So Lonesome For You Tonight

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Tonight is the night, I told myself. You have been gone for weeks and I feel so lonesome, not sure what I will do but something has to give. I need some release, need sex to satisfy the itch that is driving me to distraction. It would be so easy, to go out to one of the local meet market bars, go meet someone. Most of the men I met and was attracted to in my single days were more than willing to scratch my itch. I carefully consider what to wear, I wonder, can I really do this, go pick up a man for sex? I know I probably can’t, because I really do want to wait for you, but just thinking about it gets me very hot and I begin to daydream about it, standing there naked in front of the mirror.

I think about going into a bar full of handsome men, alone and dressed to kill, and I play with my nipples until they are hard and long. I rub the flat of my hands against my hard nipples and feel the rush of pleasure. I think about flirting, about choosing a man in the crowd to bring home and I grab my breasts with both hands and squeeze them as I continue to daydream about poker oyna the elusive man who will do this for me. He will take his time, working one then the other with the palms of his hands, then pull and twist each one, just hard enough to make me moan and react.

The man I choose will have a look in his eye, of lust and wanting and wanting to please. My right hand strokes my belly as my hips begin to move in a slow circle, wet and wanting I move in anticipation to the next touch. As my hand moves over my belly, lower and lower, I can feel the heat. The man I have chosen will also feel my heat and be anxious to get me alone. He and I will find someplace to be alone, and his hands will explore my body, he will know what every touch and stroke means to me and he will take his time.

I walk into the bedroom, open the bottom drawer of my nightstand and consider the toys there, a dildo, a vibrator, oh hell I take them both out. My fantasy man and I will soon find ourselves naked and he will take his time, learning what pleases me. I lay on my back on the bed and begin canlı poker oyna to tease myself with the dildo, I lick it to wet it, the rub the wet head on my nipples, then down my belly, over my mound, then my thigh. I stroke the inside of my thigh, from the knee up back and forth, finally to my opening and along my lips. My lips are dripping wet by now and wet the dildo. They part slightly, to let it a little closer, a little deeper. I run it up against my clit and moan as I rub the wet head against myself.

My fantasy man will now be teasing me, making me want his dick, making me ask again and again, “please baby, please, now”. I move the dildo lower and slowly push it against my opening. I am so wet but it meets resistance and I only push it in a little. I move it in and out and my juices flow and I push it deeper, enjoying the feel of the hardness against the walls of my hole. I tilt it and find my g-spot, pushing and rubbing it against myself, getting more aroused and wetter with each stroke.

“Fuck me”, I whisper, and I begin to fuck myself hard and internet casino fast, each stroke going deeper as I get wetter, and hotter. Its a 7″, but I can’t take it all in. I reach with my left hand and rub it against my clit as I continue the stroking with my right. I pick up the vibrator and flick the switch and it turns on. I rub it in slow circles on my nipples. I have worked myself into a frenzy as I slowly move the vibrator down my body, so slowly as I anticipate the feeling when it finally reaches my sweet spot. By now, my mystery man will be rubbing my clit with his thumb as he fucks me harder and faster. I push the vibrator against my clit and immediately begin to feel on the edge. I put the vibrator aside and slow down with my other hand, I want this to last. I begin a slow rhythm, in and out easy, slowly, gently I work it until I cannot hold back. Faster and faster, I begin to writhe, side to side, my eyes are shut and my hips rise to meet the thrusting. I moan and feel the throbbing of a powerful orgasm, I get so carried away I begin to whisper, “Now, come now” to the man I have imagined, “please, please now baby”, as I moan and twist and cum and cum.

So goes another night without you darling. I wait for you to come home and wish that you have imagined me, as i imagine you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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