Senior Project

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Dear Mary,

I know you must be surprised to be getting a letter from me after nothing in five months, especially since I freaked out so badly the last time we were together. I just wasn’t ready when you started to kiss me, especially when I started to kiss you back. I’d never kissed another girl before, and although I had fantasized about kissing you, I just wasn’t ready then. I know you must have been mad at me for not talking to you then or afterward, and ruining our graduation and all, and I’m really sorry.

So, now you must really be wondering why I’m writing to you now. Well, that’s because of what happened this weekend. I can hardly believe it, and if I don’t tell someone soon I’m going to burst, and I know you won’t freak out when I tell you, which all of our other friends would. So, here’s the story.

I was back on campus to see Laurie. She broke up with that rotten Steve and was all down and depressed, and she invited me to come up for the weekend so we could have a long cry together. I got there Friday afternoon and she was still in class, so I was just sort of wandering around looking at things.

I had left the Quad and was walking toward the used bookstore and this car pulls up and out leans this girl I knew a little, I think she was in my bio class two years ago but I don’t remember her name. She’s in the back of this little limo with another girl I don’t know but she’s really pretty and friendly, and in the front are two other girls, one driving and the other videotaping everything. She calls me, “Hi, Heather!”

“Hi, um…”

“Jenny. We were in the same lab group for that experiment in bio, remember?”

“Oh, yeah, I remember. With Mary and …” I really can’t remember her name.

“Lisa. That’s her videotaping in the front. She’s doing her senior video project, and just sort of following us around while we do our thing today. This is Nancy, by the way, and that’s Sam driving”

I look, and Lisa does look familiar, but it’s two years ago and I didn’t know them all that well even then. Nancy gives me a sweet, dazzling smile, and I instantly know we’re going to be friends.

“Anyway,” she says, “we were cruising around looking for a friend antalya escort to help out with Lisa’s project and saw you, and thought you might like to join in.”

“I’m meeting with my friend soon, she’ll be done at 5, but it’s only noon now, so sure. What are you doing?”

“Well, she’s doing this sort of documentary on women’s bodies and their feelings about them, and we were going to go try on some bathing suits and see how we react to how we look. It’s sort of a sociology project.”

“That sounds cool. OK, I’m in.”

“Great! Come on into the car.”

They made room for me in the middle of the back seat, and we start chatting away like we’ve been best girlfriends for years. We drove to those really nice apartment buildings on the north side of campus and went up to this amazing apartment on the top floor. They have great views from two sides, onto campus and downtown, in every room, including the master bathroom. As we wander and chat and giggle, Lisa is videotaping everything. And Sam picked up another video camera and is following us around too.

“So, you want to try on some bikinis?” She holds up a little green one for me, a yellow one for Nancy. Somehow she had picked one that matches my eyes, and was size 8, just perfect. Nancy’s was also 8, which was a bit tight on her, but went perfectly with her dark hair and exotic eyes. Jenny and Nancy just start to strip down right there in the bedroom, so of course I took off my sweater and bra. They aren’t wearing any bras, and I’m immediately envious of Nancy’s breasts, so perfectly shaped and with nipples like dark chocolate kisses. Jenny’s are tiny, with very pale areolas and pointy little eraser nipples, sort of like mine but a little smaller.

Jenny starts to look at me, and says, “Oh, wow, you have just perfect breasts. Aren’t they beautiful, Nancy?” I’m blushing a little, not used to anybody saying anything about my breasts, much less admiring them aloud. Nancy comes over and puts her hand on the left one, and it almost takes my breath away how much I enjoy the touch of her warm hand. Instantly my nipples are hard and now I’m really blushing and having trouble breathing.

“I just love them,” says Nancy, alanya escort and takes the other one in the other hand. Now I really can’t breathe, and I’m having goose bumps all down my whole body. Jenny comes up behind me and strokes the back of my neck and my curly blond hair, and then kisses the back of my neck. I can’t believe they’re doing this, and really can’t believe I’m not freaking out about it. Nancy takes my nipple into her mouth and Jenny turns me to kiss my face and then my lips, and I’m kissing her back as if I have been doing it all my life.

Nancy looks over at Sam and tells her how delicious my nipple is. My hand finds its way onto Jenny’s little breast, and it’s really crinkly and hard and she starts moaning as I kiss her and tug at her nipple. Nancy tugs open my button-fly jeans, slides them down over my hips, and is rubbing her face on my thong before I realize what she’s doing, I’m so into kissing Jenny. My nipples are about to burst, and she’s now sucking first one and then the other as I am being guided onto my back on the bed. Lisa and Sam are hovering over us, capturing it all on tape.

Nancy starts slipping my thong down and can’t get it off, I’m wiggling so much. She finally just rips the sides and yanks it right off, and if anything this makes me more turned on. Now her face is rubbing against my soft pubes, and I am smiling down at her as she brings her face between my thighs. My legs part involuntarily, and she starts licking and nibbling up my thighs to my lips. Gently she slips her tongue between my labia, and licks up my clit once, twice, three soft, slow, long licks. She lifts her face and grins at me.

“You’ve never been with a woman before, have you?”

I am just barely able to gasp out a “no”. Jenny has been sucking at my nipple, and suddenly gives me a playful little nip and my hips rise to Nancy’s face. “Please lick me some more, don’t stop”. She smiles even bigger and then goes back down to lick me again.

Jenny comes up to kiss me, and then brings her little breast up to my mouth. I have never wanted anything more than to lick and suck her nipple. I glance over at Lisa taping us, and grin at her. alanya rus escort Her hand is inside her pants, rubbing as she continues to shoot. Sam has stepped out of her skirt somehow and is rubbing as she shoots us too.

Suddenly Nancy is really licking me seriously, and I can’t think of anything else. My entire world is concentrated at the place where her tongue is licking, sucking, adoring my clit. I don’t know how she manages to stay with me, my hips are rocking and vibrating so fast. I have about fifteen billion orgasms in the next minute, all exploding in my entire body, flashing lights, roaring waves, every smell and tingle I have ever experienced all at once.

When I can think again, Nancy is lying next to me, kissing me with my juices on her face, and Jenny is moving down between her breasts to her mound. I kiss her deeply to thank her for my pleasure, and then move down to join Jenny there. We kiss deeply and then I admire her as she starts to lick Nancy. She looks over at me and I don’t have to be asked twice. My tongue takes her place and I start to lick Nancy, trying to remember what she did to me that I liked so much.

I’m not sure how it happened, but next thing I realize is that while I’ve been licking Nancy, she and Jenny have moved into a triangle and Jenny is licking me too, and Nancy doing Jenny. I’m so turned on! Although I am trying to make Nancy cum, I can’t do both, and soon I am moaning into her as Jenny makes me cum again. Somehow I manage to bring Jenny off before I fall asleep, all curled up between my new lovers.

Somehow, I got showered and out of there in time to see Laurie. I’m sure I wasn’t the best possible listener to all of her woes with Steve, flashing back to the afternoon all night as I did. She was too depressed to notice, didn’t even ask me what I did all afternoon. No, I didn’t seduce her, although I was tempted. I did go back to Lisa’s on Sunday afternoon, and we all watched the tapes and then took turns taping each other playing, watching more tapes, playing some more..

So, anyway, that’s what happened. It turned out that Lisa wasn’t doing a senior project at all, but works for this website that I’ll tell you about if you’re interested, and they paid us really well for the tape.

So now you know why I’m writing. Also, an invitation: if you’d like to play “try on the bikini” sometime, I know you’d love it. I’m definitely ready to do it with you, with or without someone taping us.

Love, Heather

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