Succubus Master Pt. 10

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Part 10: Max’s slaves decided to put his vitality to the test.

Big thanks to neuroparenthetical for helping edit my story.

And a special thanks to all of my fans for your support, suggestions and feedback. You help me want to be a better writer and want to make better stories, like this one. I hope you all continue to support me though here or on my Patreon.

Chapter 28

Standing in a neverending white void, I pondered what would happen next. It wasn’t the first time it had happened, and I knew that it wouldn’t be the last.

“Hello Master,” Rayna said as her body began to materialize from a swirling vortex of black smoke. “I hope I didn’t make you wait too long.” Soon enough, she was standing before me, completely naked – as she always did in my dreamscape. Mine was empty at the moment, and that was the way she liked it. It gave her both a blank slate and free rein.

Per her explanation, most people have no control over their dreamscapes. Some can work hard to train themselves in the art of lucid dreaming, though not everyone who tries actually succeeds. The other way for control to be exercised over a dreamscape is to have help – or “help” – from a supernatural entity whose powers involve the manipulation of minds. For my part, I had a sexy little redheaded succubus who fit that bill. Technically, I was her master, but when she decided to visit me in my dreams, she actually had most of the control. Ironically, her presence seemed to trigger something in me, allowing me to realize I was in a dream and act more like myself. That was one bit of control she therefore couldn’t exercise without my permission; she couldn’t rob me of my reason.

“You know, I thought we might just get some sleep,” I said while smirking at her. “It’s been a long day.” Since, thanks to her presence in my mind, I was fully aware that I was dreaming, I also remembered that my physical body was still in my mother’s bed, with all four of my naked, well-fucked slaves sleeping right next to me. It had been a marathon session just before we’d all either passed out or drifted off.

“Such fun though!” she replied, her voice oozing satisfaction. “You know I can still feel your cum leaking out of me. It feels… wonderful.” She smiled, and couldn’t help but fidget in place. “But enough about that. Your training still takes priority. Now show me what you remember, and if you remember it well, I’ll give you one hell of a blowjob.”

“Yes ma’am,” I said.

Rayna conjured up a stone platform for me to sit on. I took my seat and placed my hands close together. From there, I began to channel my mana until that familiar electric ball of energy began to form.

Ever since the appearance of the priest, and my little mishap with summoning a familiar, Rayna had thought it prudent that I learn to harness my power more effectively. Summoning a hellhound instead of a house cat had been incredibly dangerous. Only with a lot of luck had I even survived.The problem was that I’d pulled in too much of my power, and, just like with fishing, the bigger the bait, the bigger the catch. Rayna had told me that if I’d summoned a male hellhound instead of Ash, then I would have been screwed unless it had somehow occurred to me to try seducing it too. I wasn’t sure it would have.

That wasn’t my only problem, either. I’d also been wasting too much mana every time I used a spell. The way Rayna had put it was that some spells only require a certain amount of mana to work. No matter how much extra mana you use, you don’t get bigger or better results. You just waste the energy. Even with spells that “scale,” there are definitely times when you’d rather they didn’t.

She hadn’t been gentle in telling me how much mana I’d been wasting, either. She’d likened it to putting out a small ember in the middle of a field with a firehose. Over the past few weeks, our training sessions had brought it down to a garden hose, and then a really large bucket. We still weren’t all the way; ideally, I’d only use a cup of water to put out that small ember. Still, I was glad to be making progress. As proof that I’d improved, I’d managed to perform a mind link spell on all four of my slaves the night before and not feel winded afterward, unlike the first time, when I’d done it with just Rayna and Ella and had felt utterly drained.

The other benefit was that the less energy I wasted, the less life essence I’d need to draw from my slaves to replenish my reserves. I wasn’t too worried about Ash, but Ella and my mom were only human. Keeping my appetite under control would dramatically lessen the risk to them.

So there I was again, in the middle of my dream, practicing how to control mana. The bubble of electric energy grew and shrank in the palm of my hands. Then, on my command, the ball of energy burst forth and arcane lightning began to envelop my body. When my wings had sprouted and Rayna had identified me as a wind demon, it had suddenly made much more sense to us why my mana seemed to manifest visually as electricity and lightning. It bursa escort turned out to be more than just a visual, too. When I’d instinctively channeled my mana to save my own life in the battle against Ash, it hadn’t been a coincidence that I’d made my body and my mind faster. That had been the lightning-mana coursing through me; one of its mystical traits was speed. It had accelerated my entire nervous system and all of my muscles, giving me the edge I’d needed to stay alive long enough for another stroke of luck to save me.

All of those experiences and reflections dovetailed nicely with what little Rayna had heard and read about wind demons. According to those tales, they were combat-oriented demons that Lucifer used as his vanguard against his brethren: the angels. Apparently, hand-to-hand combat was still a big deal amongst the supernatural entities of the planes and worlds beyond this one. I didn’t really understand why, but I’ll confess that I was excited to see just how far I might push those facets of my demonic nature. Learning to waste less mana would definitely allow me to supercharge my body for longer periods of time, and would probably let me get even faster, too.

I was distracted by the sound of hands clapping together. “My my, you are getting better every time we come in here, Master,” Rayna said. She’d reappeared next me, wearing her sexy-instructor garb. She really did love having a sexy costume for every occasion. This one boasted a black bustier corset that drew the eye to her amazing chest, which, at that moment, was sticking out like two overfilled blimps. Below the corset, she was wearing the smallest black thong panties in the world – which, strangely, I found even more cute than sexy. Her long, lush, scarlet hair was tied up in one long ponytail. If she’d added fishnet stockings and patent leather boots, she’d have tipped over into full dominatrix, but as it was, she kept her feet and thighs bare. To me, that made her look all the more alluring.

“Well I do have a good teacher.” I smiled at her as I dispelled the lightning from my body and got up to greet her.

“Yes, I would say I am an excellent teacher,” she agreed, acting all haughty. “And you know, a great teacher should receive some sort of payment from their student.” She peered up at me, only an inch separating us. I could practically picture her looking up over the dark rim of some glasses, even though she wasn’t wearing any.

“Really. And what does a good teacher want?”

“Oh I can think of something,” she said in that inviting, alluring tone of hers. She circled my neck with her soft, tender hands, and while she was bringing me down, she went up on her toes, capturing my lips with hers.

We both hummed in pleasure as our tongues battled with one another, not for supremacy, but more like an elegant dance inspired by martial combat. By the time we separated, we both were flush in the cheeks and panting hard.

“You know Master, your kissing skills are on a whole other level now. If you keep this up, you’ll be able to kiss the panties off any woman you want, even if she is – or was – a lesbian. And without the aid of your demonic aura!” She smiled at me. She was genuinely proud, and that felt good.

“Well, you’ve been giving me a lot of pointers ever since we started fooling around,” I replied with a grin. “I am only following the teachings of my astute teacher.”

“Be careful, Master. Flattery will get you everything, especially from someone like me.” She ground her body into mine, urging me to be anything but careful.

“And here I thought you would be exhausted after the romp we had earlier.”

“Oh no, Master! ” she purred, still grinding away. “I can never get tired of sleeping with you, either here or in the waking world. All you have to do is bend me over and shove that mighty cock into my wet sheath – or my hot little back door. Or just force me to my knees and fuck my throat like I’m your naughty, slutty mother. Oooh, or…”

I cut her off with another passionate kiss; I knew she’d never run out of ideas. We made out for a bit longer, which in the dreamscape felt like an eternity. It was hard to tell how fast or how slow time was really moving in that world, never mind what was happening out in reality. Whenever I started getting intimate with Rayna, time just seemed to stop anyway.

“So, Master,” she purred once our lips separated, “speaking of your slutty mother, want to tell me about this new ability you discovered while you were punching a new hole in her with your gigantic demon cock?”

“How did you…” I began. “Oh, I forgot, while in here you can read my mind. Right?”

“Not read your mind exactly,” she replied. “It’s more like you’ve become an open book. The information is there, but it still takes some time and attention to flip through it. Mostly I just find out what people’s kinks are, and run with that. Getting them all hot and bothered – or, not to be too conceited, but just seeing me and having me pay attention to them – tends to flip their books to those pages. It’s bursa escort bayan quite the time-saver.”

“Oh, I see,” I said, a little hesitant about that tidbit.

“Master, are you upset with me reading your book?” she asked with a little worried look on her face.

“In truth, the old me would have been,” I admitted. “I mean, there is a reason people like to keep stuff secret, and your mind is supposed to be one place where you can always do that, but…” I reached out, and in my hand, a small, hazy line began to form. It ran up to Rayna’s neck, right where her slave collar would have been. “… with our bond, I know I can trust you. I know you have the best intentions for me. So, I feel comfortable with you poking around in my mind.

“Just don’t go too deep,” I joked. “I wouldn’t want anything repressed making its way to the surface.”

“Oh, don’t worry Master,” she replied. “I’ll make sure that, whatever information I pull from that wonderful mind of yours, it will only be to help fulfill your fantasies and desires.”

“That’s good to hear. Now, back to my new ability. I assume you know everything that happened?”

Rayna nodded.

“Then what do you think? I know what I did in terms of the results I got, but I’m lost as to how I could do it, or what it means.”

Rayna considered the question seriously. “Well, I suppose that your ultimate skill may have evolved, or you might not have been using it to its full extent prior to that. It’s a meaningful distinction. I couldn’t say if you always had the power and just didn’t think to use it, or if you grew into the power through practice and energy absorption.”

“Well,” I asked, “did anything like that ever happen to you?”

“Mmmm, there’s my smart Master,” she said. “As a matter of fact, I did grow into my Dreamwalker ability. Trust me, I’m a very imaginative girl, and I was always trying to do new things with it. For a long time, I could only enter people’s minds when they were asleep. At some point, though, I managed to enter a few while they were still awake – although not always. The circumstances had to be just right.” She gave a little shrug. “I’m always hoping for another power bump – always pushing. I’ll be sure to let you know if I get one. I’ll be very excited, trust me.”

“Hmmm,” I said. “So maybe the circumstances with my mom were just right, and I can’t do this with anyone, at any time?”

“Maybe,” Rayna said, “but if so, that might be temporary. With more practice and more mana – and maybe with more slaves – you might be able to do it to any of your slaves, and then maybe even anyone at all. On the other hand, you might be able to do that all right now. And then of course there’s the question of whether you’d be able to do it if only you had enough mana, plus enough control not to waste any – but maybe you don’t yet.

“As with anything else,” she said, “practice and experiments. That’s the way forward.”

“And let me guess,” I said. “You’ve never heard of any other supernatural creature being able to do this.”

Rayna chuckled. “Smart and a little cynical,” she said. “Just like a proper demon. The answer is: of course there are creatures who can cast one spell to control minds, and a separate spell to control bodies. What seems to be special about you, Master, is that it’s the same ability. Controlling and changing people’s bodies directly, in ways that you could simply never do just by controlling and changing their minds, seems to just be a more difficult task for the same root power. That really is remarkable.”

“Great, a one-of-a-kind skill, and I have no idea what to name it,” I joked, making it sound like I was complaining. “I thought about calling it Mind Dominance, but that was before I found out I can do the whole body modification thing. Now it’s back to the drawing board!”

I thought Rayna might laugh again, or make a joke, but instead she seemed to be deep in thought. I was a bit surprised by that, and decided to just let her ponder.

“Hmmm, I may have something,” she finally said.

“Wait, really?” I replied. “Oh, well… is it cool?”

“Oh I’m sure you’ll like it. How about: ‘Ultimate Mastery?'”

“‘Ultimate Mastery?'” I echoed, unsure of her suggestion.

“Yes, Ultimate Mastery,” she insisted. “It’s quite apt, but also a play on words. Clearly, your powers are all about being a master to slaves. You can control people’s minds to get them to do your bidding, and even love doing it – love being your slaves, even, knowing that that’s what they are. Now we discover that you can control their bodies, separate and apart from their minds. You can reforge them into new versions of themselves – whatever version is a more perfect slave for you.

“It’s all about taking other beings and making them yours – claiming, conquering, controlling, reshaping. That last one seals the deal, in my opinion. There’s really only one power in the universe greater than being able to reshape things to your will, Master, and that’s the power of creation itself. So, yes, you may not be the ultimate escort bursa creator, but with this power of yours, you could be the ultimate master of all living things, provided you can overpower them, or seduce them. Thus, your power is Ultimate Mastery.”

“Hmm, Unique Skill: Ultimate Mastery.” At first I didn’t like it, but the more I said it, the more I did.

“Okay, I think that is a fitting name,” I said. “From now on, my unique skill is called ‘Ultimate Mastery.” Once I said that, I felt a shift inside me, as if my power was solidifying, and becoming what it was meant to be. It was an indescribable feeling, but I suddenly knew that the unique skill that I had just named would be called that until the end of time, and there was nothing in the world that could change it – possibly not even God himself.

“Ah,” Rayna said. “You felt it, just now: your power stirring inside you. It was the same with me when I named my unique skill. It is as if the universe had to hear your call, and it has accepted your request. That, I think, Master, is worthy of a celebration!”

With a wave of a hand, a bed materialized where my white meditation block had just been. In the dreamscape, Rayna was queen, or at least she would have been in any normal human’s mind. With me as her Master and the special bond we had, our relationship was a tantalizing stalemate. She could control my dreams, but I could exercise my power – my Ultimate Mastery – upon her in turn.

“Now Master, let’s see what else you picked up from my expert tutelage.” She giggled as she jumped on the bed and spread her legs, offering me her peach, wet and glistening with her juices. I knew what she wanted, and I didn’t hesitate to dive right in. I ate her pussy out just the way she’d taught me. Rayna wouldn’t have been Rayna if she hadn’t used the dreamscape for more than one kind of training. She was also teaching me how to please a woman, and that included pleasing them without using any of my special powers. We both knew that that was basically impossible; if nothing else, my sixth sexual sense would always give me an unfair advantage in knowing what any given woman wanted, and how I was doing with them moment-to-moment. Still, I agreed with her general philosophy: mastering the mortal basics would make me a better lover overall.

“Fuck, fuck, FUck, FUCKKKK!” Rayna screamed out as I ate her through another orgasm, making sure to change up my technique just enough to let her enjoy it without totally overloading. There was a time to attack, and a time to just let the woman bask in the euphoria of the experience. Plus, seeing a beautiful woman’s body tremble was arousing – almost as arousing as those smoldering eyes that were filled with lust gazing at me once she caught her breath. Since Rayna was a succubus, though, I barely had to hold back at all, and not for very long – but that just made the training more about precision and nuance.

“Fuck, you are a natural,” she purred. “If you didn’t have your demon powers, you still wouldn’t have a problem satisfying a woman – at least not with that tongue of yours.”

“I’m glad that I can impress a succubus,” I said, wiping away her juices from my face. While it was still a dream, her taste, her smell, and even the way her skin felt seemed totally real to me. That was the true power of her skill: making her victim’s dream feel real. It made me shudder to think of the poor sap who pissed her off enough to earn a nightmare.

“You, Master, are always impressing me,” she said. She guided me onto my back, as it was my turn to get serviced, but then something weird started to happen. A wave of endorphins started to overtake me, and I felt an unusual wetness and pressure around my cock.

“What… what is going on?” I asked. I started to moan as the pressure around my cock grew in intensity.

“What are you doing?” I asked, but one look on her face told me that it wasn’t her. The sensation I was feeling wasn’t unknown to me; it felt like I was getting a blowjob, but obviously there were no lips or saliva around my cock. Just when I was about to voice more concern, Rayna’s eyes went wide, followed by a huge grin appearing on her face.

“I’ll be right back, Master,” she said, placing a quick peck on my nose before she turned into black vapor. I didn’t know how long she was gone. It could have been a minute, or it could have been several, but she returned wearing a grin that was even wider.

“I must say, Master, you trained your mother quite well,” she said, sliding her now-nude body right next to me, lazily moving her finger all over my equally bare form.

“What? Hmmm. What do you mean?” I was trying to stifle my groans enough to speak, but it was getting difficult. The sensations were exquisite.

“Well it would seem all the naughty stuff we’ve been doing in here has made a certain something wake up from its slumber,” she said, leaving the innuendo in the air. “Of course, this stirred your lovely mother from her slumber as well, and, not wanting her precious son to not suffer blue balls, she decided to relieve your stress – doing so in a way that only a lovely, and devoted slave would.” She smiled as drew closer to me. Then, before I could say anything, she swung her legs over mine, straddling my waist, my cock now pressed against her midriff.

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