Sofi’s Sizzling Seattle Summer

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“Matt, what do you say we stop at the next town we see and grab something to eat. I’m getting famished,” my lovely Sofia said. We had been driving for a couple of hours in our new BMW convertible with no particular destination in mind.

Today was the anniversary of our first meeting back in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where we live permanently. It was exactly one year to the day since Sofi entered my life and made me the happiest man on the face of the earth. We had arrived in Seattle where we have a second, mountainside vacation home a few days before. The Beamer was my present to Sofi, but today she was letting me drive it.

“Great idea, Sofi. I was just thinking the same thing. We’re not far from a place I remember from my college days, a little place called Snoqualmie. There’s a magnificent water fall there, something we don’t see in Mexico, and if I recall, there’s some kind of hotel or lodge there that must have a place to eat. Let’s see if we can find it.”

About twenty minutes later we pulled up to the entrance of the impressive Snoqualmie Falls Lodge. A young attendant came out to our car. “Good morning and welcome to the Lodge,” he said cheerily. “Will you be checking in or going to the restaurant?,” he asked.

“The restaurant,” I said as I handed him the keys. “But we also came to see the falls. I can hear them, but I can’t see them,” I said to the attendant who seemed to be staring at Sofia, fixated on her beautiful body, not that I could blame him. In honor of our special day, Sofi was wearing the same sheer white sundress she had worn on the day we met. The dress that, frankly, led to our introduction. And as on the morning we met, the sun was shining brightly from behind her, and the attendant was obviously seeing the shape and curve of her long legs through the material. It appeared to be having the same effect on him that it had on me a year ago. “Ahem,” I coughed quietly, but enough to get his attention.

“The falls are just over that ridge,” the kid who appeared to be of high school age said, pointing to his left. “The restaurant overlooks the falls and has a spectacular view, but there is also a path that you can take that winds up at an observation deck where a lot of people go to take pictures if you’re into that,” he said, appearing to take his own picture of Sofie atakent escort with his eyes to tell his buddies about later.

“Thanks,” I replied, handing him five dollars as we headed up the steps into the entrance to the lodge. A few minutes later we were seated by a large window in the corner of the restaurant. The parking attendant was correct, the view of the falls was spectacular. Since it was a weekday, the restaurant was practically empty and we enjoyed a leisurely meal, reminiscing about the previous year and discussing plans for the remainder of our vacation time in the States. Before we knew it, we had finished two bottles of wine and were feeling no pain.

After settling our check we left the restaurant and headed outside where the attendant jumped to attention when he saw us. “How did you like the view?,” he asked, looking at Sofie.

“It was magnificent ,” she replied, turning her gaze back and up at me as she smiled her amazing smile.

“While you get our car, we’re going to stroll up the path to see the falls,” I told the young man as Sofi wrapped her arm around my waist and we headed away from the lodge. The path to the observation deck was paved and lined with red and pink rhododendrons and azaleas that complemented Sofi’s white dress beautifully. Despite the natural foliage sound barrier, the roar of the falls below became louder and louder the further up we got. The observation deck was in view now, about fifty yards further.

A cool mist rose from the falls and shrouded everything with dampness. On this warm summer day, it was easily ten degrees cooler above the falls than it was at the lodge that we had just left. Glancing down at my lovely bride, I could see that her nipples had already begun to stiffen. It wasn’t the cold, however, that had caused something else to stiffen also. Going commando was something Sofi insisted on when we hooked up, and in my worn-in jeans, my cock was already hard as a rock. It was a good thing that nobody else was on the observation deck as we arrived at the summit. Standing at the railing, we looked down at the falls and the rushing water. The lodge and restaurant we had just departed was far below.

“Oh Matt, look at the falls. Isn’t nature magnificent! Thank you so much akbatı escort for bringing me here. You are right, there is nothing like this in Mexico to compare it to,” Sofii said, turning around to embrace me in a hug. I leaned down to kiss her and our mouths soon opened and our tongues danced. I could still taste the wine we had drunk over lunch.

Sofie pressed her hips against mine and as she swayed in my arms, I knew she was doing so on purpose to rub my hard cock against her pussy. I reached around and grabbed her ass in my hands and pulled her hard against me. Already I could feel the dampness from the falls’ mist on her dress, but knew that I was likely to find dampness elsewhere, too. Glancing around to see that no one had followed us up the path, I reached down and lifted the hem of Sofi’s dress. With the cloth barrier gone, I could feel the warmth of her body as I held her firmly against me.

Reaching down between her legs I proceeded to slide my finger between her lips. She was soaked. I inserted my middle finger as far inside her pussy as I could and Sofi began to moan and tremble. She pressed and rubbed herself harder against me and I knew that she was going to cum quickly, and she didn’t disappoint. With a scream that was muffled by the sound of the falls roaring below, Sofi had a spectacular orgasm that coursed through her body in wave after wave of pleasure.

When the sensation subsided Sofi stepped back and reached down to grab my cock through my jeans. “Mateo… . whenever we are together, you make me feel special. Every woman should be so blessed to have a man like you in their life. It is no wonder that I have trouble keeping my hands off you. I love what you do to my body. But more than that, from the day we met a year ago, you have treated me with respect and as your equal… something most Latinas never experience. And you have given me my freedom to find my true self and explore all the pleasures that life affords. Now I want you to experience pleasure, too.”

As she stared in my eyes, Sofi deftly unzipped my jeans and reached inside to grasp my cock. Giving it a squeeze, she pulled it out and, without hesitating to see if anybody was nearby, she pulled me over to the railing overlooking the falls and the lodge aksaray escort below. Sofi turned around so she could grasp the railing with both hands, but not before turning around to smile at me as she lifted the hem of her dress up over her naked ass.

Bending over, Sofi presented me with her beautiful, toned ass. As she spread her legs I could see how engorged her labia were. Although I would have liked nothing better than to kneel behind her to lick her pussy and rim her asshole, I grasped my cock at the base and rubbed the bulbous head up and down her slit before sliding inside her pussy.

Sofi let out a little gasp as she felt me fill her up and press against her cervix. I could feel her tighten her muscles around my cock as I thrust in and out, our bodies moving together in unison. She tensed up, a sign that she was about to cum. I thrust faster and faster and soon after her orgasm, I climaxed as well. My cock shot jet after jet of cum deep inside her. Afterward, I collapsed on her back.

Just then we heard voices coming up the trail. It sounded like a group of senior citizens. Quickly, we uncoupled. Sofi pulled down her skirt and I pushed my still dripping cock back inside my pants. Starting down the hill, I put my hands on Sofi’s shoulders to use her body to shield my hard bulge from curious eyes. The first group of tourists arrived just as we headed down the hill. Several of the folks in the group seemed surprised to see us. They smiled and we smiled back. Sofie turned her head to the side and whispered, in Spanish, “I wonder how many of them wish they could do what we just did.” We chuckled at the thought.

When we got to the bottom of the hill, the parking attendant was waiting by our car with his arm outstretched with the keys. As we got closer, his mouth opened in amazement as he stared at Sofie. That’s when I noticed what all of the seniors were smiling at. Sofie’s white dress was almost completely transparent from the mist of the falls. Her hard nipples and puffy areola were pressed against the sheer fabric. You could also see her bald pussy lips, save for the narrow landing strip of hair defining her womanhood.

Smiling at the attendant, I reached into my wallet and pulled out a twenty dollar bill. “Thank you for getting my car, but we are not going to be needing it now. We’ve decided to get a room.”

“S-s-s-sure, Mister,” he stammered, still staring at Sofi who had now turned to walk up the steps to the Lodge’s reception area. “Would you like me to bring in your luggage?,” he asked.

“Thank you, that won’t be necessary,” Sophie said, smiling, as she turned to look at the attendant. “We don’t have any.”

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