in front of a camera to show off…she got so lost in the thought she almost missed her stop. Grabbing her bag, she practically floated over to the Multipurpose Building’s elevator and rode up to the studio for the interview.

Brock was sitting on a director’s chair, sharing a long smoke with the paper’s cameraman, Diego. As she approached, Mandy was somewhat surprised to note from the context of their conversation that the artist was openly gay. The artist was regaling the poor guy with some story that sounded like a Bravo TV plot. “So much forthat fantasy” she muttered before introducing herself.

“Oh hi there” lisped the artist “I’m glad to see you made it!”

“Hello, Mr. Mitchell, I see you’ve already met Diego.” She turned to greet the cameraman, but he had slipped on a cell phone earpiece, and was already chatting away with someone else. She could tell he wasn’t going to be much for conversation.

“Anyway, Ms. Fletcher—-“

“Actually, it’s Mandy, Mr. Mitchell” might as well be personable, she thought.

“Oh sure” He went on, without responding in kind “Unfortunately I’ve some bad news. I can do the interview, but my model cancelled so I won’t be able to do any designs for the article”

No way, she thought, no way anyone was going to pay attention to this article without pictures of a hot body covered in paint. Without hesitating, she offered herself up:

“I’ll stand-in for her, it should be fun and your work would get spread to more of the student body with pictures”

“What a super Idea! You should make a great canvas! Let me get my paints ready, you’ll need to strip down a bit.” He smiled “We’ll just do waist-up, which should work just fine and not annoy the censors too much.” The flighty artist scurried over to his materials and began to get set up, so Mandy pulled an MP3 recorder out of her bag and began stripping.

Diego couldn’t resist butting in “Do you think Mike had this in mind when he gave you this one?”

“Oh shut up, Diego. Try being a gentleman and put my bag out of the way” She tossed the tote over to him and turned her back.

“OOF, what’s in this thing?”

“I’m going to the gym downstairs later, for your information, if a couple towels and some spandex are too much for you maybe you should too.”

Diego patting his bulging belly “Hey, this is the best shape I’ve been in since freshman year.”

Rolling her eyes, Mandy retrieved her recorder and strolled over. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted one of the paint containers. Its label caught her attention: “Palace-Brand Body paints, Now Edible for yoursharedpleasure!” DAMN, that was hot. Instantly, her mind flashed back to her earlier fantasy. Only now, her Adonis was sensually licking the masterwork at the end of their sensual experience…

Unfortunately, Brock’s nasal voice snapped her back to reality “Ok, we’re all set up, lets get this train A-Rollin!”

For the next couple hours she conducted her interview while he painted and Diego made himself useful at the camera. It was far less exciting than she hoped, most of the time that she was sweating under the lights she had to stay still while the artist sprayed bursa escort her with painter or used brushes without much regard for sensation; and Brock was a pretty dull, self-absorbed individual when you got right down to it.

Worst of all, she felt like her sexual appeal was being called into question. Here she was, naked from the waist up, with an exotic tribal design being drawn across her breasts, and no one in the room was even aroused. Sure, the queer was a dry well, but that Diego should have been bursting out of his fucking pants. Instead, he was just yammering away on his headset, barely paying attention.

Finally, Brock declared his work “finished” started to pack up. Diego was out the door practically before he finished talking. Brock fished a small plastic water bottle out of his bag and tossed it at her.

“Here you go; this oil’s a removal agent. I use a slightly tenacious paint to prevent my models from sweating it off during a shoot, just use this oil with some water and it will come right off.” And with that he strolled out as well.

“Well, fuck” She breathed “I’m sorry to keep you two from something important.” Feeling angry at them and depressed about her seeming lack sexual appeal, she grabbed her bag and walked over to the elevator. She’d take it down to the new showers in the basement and rinse off before her workout. As she waited, she glanced down at her “canvas”. Toned muscles from regular gym work, long strawberry hair that cascaded down her back, hell her tits weren’t huge but she’d never heard any complaints about being a 32C!

The elevator arrived, and she stepped up to the opening door. But the car wasn’t empty, and she found herself eye-to-eye with a started young man. He backed up to let her in, and that’s when hesaw. Her gleaming green eyes were unchanged, and her strawberry hair still flowed down her back, but other than that she wasart. A gleaming silver base, dark purple and black tribal patterns which cut diagonally across her face and torso, and shading in sensual blues that made it all the more exotic. All this clung to her tight, toned body. His eye bulged and he tried to will his gaze away, but it didn’t work out to well. Smiling, Mandy stepped in next to him.

As the car dropped down, she watched her newfound admirer from the corner of her eyes. This was more like it! He had started sweating slightly, his gaze kept wandering back to her, and he’d turned slightly away from her, probably to hide the erection she’d seen trying to blow out the front of his gym shorts. She licked her lips seductively and smiled without looking at him, as if it was just something she naturally did in an elevator, which drew him to suck in a breath and look away again. She turned slightly, giving him a full profile few of her tight ass, pert, conical tits, and

When the elevator got to his floor, he didn’t move. The door sat open and he made no move toward it. Well it makes sense, she thought, this is one hell of a sight and he wants to stay with it as long as possible. Then, as the door slid closed, a new thought entered her mind and took root. She’d been fantasizing all day about the erotic possibilities of this paint, only to be totally shut down. Worse, the whole experience had made her feel completely unattractive. This guy sure wasn’t ignoring her…..

The door opened on the new basement shower rooms. Stepping out, Mandy cast a demure look over her shoulder. He was of average build, right down to dark brown hair and eyes, but he looked in good enough shape, and judging by the state of his shorts he wasn’t lacking an adequate anatomy. She made her decision and, catching his eye with hers, she smiled seductively.

“Well,” she purred “are you just going to stand there or are you gonna help me take this off?” With that she opened the door to an unoccupied room and stepped in. Without looking back, she pulled out her towels and escort bursa laid them out on the floor. Behind her, the door clicked softly shut and she heard the lock clicked into place. Smiling to herself, she walked over to a shower, pointed the head away from her little arrangement, and turned on the hot water. Steam quickly began to fill the room, covering her skin and paint with a layer of moisture.

A hand lightly touched her waist and she turned, stepping close to her new companion. He was still nervous, but it didn’t stop him from leaning into her and kissing her full on the mouth. Her hands pulled him still closer and his arms wrapped around her waist, his hands probing down to where her jeans still covered her tight buttocks. Neither of them wanted to break their embrace too quickly, but Mandy finally pulled back for air.

“So what’s your name?” Was the second thing she ever said to him.

“Marcus, uh, Mark.” He stammered “People call me Moose” He grinned lopsidedly, embarrassed at his attempt at levity.

She leaned into him again with a quick peck, “Mmmm, really? I’ll hold you to that.” laughing, she walked over to her towels and retrieved the bottle of remover oil. Moose was right behind her, and his hands slipped around her waist, popping the faster on the front of her jeans and reaching a hand in to run his fingers across the panties that covered her love mound. She leaned back and purred sensually, and thus invited he ran his tongue along her shoulder and neck, his other hand working its way across her chest.

Mandy popped the top off the oil and dumped the contents across her chest, arms and stomach. Still leaning back, she began to rub it into the paint, smearing the artwork and adding to the pleasure emanating from Moose’s hands and mouth. His right hand continued to stimulate her breasts, rubbing and squeezing them gently while his left ran across her covered slit. She tilted her head back and they shared another kiss as their hands roamed her body.

After a long moment, he stepped back and lifted his shirt off. He was no ripped Adonis, but Mandy was well past caring about that fantasy. His smoothly muscled frame was more than enough to drive her on. She lay down on the towels and continued to rub the oil and paint across her body, all the while locking her lover in penetrating stare with her emerald green eyes. After pausing to drink in the sight, Moose lay down alongside her and retuned his hands to her body. Running his tongue along one arm, he discovered the edible nature of the oil and paints. Starting from her neck, he ran his tongue along her skin to her left nipple.

Mandy was in paradise as his tongue circled her areole and his lips closed on the upright nipple. She squealed slightly as he lightly big down, sighing as he moved to the next. She arched her back as his hand returned to her panties, and the paint was forgotten as she committed her left hand to stimulating her tits in concert with his tongue, and her right dragged fingernails across his bare back. Their hands and his tongue were driving her wild, and she felt her juices being to flow as she neared her orgasm.

Propped up on his left elbow, Moose ran his right hand across her mound again. As she grew more aroused, he grabbed the band of her thong and slowly dragged it down, finally exposing her pussy to him. His mouth left her nipple and dragged downward across her belly. Anticipating his destination, Mandy parted her legs and thrust her hips upward. His tongue traced down across her light red pubes, playing across her lips and clit while teasing into her slit. But she was readynow, and opening her legs wider she pressed his head against her opening with her hands.

His tongue pushed into her depths as his lips pressed against hers. She was already close and the penetration was enough to drive her over. With a gasp, her vagina convulsed onto his probing tongue. escort bursa Her body gave a long, drawn out shudder as she came on and on, flowing like a torrent. Finally it subsided and she collapsed into a heap.

Moose’s tongue never stopped moving, he pulled it out of her depths and ran it along her lips, then across to the inside of her thighs. Mandy couldn’t believe it. No guy she’d ever fucked had driven her so wild with his tongue, and certainly none had done sotwice without sticking his cock her in face and demanding some action. This guy hadn’t demanded a thing; he’d just lay down and pleasured her…

She grabbed his head and, pulling him up to her, locked his mouth with a long kiss. The taste of her juices mixed with edible paint, oil, and steamy love were merged in their mouths, and their tongues played across each other. She trailed her hands down his body until she reached his shorts; then, breaking the kiss and flashing him a Cheshire grin, she yanked them down and wrapped long finger around his raging hard-on.

“Your turn” she whispered in his ear, as she pushed him onto his back and moved herself between his legs.

His eyes went wide as Mandy wrapped her smiling mouth around Moose’s cock. Pulling his member out slowly, she teased his head with her tongue before plunging it back in again. Her left hand pumped at the base, and her right roamed across his lower body, teasing and tweaking. His eyes rolled back and he allowed himself to be taken wherever she wanted to go.

It didn’t take much of that to bring forth Moose’s own climax. His cum shot into her mouth in long, thick ropes. He looked down to see her cum-spattered face licking his spent cock clean with gusto. She glowed with energy, and as the hot shower’s steam continued to rinse the last remnants of paint from her skin she looked even better than the moment he first saw her standing in front of him.

His erection renewed itself and he found himself reenergized. Mandy saw his cock spring back to life and didn’t waste any time. Her pussy was soaking wet has she stood up and she wanted nothing more that moment than penetration. Straddling him, in one hard thrust she impaled herself straight down on his cock and began grinding into him. His hands fell to her hips as he steadied her on his cock and added his own thrusts to their fucking.

Steam was flooding the room, obscuring the walls and door. But as she bounced vertically on his cock Mandy’s vision of Moose was crystal clear. His face contorted in the exertion of fucking her with amazing passion, his body glistening from steam and sweat, he no longer looked like the average guy she’d stepped into the elevator with. Flooded with desire for another climax, moaning in pleasure every time his cock pushed into her depths, his image flooded her brain, drowning out her fantasy Adonis. He was the only object of her desire.

She began to rub her own body, and as her hands caressed and his cock pumped she reached the edge again. As she tweaked and twisted her own nipples, his member seemed to grow even harder, his trusts more powerful. Her hips bucked, and her pussy tightened around his cock as she shuddered in orgasm. Not far behind, Moose’s cock exploded into her, overflowing her vagina with their combined juices.

After a few heartbeats, Mandy recovered enough to stand up. She walked over to the shower and reset it to a reasonable temperature before stepping into its stream. Looking back, she saw her lover get to his feet and she beckoned him over. Sharing a hot kiss under the shower’s spray, they washed each other off before returning to their clothes.

Mandy floated on clouds as she pulled on her exercise outfit, followed by her jeans. She’d look like any other gym patron walking out the door. She turned back to Moose, the man she didn’t know at all, who was obligingly packing her towels back into her bag. She felt like saying goodbye, or thanks, or any number of other things just couldn’t put to words the experience they’d shared. Instead, she leaned over to him, brought his face around, and planted the most passionate kiss she’d ever given on his lips.

Then she walked away.

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