Shannon’s Birthday Present

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Steve Sager felt his daughter Shannon’s hand reaching for his as they walked towards Penn Station to catch their train back to Albany, and after he took the moist little paw in his hand he glanced over and saw the joy on his baby’s face. The girl’s hazel eyes were still moist and sparkling, and Shannon’s usually awkward form seemed to be floating gracefully over the pavement, a far cry from her usual gait as they moved briskly into the terminal.

Safely on the train Steve let Shannon pick out where to sit and she chose a pair of seats near the back of the last car. After easing into the seats Steve let out a sigh and Shannon acted concerned.

“You tired Daddy?”

“Let’s just say I’m happy to get off my feet,” he admitted. “You however, seem full of energy.”

“Can’t help it. This is absolutely the best-est day of my life. I was almost hoping we would miss the train so we would have to stay overnight.”

“Probably have to sleep in the park, or on a bench in Penn Station.”

“That sounds like that would be cool,” Shannon opined.

“That shows you haven’t spent much time down here,” Steve noted, and Shannon grinned that toothy smile of hers that always melted his heart.

“Woo woo,” Shannon whispered as the train started to move.

“If you want I can ask the conductor if you can ride up with the engineer,” her father suggested sarcastically but Shannon shook her head and cuddled into her father.

“I’m right where I want to be, with the man I love,” Shannon declared as the ticket taker moved down the mostly empty car and punched their tickets. “And while I’m at it, I want to tell you how much I appreciate everything you do for me. Not just today but all the time. I know sometimes I resented you because you seemed to be giving me a hard time, but as I got older I realized that it’s not easy being Mom and Dad to a brat like me.”

“Ah yes, do you remember what you said to me that one time I didn’t let you go to the mall? You told me…”

“You’ll never let me forget that will you?” Shannon interrupted but her father continued.

“You snapped at me, If you want to be a mother and a father, why don’t you go fuck yourself,” Steve said and watched Shannon cover her face.

“Not my finest hour, and I’ve apologized for that plenty of times since,” she reminded him. “I was surprised that you didn’t kick my butt when I said that.”

“Well, I didn’t like you swearing, but it was so funny I just let it go.”

“Anyway, even though I didn’t say anything most of the time, I noticed how you always found time for me. Other fathers would be out playing golf or hanging out in a bar but you would always be there. Standing in the drizzle watching me play soccer, going to all my dopey band concerts and just being there when I needed you. Even letting me cry on your shoulder when Tommy Parsons stood me up at the dance. Stuff Mom would do if she was still here.”

“Tommy Parsons was not worthy of you,” he interjected with a smile but Shannon was on a roll.

“Other things too, like going out on dates. All these years since Mom died and I only remember you going out with one lady.” Shannon said.

“There were a couple other dates…”

“That one lady was the only one I saw around the house. The lady from the real estate company?”

“Paula Currier.”

“All I remember was she had big boobies,” Shannon giggled. “I tried to be on my best behavior when she was around but I got the feeling she wasn’t interested in inheriting a family just to be with you.”

“Oh, I don’t think it was that,” he lied. “Just didn’t work out. Hey, let’s talk about today. I think we got to do everything you wanted, right birthday girl?”

“Absolutely Daddy!” Shannon gushed. “The train ride down with the sun shining and the leaves changing along the Hudson? Awesome, and then getting to see Phantom Of the Opera on Broadway? Those seats were so great – you liked the show, didn’t you Daddy?”

“Sure I did, and I enjoyed seeing you enjoy it so much too,” he noted.

“Then dinner,” Shannon continued. “I actually cut my filet with my fork and it was delicious, but then the best part of the whole day was when you brought me into that lounge and I had my first drink – in a bar.”

“A Shirley Temple. After all while you’re a woman in every other way but still and all you only just turned 18. You have a few more years to wait for the real thing.”

“Still counts, but then the guy at the piano started playing that Billy Joel song – ‘Just the Way You Are’ – and you brought me out on that little dance floor,” Shannon started but then tears started trickling down her cheeks so she stopped for a minute.

“My dancing couldn’t have been that bad,” her father said but Shannon ignored him.

“It stranded teens porno was incredible. It made me feel like a woman for the first time in my life, dancing with my favorite guy in the world. I felt like a queen and it was all I could do to keep from fainting,” Shannon concluded, and her father put her arm around her shoulder and gave her squeeze.

What happened next? It had happened before a couple of months ago on the anniversary of her mother’s passing when she impulsively kissed him and not in a way daughters kiss their fathers. That time Steve was shocked and broke the kiss off when it started to get serious. This time however, while he was shocked again, this time he did not push Shannon away, and in fact by the time the kiss ended he was returning some of the passion.

“Wow,” Shannon mumbled. “Thank you for not shoving me away again. Do I kiss good?”


“Ha. Screw you Billy Wagner,” she said with a nervous giggle as she recalled a neighbor boy’s review of her kissing ability before she got serious. “I love you Daddy. You know that, right?”

“Of course, and you know I love you too.”

“That’s not what I mean. I’ve shopped around but you’re it. The perfect man. Kind, considerate and loving, not to mention handsome. You know my friend Penelope? She has a crush on you. She thinks you look like Tom Hanks.”

“Penelope is too kind, and possibly in need of glasses.”

“Don’t try to change the subject.”

“I’m trying to get you to realize that I’m as flawed as anybody. Maybe more so,” Steve said while being happy nobody was sitting nearby.

“I call BS on that. I still remember the time we went to Pizza Hut and we were almost home when you realized you forgot to leave the tip on the table for the waitress so you drove back to the place to give it to her.”

“Fair is fair. Look Shannon,” her father said as he wrestled over whether he should bring up a subject that had bothered him since it had happened. “I need to tell you something.”

“You aren’t going to send me to an orphanage are you?”


“Since Mom died whenever you get that serious tone in your voice, I’ve always been afraid that you were going to send me to an orphanage so you could get on with your life,” Shannon explained. “I think years ago that a kid at school told me that’s what happened to a friend of his and it stuck with me.”

“No honey,” he said with a tight smile. “But I have weak moments that prove I’m far from perfect. Moments that I’m really ashamed of. A couple of months ago I had to go back to the office after dinner, and when I got back you were asleep. There was no light on in your bedroom but the door wasn’t closed. I figured that was because it was a warm night and you had your window open so I just glanced in to see if you were still awake but you weren’t.”

“Go ahead, Daddy,” Shannon said, squeezing his arm when he hesitated.

“There was no light on but you had the curtains wide open and there was a full moon that night so it was almost like the light was on,” Steve managed to say. “You were on top of the sheets naked, so I took a couple steps inside to maybe throw a sheet over you but I just froze there. I don’t know how long I stood there but suddenly you moved in your sleep. Your arms and legs were akimbo as you squirmed on your back so I could see all of you. All of a sudden I came out of the trance I was in and spun around and went to my room. I didn’t do anything but still…”

“I know you didn’t do anything Dad. I was awake all the time,” Shannon confessed.


“That wasn’t the first night I had done that either but it was the first time you noticed, and when you came into the room I thought that I had finally done it. For the longest time I had been flirting with you, praying you would take the hint, and there you were looking at me,” she confessed. “I mean, I know I’m nowhere near as hot as Mom was but still I had to show you that I wasn’t a kid anymore. When you left my room and didn’t come back – well, I was still sobbing when the sun came up.”


“Guess you didn’t like what you saw,” Shannon concluded. “Should have known that if I can’t interest the horny guys my age I wouldn’t stand a chance with a real man.”

“You don’t understand honey,” he replied. “I’m your father.”

“I know.”

“There’s no way I could ever – I mean I felt like a pervert standing there staring at you. I still do feel that way, as a matter-of-fact,” her father admitted. “It was just that – it was like I was looking at a total stranger, Up until the I guess I thought of you as a child. I always wanted Shannon to be my baby forever.”

“I am, Daddy. Am and will always be.”

“The things student sex parties porno that went through my mind when I was looking at you that night? Disgusting. How could you have become a woman overnight?” Steve asked rhetorically. “Ever since that night, that image of you in bed keeps coming back to me – haunting me. Even when you’re just walking around the house dressed in your funky, sloppy way, in my mind I see you naked.”

‘What’s wrong with that?” Shannon asked. “I like hearing you say that.”

“You know what’s wrong with that, honey. Even tonight when we were dancing, I…”

“Say it Daddy,” Shannon said, and when he shook his head she finished it for him. “You were getting excited. I could feel you getting hard against me and I didn’t want the song to end.”

“You could tell?”

“Of course I could. It’s not like you could hide something like that,” Shannon replied, and when her father gave her a confused look she explained. “You aren’t the only one in the house that peeks. I never got a look at you like you did me, but I saw you getting out of the shower and also when getting dressed in the morning a couple times. There’s no apology in there by the way.”

“I had never seen a man naked before that and it was scary,” Shannon whispered after her father stayed silent, and as her father felt his daughter’s hand move on his lap he grabbed her wrist – too late. “I couldn’t get over how long your dick was. Still can’t.”

“Please don’t,” he almost sobbed when her hand found what she had been looking for and began pulling at him through the layers of clothing. “What if somebody…?”

“The only people in here are sleeping Daddy. Let me,” she pleaded, but when he insisted she stop Shannon did although she added while snuggling close, “When we get home…”

“No,” Steve Sager replied, but his voice was barely audible and they way he said it was far from authoritative.

“You don’t mean that, do you Daddy? I think you want to protest and all because it’s what society expects of you, but in the end I think you want it to happen,” Shannon insisted while her father’s cock struggled in the tight confines of his boxers as he got hard.

“If you don’t want me, it won’t be tough to keep it from happening,” Shannon concluded as she let go of the bulge just in time,. “Just lock your bedroom door after we get home.”


Shannon had dozed off to the rhythm of the train rolling over the tracks on the way home, so there was no further comment on that front, and after they got off the train and into the car for the short drive home she said nothing either. Steve took that as a sign that his baby girl was worn out from the long day and also an indication that she took his “no” seriously.

In the house Shannon retreated to her bedroom, and so Steve took the opportunity to go to his bedroom and stripped down to his boxers which had a sticky spot on them, turning out the light and getting under the bed sheet to stare into the darkness of the room. He had almost dropped off when the sound of the toilet flushing came through the wall, followed by the sink being used, and he prayed with all his might that his daughter would go to her own room. His prayers, as they usually seemed to do these days, went unanswered.

Instead his door knob turned and the door swung open, and when the hall light filled the room he opened his eyes and saw a vision standing in the doorway. The light shone through a very sheer little nightie, revealing Shannon’s silhouette and making her look angelic.

“Daddy?” came the nervous voice as Steve swung his feet onto the carpet and let his eyes adjust to the change in light.

“Yes baby,” he replied as if in a dream, and then his pride and joy walked towards him, the door remaining open to provide light.

“You didn’t lock the door,” Shannon whispered with a sort of nervous giggle as she came over to him, standing with her legs touching his knees.

“I thought I did, I mean that I should have,” he admitted as he looked at the teen. “That’s a beautiful nightie.”

“I bought it for a special occasion. Thought it might never come,” she said as she shifted her weight to her other foot, and to his shame her father looked through the nightie where Shannon’s nipples pressed against the white fabric and the image of her rather large triangle of dark brown pubic hair was visible.

“Would you leave if I asked you to?”

“What do you think?” was Shannon’s reply. “I’m so wet right now.”

“I should want you to,” he responded, but as he put his hands on her silky hips he added, “but I don’t. You look so beautiful.”

Shannon sniffled as she stepped between her father’s knees and tried to kiss his forehead submissive cuckolds but Steve raised his face and let his lips meet hers. Sharon squirmed into him as they kissed while their tongues dancing together, and the girl shivered as her father’s hands slid up and down her sides, gliding through her smooth armpits on the moist skin created by her nervous sweating.

“Let me,” her father asked as he took the nightie in his hands, and as he lifted the sheer garment Shannon raised her arms to let it come off.

After Steve took the nightie off he set it on the end of the bed and turned to face Shannon who stood there nervous and shaking, while her Dad looked at her like he never had before. His eyes took in her breasts which she had always thought were too small and went down to her hips she had always fretted were too big, and perhaps they were but she was still perfect in his eyes.

He smiled when he saw the spacious triangle of pubic hair, to his delight apparently not trimmed or thinned in defiance of the current culture. It was something she must have inherited from her Mom who had sported a marvelous thicket of her own, and it was Shannon’s pubes that moistened his knee as she straddled his right leg.

“I’m nervous,” Shannon admitted as she grabbed her father’s shoulders to steady herself.

“Me too,” was his reply as he leaned forward to let his mouth capture her nipple, the plump crimson pegs looking out of place on the apple-sized breasts, and as he went from side to side to suckle on the buds Shannon cradled Daddy’s head in her hands, her breathing heavy and fast as her nipples throbbed.

“Ooh…ooh…ooh!” Shannon chanted under her breath as she began to rub her pussy on the thigh she was straddling, all the while looking down at her father nursing madly on her breasts.

Dad was starting to slide off the edge of the mattress so he squirmed onto his back on the mattress, and while Shannon had climbed off his lap for a second, she scrambled up and straddled her father’s hips. Steve had a shocked expression as he watched his daughter looking possessed, her eyes rolling back in her head while rubbing the cock she held in her fist up and down her labia furiously before impaling herself with the long prong.

As Shannon eased down on the throbbing tool she held out a howl, and Steve reached up to grab her before she lost her balance. His hands landed on the teen’s breasts, and he took the opportunity to knead the modest handfuls while Shannon started to move up and down.

“Daddy…” Shannon choked as her hands cupped his. “Feels so good. So big.”

Steve wanted to answer but he was too busy trying not to cum because watching the girl in her writhing, twisted dance on him was so perversely erotic, so he grunted a response and held on as she began bouncing up and down faster and faster. Shannon let out a torrent of vulgarities that sounded nothing like her before her father’s manhood was crushed by the force of a wild and unbridled orgasm, the result of which sent a long series of ejaculations deep into her womb.

When the teen’s body finally stopped convulsing she collapsed onto her Dad, and their sweaty bodies embraced as they both struggled to catch their breath, telling each other how much they loved each other in between sobs of joy. Only when Steve’s deflating cock slithered out of her did Shannon use her arms to lift her upper torso up.

“I’m a woman,” she declared but her father shook his head and corrected her.

“You’ve been a woman for quite a while,” Steve muttered as he held her tight.


The following Monday Steve Sager got home from work and while Shannon was nowhere in sight there was a delicious aroma coming from the kitchen. He made his way to the bedroom and found Shannon folding his clothes from the laundry basket. She was startled but smiled nervously when she saw him.

Somebody’s been busy,” he noted as he took his suit jacket off, and he wasn’t just talking about the laundry because he noticed that there were some things around the room that weren’t there before. They were Shannon’s and the teen was watching his eyes and clearing her throat before speaking.

“Er – um – I remember once that you said it was easier to ask forgiveness than permission,” Shannon said in a not much more than a whisper. “So I – well…”

“Something smells delicious,” she father said as he came up to his daughter and put his hands on her shoulders.

“Meat loaf. Don’t know how delicious it will be,” she replied.

“When will it be ready?”

“Hungry?” she asked hopefully and the man of the house nodded and added something.

“That, plus I’m curious about how much time I have.”

“About a half hour,” Shannon told Dad who nodded and began unbuttoning her blouse from the bottom up, and after he peeled it off she grinned. “Guess that means you don’t mind me kinda moving in.”

“Saved me the trouble of asking,” he told Shannon as he deftly undid her bra and lifted her onto the bed. “Half hour should be time enough.”


Thanks for reading.

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