Revelation 09 – Friday (Ken)

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Previous chapters in order of publication:

Revelation: 1 – Thursday

Revelation: 2 – Friday

Revelation: 3 – Saturday

Revelation: 4 – Sunday

Revelation: 5 – Monday

Revelation: 6 – Tuesday

Revelation: 7 – Wednesday

Revelation: 8 – Thursday

Revelation: 9 – Friday (Ken & Karen)

Revelation: 9 – Friday (Karen)


Preface: There was so much activity this day that it was necessary to use 4 chapters to describe all that happened. If you haven’t already done so please read Revelation: 9 – Friday (Ken & Karen) FIRST!

This and the other remaining chapters; Revelation: 9 – Friday (Karen), and Revelation: 9 – Friday (Jill) may be read in any order you choose.


Revelation: 9 – Friday (Ken)

After leaving Karen to have her day of fun at Carter’s beach I swung back up onto the highway and on the way home called the limo service in Malorsville and made arrangements to have Karen picked up at the main office that evening.

The next call I made was to Helen and Frank. “Hi, Helen, it’s Ken. Fine and you? Frank? Great. Listen; are you going to be home this afternoon? Well do you mind if I stop by in, say, an hour, hour and a half? I have something I want to discuss with you. Okay, great. See you then.”

A little over an hour later I was sitting at Helen’s kitchen table sipping a Sam Adams and making small talk with her. It had been several weeks since we had seen or talked with either Helen or Frank and so we were just comparing notes on the happenings in the neighborhood.

Suddenly, a door slammed and a bundle of energy popped into the kitchen. “Hey, Mr. Ken, how’s it going?”

“Great, Renae. What’s new with you?

“Same old thing. Not much. Say, Mom, can I go over Kacey’s? They’re having a BBQ cookout tonight and invited me over.”

“Sure, be home by 10:00 and behave yourself!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. Cool. See you later. Bye Mr. Ken, say hello to Miss Karen for me.”

The door slammed and I shook my head, laughed and said, “Damn, Helen she’s getting big!”

Helen snorted, “Tell me about it. She’ll be 12 next week and yesterday she asked me if she can go on a date. 12 wanting to go on a date! Damn, when I was 12 I didn’t have the faintest idea of what a date was! Frank is about ready to go out of his mind. And, did you see what she was wearing? That girl is going to be more of a problem than Sarah ever was at this age. A couple of days ago I found a Playgirl magazine in her room!”

I thought to himself that the way Renae is developing she will be a handful for some fortunate boy or boys very shortly. She could pass for a 16 year old with ease.

“Speaking of Sarah, that’s why I wanted to talk with you.”

I told her we were planning on renting our house since we were going to be moving in with Karen’s mother because we had new work commitments that made it more practical to be living there. I told her that Karen and I didn’t want to sell the house so we intended to rent it instead. And, the only person that we trusted well enough to rent the house to was Sarah.

Helen was somewhat taken back by the offer. For a minute or two she just sat back in her chair looking at me with disbelief in her eyes. Then, her first objection was that Sarah could never afford the rental on our house. I put that objection to rest by telling her that we were more concerned with the trustfulness of the renter than the amount of rental we got. We were not really concerned about the money but thought of Sarah because we had faith in her and thought she might like to be able to have her own place while still being close to home.

Helen smiled and nodded her head. “I have to admit that she has been bugging her father and me about getting her own place. I can remember how badly I wanted to move out as soon as I was 18.” She took a sip of her beer and continued, “Admittedly this would be a good solution. I know that Frank isn’t all that crazy about the idea of his little girl moving out but with her close by it might be easier for him to accept.”

She thought for a minute and, with a very warm smile said, “Ken, this is a very gracious offer and I say yes and thank you. I know that Sarah will jump at the chance and I think I can convince Frank.”

We spent the next hour working out the details and agreeing on a rental fee that would be a bit of a stretch for Sarah but wouldn’t appear to be charity either. Besides, I thought that Sarah might be able to get a roommate to help her with the rental and my money would be on Ann. I told Helen that I wanted to be the one to tell her and Helen agreed.

As we were talking Helen asked if I minded moving from the kitchen into the den. She needed to use the heating pad built into her recliner.

“No, of course not. What’s the matter?”

“Well, about a week ago I slipped on the patio and fell on my butt. At first I thought I had a pulled muscle or something but the pain pendik escort got worse and even spread to my leg. Now it appears that I have a herniated disc in my lower back. The doctor says it doesn’t appear to be too bad and I’m being treated with muscle relaxants and pain pills and if necessary he can give me cortisone shots but for the present he wants to wait. Anyway, I’m beginning to feel some pain and I can’t take any more medication for a while so I use the heating pad to help relieve some of the pain. Most time everything is fine but every now and then it just reminds me that I’m getting older,” and she laughed.

She got up and we walked into the den. While she was climbing into the recliner she continued, “I’m going to a chiropractor regularly and he helps but sometimes he seems to be to….aggressive, I guess is the right word and I have to be careful that he doesn’t aggravate the problem. I’ve also started doing some light yoga and the gentle stretching helps. A side benefit of the yoga is that I’ve actually lost a few pounds and eventually I may be able to get back my girlish figure.”

After helping Helen get seated in a semi-reclining position on her recliner and the heating pad turned on she seemed more at ease.

“I hear a lot of good things about yoga. What does your doctor say?”

“He was the one who recommended it. I have a video I use and I go to the Y a couple of times a week and it really seems to help my back besides helping me get rid of those unwanted pounds.” She chuckled, “You know it’s funny but my old leotards seem to have shrunk over the years!”

I would like to see her in those leotards!

“Well, if I were you I wouldn’t worry about my figure! You look fine,” and I thought to myself that she did look pretty good. “You look great!”

“As my old Irish mother would say, “Ah, now, enough of your blarney.”

“No, no blarney. I mean it. You look do look good! Just look around this neighborhood and ask yourself how many women you see look as good as you.”

She raised her beer bottle to me, “Thanks.”

“Have you thought about trying massage?”

She laughed. “Massage? No! I just can’t see myself sneaking into some of those massage parlors on the south side and besides, I doubt that their talents exactly fit my requirements, if you know what I mean.”

I laughed in return. “You never know. No, seriously, a good massage can often do wonders to help relieve pain and relax muscles.”

“Really, massage? Frankly I never thought about that. You really think that it would help?”

“I think so. I’ll wager that a some of the pain you feel is from the surrounding tissue and muscles, not directly from the herniated disc and that’s why the doctor gave you muscle relaxants. Massage can relax those muscles and help to sooth the tissue as well. You should notice a marked decrease in the pain you feel, at least temporarily.”

“Interesting but how do you know so much about massage? Are you one of those guys I see sneaking into those south side massage parlors?” She raised one eyebrow?

“Yup, you got me, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on my lunch hour. I’m a licensed masseur both board and state certified. I’ve had quite a few clients that have had back problems and, in most cases, massage has helped them. If you want I might be able to take away some of the pain you feel in your back.”

“Oh, that’s right, I do remember something that Sarah said about either you or Karen giving massages. She told me that she had seen your equipment in the house. How did you ever become a masseur?

I gave her a very abbreviated version of my ‘I took some courses in college’ story and an abbreviated and very censored version of my massage experiences since then.

Helen was thinking about the idea of a massage and she found that she was suddenly quite interested and, surprisingly, even a little stimulated by the idea.

“Ken, I don’t want to appear ungrateful for your offer but I don’t know, I’ll think about it.”

She took a sip of her beer and sat quietly thinking for a minute or two and then said, “On the other hand, I’ve never had a massage and it might be interesting. Maybe I will take you up on that.”

At this point I found that I really wanted to e give her a massage and not only because I thought I could help her. Looking at her I realized that I would like to see her naked! On the other hand since we had been neighbors for quite some time and she and her husband were friends of Karen and me I didn’t want to pee in the pool, so to speak. So, I put massage out of my mind and we talked for a while longer with nothing more being said about massage. Looking at the clock I saw that I had already been there for over two hours and decided that perhaps it was time to leave.

“Oh, already? I’m sorry you have to go; I’ve really enjoyed talking with you! Why don’t we all plan on getting together and going out for dinner? ” She started to get up and stopped. ” For some reason this heating pad doesn’t seem to be doing the job today.”

“Lie escort pendik back down, don’t get up. Is there anything I can get you?”

“On the shelf in the kitchen you will find my muscle relaxant, would you bring me one and a glass of water?”

“You better not take either the muscle relaxant or pain killers on top of the beer. Alcohol and drugs like those are not good together. How about another beer instead? It isn’t exactly recommended medically but alcohol is a depressant and it will help to make you drowsy and the pain may lessen.”

She nodded and I got up and got her another beer.

“What else can I get for you before I go?”

“Maybe a massage,” and she laughed.

“Might help. Seriously, would you like me to see if I could relax the muscles and take away some of the pain and stiffness?”

“Do you really think it would help?”

“It should. Do you know what disc is herniated? Did the doctor mention a region?

“I think he mentioned something about L4.”

I nodded, “Figures, many disc problems occur in the lumbar region, particularly the L4 and L5. Okay, yes, I think I may be able to help you.”

Helen thought, “Why not, what have I got to loose? Besides, it might be fun!”

“What do I have to do?”

“Can you move over here on the couch and lay on your stomach?”

“I think so.”

I helped her sit up and move over to the couch.

“Put this pillow under your stomach before you lie down, you don’t want your back to bow downward, that might aggravate your pain, it’s better if it bows upward.”

Slowly she was able to lie face down on the couch with the pillow under her.

“Now, I’m going to massage around but not directly on the area that is bothering you. Let me know if you feel any discomfort at any time.”

Helen had on a tube top and shorts. I was able to reach most of the area I wanted to massage but I could not reach all of it.

“Helen, to do this right I will need to be able to reach slightly below the small of your back and your shorts are a problem. Would you be scandalized if I asked to open the snap on your shorts and slide them down just enough that I can reach to just above your buttocks?”

“Oh, ho, now the truth comes out. You’re an ass man and you are taking advantage of a frail, sick old lady to get your kicks. Kenny, Kenny, Kenny, whatever are we going to do with you? Okay, let me see if I can reach it.”

Helen rolled over enough to unsnap her shorts and pull down the zipper but when she tried to tug them down she couldn’t.

“Well, guess I’m just going to have to trust you to pull my shorts down. She chuckled, “Didn’t think I would ever be saying that to a man!”

I chuckled in response and taking my time so as not to cause her any discomfort pulled her shorts down until I could just see the top of her ass crack. It was interesting to note that she wasn’t wearing panties.

I didn’t have any massage creame so for the next few minutes I used various techniques to try and relax the area surrounding L4. I massaged with just enough force to work the muscle and tissue but not put any undue stress on the disc.

After about 15 minutes I asked her how she felt.

“Oh, that feels wonderful. You have such soft and gentle hands! I think the pain is gone,” and she started to rise up. I put my hand on her back and stopped her.

“Just lie there for a few more minutes. Actually, all I did was to relax some of the muscles surrounding the disc, I did nothing at all to correct the problem with the disc and the pain may come back if you put strain on your back. Besides, that was not really massage therapy more like a friendly back rub,” and I laughed.

Helen realized that she really did enjoy the ‘backrub’ as Ken put it and she also realized that she liked having his hands on her back, almost on her ass. She was feeling a bit excited. She wondered what getting a massage from him would feel like. She decided to go for it.

“So, you think that a massage would make me feel even better than I do now?”

“Oh sure. But a full massage takes time, anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half and involves massaging the whole body, not just the problem area.”

“The whole body?”

“Yeah, look at this way, you are a complete physical and psychological system. Massage works on that system by both stimulating and relaxing your soft tissues, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. A single massage can make you feel very good but regular massages will not only improve your muscle tone, including even the deeper layers of muscles but will stimulate blood circulation and may possibly even benefit the organs themselves. Now, on the psychological level massage gives you a sense of well-being and relaxation. So, to obtain the most benefit from the massage the whole body should be massaged.

While Ken was explaining Helen was aware that she was getting somewhat excited at the thought of Ken running his hands over her ‘whole body’!

“Well, maybe. Maybe if I get a massage it should be a full massage.”

“Anytime pendik escort bayan you want, consider me your personal masseur.”

We sat there for a few minutes in silence. Helen moved around a bit and then indicated she wanted to sit up. After I helped her up she sat there and looked at me.

Helen made up her mind!

“I think I would like to have a massage. Do you have time now?”

Great! Do I have time? I would make time!

“Sure, I don’t have anything pressing.”

“Well, Frank won’t be home until late tonight, Sarah is not getting off until 8 and Renea is over Kacey’s. I don’t have to get dinner for anybody and I have plenty of time. Are you sure you don’t mind?”

“Not at all, glad I can do something to help you.”

“Okay, what do I need to do?”

“Nothing. I’m going to run down to the house and get my massage table and massage cream. In the meantime, it might be better if you lie back down in your recliner and put the heating pad back on. It will help keep you relaxed. Remember, the disc may be pinching one of the nerves and massage can’t help that unless the surrounding muscles are contributing to the pain. But the heat can. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

I helped Helen back into the recliner and left. 15 minutes later I let myself in through the patio door calling out as I opened the door to let Helen know it was me. I set the table down in the kitchen and walked back into the den.

“Feel any better?”

“A little. Where do you want to set up your table?

“How about right in here?

“Okay, what do I need to do?”

“I’ll need to be able to massage directly on your skin. A massage over clothing just doesn’t work. Will this embarrass you?”

“Maybe a little but I’ll get over it. Are you telling me that I have to be completely naked?” Helen was surprised to find that this didn’t bother her, as a matter of fact, it excited her to think about it.

“Not if it would make you embarrassed or uncomfortable. Typically the client is naked but covered by a large towel, which is moved aside as the masseur reaches an area that will be massaged.

Helen was hoping he would say that.

“So, I can’t wear the clothes I have on now?”

“Not if you want the most benefit from the massage.”

There was a long pause as Helen considered what she wanted to do. “Well, considering that I’m not wearing any underwear I guess I don’t have much choice, do I?”

I laughed, “I guess not.”

She hesitated and I spoke up, “It would be a good idea if you went to the bathroom before we started. You can get undressed there and then wrap a towel around yourself. The one’s I have are quite large.”

Helen thought for a moment and made the decision. “Okay, let’s do it.”

I nodded and went into the kitchen; carried in the table, massage creame and the towels. Then I helped Helen out of her recliner and handed her one of the towels. While she was gone I set everything up and waited.

Helen came back into the room with the towel wrapped around her and blushing a little. Smiling reassuringly I acted as if I hadn’t noticed and tried to be thoroughly professional. We managed to get her up on the table lying on her stomach with only a few brief glimpses of her nakedness. I draped the towel over her buttocks but left her back exposed.

“God Ken, I’m as embarrassed as s virgin on her wedding night. I’m exposing myself to a man other than my husband for the first time in many years. God will he be scandalized if he finds out!”

For the first time in ‘many years’?

“I promise to only look at you with one eye, that way it will only be half as bad as you are worried about and we just won’t tell Frank you were naked for the massage!

This brought a nervous laugh from Helen. I walked over to the side of the table and put my hand on her back between her shoulder blades, she jumped a little and shivered. I leaned down a bit and softly asked, “Are you okay? Having any pain right now?”

“I’m fine, nervous but fine. My back hurts a little but not too much.”

“Okay, here is what I’m going to do.” I explained that I would start by massaging her head and slowly make my way down her neck and onto her shoulders and then her back. But I would stop short of the lumbar region and move down to her feet and work my way back up her legs. I explained that all of this was designed to put her at ease and to slowly relax her and the muscle groups so that when I did begin to massage in the lumbar region the surrounding muscle groups would already be somewhat relaxed. When we had finished with her back I would have her turn over and do essentially the same thing over again.

There was a long pause as this news sunk in. “Helen, are you comfortable with this? If not, let me know. You can stop at any time you feel uncomfortable with the massage. But you need to know that a normal massage does involve my touching parts of your body that you may feel embarrassed about such as your buttocks, inner thighs or sides of your breasts. If this will bother you let me know and I will avoid these areas but the massage will not be quite as satisfactory as it would otherwise be.”

I waited for her to answer and finally she said, “No, it’s okay.”

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