Sarah’s Journey Ch. 009

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009 So this is what it feels like to be paid attention to.

I got to the gym and pulled off my hoodie I had on at work and put it in my gym bag. In a brisk walk across the parking lot I was trying not to run. I hadn’t been this excited in, I couldn’t remember when.

I scanned in and got a locker then went to the bikes. Looking around while trying to be nonchalant about it isn’t easy for me I’ve discovered.

No sign of my guy from last night. Maybe he’ll come in while I’m here I thought to myself. That day I did an extra 10 minutes on the bike. Then headed to the weights, arms day. At least most of the exercises were done with me sitting or standing so I could watch the gym floor. After about half my weight workout I’d pretty much given up on seeing him come in. But I did notice other guys looking at me. I love the tingle that gives me.

I guess that all the years I spent with Brandon hardly noticing I was alive made me hypersensitive when I actually had a guy pay attention to me. Even a passing excuse me was nice, but not really stimulating like being looked at because they think you’re attractive. As I worked out I kept an eye on the other weight area where the bigger guys were to watch if they were still checking me out. Every little bit I’d see one steal a glance.

After a bit I noticed that the guys attention wasn’t directed to my general direction, which I expected there were other girls/women there that were also attractive. I compared all of them to me in my head every time I was in the gym and for almost the whole time I was there. I still had a lack of confidence that would take a long time to get over I guess. I also had to admit that I loved looking at myself in the mirror. I definitely was prettier than all the other girls, so the work I had done on my face and all the pain was worth it now that I thought about it.

After a while I noticed practically everyones attention at the other end of the weight area I was in. Wanting to know as well what was going on I had a look down there while trying to be sneaky about it like everyone else. A girl had come in and was working out that had huge boobs. They definitely were too big for her frame. She was taller than me, maybe 5’9″ and a bit heavier. She was toned, fit, and looked fantastic I had to admit, especially her breasts, they were inordinately huge on her. Some might say she looked like a circus freak, and I LOVED how she looked with those breasts. Ever since I can remember I wanted big breasts and was always jealous of the women that had them. Even though I was a small C cup then and my confidence had sky rocketed, I was jealous of her. I don’t know why I have always been like that but I have been. I remember being 4 and seeing a woman in the grocery store that had big breasts and being mesmerized, ever since then I’ve had this desire.

It is true that [almost] all women hate each other deep down and want to be more attractive than everyone else. I definitely started feeling that looking at her. I stopped and thought about it though, theres plenty of men around. She probably had a boyfriend anyway. tuzla escort And there were definitely a lot of great looking guys here. I avoided the womens only gyms for that reason. I know I’m shallow but I enjoy it.

I was still transfixed on this girl. I noticed that she even had 2 sports bras on! That was just unreal that she needed 2! I finally snapped out of my stare and went back to my routine. And decided to do a bit more and try to catch the girl with the boobs in the locker room. I had no idea why but I wanted to actually meet her. Probably somewhere down deep I just wanted a better look, who am I kidding I wasn’t looking at her I was ogling her as much as the guy were. That was a new feeling, I never considered myself Bi but still this desire was there.

She put her weights up and headed for the locker room and I did the same. Turning the corner I scanned the locker room for her. There she was at her locker in the same aisle mine was in, thankfully or trying to talk to her would have been odd. Walking down to my locker trying not to stare I unlocked it and was desperately trying to think of something to say. As she undressed to go to the gym showers I watched as she peeled off the skin tight yoga pants that hugged her every curve and left nothing to the imagination. I finally got the courage to say something, opened my mouth and had no idea what to say. Out of no where I said “Hi, I’m Sarah, I haven’t seen you here before.”

“Hello I’m Jamie.” she said with a smile revealing a mouth full of prefect teeth and whitened to the point I swear you could use them for an emergency signal beacon.

“New here?” I asked, having to repeat the question. This always annoys me, and that made me less nervous.

“Not really, I just come in when I can, it’s usually early in the mornings.”

“Oh cool, I’ve been here just a few weeks and recognize most all of the after work crew.”

She smiled as she continued to undress. She started to work on getting those sports bras off her massive breasts. I could tell it was a struggle as they were already straining to hold them in.

“2 of them?” “Wow.” I blurted.

“Yes hon I don’t want to jiggle or fall out in the gym.” she laughed.

“So may I ask about them? If its not too forward or prying.” I froze, what the fuck just came out of my mouth!?

“Sure. I’m actually glad you said something and asked. Usually I just get stared at and whispered about.” she said with a chipper tone.

“Well they’re not real obviously, right?” I asked as I continued to undress to go to the shower as well.

“Oh no they’re definitely not natural.” she grunted as she struggled with the first sports bra, obviously putting serious effort into trying to get it off, over her massive chest.

She continued, “And they do make things difficult often as well as being a major life change.” as she finally won the fight with her first sports bra.

I noticed the brand, “Nike”, good to know. As she tossed it on the bench and paused like a weight lifter about to lift a huge amount ucuz escort of weight before starting the fight to get the other one off. The back was visible and I also noticed it was a 2X size. I saw that and I can’t explain what happened next. I was suddenly turned on and was getting wet. I don’t know if it was because of her and I was just enthralled with her massive breasts. Or because she needed a 2X garment and it was still significantly too small.

In High School I was a size 0 and by the time I graduated I was a size 2. I had always been small, but now I was having to start to get clothes that are a size 4 because I’m finally getting a bit of muscle on me so I don’t look so anorexic.

Jamie was starting to peel the other sports bra off her very compressed chest. I had already gotten undressed and was standing there naked. I caught myself staring, again.

“That looks like quite a chore.” I said while pretending to fiddle with my stuff in the locker.

“It’s one of the difficulties and life changes. Almost nothing is easy as far as gym clothes.” she advised.

“What about a sweatshirt?”

“I’d still have to wear 2 of these.”

“Whats wrong with a standard everyday bra?” I asked inquisitively.

“Oh no way! At $250 each there’s no way I’m going to get them all sweaty.” as she still struggled.

I hadn’t thought about that! I expected new clothes and bras, as I’ve had to upgrade 2 times so far. But I could run down to the mall and spend $10 for cheapo’s, or $30 for an expensive lacy one, that I didn’t own any of. I would never have a chance to wear one for any reason so I didn’t own any.

“Holy Shit! $250, I never imagined a bra would be that expensive!”, again with my blurting without thinking. I’ve really got to work on that.

“Oh yes, and there are only a few stores in LA that I can buy them at.”

Again I hadn’t counted on that either. But even with watching her struggle and the expense as well as availability I still hadn’t heard or seen anything that would cause me to change my mind. I don’t think my breasts will be as big as hers though.

“What size are you to have to get specialty bras? I know you must get asked that all the time but I do want to know.”

“I’m a 32HH.” she said, then added “I’m just glad I don’t have to get them specially made, that’s crazy expensive!”

Finally after watching her continue to struggle with the incredibly tight sports bra I asked,

“Would it be easier if I helped?”

“Oh God, please!” she said with a tone of relief.

I grabbed the band below her boobs and pulled out to get it over them. I swear I heard some stitching rip in the process.

“You know you could wear a bigger sports bra and it wouldn’t be so tough to get on and off.” I told her as I was trying to imagine her stuffing those mounds into them by her self.

“I tried but with the weight of the implants I need the support, that’s why there’s 2.” she said with a wink.

I never even thought about the weight of implants. I wasn’t too worried though, ümraniye escort as I was still around 118-122lbs after putting on some muscle. A bit of extra weight from implants wasn’t going to hurt besides it’s not like I’m going to have a fat tummy because of it.

“How much do they weigh then?” I had to know.

“They’re 3-4lbs each, it doesn’t sound like a lot but when you move around they will find away to slip out.”

As we walked to the showers during our chat we got in our respective shower stalls before I remembered that I showered at home and had no soap, shampoo, much less clean clothes to change into, or even a towel. I rinsed off and tried to keep my hair dry. I headed back to the locker and was brushing the water off me the best I could. I put my work clothes back on as they weren’t sweaty.

Having packed up Jamie was walking toward me after her shower, with soap. Her breasts giggled perfectly and swayed side to side with each step. They had a perfect sag to them, not so much they looked natural but they also didn’t look like somebody cut a bowling ball in half and stuck on her chest either. They in a word just Impressive, and they looked perfect to boot.

As she got to her locker I said that it was nice to meet her and thanked her for all the great information and the chat. She smiled and motioned me over. Walking over to her I was probably a little closer than usual, I was definitely in her personal space. She got her phone out and unlocked it.

“Do you mind if we message another time, you’re really nice and honestly you actually came and talked to me. I didn’t feel like an outcast here for a change.”

“Sure I’d love to. I’m so sorry you felt like an out cast.” I answered her, still standing only a couple of inches from her. I could feel the heat from the hot water of the shower on my face as her heaving breasts jiggled as she dried off.

“It happens at places depending on the people. Work isn’t too bad, my neighbors are cool to me, but here ya the usual stares, pointing and eye rolling from some women.” she stopped for a moment in contemplation before she continued. “But out clubbing is the worst! Talk about dirty looks from some other girls. Then again I didn’t get these to hide them, always dress to impress.” she advised.

“Good to know, thank you.” We exchanged screen names on Signal and got connected. She turned to put her phone back in the locker and when she did her left breast solidly bumped me on my arm. It actually caused me to shift a little. It wasn’t hard or stiff, it was soft, warm, smooth, and oh so perfect.

“Oops sorry, that’s another thing. You will bump things or people.” she said with a wry smile.

“Oh I’m not bothered, or complaining.” I said with a smile that shortly turned to shock. What the Fuck did I just say!? I’ve really got to start thinking before I open my mouth. I swear I was feeling like a guy I was so enamored with her. After all she looked fantastic, even her face was slight and delicate, perfectly accented by her medium length brown hair.

“Good.” she replied with a smile and a wink.

“Chat with you soon.” I said as I turned to leave with a friendly wave exchanged between us as I walked out the door.

I headed home and all I could think about was her breasts. I was definitely not going to miss any appointments to get my expanders filled or to keep putting on the, stupid expensive, skin cream the Dr recommended.

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