The Afternoon

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“Pat,” Ann called out as she sashayed down to the sliding glass doors leading to the backyard pool and patio. “Are you done yet?” The thin translucent white dress that fell to mid-thigh hugged her wide hips, small waist, slightly saggy breasts, and long legs. She never wore a bra or footwear at home, the spaghetti straps of her dress doing a poor job of restraining the weight of her heavy breasts, showing the dark of her large brown nipples. A slight breeze blew through the wire mesh door making the humidity and upper 80’s of the poolside bearable. His towel lay spread on the pool deck and the still smoldering stub lay in the ashtray, tempting Ann to step onto the pool deck and soak the sun.

“Hmmm,” she murmured while shaking her head as she turned back into the house and crossed the traditional themed living room with floral chintz and woven trellis motifs. The only child of wealthy parents, she had inherited a large 5-bedroom colonial in the suburbs, an ocean-side cottage in the South, a food and hospitality business, and some investments after they passed away ten years ago in an air crash near Acapulco. Her parents had supported every decision of hers, including that of becoming a mother after a teenage indiscretion on a European trip. Their death would have been exceptionally hard on her had it not been for the object of her affections, her son Pat. Who was now 19 years old and she loved him more with each passing day.

“Pat,” she called out again climbing up the stairs to his den on the second floor. She had seen him smoke the joint while spread out on the towel not more than 15 minutes ago and it was weird that the house had suddenly gone very quiet. The “den” was two self-contained rooms with a plasma screen, game console and corner sofa in a large room, and a refrigerator and twin bed in the smaller attached room. This was his refuge whenever he was in one of his “need my space” moments. It would not be long before she would follow him there to beg, beseech, and cajole him to come downstairs by promising him whatever he wanted. He had a mind of his own since a very early age, and at the end of any disagreement she always gave in to whatever he wanted.

Ann smiled as she caught a look of the boy passed out on the twin bed. He still had the swimming trunks on and they had made the bed covers wet. She stood transfixed in the doorway drinking in the handsomeness that she was so hopelessly in love with. A splitting replica of his father, his tanned torso augmented the dark of his eyes and hair. The long eyelashes lay drooped over his fine boned cheeks, and his small lips were twisted into that faint smile that made her go weak in the knees. She found herself out of breath as she fought being overwhelmed by the onslaught of love for him.

She softly murmured his name again as she knelt beside the bed and ran her French manicured fingers through his still damp hair. “Honey, we need to get these trunks off”. To be in love with this male in every way possible seemed so correct and so true that she did not even try to fight off the rush tingling her inner thighs and breasts while drinking him in. She pressed her burning lips to his warm forehead, smelt the faint smell of his Burberry cologne, and felt her pussy lips moisten up. She kissed his cheek, pressing her lips onto his soft stubble. She stopped, drank him in a little more, izmir escort bayan and then kissed the corner of his mouth. She cupped his chin into her soft hands and pulled his head gently towards her. He mumbled a feeble protest, and then obeyed her. Her body ached with love for him – a soft, caring, shielding, possessing kind of love. She pressed her mouth against his, and her tongue slid into his mouth teasing it in the soft, warm, and innocent way that only a mother can.

“Maa,” he managed to gasp in his stoned state as he tasted the familiar strawberry lip gloss. “Let me sleep.” he whimpered as she tenderly sucked his tongue and lips, and flicked her tongue inside his mouth. Out of breath she lay her cheek against his chest and drank in the shape of his boyish shoulders and face. She traced her fingers along his jawline, continuing down to his chest. She sighed and kissed his temple, moved to his mouth and chest. Her skin and nerves were aflame all the way to the bone as she caressed his chest and stomach reaching down to his wet trunks.

She slid her hand into his trunks and found his cock to be as asleep as his master. She gently tugged his trunks down to his knees and slid them off. The familiar musky smell of his sex hit her nostrils. For a long time she had thought that smell to be one of his cologne, but over time she realized that it was his sexual smell. She would smell his soiled boxers for hours whenever he was not home to get her daily quota of that maddeningly addictive smell.

She slid her hands on his thighs careful to not tickle him. She began kissing his thighs from the knee up and buried her nose in his pubes. Without touching it with her hands, she gently took the tip of his cock in her mouth and circled it with her tongue, feeling the growing stiffness with every touch. She took it out and buried her nose again in his pubes, she could not get enough. She then stroked the half stiffened cock with her hands as she gently kissed in the inner most spot of his thighs. She continued to kiss his legs all the way down to his toes, she then took each toe into her mouth and gently sucked, she kissed the bottoms of his feet and made her way back up, she kissed his knees and then his thighs, she kissed his stomach then lowered to his crotch, she then let her nose guide her down to his cock, she held it gently and lifted it to her mouth, she started to suck gently and slowly he got harder, as she continued to suck and lick the entirety of his cock and balls she began to feel a hand caressing her head.

He stood and started to sway in and out, getting aroused by the situation, she gave her sucking more enthusiasm, sucking harder and harder as he swayed in and out. She sucked until he could not control it any longer and grabbed her head, pushing her all the way in, she smelled his smell with such desire, as he unloaded himself into her mouth. He helped her rise and gave her a kiss, telling his mommy how much he loved her.

Long gone were her thoughts of not touching her son, that it was wrong, she only knew that moment and that love. She had not fucked her son yet and she was desiring not only from her pussy but from deep inside her uterus. She needed him.

She went to the kitchen to make his lunch like any other normal day, she loved serving her son whether it was in the kitchen or in the bedroom. She could escort izmir not grasp how anything that felt so right could be thought of as wrong to many in the world. What mother would not want to give everything for her son? She loved him with all her heart and desired everything about him.

After lunch was over Pat told her he wanted to have dinner and have drinks. She said that sounded great. She told him she had to go get groceries and she would be back in plenty of time to prepare for dinner.

Ann drove to the local grocery store and got all Pat’s favorites and decided to get her hair done. She slipped into the seat at the salon, the whole time the lady was talking about her daily customers and how busy she was and all Ann could think about was pleasing Pat, how happy he would be to see her nails.

On the way home she passed by the Calvin Klein store, she thought why not and purchased Pat a new pair of boxers, she loved buying him presents and anyone would think he would be a brat for being so spoiled and maybe he was in some ways, but he did love his mommy very much and Ann knew that.

She arrived home after some time and walked into the lights being dimmed. She called out “Pat”, he came to the entrance and gave her a kiss and told her to go take a shower and change, he had laid her clothes out for her.

She handed him the shorts she purchased and he gave her a big hug and said “thanks mom, I will put them on right now”. She proceeded first to the kitchen as Pat told her no, she protested and said she should start dinner first but Pat told her firmly “I said go, take a shower and change”, she did as she was told.

She entered her bathroom and stripped her clothes off, as she stepped in the shower she had the biggest smile on her face, to think her son just wanted to spend time with her. She was excited and ecstatic. As she left the bathroom she noticed and dark red dress and red panties and bra laid across the bed, knowing this dress was a little tight she was a bit hesitant, but Pat picked it out and she obeyed, she curled her hair and applied her makeup, looking in the mirror she could see all her curves and her breasts could barely contain themselves.

She walked into the dining room to see Pat sitting at the table with dinner prepared by candlelight, she asked him how he did it, he told her that was for him to know.

Pat poured them each a glass of wine and they began their dinner, they talked about their activities outside of the house, Ann suggested they go on a trip soon, they have not vacationed in some time and wanted him to see the world. She suggested the Maldives as they have not been there before and she heard it was a sight that had to be seen.

Pat suggested they sit in the hot tub, Ann poured more wine as Pat took off his clothes and entered the hot tub, Ann was a little more hesitant as they have done so much Pat still had not seen her completely naked, she had stretch marks from giving birth and her breasts hung, all this could be made to look slightly better with clothes. Pat told her to take her clothes off but she still just stood there staring blankly, he got out of the tub and came over, he gave her a kiss on the cheek and said “mommy I love you so much”, he undid her zipper and slid her dress down, he looked up and down her and leaned down and kissed her belly izmir escort as she stroked his head. He then proceeded to take her hand and lead her to the tub, they both entered, him nude and her in her bra and panties.

Pat proceeded to tell her how beautiful she was, which she replied that you say that because you are my son, he told her no, that he really thought so. Ann reached for their wine behind her and lifted her glass to toast, “to our family, may we always be as happy as we can be”, Pat just replied “agreed”.

They sat in the tub and enjoyed the relaxing jets as they laughed and talked about life. Before they knew it 3 bottles of wine were gone. Ann staggered out of the hot tub as Pat grabbed her hand to help her, she said sorry my beautiful baby boy, but mommy is done, tired, Pat replied it was ok to go to bed and he would sit some time.

Ann was drunk and feeling good, she entered her room and threw her bra and panties off and slid into the bed, Pat usually slept in his own room when drunk (except when watching movies) so she decided it was ok to sleep in the nude. Before her head barely hit the pillow, she was out.

Ann was sleeping and she was unsure if it was the wine but her dreams seemed very vivid. Her legs were spread and her pussy was getting licked, but it was so pleasurable, it was being done with so much love and passion for her pussy, she could not see who was licking her pussy, she could only concentrate on the pleasure. The giver was kissing her thighs, licking her pussy top to bottom, taking care around her clit. She was close to orgasm. As the pressure built, she realized this could not be a dream, this was so real, so exciting, she opened her eyes just as she orgasmed all over Pat’s mouth.

He looked up with a smiled as she stroked his head, he kissed his way up her body, taking attention to every curve. He told her he could not have enough of her, she smiled with pleasure. He took her nipple into his mouth and sucked just as he did as a child, Ann moaned with pleasure. He made sure he gave the other nipple just as much attention.

He kissed her neck and as he moved to kiss her on her lips Ann felt his thick cock touching the entrance of her pussy, at that moment she did not care about anything but the love between mother and son. She gentle moved her hands down his back, she grabbed his ass with one hand and with the other took his cock and guided it into her pussy. She winced as it entered, it had been so long since she had been fucked and he had a thick cock. It did not take long for the pain to turn to passion. She screamed out with pleasure, “Yes, Yes, Yes, fuck me, fuck me honey, I need it, please give it to me”, Pat looked up at her and could only give her what she desperately needed. He slowly made love to her, she felt every inch of his cock as it slid in and out of her, dripping with pleasure she orgasmed over and over again. She kissed his forehead, stroked his head, told him how she loved him. She then kissed him on the lips and told him to cum inside of her, she needed his cum in her pussy. Again Pat looked at her and knew when his mommy asked, never mind begged, he could not refuse. He pushed his thick member into her one last time and released his cum inside of her. He then lay his head on her shoulders and rested, Ann hugged him as tightly as possible, his limp cock was still laying inside of her and she could orgasm again with just that. They lay in each other’s arms for some time, then turned over and cuddled, Pat rested his head on the pillow and said “I love you mommy” as Ann replied “I love you too”.

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