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Curt and Angeline walked into the gym of her old high school. It was her 20th reunion. Curt was walking ahead of her as always. He didn’t take the time to hold her hand or even walk with her. Curt, a good foot taller than her, had a line backer physique with dark hair and expressive green eyes. Angeline, a petite brunette, had a voluptuous figure with medium dark hair and big blue eyes.

Angeline saw a table of her old friends. She tapped Curt on the shoulder and pointed to the table. They walked over to the table. Rich and his wife, Scott and his wife, Carol and her husband, Priscilla and her husband, and Renee with her date Stacy were there. Angeline’s eyes grew wide when she saw Stacy. Renee came up to her and hugged her. Angeline introduced her old friends to her husband Curt. Stacy walked up to her and kissed her cheek, “Hello, Angeline, how are you?”

“I’m well, thank you,” she said nervously.

They all sat for awhile and talked about old times. The music started and couples went to dance. Curt and Angeline sat at the table. Angeline knew he wouldn’t bother to ask her dance. He rarely touched her anymore. To her surprise, on the next song, Stacy walked over to them. He asked, “May I dance with your wife?”

Curt gave him a queer look but nodded his head. Stacy took Angeline’s hand and led her to the dance floor. He looked deep into her blue eyes and said, “Hi, sweet heart, it has been a long time. I didn’t know you married.”

Angeline laced one hand around his neck and held his hand with the other. Stacy laced his hand down low on her back, nearly touching her finely shaped ass. He asked, “Are you happy? You don’t look so happy?” He ran his hand up her back and smiled down at her. “I don’t want to lose touch with you again.”

Curt watched them dance together and for the first time in a long while, he was jealous. He didn’t like the way that man was looking at his wife. Curt saw lust and desire in Stacy’s expression. Curt didn’t like the way he was touching her. Why hadn’t he noticed how incredible she looked? She had lost so much weight recently and that dress outlined her figure, a figure better than the first time he had saw her. His fingers actually ached to touch her. Why hadn’t he touched her in awhile? He never thought she would leave him for another man but the way that man looked her and the way she looked at him made Curt realize he could lose her. He would have to remedy that situation.

She was so nervous that she didn’t know what to say. Stacy had been her first love and she always missed him. She knew he had married but she guessed he had divorced. Angeline had recently thought about divorce because her husband had lost interest in her lately. She looked over at the table and to her surprise her eyes met Curt’s. His green eyes looked stormy and dark. She looked away surprised and the music ended. Stacy kissed her cheek again and said, “I want to dance with you again if you would like.”

When they reached the table, Curt took her hand and walked her out to the dance floor. He laced his arms around her waist and she put her arms around his neck. He looked into her eyes and then to her surprise kissed her hard on the lips, as her lips parted in shock, he slipped his tongue into her mouth. His hand moved down to her ass as he pulled her closer and kissed her deeper. She responded to him. He kissed her neck and whispered, “You look amazing, wife.”

Angeline bahis siteleri was completely taken by surprise as he looked into her eyes. He said, “I saw the way he looked at you. I didn’t like it. You’re my wife. Was he the one you almost married when you were 17?”

“Yes,” she whispered and he kissed her again. His kiss was ravishing like he kissed when he was really horny. She was surprised again. He hadn’t kissed her like that in a very long time and he never kissed her in public except for their wedding. Breathlessly he said, “I should have noticed how incredible you look tonight. I am going to take you to the hotel tonight and show you how much you mean to me. I want you, Angeline. I love you.”

She looked up into his sparkling green eyes and whispered, “I love you, Curt. I always have.”

He pulled her closer and she could feel his erection against her belly. He whispered, “I want to get out of here and take advantage of you.” He kissed her neck and bit softly. Her mouth fell open and she moaned softly. “Are you getting wet?” he whispered against her ear.

“Yes,” she whispered against his ear.

“I want to take you out of that dress and slip you down to your knees. It has been to long since we played together,” he whispered against her ear and then bit her earlobe softly.

The music ended and Curt escorted her back to the table. Angeline knew her cheeks were crimson as she sat down at the table. To her surprise, Curt put his arm around her shoulders and smiled wickedly at her. He winked seductively at her and said in front of everyone, “I look forward to getting you alone at that hotel tonight.”

Angeline blinked and the blushed. He laughed and kissed her softly on the lips. “Did I embarrass you, Angeline? We are married.”

Renee laughed and said, “It’s good to see a married couple who are so into each other. How long have you two been married?”

“Almost 12 years,” Curt said. “We have been together almost 14 years.”

They sat and chit chatted at the table. Angeline got up to go to the bathroom. When she went to the bathroom, Stacy caught up with her. Angeline smiled at him and he handed her a sheet of paper with his phone number, email and cell phone number. He asked, “Can I have your information? I don’t want to lose touch with you again. I know you’re married but we could still be good friends.”

Angeline gave her information to him and they walked back into the gym together. He was telling her about some date they had together and he had her laughing. His hand was on the small of her back when they walked into the gym. Curt watched them walk into the gym and his expression turned dark and stormy. When they reached the table, he glared at Stacy.

Stacy took Angeline’s hand and said, “Come dance with me.”

Curt said, “I don’t think so. She’s coming with me to the hotel.”

Curt got up and took his wife’s hand. He said, “It was nice to meet all of you but we have an early trip home in the morning and I want to get my wife to that hotel.” He looked at her and winked. She blushed and said, “It was great to see all of you.”

He took her hand and they walked out of the gym together. They walked out to the parking lot towards their rental car. He opened the door for her and she got inside. He slipped into the driver’s side. When he got inside, he said, “I really don’t like that guy. Did he give you his phone number or someway to get canlı bahis siteleri in touch with him?”

“He said he wanted to be my friend. He gave me his phone number and email.”

“Rip it up. I don’t like the way he looks at you and he has more on his mind than being your friend. Do you understand me, wife?” His eyes grew dark and she nodded her head.

He touched her face and laced his hand behind her neck. He pulled her in for a slow erotic kiss. He whispered against her ear, “Take off your panties and hike up that dress for me.”

Angeline blushed and smiled wickedly at him. She pulled up her dress so that she exposed her lacy white panties. She eased her down her panties, exposing a dark triangle of hair. His hands, hands she loved, touched her naked thigh. He slowly caressed upward, sending pleasure through Angeline. His fingers contacted her nether lips and slowly caressed one then the other. His thumb went to her clit and he messaged it. He pinched it between his fingers and she arched her back toward him. She held onto the bottom of the seat and closed her eyes as she moaned softly. He plunged two fingers into her wetness and started to thrust in and out as he pulled the car out of the parking lot. As thrust his fingers harder and faster, he messaged her clit harder. Her body started to stiffen and she moaned out loud.

“Cum for me, sweetness,” he whispered huskily. He looked over at her and his eyes were sparkling wickedly.

She moaned and thrust her hips against his hand. Her whole body stiffened and she bit down on her lip as she moaned. Spasm after spasm hit her as she yelled, “I’m cummming.”

He squeezed her thigh and smiled at her. He pulled into the hotel parking lot and she pulled her dress down over bottom. She reached for her panties and he said, “No, don’t put those back on. You won’t be needing them.”

He opened her car door and offered her his hand. She slipped her hand into his and they walked holding hands to the elevator. Alone in the elevator, he pushed her against the back wall and kissed her hard on the lips, pressing his hips against hers. He kissed her neck and reached up and squeezed her breast. She wrapped her leg around his and he whispered against her ear, “I’m going to enjoy you, sweetness. It has been too long since I last touched you.”

The elevator door opened and he took her hand and walked her to the room. He closed the door and turned toward her. “Take off that dress,” he said and smiled wickedly at her.

She slipped off her dress, exposing her bra and no panties. She reached behind her and unbuckled her bra. She slipped it off and he stepped up to her. He cupped her face and said, “You look so beautiful. I should look at you all the time.” He reached up and tweaked her nipple, pulling and rolling it around. She moaned and he pushed her down on the bed. He took off his shirt and jeans. He climbed up the bed and put his head between her thighs. He licked her nether lips, one then the other. She shuddered and arched her back. He found her clit and licked it, slowly at first and then faster. He slowly sucked it and then gently bit down. He looked up at her and she arched her body upward. She started to moan and stiffen. He thrust two fingers deep inside her and felt how wet she was getting. “Please, Curt,” she begged.

“What do you want, sweet heart?”

“Fuck me please,” she moaned.

He smiled wickedly. He canlı bahis had almost forgotten how his sweet little wife got very passionate and naughty when she was horny. He slid up her body and kissed her hard on the lips, slipping his tongue into her warm mouth. She wrapped her legs around his and he pushed his cock up against her nether lips, slowly running it up and down, getting wet. He pushed himself inside her and she moaned.

“Yes, oh yes,” she hissed as he started to thrust deep and hard inside of her.

She locked her arms around his neck and arched her hips up to meet every thrust. She was moaning and trembling beneath him. He kissed her ear and whispered, “Cum for me, baby.”

She closed her eyes as her body stiffened. Spasm after spasm hit deep within her pussy and she yelled out his name. She kissed him passionately and he held her tight.

“That’s it, baby,” he whispered against her lips.

She started to come down from her orgasm and he thrust harder and deeper into her. His whole body went stiff and he grunted, spilling his seed deep within her. Sweaty he pressed his forehead to hers and whispered, “I love you, Angeline.”

“I love you,” she whispered as tears slipped down her face.

He touched her face and asked, “What’s wrong, baby?”

“I’ve forgotten how incredible it is to be with you. I’ve missed you so much.”

He rolled onto his back and pulled her by the waist. He kissed her forehead and she laid her head on his chest. He ran his fingers through her hair and she looked up at him. He smiled down at her and said, “I want something.”

“What do you want?” she asked smiling up at him.

“I want your sweet mouth on my cock.”

Angeline blushed and whispered, “Anytime, husband.”

She slipped down between his legs. She picked up his cock and it started to grow in her hands as she stroked it. He moaned and laid back on the pillows. She licked the head of it and slowly sucked it into her mouth. She twirled her tongue around the head and down the shaft and he moaned louder. She thrust his cock up and down. He laced his fingers into her hair as she got faster. He whispered, “Come kiss me, baby.”

She slid up his body and he kissed her hard on the lips. He whispered against her ear, “Get up on your knees for me.”

She got on her knees and he climbed up behind her. He kissed the small of her back as he eased his cock inside of her. She sucked in a deep breath as he pushed hard into her. He reached around her tiny waist and found her clit. He rubbed it and she moaned. He thrust harder and faster into her. He kissed and bit on her neck. He pulled and tweaked her nipples with his other hand and continued to rub her clit with the other. She started to stiffen and then spasm after spasm hit deep within her and she yelled, “Curt, oh God, I’m cumming so hard.”

“Cum for me baby. Let go, please let go,” he whispered in her ear.

Her pussy clamped down on his cock and he moaned. He felt that powerful urge to come deep inside of her. He thrust hard again and spilled his seed deep within her. He fell down on the bed with her. He pulled her into his embrace and she hugged him tightly. “That was incredible,” she said and looked up into his sleepy eyes.

“I have been foolish not loving you more often. I saw Stacy look at you tonight and I realized I should protect what’s mine.”

“I am always yours,” she whispered and he yawned.

She went to roll away and he caught her. He said, “I want to hold you tonight.”

He never held her at night and she just nodded her head. She lied her head back down and they slowly faded into sleep. She felt so loved.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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