Peeping Sarah

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So I guess it all started in the shower, as these stories sometimes do. You see I live in a house with my wife, child, and sister in law. That came about because we took over the bills and house when her parents moved out of state last month. In this house the bathroom door does not shut all the way, a little crack is left open though you can’t see anything through it, as there is a wall in the way. So in better description you would open the door to an immediate wall on the right going straight forward six feet until the shower started. Across from the shower is the toilet with a sink beside it, and a closet beside that, that you have to close the bathroom door to get to. There is a long-standing rule in the house that if the bathroom door is ‘closed’ you knock to make sure it is unoccupied. Ha-ha, unless you know who’s in there.

So there I am taking a shower, I was rinsing the shampoo out of my hair when I swore that I heard the door creak open. The door does not open by itself, as it’s quite stiff. My first and natural instinct having lived in this house a while was to call to my wife, there was no response, so I rinsed the shampoo out of my hair and realized the shower curtain was actually open a little on the side closest the door. That meant I was going to have to dry the bathroom floor. I also noticed that the bathroom door was open a bit, just enough so that if someone were standing right I would have given them quite the show. I dismissed it that one of the cats must have been pushing at it. I closed the curtain all the way finished my shower, dried the floor, and went about my day.

Over the next couple of weeks there were similar incidents. Such as one day the shower curtain was ripped of its rungs, the first two rungs closest to the door. Once again there was a creak at the door during my shower. This time I didn’t call out to my wife, I didn’t look either though there was no shampoo in my eyes. I simply pretended not to hear it. I figured that it was most likely my wife checking in on me, or to make sure it was me. She can do that because if it were her sister Sarah in the shower, well they’re sisters so who cares. It could have also been her sister at the door looking at me. Even though her sister is not as good looking or as in shape as my wife it is very arousing to be watched. Well the thought of that just turned me on so much that I was growing a hard on very quickly. My brain went through a series of thoughts so fast that I could barely keep up. I decided to put some shampoo in my hair so I could close my eyes and not look if I hear anything. It also would put some on my hands for some smooth jacking. I started slowly at first, going up and down the length of my shaft. I was sort of fucking my hand, paying good attention to the head. It felt really, really good. I sped up a little, and then I would slow back down and just let my hand glide smoothly over the entire length. I was putting on a nice little show for either my wife who I thought was upstairs in our room, or my sister in law who I thought was sleeping. Then there was the chance it was just the cat. With all of that it didn’t take me any time at all to cum all over the shower wall. I knew I heard some movement and maybe a moan from the hall.

Just about a week later I decided to test a theory and try to prove to myself who it was. I sleep naked so whenever I get ready for bed I will put on just a robe for cover if I need to go downstairs. I also just put one on if I have to go downstairs in the morning. Usually though, no one is awake at either of those times. I decided that I would get ready for bed a little early tonight and spend some time downstairs in my robe. My wife wouldn’t really notice or care. So I came downstairs in just my robe, my wife was playing with the baby. We always try to tire our child out a little before bedtime so she goes to sleep faster. She asked me why I was ready for bed so early, I just told I was feeling tired. My sister in law was watching TV sitting on the love seat across from my wife who was on the couch. So I simply sat beside my wife and started to play with our little girl. During the course of playing with the baby my robe was slowly loosening. I did nothing to keep it from doing so. After our child was put to bed I let my robe get so loose that it was practically undone. I could feel a slight breeze on my now exposed cock and it started to harden immediately. Sure enough out of the corner of my eye I noticed Sarah flicking her eyes between the television and my cock. Every time she looked her gaze held longer. I made sure not to let our eyes meet, if she wanted to look at me I would do nothing to stop her but nothing to encourage. Neither would I let her know that I knew. After she had an unimpeded view for about ten minutes she had to get up and go to her room for the night. I covered myself again and tightened the robe so my wife wouldn’t notice.

I am of the mind that there is a little bit of an exhibitionist in all of us, especially escort kartal men. You don’t even have to see the person looking at you as long as you know that they are. A woman looking at a man naked and frothing at the mouth is enough to make any man hard as rock and ready to cut diamonds. It’s an ego boost for any man. It is the same for any female, or else ‘Girls Gone Wild’ would never exist. So naturally this whole situation was causing me no end of arousal. I made love to my wife a few more times a week. I was wearing my robe downstairs more often and letting it fall open so Sarah could see. My wife thought I was finally adjusting to the ‘new’ house. As far as I could tell Sarah had no idea that I knew she was looking.

I explain all of this to let you know that it was the situation not actually Sarah that was turning me on. Sarah was not exactly the best-looking girl in the world. I mean that she had never tempted me sexually. My wife had her beat in every category. The only real thing that she had going for her were her breasts. They were slightly on the larger size, about a D-cup. She wasn’t too pretty in the face, not ugly either. It was just the exhibitionism that was turning me on, and I wanted to know just how far she would take it. I was curious how bold she would be. So far she had only taken advantage of little cheap sneak peeks. So another test was in order.

My wife had decided that she wanted to spend the weekend with her parents and asked if I minded. She told me that she would drive out Friday morning spend the night and drive back Sunday night. I told her of course I didn’t mind but that there was no way that I could get the weekend off from work. We decided that it would be okay as long as she called me every day. This would be the perfect opportunity to test her sister!

Friday night after my wife had called me to let me know that she and the baby were safely at her mom’s house I put my plan into motion. If there is one thing I know it is that sister’s talk. I doubt that they had talked about this but I could bet that her sister knew I was a sound sleeper, and no snoring. Shortly after the sun went down I made my way upstairs stripped and trimmed my pubic hair. If this night went as planned Sarah would have as long of a look at my manhood as she wanted. I put my robe on and went downstairs. Like clockwork Sarah came out of her room shortly afterward. We talked for a minute about nothing. I noticed her glancing down every now and then; it had become almost habit that my robe belt would slip. It would not slip tonight, if she wanted to see it she would have to do a little work.

Flipping through the TV channels we settled on a movie that was just beginning. I laid down on the couch, while she was sitting on the love seat. At about halfway through the movie I loosened my robe a little, not enough to let it open, and ‘fell asleep’. I listened to the rest of the movie, occasionally peeking my eye open just enough to make sure that she wasn’t sleeping. It was dark, only one light on in the corner, just enough to see. I was starting to think that I had been completely wrong about everything. Then as the credits were rolling I heard the TV volume go almost off. She called my name in just over a whisper a couple times, then again at normal talking volume. Thank god my robe was still closed so she couldn’t see me getting hard in anticipation. Then she left the room for a little bit.

When she came back I peeked one eye open. She had changed into her robe. I heard her come closer. Then I could hear her breath she was so close, she was breathing very rapid quick breaths. The next thing I felt was her hand on my crotch, she ran her hand all the way up and all the way down. Very slowly she untied the belt of my robe, and very slowly she opened it. A little gasp escaped her lips. I know she had seen it numerous times by now, I guess it must have been because she had never been this close. The next thing I felt, because I dare not even peek my eyes open, was her very hot breath on my cock. I almost thought she was going to give me a blowjob; I would have had to have woken up and stopped her at that point because she would never believe I could sleep through that. I didn’t want a relationship with her either. I figured that as long as she thought she was getting away with something that all was well, even if she told my wife someday. It all had to be believable that I never knew.

As it turned out her hot breath moved up my body to my nipples. She did let her tongue slip out and lick a little on my nipples. My little tiny man nipples got very hard at that, I thought that was okay. Again her hot breath made its way up to my lips, where it lingered for a few moments before moving over to my ear.

“Are you really asleep?” She whispered softly in my ear.

I stayed stock-still.

She whispered again in my ear, this time “You have such a beautiful dick, I want it in me someday.”

Then she got up maltepe escort and I heard her walk the few steps over to the love seat. I heard some movement and then a soft humming noise. When I peeked my eye open I saw her sitting on the love seat with her robe flung all the way open, she had her knees up to her chest with her feet on the cushions, and a 7″ vibrator inside her pussy. Slowly and expertly the slid it in and out of her slit, while her other hand switched between rubbing her clit and squeezing her large breasts. I was captivated; watching her I wanted so badly to join in. I couldn’t though. I had to stay there content to watch while she brought herself to orgasm. From time to time she would open her eyes and openly stare at my cock, whimpering and moaning. Once I thought I could tell that she was close to orgasm she stopped just shy. She stood up and came toward me; she got down and lay on the floor. Again the humming began. Now she was talking, very quiet just a little over a whisper.

“You can fuck me on the floor Tom, I would never tell my sister I promise. God I wish you were awake, I wish you ever flirted with me.” She whispered.

It was very hard for me to ‘stay asleep’ but I had to. Then finally she brought herself to her finish, she must have been imagining me fucking her because as she was shaking.

“Like that Tom. I’m cumming Tom, don’t stop.” She moaned.

After she finished she stood up and adjusted her robe, that’s when she looked at my cock and saw that little drop of precum on the tip. She leaned over and I felt her tongue lick just the very tip to clean it.

“I hope that made you have a dream of fucking me.” She said.

Then off to her room she went.

After I felt enough time passed I got up and went upstairs to my room to jack off… twice. It was one of the most amazing things ever. She masturbated while looking at me and professing her need to fuck me. There’s a certain power in that, at least I think so. Now I didn’t know what to do, I had to think of a way to fuck her. I still had to stick to the ‘me not knowing’. I just couldn’t have my mistress be my sister in law that’s just dangerous, but I now knew that she really wanted to fuck me bad. She just wasn’t bold enough to try to fuck me this night. I actually think if I had woken up she would have freaked out. She probably also wouldn’t really be my mistress even if I approached her. I was just her little fantasy, she really wanted to but most likely wouldn’t.

Saturday evening I told Sarah I was going out with the guys and not to wait up. Actually I went out and bought a bottle of tequila, put it in my trunk and went to see a movie in the theater to kill time. I’m a devious little bastard. After the movie I drove home and took out the bottle, opened it and poured all but a swallow or two onto the ground. When I walked into the house Sarah was on the love seat watching a movie. I stumbled in and took a swallow of my booze, making sure to spill some on my shirt. Sarah jumped up to help me when I almost fell down.

“Oh my god you reek of tequila Tom” she said.

I asked her to help me upstairs and she did. After she helped me upstairs and left I stripped down and into my robe. I then ‘stumbled’ my way back downstairs and took my position on the couch. Only Sarah wasn’t where she was supposed to be, she was nowhere to be seen. I started to lose my nerve fast; this is never going to work. I decided it was best to ‘stumble’ my way back upstairs. I lay down on my bed and started cursing myself in my head. Why did I think that was going to work? No way would that work I thought. I shouldn’t be trying that anyway, what was I thinking?

About that time is when I heard the distinct creaking of the stairs. I quickly lay down to pretend a semi passed out state. When I heard the door I opened my eyes halfway to look to it, my nightstand light was on so I could see Sarah come in. There she was with her big pink robe on with the two oversized hand pockets in front. I had a thought and changed my mind again.

“Hey baby” I said lazily as I lolled my head to the side.

“What are you doing home so early?” I said.

Sarah caught on very quickly and started walking to the opposite side of the bed from me.

“Oh baby I just came home to check on you. Sarah said you came home drunk.” She said.

“Oh honey, I’m sooo drunk I can barely see straight.” I slurred.

This was her opportunity to fuck me and she knew it. She was messing with something on my dressing and I heard a little click noise. When I turned my head to look Sarah was coming toward me with a big smile on her face. She untied my robe and took it off saying I couldn’t sleep in that. Then she took her robe off and got into bed with me. She laid beside me and put her hand on my cock, which was of course raging hard.

“Oh my.” she said.

“You’re a little horny aren’t you?” She asked.

When I said yes, she lowered herself pendik escort bayan between my legs. In one movement swallowed my cock whole. Balls deep she took it all. Up and down on my cock she went, using her tongue the whole way. I thought if she kept it up much longer I couldn’t last.

My wife Mary could not deep throat, and didn’t even like to give blowjobs.

Sarah could tell that I was about to cum and stopped, she raised herself up until her pussy was directly over my cock. She spread her pussy lips apart and lowered herself. She placed my shaft perfectly between her lips then put one hand on each of my hips and started to glide herself back and forth along my cock. She made sure to lube every inch of it. I looked up to her face and she had on a very sexy ‘I’m about to fuck you’ grin. I smiled; this was what she wanted for a month. I could give it to her and play it off; I’m drunk I don’t know what I’m doing’.

Once my entire cock was lubed up with all of her juices she raised herself up. She reached her hand down and lined up my head with her pussy and very quickly dropped herself down. Now it was her hot tight pussy that was swallowing my cock whole. I was about to say something encouraging when she shoved one of her breasts in my mouth.

“Suck my tits hard Tom!” She demanded.

So I did, I sucked her tits harder than I had ever my wife’s. Switching from one to the other I sucked hard and long. I tongued her nipples, nibbling and biting them. She moved her pussy up and down on my cock as I sucked.

“Oh god Tom I love it.” She said.

I loved the feel of her foreign pussy on my cock like a vice grip, a velvet vice grip. She changed her motion; instead of her body moving back and forth just her hips were moving up and down. I had no idea Sarah could fuck like this.

“I’m fucking you. Oh Tom I’m really fucking you!” She said, slipping out of character.

“Of course I am MARY and I love it, I love your pussy.” I said, trying to put her back in character.

She slowed down a little and looked down at me with a slightly angry look on her face. She got over it quickly and picked up speed again. She really did have a tighter pussy than my wife. Suddenly she jumped off of me and took up a position on all fours with her knees spread far apart and her ass high in the air.

“Fuck me doggy style Tom.” She begged.

“Okay baby you know I love doggy style” I said.

I got up and took up my position behind her. Carefully I lined myself up and pushed inside of her warm pussy.

“No baby, in my ass. Please put it in my ass.” She pleaded.

Wow she liked it in the ass, great but I had to stay in character I was supposed to think this was Mary.

“I thought you didn’t like it in your ass Mary?” I said while slowly pumping.

“God damn it just put it in my ass and fuck me as hard as you can!” she snapped.

I had the feeling she was getting annoyed at being called Mary but that’s the way it had to be. I had to play this as if my wife just said it, and I would do as she wanted.

With my cock all lubed up from her overflowing pussy I pulled it out and put it right between her cheeks. I leaned forward until my chest was flush on her back. Slowly I rocked my hips running the full underside of my cock along her asshole, up and down and through her crack. With my left hand I reached around and massaged her left breast and played with her nipple. With my right hand I reached around her hips and started to massage her clit. I noticed her pussy was actually dripping and I hadn’t cum yet.

“Have you already came baby?” I asked.

“Yes Tom but only a small one, I want more, please give me more.” She begged.

Slowly I used my left hand to reach down and line my head up to her asshole.

“Here it comes baby.” I said, as I pushed hard and fast deep inside her asshole in one push.

My god! I thought that her pussy was tight! It was nothing compared to her ass. I continued to massage her clit while I slowly retreated my cock, when only the head was buried in her ass I slammed it back into her.

“Faster Tom faster” she said.

So I sped up my tempo, and she quickly began rocking back and forth to meet my thrusts and make my deep impact even harder. I still played with her clit in my fingers. My balls clapping on her ass got louder and louder, and then her moans got louder and louder until they became screams.

“Oh my god Tom, fuck me, don’t ever stop!” She began to shriek.

I was very glad no one was in the house; I could never fuck her with my wife home. She was way too loud and I loved it. She was shrieking and moaning for me.

Suddenly her whole body began to shake, more than any woman I have been with.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck” She screamed, at the top of her lungs.

“FUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK” She screamed again.

Instantly my fingers were soaked from the juices literally pumping out of her now quivering pussy. I took my hand away and she slammed herself down flat on the bed and closed her legs. My cock now almost strangled by the immense tightness and the convulsive puckering of her asshole.

“Don’t stop baby, keep going, cum inside my asshole.” She gasped.

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