Sister’s Extraordinary Sex Secret

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This story contains a lot of Taboo sex and also Incest.


I’ve been married to my wife Sue for 12 years, Sue is 33 and has a very good job in the financial world, that takes her all over the world at times and she has an older sister called Clair aged 34, there is only 13 months difference between them.

Clair is a very complex woman, she has two teenage children but not been in a long term relationship since the birth of her youngest 13 years ago. She has no shame and is very brazen, she has no filter and says what she thinks and isn’t afraid to ask for anything she wants. Clair has a reputation as being easy and rumour has it she has had many one night stands.

Luckily for us we live over 200 miles away from her and apart from the odd phone call we hardly ever hear from her.

Clair is very pretty and a curvy girl and one thing she has going for her are her stunning 40D tits, she knows they are her best asset and uses them accordingly. She needs no excuse to get them out especially when she has had a drink or two.

We’ve all seen them plenty of times at family parties and bbq’s. But I’m not complaining as they are amazing, she has the largest areoles I’ve ever seen and real hard nipples about half an inch long. One time at a bbq she got me alone and grabbed my crotch and said “show my your dick.”

And since then on the odd occasion I see her she flirts with me and says “one day I’ll get to see your dick.”

One Thursday afternoon recently the doorbell rang, Sue went to answer it, “what the hell are you doing here?” Asked Sue.

“I need a break from those fucking kids of mine.” Clair replied in her usual subtle way.

“You could have called in advance as I’m going away on Saturday for a few days.”

“No problem, get the kettle on sis.”

I was already in the kitchen as Sue and Clair walked in, “hi Paul, my case is in the car.” She said as she hugged me while rubbing her thigh against my dick and pressing her tits against my chest.

“You haven’t changed Clair.” I said as I went and got her bags out of her car.

I put her bags in the spare room as Sue made the bed ready for Clair.

“What are we going to do?” I asked Sue.

“I don’t know, can she stay here with you once I go away?”

“I suppose so.”

After dinner we all sat chatting in the living room, “look Clair, as I’m going away on Saturday you’ll have to stay with Paul, is that okay with you?”

“Yeah, if Paul don’t mind, I just need time away from the kids, they’re driving me crazy.”

Clair went upstairs for a shower and to get changed while she was gone Sue asked me “are you sure you can cope with her? You know what a flirt she is and she’s bound to come on to you.”

“I’ll be okay, don’t worry.” I assured her.

“Well just do what you gotta do.”

I wasn’t quite sure what Sue meant but just left it at that.

Clair came back downstairs in a dressing gown and we all sat talking once again.

From where I was sitting I could easily see in the front of Clair’s dressing gown, I could see her huge cleavage and most of one of her tits. She knew I was looking and kept smiling at me.

Every time Sue left the room Clair put her hand inside her gown and stroked her tit while looking at me. “Do you want a feel Paul?” She asked.

“I’d love to Clair, and you know it, but Sue would kill me if she caught me.”

She then pulled open her gown and revealed her amazing tits, they were as amazing as I’d remembered from the last time she flashed them to me a few years ago, she stroked them and pinched her nipples, my cock hardened in seconds and I was seriously tempted, but we heard Sue coming back and Clair covered herself up.

“It’s just you and me from Saturday.” Clair said with a naughty grin.

My mind was racing as I want to fuck her but I don’t want to risk losing Sue over it. But my thought right now was just go for it, I was horny as hell and really wanted her.

Saturday morning arrived and Sue was busy getting ready to leave for the airport, Clair had only just got out of bed and I was helping Sue put her case in the car.

She pulled me into the bedroom, “I want a word with you, I know what Clair is like and she’ll definitely come on to you when she gets a chance, I’m giving you my permission to do what you want with her, but I never want to know the dirty details.” Said Sue.

I was stunned, not wanting to hurt her I replied “don’t worry Sue, I won’t do anything I shouldn’t.”

But secretly I knew what I was going to do especially now I had Sue’s permission.

Clair and I waved Sue off, Clair waved with her left hand and she groped my arse with her right hand. I knew there would be fun starting soon.

“I’m starving, do you want breakfast?” Asked Clair.

“Yes, sounds good.”

I made a hot drink while Clair made breakfast, then we sat down at the table to eat.

“Look Paul, let’s clear the air right now, you know I’ve wanted you for years, and I think you want me too, if we keep it to ourselves we could have brazzers porno some fun while we’ve got the best chance ever, if I’m wrong just tell me now and I won’t mention it again.”

Clair obviously doesn’t know I had the green light from Sue so I decided not to tell her. “Erm, I’m up for it, but it must always stay between us.”

“I’m glad you agree, we are going to have loads of sex, and you are going to discover things about me you never imagined.”

“Really, that sounds interesting.” I replied.

As we sat eating breakfast the front of Clair’s gown was completely open, I could see her big tits, she knew I was staring at them. “I can’t wait to get those in my hands and mouth.”

“From what Sue has told me many times you love eating pussy too.”

“That’s true, it’s the best thing about sex, I could eat pussy all day every day.”

“Well that’s good because I love having my fanny eaten, has Sue ever told you anything about my fanny?”

“No, she’s never mentioned it actually.”

“Well I’ll tell you more later, you’ll see it soon enough but I want to explain something about it before you see it, touch it, lick it, taste it and fuck it.”

“Wow, I’m intrigued now.”

We finished breakfast and went into the living room, Clair sat on the sofa and I sat on a chair, Clair stretched one leg down the length of the sofa and her other leg hanging off the edge of the sofa with her foot on the floor, she then opened her dressing gown, she was wearing just a pair of white knickers. Her tits were fully exposed. But my eyes were drawn to the huge bulging pussy hiding beneath her knickers.

“As you can see Paul, I’m not shy and I normally get what I want. When I’m horny I love to masturbate which is usually many times a day.

I can climax in seconds, I’ve had orgasms in the most unlikely places.

Tell me what you want to do to me right now.”

“Why don’t I just show you instead?”

“No, describe it to me.”

Clair cupped her big tits in her hands as I started to describe to her what I want to do to her.

“I want to come over to you and kiss you.”

“Mmmmm and I will kiss you back, what will you do next?”

Clair rolled her nipples between her thumbs and forefinger hardening them to their full length.

“I will slowly kiss down your neck to your tits and I will suck each of those big hard nipples.”

Clair then stroked her right tit with her left hand and slid her right hand down her body towards her pussy. She rubbed her bulging pussy through her knickers making herself gasp with sexual pleasure.

“Keep going Paul, take your shorts off and get your dick out, stroke it as you tell me what you will do to my body.”

“I will slide your knickers down and part your legs, then I will bury my face in your pussy.”

Clair put her hand inside her knickers. I could hear her wetness as she rubbed her pussy. As requested I pulled down my shorts and my hard cock fell out.

Clair rubbed her pussy furiously and screamed “oh fuck” as she cum. I saw her panties become absolutely soaked in her juices.

She laid her head back and regained her breathing then said “right, it’s time.”

She removed her soaking wet knickers and opened her legs wide. Then parting her pubic hair with her hands she opened her wet dripping pussy.

“Fucking hell, I’ve never seen anything like that in my life.” I exclaimed.

Right in front of me was the most extraordinary pussy I’ve ever seen.

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about, I have something wrong with my hormones and an usual excess of testosterone and I’ve got this.”

Her pussy is massive, her clit is at least an inch and a half long covered by a thick hood with the head of her clit poking through the end of the hood, it looked like a small penis, her pussy lips are very large and thick, her vaginal opening was extraordinarily gaping and could easily take a fist, and her pubic hair was jet black and very thick and certainly needed trimming.

“Clair, it looks amazing I can’t wait to get my hands on it, do you ever shave it?”

“I used to shave it regularly but within a couple of weeks it’s just like this again?”

“Do you always cum as much as you just did?”

“Yes, sometimes more, I usually masturbate on towels because I make so much mess, my fanny is always wet even when I’m not thinking about sex, but if I’m horny my knickers get soaked.”

“I love the taste of pussy juices so I’d love to taste all you can provide.”

“Mmmm, help yourself, no more talking just get down on it.”

Clair beckoned me towards her and I dropped to my knees between her legs. Without further delay I placed my hands on her inner thighs and pushed her legs apart, then I simply buried my face in her massive fanny. I put my tongue inside her and surprisingly it was the sweetest tasting cunt I’d ever tasted, but my real target was her huge clit, I quickly moved up to it and licked the length of it, Clair jumped as it was so tender. I sucked it into my mouth and sucked castingcouch-x porno and licked it causing her to cum within seconds.

Usually it takes a lot longer to make a woman orgasm but with Clair’s hormonal imbalance she could cum on demand.

“Wow, I fucking love your cunt Clair.”

“You’re one of the few Paul, it seems to scare most men off.”

As Clair spoke I was sucking her huge clit again, my face was dripping with her cum.

Her cunt hair was matted with her juices and I was loving how it felt against my face.

I then sucked each of her thick pussy lips into my mouth and sucked on them too. This was a new experience for me and I was like a kid at Christmas.

I put four fingers inside her gaping cunt as I switched between her pussy lips and her clit and once again Clair screamed as she cum all over my face.

“Sue was right, you do love eating fanny don’t you? But how about you kiss me and let me taste my fanny juices, usually a sexual encounter begins with kissing the lips on my face not the lips on my fanny.” She laughed as she said that.

“Mmmm, I love the taste of my juices.” She said as we kissed.

I was stood between Clair’s legs leaning forward while we kissed, she reached out and grabbed my hard dick and guided it to her gaping dripping cunt, I pushed my hips forward and it slid inside her easily. Luckily my dick is quite thick so it did fill her pussy slightly. But this was no tight pussy. With each thrust I made I could feel her clit hit me just above the base of my dick and Clair reached down and gave it a tug as if it was a dick, within seconds she cum once more as I continued to thrust my dick in and out of her with my balls slapping against her arse cheeks.

I quickly reached the point of no return and Clair said “cum in my mouth.”

I pulled my dick out of her cunt as she leaned forward and opened her mouth wide just as I let go of streams of thick white cum on her tits, face and into her mouth.

“Mmm, I love cum.” Said Clair as she swallowed all that was in her mouth, quickly followed by wiping the rest off her face and tits with her fingers and hungrily licking it all off too.

“You look like a dirty cum guzzling slut, you’re covered in your own juices and the remnants of my cum.” I said with a laugh.

“Ooh, you say the nicest things, I’m going for a shower to clean up.” She replied.

I had a shower after Clair and then we sat in the living room again chatting about our earlier experience.

I sat on the sofa and Clair sat next to me with her legs across my legs. She was wearing just a baggy t shirt and a pair of yellow coloured knickers. It was obvious she had no bra on as her stiff nipples were poking against her cotton t shirt and her tits wobbled beautifully every time she moved.

I was stroking her legs near her knees as we talked. “I fucking love your body Clair, you’re sexy as hell.”

“So, my abnormal fanny didn’t put you off me?”

“Hell no, I love it, I love how it feels on my face and sucking your big lips and clit into my mouth is so erotic. Have you ever thought about getting it waxed? Sue has hers waxed regularly and it always looks amazing.”

“I’d give it a go, how about I get it done while I’m here.”

“Yes, I’ll phone the salon where Sue goes and book you in.”

I made a booking and Clair was booked in for tomorrow.

I continued to stroke Clair’s legs and moved up to her thighs, without hesitation she parted her legs and I could see her yellow knickers tightly covering her big puffy fanny. “You’re not shy are you.”

“No, I’m not. You’ve seen what I’ve got so what’s there to hide. While I’m here you can help yourself to my body and I hope I can do the same to you.”

“Sounds good to me.”

Clair shuffled a little bit down the sofa so that her fanny was closer to me, she took off her baggy t shirt and said “there you are Paul, it’s all yours.”

“I’ve always been amazed at your tits, not only are they huge but your nipples and areoles are massive too.” I stroked her tits as I spoke.

“I know, it’s the testosterone problem, it affects all my girly parts, at school the girls used to call me ‘saucers’ because of my big areoles.”

“Well, I love them and think they’re really sexy.”

Clair sat up and straddled me so that her tits were right in front of my face, she lifted one of them up using both hands and put her nipple between my lips, I licked every bit of her areole noticing how soft it was, then I sucked on her huge nipple feeling it grow in my mouth.

My cock was hard by now and pushing against Clair’s fanny. Clair started to grind her clit against my cock then grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face tightly into her tits “oh my god, here I go again.” She said as she cum. I could feel the wetness as her juices soaked through her knickers and my shorts.

Clair then stood up on the sofa with her feet either side of me, her fanny was now in front of my face, she slipped her wet knickers off and said, “no touching, I clips4sale porno want to masturbate for you. I want to cum in your mouth just like you cum in mine.”

She gripped her clit between her thumb and first two fingers and stroked it just like a man would stroke his cock. It was an amazing sight. “Lean your head back.”

I leaned back and opened my mouth as her cunt gaped open just an inch from my mouth, a few wet drops of juice dripped into my mouth and I could taste her sweetness, then she yelled “oh fuck, oh fuck, get ready.” And a sudden stream of her cum poured into my mouth, it was amazing and tasted beautiful. I leaned forward and sucked in her pulsating throbbing clit as she grabbed my head to prevent me from moving.

Her cum was streaming from my mouth down my chin and onto my chest. Clair then climbed off the sofa and kneeled down onto the floor between my open legs.

“We don’t need these.” She said as she pulled down my shorts and threw them behind her.

My cock was stood upright and still soaked in Clair’s juices, she grabbed the shaft and pulled back the foreskin to reveal my purple throbbing head, starting at my balls she licked all the way to the tip while staring at me all the time, “mmmm I love the taste of my fanny juices, especially licking them off a hard cock.”

Then she put my cock in her mouth and bobbed her head up and down while stroking it with her hand, “you are fucking amazing Clair.” I said while licking her cum from my lips.

Clair then stood up and turned around with her back to me, she grabbed my cock and guided it into her fanny then leaned backwards against my chest and very slowly started to slide up and down the length of my shaft. I kissed her neck and reached around her to grab her big heavy tits.

“I’m going to cum Clair, this is just too good.”

“Do it Paul, let me have your cum inside me this time.”

I let it go and shot my load inside her fanny, it wasn’t inside her for long as I felt the warm cum dripping from her fanny down my balls and onto the sofa.

Clair didn’t move and laid against my chest as I held onto her tits, we were both breathless and just sat there for a few minutes.

Eventually Clair twisted around to face me and kissed me, we kissed for about five minutes. “I could easily get used to this Paul.”

“Me too, it’s been amazing, but never forget that I’m married to your sister.”

The following day I took Clair to the salon for her wax appointment, I waited in the waiting room while she had it done. I couldn’t help laughing when I heard Clair screaming a few times, but I knew it would be worth the pain later.

The funniest moment was when the beautician came out of the room and said to the receptionist “we may need a hedge trimmer for this one!” I knew exactly what she meant.

After nearly an hour Clair came out of the room, I paid the bill and we left the salon. “You bastard, that hurt like hell.” She complained.

“Is it all finished?”

“Yes, I even had her do my arsehole too, there’s not a hair in sight down there now.”

“I can’t wait to see it.”

“I got so fucking horny while she was touching me, I’m sure she must have seen my fanny was dripping onto the towel. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw my clit.”

As I drove home Clair said “give me your hand.”

I gave her my hand and she lifted up her skirt and put my hand inside her knickers.

“Fucking hell, that feels amazing. I want it now.”

Her huge clit and the total smoothness felt great. I slipped a couple of fingers inside her cunt and sure enough she was soaking, I rubbed the wetness onto her exposed clit and true to form Clair cum in about a minute. She grabbed my hand against her clit to prevent me from moving it. “Oh fuck, your car seat is going to be ruined.”

I eventually took my hand out of her knickers and it was literally dripping, I put my hand to my mouth and licked every drop from my fingers and hand. “Mmm sweet cunt juice.”

“I want to taste it too.” Said Clair as she laughed.

She put her hand in her knickers and scooped out some of her cum then leaned her head back and let it drip onto her tongue. “Am I weird for liking my own cum so much Paul.”

“Definitely not, many women enjoy it, but you do take it to another level.”

We arrived home and I was eager to see her newly waxed pussy.

“Do me a favour Paul.” Said Clair handing me her phone.

“Take some photos of my fanny, it may never be this smooth and clean ever again!”

“My pleasure, but let’s go upstairs and do it right.”

We went upstairs and Clair stripped completely naked. I must admit her pussy looked amazing, her huge clit and thick meaty cunt lips looked even bigger now that they wasn’t buried in her thick black pubic hair.

I took about thirty photos of her, some were full length showing her tits as well, some were from behind with her bending over and some were just of her pussy with her legs wide open. My cock was rock hard looking at her smooth cunt.

“Will you send me a copy of all the photos for my personal use when you’re not here.” I asked.

“Yes, of course.”

Clair remained on the bed stark naked with her legs wide open, she was softly stroking her freshly waxed pubic mound, “feels really nice.” She said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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