The Amazon Rainforest Part-1

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The Rainforest Part-1

1.01 Rain Forest Vacation:
1.02 The Amazon village:
1.03 The Clearing and Preparation:

2.01 Allen, Plant, Shemale Preparation:
2.02 Allen, Plant, Breast Growth:
2.03 Allen, Plant, Urethra, Prostate Enhancement:
2.04 Allen, Plant, Urethra, Erection Enhancement:
2.05 Allen, Plant, Rectal Enhancement:
2.06 Allen, Plant, Feminization:
2.07 Allen, Daniel, Shemale Mating:

3.01 Sean, Enhancement Preparation:
3.02 Sean, Gel, Preparation:
3.03 Sean, Gel, First Ejaculation:
3.04 Sean, Gel, Nipple Enhancement:
3.05 Sean, Gel, Urethra, Prostate Enhancement:
3.06 Sean, Gel, Urethra, Erection Enhancement:
3.07 Sean, Gel, Testing and Conditioning:

4.01 Sara, Enhancement Preparation:
4.02 Sara, Gel, Preparation:
4.03 Sara, Gel, First Orgasm:
4.04 Sara, Gel, Breast Enhancement:
4.05 Sara, Gel, Clitoris Enhancement:
4.06 Sara, Gel, Vaginal Enhancement:
4.07 Sara, Gel, Vaginal Testing:
4.08 Sean and Sara, Sibling Mating:

The Rainforest Part-2

5.01 John, Plant, Hermaphrodite Preparation:
5.02 John, Plant, First Ejaculation:
5.03 John, Plant, Breast Growth:
5.04 John, Plant, Urethra, Prostate Enhancement:
5.05 John, Plant, Urethra, Female Sexuality:
5.06 John, Plant, Urethra, Erection Enhancement:
5.07 John, Plant, Vaginal Enhancement:
5.08 John, Plant, Hermaphrodite Conditioning:
5.09 John and Cali, Deep Throat:
5.10 John and Cali, Hermaphrodite Mating:

6.01 Diana, Plant, Hermaphrodite Preparation:
6.02 Diana, Plant, Induced Orgasm:
6.03 Diana, Plant, Breast Enhancement:
6.04 Diana, Plant, Clitoris to Penis:
6.05 Diana, Plant, Male Prostate Growth:
6.06 Diana, Plant, Urethra Tube, Erection Expansion:
6.07 Diana, Plant, Vaginal Enhancement:
6.08 Diana, Plant, Hermaphrodite Conditioning:
6.09 Diana and Muri, The Meeting of Erections:
6.10 Diana and Muri, Hermaphrodite Mating:

The Rainforest Part-3

7.01 Tyler, Village Justice:
7.02 Tyler, Heifer, Last Ejaculation:
7.03 Tyler, Gel Female Preparation:
7.04 Tyler, Gel, Breast Growth:
7.05 Tyler, Gel, Urethra Tube:
7.06 Tyler, Gel, Loss of Testicles, Female Sexuality:
7.07 Tyler, Gel, Penis to Clitoris:
7.08 Tyler, Gel, Vaginal Enhancement:
7.09 Tyler, Gel, Vaginal testing:
7.10 Tyler, Gel, Feminization:
7.11 Tyler, Canine, Mounting Frame:
7.12 Tyler, Canine, Deep Throat:
7.13 Tyler, Canine, The Mounting:

1.01 Rain Forest Vacation:

For a long time, Allen and Diana had talked about taking a vacation that was new and different. They learned that their two fourteen year old twins, Sean and Sara were going to have classes on the Brazilian Rainforest and decided that’s where their vacation would be. Their neighbor, Allen, had always wanted to see the Rainforest and asked if he could join them.

To save money, Allen decided not to use the normal travel agencies and went on the web to find private boating operators in Manaus. He found one that simply stated,

“Boat available for private tours of the Amazon River.”

It had pictures of the boat and the Rain forest and a email address of Andre, the boats operator. Allen sent Andre an email telling him what he wanted, who would be on the trip with him and the dates for cruise.

The following day, Allen he received an email. It was very official looking, stating that the boat was available for the time frame he requested and reminded him that everyone must have their vaccinations and legal documents. The cost was one third of a travel agency and Allen agreed to accept it.

Five weeks later, with cameras at the ready, the group boarded the boat, for a four day tour of the Amazon River. It was everything they expected and on the second day, Andre asked them if they wanted to stop by a village where they could learn more about the daily living and customs of the Amazon people. They all thought that would be a great idea and the boat turned into a tributary and an hour later it was anchored in front of a path that led into the forest. The boat’s ramp was extended to the path and everyone followed Andre.

1.02 The Amazon village:

Unknown to the group, the village was expecting them. Andre had contacted the Tribal Leader and told him that he would bring five white ‘westerners’, three males and two females.

As they entered the village, a sense of uneasiness filled Allen’s and Diana’s minds when they saw that the villagers were all naked and hairless below their shoulders. Unlike pictures they had seen, the women were curvaceous and the men were well endowed. Allen’s apprehensions grew stronger when saw that some of the tanned villagers looked ‘western’ with Hermaphrodite or Shemale bodies. It wasn’t long before the rest saw what Allen was seeing. Diana told Andre that their visit here would be short and wanted to return to the boat as soon a possible.

They were greeted by the Tribal Leader who took them on a tour of the village and Andre interpreted what the leader was saying. As they walked, the villagers smiled at them and some tugged on their clothing. They neared a log table that had an abundance of fruits and juices on it and Andre said,

The leader sat down and motioned for the group to join him. Through Andre, a conversation was started and soon the uneasiness of the group subsided and they started to enjoy the fruits and the juices. In about fifteen minutes, John commented on how good it all tasted and Andre said that it was the village prepared it just for them.

The thoughts of Allen and John were the same, how did the village know they were coming?

Both tried to stand up but felt light headed. The effects of the fruits and juices were having the same results on Diana. The eyes of Sara and Sean were staring blankly in front of them as though they were in a trance.

Andre and the Tribal Leader stood up and the leader said,

“We will wait a few more minutes to make sure the drugs are in full effect.”

The John and Diana heard them talking to each other and a feeling of dread filled their minds.

The Tribal Leader told Andre that the group of five would meet the village’s requirements. The single male would become a Shemale and a mate for a village Shemale. The two teens would be enhanced and integrated with the village’s teens. The adult parents would become Hermaphrodites and be shared with a neighboring village.

Each were becoming docile and submissive without losing their awareness of what was happening around them. They felt hands from their ‘escorts’ lifting them up onto their feet and all allowed themselves to be ‘walked’ toward a path that led them into a large clearing.

1.03 The Clearing and Preparation:

Near the back of the clearing was a hut and two men stood on either side of the doorway, as if guarding the entrance. A large pool, fed by warm water springs was in front of the hut and to the right of the pool, was a newly dug, twenty foot long trench, one foot wide by two feet deep.

In the center of the clearing was a five foot circle of dark earth. To the left was a wooden structure which resembled a single swing set. Instead of a swing, a Harness was attached to upper support beam and a rope and pulley system could raise or lower the Harness. Side ropes were used to prevent movement when in use. To the circle’s right side lay a raised, fur covered platform with a removable support rail. On each side of the structure and the circle were three pairs of poles, four feet apart with restraining straps.

In front, fur mats lay on the ground for the villagers to sit on while they watched the transformation performances.

The escorts walked the group toward the pool where a dozen mid teen, naked girls and boys along with two attending adults were waiting for them. As they looked at the teens, Allen, John, Diana and couldn’t understand why feelings of arousal were creeping into their bodies. It was especially confusing to Sean and Sara who had only seen themselves naked. Along the edge of the pool were small jugs filled with a depilatory extracted from a plant found in the Amazon.

When they reached the pool Andre told them to remove their clothes. There was a fleeting moment of reluctance from the adults but soon all were standing naked around the pool. The girls, working in pairs approached Allen, John and Sean with small jugs of depilatory and soft cloths. The boys were assigned to Diana and Sara. The young, expert hands applied and massaged the silky liquid onto their bodies, targeting all the hair that they could find, from arms to chests, to thighs and legs, paying particular attention to the junctions of their thighs. It wasn’t long before the hands went from applying to arousing and the teens smiled when they saw penises become erect, nipples become stiff and clitorises protruding from hoods. As the depilatory began dissolving the hair, exquisite popping sensations flooded their bodies and the attending adults also smiled when they saw the males clenching their fists and the deep blushes that were filling the female’s faces.

They were led into the warm waters of the pool and soft sighs and low moans could be heard as the hands used the soft cloths to clean away the depilatory.

The hair removal session was completed and the group was led toward the trench. Andre told each of them to straddle the trench with their legs spread apart and each submissively did as they were told. They were then given a cup of liquid and told to drink it all down. Within thirty seconds all were hunched down and groaning as their lower bowels were purged. The humiliated group was then led back to pool where they were cleaned.

Andre knew the effects of drugs were about wear off and had the escorts take them to the pairs of poles while they were still docile and submissive. The males were taken to the right side of the wooden structure and the females to the left side of the earthen circle. They faced each other as their wrists and ankles were secured to the poles, putting them into a spread eagled standing position.

As the drugs left their bodies, they became more aware of the situation and began struggling within their restraints. They saw each other’s nakedness and some cried out and others began sobbing. Their fears escalated then they saw the villagers began walking into the clearing and sit down on the fur mats, smiling and pointing their hands at them.

2.01 Allen, Plant, Shemale Preparation:

All saw the Medicine Man walk to the circle of earth and dig a hole in the enter of the it. He then removed a large seed from one of jugs which he put into the hole and covered it up. He picked up a jug of liquid and poured it over the covered seed. When all was ready, he stood up and pointed at Allen. An jolt of fear rushed into Allen’s mind when he saw two men walking toward him. The men undid his restraints and ‘walked’ a trembling Allen to the circle until he stood in front of it with his back facing toward the villagers.

In a few seconds, several green shoots began sprouting up from the center of the container. Allen watched nervously as the shoots grew taller and thicker. As they grew, he saw branches forming with leaf-like buds, small tulip-like flowers and long stamens. The higher it grew, the thicker the plant and its appendages became. When it reached a height of four feet, its leaves and branches extended beyond the rim of the earthen circle. At six feet, some of the leaves, stems and stamens had turned from green to a clear, transparent color. The stamens varied from five inches to eight inches and seemed to pulse as they oozed a clear liquid causing them to glisten in the light. The massive plant soon reached its height of ten feet.

Allen saw all of the plants flowers and stamens begin to weave back and forth, coming close to each other then slowly drifting apart. His mind succumbed to their intimate dance as small droplets of nectar formed on the end the ends of the thick stamens and the tulip shaped flowers began opening and closing.

He watched transfixed at the wonderful display and his need to feel its embrace grew stronger with every passing second. The Plant began to extend its soft stems toward him as though it were beckoning him to come closer.

The villagers now saw a relaxed Allen walking slowly toward the Plant. A few leafy stems reached out and began caressing his shoulders and hips. Allen closed his eyes and sighed as more of the stem’s soft tips caressed and massaged his skin. Allen was slowly pulled inward toward the Plant’s withering foliage and his heart raced as more stems extended outward, wrapping themselves around his arms, chest, thighs and legs. He felt himself being turned around so faced the villagers and eyes conveyed a mix of emotions, ranging from apprehension to sense of well-being. He felt the Plant pulling him back toward its dense foliage and closed his eyes and sighed when the stem’s soft tips crept onto each of his areolas with a gentle caressing action and his nipples began to stiffen as the tips pressed and swirled around the tingling buds.

Pressure was applied to his lower legs and Allen felt them being lifted and then bent at the knees as he was put into a sitting position. At the same time his arms were lifted slightly outward from his body. He looked nervously at his audience and then a small gasp escaped his open mouth when he saw and felt his bent legs being spread apart. The villagers smiled when they saw Allen’s flaccid penis and testicles slipping down between his spreading thighs.

It had taken the plant less than minute to secure Allen’s body. The two men left Allen and stood by the medicine man.

As Allen looked down between his bent and spread thighs he saw a large, clear leaf unfolding below his testicles. The leaf moved upward lifting his testicles and forming a silky pouch around them. A surprised gasp was heard as his balls were massaged and the exquisite sensations flowed into tingling penis causing it to stir. The silky pouch secreted an arousal inducer and the gasp turned into a moan as his stirring penis soared to full erection.

Through dazed eyes, Allen saw a clear leaf extending upward from between his thighs. It was a cylindrical in shape, flexible and lined with ribs. As it rose upward, it’s slick warmness pressed against the sensitive underside of his vertical erection. A long slit opened up along its length and Allen gasped as supporting stems manipulated his erection into a warm, moist, satiny sheath. Allen’s breath came in quick pants as the sheath began to squeeze and massage his engorged member.

Two clear, transparent leaves blossomed from the stems that were encircling his chest and formed over his areolas with an exquisite massaging action. Within each leaf small depressions formed into suckling ‘mouths’ which descended onto each of his stiffening nipples. Allen moaned again as exquisite sensations flooded his chest, he never thought that his nipples could be a source of pleasure.

Allen’s nipples, erection and testicles were now under control of the Plant. His mind and body were trying to cope with all the sensations that his captive body was giving him.

2.02 Allen, Plant, Breast Growth:

The Plant let Allen rest for moments while he savored the glow that radiated throughout his body. The satiny leaves that were massaging and suckling on his areolas and nipples now secreted their growth chemicals which were quickly by his skin. He felt a firmness developing within each breast area and the tingling sensations intensified on his stiff nipples. Allen looked down and his eyes opened wide when he saw the clear leaves forming into pouches around his expanding breasts. A sense of shock and excitement gripped his mind and his breathing quickened as he shifted his forming breasts into the Plant’s kneading and suckling pouches.

NIPPLES: 5/16″

As his breasts grew, his nipples became more sensitive to the suckling ‘mouths’ and Allen was now thrusting his firm breasts and erect tingly nipples into the Plant’s kneading and massaging pouches, moaning as the ripples of pleasure flowed across his chest.


Allen’s breasts ached and his new excited nipples felt as though they were going to explode.

NIPPLES: 7/16″

Allen’s breasts had now reached their targeted size and he thrust his breasts excitedly into the Plant’s kneading pouches and their suckling ‘mouths’.

The Plant’s pouches slowed their assault to a low level ‘purring’ and Allen lay panting within the Plant’s soft restraints, savoring the wonderful feelings.

2.03 Allen, Plant, Urethra, Prostate Enhancement:

Suddenly he felt a tightness grip his erection. He looked down and saw the ‘mouth’ of the Plant’s clear vaginal sheath curl down over his thick gland to its circumcision ring.

A clear, thin, tube-like stem rose up from the Plant’s foliage between his spread thighs. It arched upward and then dipped downward so it was centered above the oozing opening to his urethra. It was a 1/4 inch thick, flexible and hollow. A warm lubricant dripped onto the tingly head of his member and mixed with his slick precum. The lubricant contained the required chemicals for his prostate and penis growth. Allen’s eyes opened wide with apprehension when saw two smaller stems within main tube and tried to move his member away from the dripping opening but his erection was held firmly by the Plant’s vaginal sheath.

Slowly the tube descended into the slick urethra opening.

Allen watched with apprehensive eyes as the tube sank slowly into his hardness. His fears were quickly erased as ripples of pleasure saturated his erection as the tube slithered deeper into his urethra. Soon it reached the two valves that controlled the injection of his semen and sperm into the urethra. A chemical was released that opened both valves and the two stems moved through them. One made its way into the tissues of his prostate and the other slipped downward into his testicles. Waves of euphoria bathed the center of Allen’s sexual being when the stems reached their targets.

The stem that entered Allen’s prostate released its enhancing chemicals. His semen production would be four times that of a normal male. The multiple ejaculant streams would be two to three seconds in duration and his sexual recovery or rejuvenation would be rapid, immediate if stimulation was still present. The chemicals spread into his seminal vesicle applied the same enhancements.

The stem that entered his testicles injected its enhancing and growth chemicals and Allen moaned as a wonderful warmth filled his balls. They expanded quickly and he felt a new delicious heaviness encased within the Plant’s silky, massaging pouch.

As the stems withdrew, they oozed a chemical, causing the sexual ducts and valves to be enlarged, permitting larger volumes of semen and sperm to be discharged into the urethra. The valves were closed and the tube returned to the base of Allen’s erection.

2.04 Allen, Plant, Urethra, Erection Enhancement:

Again Allen felt another flood of warmth, spread throughout his loins. The main tube-like stem now started secreting a chemical that would enhance his erection. Allen gasped and threw back his head as jolts of joy radiated outward from inside his straining hardness.

An incredible antsy feeling swept the entire length of his erection. His hips thrashed wildly trying to get more of the ecstatic feelings as his throbbing manhood began to feel heavier and longer.


ERECTION: 4.50″ x 1.25″ .. 5.00″ x 1.25″ .. 5.50″ x 1.25″

Each growth spurt pushed Allen and his excited drooling gland up a notch on his arousal ladder. As his erection expanded the Plant’s vagina-like sheath had more hard flesh to work on.

ERECTION: 6.00″ x 1.50″ .. 6.50″ x 1.50″ .. 7.00″ x 1.50″

Allen screeched as his hard member came nearer to its target size. The clenching sheath began to match his thrusts with its own counter thrusts.

ERECTION: 7.50″ x 1.75″ .. 7.75″ x 1.75″

Allen’s new erection had reached its targeted size.

His heavy, bloated balls ached and churned within the massaging testicle pouch and he thrust upward moaning and gasping as an urgent need to ejaculate filled his mind but the Plant kept his orgasm on hold. The urethra tube slipped out of the glistening gland and the sheath closed back over the head of his erection.

Allen looked down and saw his new, long, thick manhood. His eyes opened wide with excitement as his massive erection throbbed before his dazed eyes. His fears were temporarily pushed to the back of his mind as looked at an erection that he had always wanted.

2.05 Allen, Plant, Rectal Enhancement:

The Plant let Allen rest for a few moments as he savored the sight of the granite like pillar that was twitching between thighs. Unseen by Allen, a stem was rising up from the foliage below him. The end of the stem formed into an 4″ x .5″ stamen, expandable to 8″ x 2″ and its thick rounded tip glistened with a clear liquid. Suddenly, Allen’s eyes opened wide when felt the warm thickness moving between the cheeks of his buttocks and frantically shifted his hips in a futile attempt to stop its advancement.

“No bursa escort .. no .. not there .. Please .. not there ..”

The villagers just smiled as they watched his useless struggles.

His squirming and pleas abruptly halted when the thick end snuggled against his anal opening and he felt a warm, thick liquid oozing into his anal lips and a wonderful warmth seeped into his rectum. His tight sphincter muscle loosened as the warmth became ripples of pleasure. His anal lips began to tingle and an unwanted need filled his rectal sheath.

The flexing tip increased its pressure and his sphincter muscle stretched over the advancing stamen. He gasped as the stamen slipped inward twisting and turning, filling his mind with sensations that he had not felt before. He unconsciously began a grinding action and his squirming hips aided the entry of the four inch stamen as it disappeared into his rectal sheath.

Suddenly, his hips bucked into the air, and a loud gasp escaped his lips. The head of the Plant’s stamen had made contact with his prostate and an unexpected jolt of joy shot across his loins and into throbbing member. The head of the stamen flattened and began an ecstatic stroking action over the sensitive tissues. His eyes flew open as a new set of sensations gripped his loins and he began moaning and panting as his prostate and erection throbbed in sync with each other.

The stamen’s slow, soft massaging motion was constant and never faltered. Within 30 seconds small explosions of ecstasy ricocheted across his loins. Allen’s mind reeled as he began to experience internal orgasms that only a female could relate to and he flexed his engorged erection in a frantic attempt to ejaculate. The Plant’s ‘mouth’ on the excited head of his erection ballooned as he began drooling copious amount of preseminal fluid.

The stamen stopped its ecstatic actions on Allen’s prostate and slithered deeper into his rectal sheath, expanding to 8″ x 1″ and began secreting its enhancing chemicals. A whole new set of sensations gripped his rectal sheath as the Plant’s secretions added the sexual sensitivity of a female’s vagina to eight inches of his rectal sheath, including anal opening. As the complex network of sexual nerve endings were added, Allen moaned as his rectal sheath began to ecstatically clench around the deeply embedded stamen.

The Plant had completed its enhancement of Allen’s rectal sheath and withdrew its stamen from his body. A confused Allen moaned in frustration as the stamen left his body and moaned as the wonderful fullness slipped past his stretched anal lips. His ‘womanhood’ returned to its normal state and would reform only when anal contact made by a another male or Shemale.

2.06 Allen, Plant, Feminization:

As he sat there, his heavy pants slowly subsided. The Plant released its final set of transformation chemicals. Allen suddenly stiffened as another set of cramps rippled across his body. His ‘male’ muscle tone began to soften and his chest, hips and thighs became more curvaceous to match his new and enhanced body frame.

His facial hair disappeared and his facial features became distinctly feminine, along with his voice. Slowly the cramps subsided and he basked in the glow of his new sexuality.

The Plant’s pouches withdrew from his breasts and the rippling sheath slipped away from his softening erection. The silky pouch holding his testicles opened up and his heavy balls swayed between his spread thighs.

Allen is now a submissive Shemale and a villager.

Diana and John looked at their next door neighbor with stunned disbelief and couldn’t believe what they had just witnessed and wondered what was going to happen to them. Despite their feelings, there was something about seeing Allen’s Shemale body that made them more aware of their own bodies. John saw the incredible erection that Allen was given and Diana saw his firm breasts, something that she had always wanted.

Allen saw Andre walking toward him as the Plant put him into a standing position. While Andre supported him on wobbly legs, he saw the villagers smiling at him and he returned their smiles. The Plant began to writher and collapse onto the earthen circle. Two men came forward and pulled the dead foliage away and prepared the circle for its next use.

Andre waved at someone in the audience and Allen saw a young man .. a Shemale, standup and come toward him.

Andre whispered to Allen,

“He is a ‘westerner’ and has been with us for over a year. We call him Daniel and he will be your companion and will teach you our customs and language.”

Allen’s heart beat faster when he saw the curvaceousness Shemale coming nearer and nearer to him. He saw firm breasts and an incredible genital package between his thighs. A smiling Daniel stood in front of Allen and without any preliminaries, reached out and put his hands on Allen’s face and kissed him. Allen’s mind was flooded with new sensations as he was kissed for the first time and he moaned into Daniel’s mouth as he returned the passionate kiss. He couldn’t stop his penis from rising .. and he didn’t want to. The moan turned into a groan when he felt Daniel’s erection rising up between their bodies and throb against his straining manhood.

Daniel broke the kiss and each looked at the other’s aroused nakedness. Allen felt Daniel take his hand lead him to the fur lined platform and its raised support rail.

2.07 Allen, Daniel, Shemale Mating:

When they reached the platform, Daniel drew Allen in closer to him and Allen breath came in quick pants as he felt breasts pressing against his breasts and nipples teasing his nipples. He closed when he felt the soft touch of Daniel’s lips and then felt a warm moist tongue slipping between his lips into his mouth. Allen muffled moan was heard as Allen was kissed by a male for the second time.

Daniel shifted his hips inward and Allen moaned deeply into Daniel’s mouth when their erections pressed and throbbed against each other. Daniel broke the kiss and began planting light suckling kisses along Allen’s shoulders and neck. His hands reached out and lifted both of Allen’s breasts with a soft kneading action and his fingers slipped onto the rigid nipples with delicious caresses and swirls. Allen moaned and began pushing his breasts into Daniel’s massaging hands. Daniel lifted his suckling mouth from Allen’s shoulders and began a pleasurable trek downward toward Allen’s right breast. The massaging and kneading continued as the suckling mouth neared its target. Allen felt the moist lips inch their way upward over his breast and then he felt Daniel’s moist breath bathe his right nipple and the lips slowly descended onto the engorged bud with a delicious sucking and suckling action. Allen gasped at the new ecstatic contact and his chest heaved upward pushing his breast and excited nipple into Daniel’s devouring mouth.

Daniel’s mouth suckled its way over to Allen’s left breast and the caressing fingers moved away as Daniel’s lips and tongue moved in. Daniel divided his attention to both breasts and nipples. The suckling mouth and massaging hands quickly had Allen moaning and thrusting both breasts into Daniel’s mouth and hands. Daniel lifted his head and smiled at Allen. Through dazed eyes, Allen smiled back at him. His engorged and excited nipples stood out like bullets on his firm mounds.

Daniel’s hands left Allen’s breasts and slipped downward over his abdomen. Allen gasped as one hand lifted his heavy balls and the other wrapped around his engorged manhood with ecstatic squeezes. Suddenly, Daniel stopped and stepped back from the highly aroused Allen who moaned in frustration and his hips jerked his erection into the air.

Daniel took Allen by the hand and guided onto the platform and then into a kneeling position in front of the support rail. Allen’s heart beat faster knowing he was going to have sex with a man for the first time. His nipples got harder, his erection twitched and his anal lips tingled. He looked forward and saw his audience looking at him and he returned their smiles.

Allen looked under his body and saw his heavy balls swaying in between his bent legs and his erection twitched in the air below his abdomen. He saw Daniel being handed a small jug and watched him poured the slick liquid onto his hands and fingers.

A feeling of nervous anticipation spread throughout Allen as Daniel knelt down behind his raised buttocks. He flinched slightly when Daniel’s hands touched his buttocks and begin to massage his hands up and down his inner thighs from his bent knees to his spread cheeks. Daniel smiled at the exposed sight of Allen’s sex and his right hand slipped inward and his fingers caressed Allen’s swelling, pink anal lips. A long gasp was heard and he pressed rearward as his ‘womanhood’ formed. He instinctively spread his knees and his thighs further apart and moaned when Daniel reached around his buttocks and wrapped his other hand around his throbbing erection with ecstatic squeezes and massages.

Daniel leaned up and over Allen’s kneeling body. His hands left Allen’s anus and throbbing member and reached under Allen’s kneeling body. His hands began massaging Allen’s swaying breasts and the fingers pressed and swirled the erect bullet-like nipples in delicious circles. At the same time, Allen felt a long, throbbing mass move onto his inner right thigh and slip upward between the cheeks of his buttocks, pushing them further apart. Allen moaned as the length of Daniel’s thick manhood came to rest over his swollen anal lips. Allen’s mind and body floated in a cloud of swirling pleasures.

Daniel’s mouth began planting exquisite butterfly like kisses on the back of Allen’s neck and shoulders. Allen cooed and mewed as he pushed his tingling anus against the throbbing thickness and shifted his aching breasts into the massaging hands. Daniel slowly and teasingly slipped his erection through the Allen’s flared cheeks, under his bloated heavy testicles and forward along the length of Allen’s straining hardness. Daniel paused a few moments and then repeated the ecstatic sweep again and again.

Allen gasped at the incredible sensations and he began pushing his enflamed sex onto Daniel’s exploring erection.

Allen felt Daniel slipped off his body and kneel down behind his wide spread thighs. He gasped when he felt hands spreading the cheeks of his buttocks and then a tongue slithered around his enflamed anal lips with ecstatic licks and darting probes. Allen, in a reflexive action, hunched upward and pushed his excited ‘womanhood’ rearward onto the exploring mouth and tongue.

Daniel’s tongue nudged inward, withdrew, circled, traced and caressed Allen’s clasping anal entrance in a maddening, ecstatic teasing action. The mounting sensations made Allen buck his hips and squeal in joy as his erection jumped and jerked below his abdomen, the agitated gland drooled with strings of his preseminal fluids. Allen froze when he felt Daniel’s lapping tongue nudge past the eager opening and slip into his sexually enhanced rectal sheath. His mind went ballistic with the ecstatic sensations and his grip on the rail tightened forcefully.

Daniel’s long, swirling tongue drove Allen insane with joy as it slipped in and out of his steamy rectal sheath. It played havoc with his clasping anal lips and then drove back inward to caress the sensitive lining of his rectal sheath. Allen laid his head on the rail gasping and panting and his hips pushed back in ecstatic circles against his male lover. The slick hand relentlessly glided back and forth over his engorged hardness with exquisite massages and squeezes.

Allen could feel his orgasm building rapidly. His rectal sheath began to clench and the thick head of his erection felt as though it was going to explode. Allen felt it start at his toes and move up to his anus, into his straining erection, across his abdomen and then up onto his aching breasts and erect, tingling nipples. Daniel’s tongue lunged into his enflamed passage again and again.

Suddenly, Daniel stopped and pulled back from Allen’s tormented body causing him to scream with denial.

Daniel’s foreplay had ended and he now concentrated on the taking of Allen’s virginity.

Again, Allen felt that wonderful thickness slip against his inner thigh. It was warm, long and pulsed as though it had a heart beat. He looked under his body toward his spread legs. His breath came in a deep gasps when he saw Daniel’s engorged 7.75″ x 1.75″ erection. His rectal sheath clenched rapidly in anticipation and he tried to shift his anus down to it but Daniel teasingly kept moving it away. Daniel slowly slipped his throbbing hardness upward over Allen’s inner thigh toward his eager entrance. Allen moaned as the pulsing hardness ground over his heavy, swaying balls and the head finally nestled into his excited anal lips. Allen’s clasping entrance kissed and caressed his Lover’s thick gland trying to draw it inward.

Allen didn’t move, he couldn’t move. His hands gripped the rail, his kneeling body tensed and his eyes were tightly shut as his mind tried to will Daniel’s manhood to penetrate his enflamed ‘womanhood’.

Daniel’s flexing head nudged past the excited lips and slipped slowly inward. A loud hiss of ecstasy escaped Allen’s wide open mouth as the pulsing thickness burrowed into his virginal rectal sheath. The sensations were not like anything Allen had ever felt before felt or expected. He felt the most incredible stretching of his rectal passage and a wonderful sense of fullness filled his sexual being. The enhanced lining of his rectal passage was exploding with ripples of intense pleasure.


The flexing, thick head nestled onto his excited prostate and Allen squealed in joy. His erection jerked wildly as ecstatic explosions thundered across his body and his mind. Allen wanted more, he begged for more.


Allen gurgled and drooled as Daniel’s engorged erection slipped deeper and deeper into his ‘womanhood’


Allen’s virginity had been taken.

He felt Daniel slowly slide his long, member outward and then slip all the way inward. Then it withdrew part way, flex, wiggle and then lunged deeply back into the depths of Allen’s rectal sheath. Daniel adjusted his position behind Allen’s wide spread thighs. The angle of his penetration changed and the head now pressed against the lower lining of his rectal sheath. The thick gland started a slow back and forth dragging motion until .. something electric bolted throughout Allen’s body. An intense wave of pure joy surged throughout Allen’s rectal sheath and across his loins. The flexing head slipped over his prostate’s excited tissues again and again and Allen screeched in ecstasy.

Daniel now plunged all the way into Allen’s enflamed passage and then pulled back out. Once again it teased Allen’s magic spot. It was incredible. Allen’s mind was overloaded with waves of raw joy. Daniel now started a methodical rhythm to his massive thrusts, sometimes sliding all the way in, filling Allen completely, once, twice, three times, before pulling back and sparking his spasming prostate.

Allen gasped and groaned, unable to fully catch his breath. He lewdly thrust his sex rearward and ground his hips in ecstatic circles. His rectal muscles desperately clenched around his Lover’s thickness in a desperate attempt not to break the ecstatic connection. His highly excited erection jumped and jerked with a sense of urgency below his abdomen. Allen cooed and gurgled as Daniel’s massive erection plundered his needful rectal sheath. Allen’s mind was being saturated with ecstatic waves of joy and ecstasy. His stretching rectal sheath clenched and milked the incredible penetrator that was giving his body so much joy.

Allen was catapulted into an orgasmic frenzy. Daniel had now found all the buttons of his erogenous zones and was now manipulating each of them like a symphony conductor. Allen’s body began lunging back onto Daniel’s thrusting hardness with a sense of urgency. His fists tightened their grip on the rail as his orgasmic wave built higher and higher. All the sensations were melding together and his body felt like a pressure cooker about to explode.

Allen’s hips became blurred as they counter thrusted like a pistoning engine. Suddenly Daniel lunged inward and froze. Allen could feel the gigantic head enter the depths of his sexual being. His eyes flew wide open and he felt his rectal muscles clamp around the swollen and pulsing erection. He felt an ecstatic flood of a warm, liquid pressure, boil and gush into his convulsing rectal sheath. He hissed loudly as his body was gripped with a series of intense ecstatic seizures.

The sensations were mind ripping he gasped and moaned, his hips swung his seething sex madly around Daniel’s erupting, buried erection. His own engorged erection began jerking wildly under his abdomen. Daniel’s ejaculating member unleashed another torrent of hot thick ejaculant. The delicious sensations spread explosively throughout Allen’s stunned body. Bright colors swam in his vision as body spasmed and shook. Allen wailed in orgasmic ecstasy as his dual orgasms were finally unleashed.

His knees shot out wider and he franticly hunched up and down trying to draw his Lover deeper into his spasming sex. A ecstatic pressure built at the base of his erection. It surged upward and stalled deliciously at his hyper- sensitive gland. The liquid joy swirled around the thick crown and then exploded into the air under his body. The first stream of thick semen jettisoned onto the ground in front of the platform. A second, thick stream of semen pulsed its way up his straining erection and flew in the air toward the happy villagers.

The intense orgasmic sensations that saturated his mind and body overloaded Allen’s sensory systems and he lost consciousness. Daniel’s hands grasped Allen’s hips preventing him from slumping downward. He slowly recovered and his body continued to spasm and shake with delicious aftershocks.

Daniel slowly withdrew his softening manhood and Allen moaned as it slipped out of his swollen anus with a loud slurping sound.

A man came forward and lowered the support rail and helped Allen so he was sitting on the edge of the platform. Daniel sat beside him and their slick penises hung over their drained testicles.

Two boys came forward with warm, wet cloths and towels. Allen sighed as his body was cleaned and dried. When the boys left, Daniel helped Allen stand up and led him to his place with the villagers. He glanced at the John, Diana and the twins without any sign of recognition.

It then registered in John’s and Diana’s mind that Allen’s memories had somehow been altered and a sense of hopelessness filled their minds. Overshadowing these feelings was the unexplained need to have their own bodies changed.

3.01 Sean, Enhancement Preparation:

The Medicine Man directed four men to carry two large bowls by their handles to the wooden structure. Within the bowls were Gel life forms, one for male enhancements and the other for female enhancements. The Medicine Man would use the Gel life forms for the enhancement of Sean and Sean which would be less traumatic than the Plant on the mid teens.

With watchful eyes, Diana saw a woman and two men approach Sean. The men undid his restraints and the woman took Sean by the hand and led him to the structure. He looked nervously at his mother as the woman put his feet into the thigh loops and pulled them up onto the center of his thighs. Next, the woman guided Sean’s hands and arms into the shoulders loops and adjusted them onto his shoulders. Two men took in the rope’s slack and Sean felt himself being pulled upward and put into a sitting position. An inch wide support strap was then attached across his back. Two leather loops were pulled over his feet and up to his knees. These were attached to the shoulder loops and adjusted so Sean’s bent legs were pulled back toward his hips and spread apart.

The villagers smiled as Sean’s young sex came into their view. Finally his wrists were attached to straps on the thigh loops preventing him from interfering with the Gel.

The Medicine Man directed the placement of one of the large bowls under Sean’s buttocks and despite the drug, Sean’s nervousness returned when he saw a clear, thick, gelatinous mass squirming in the bowl. The men grasped the supporting rope and a startled Sean felt himself being lowered toward the bowl. The lowering stopped when his buttocks were about an inch above the bowl. The men secured the ropes and stood beside the structure.

A nervous Sean closed his eyes, waiting for something to happen.

3.02 Sean, Gel, Preparation:

Suddenly, Sean heard a low level gurgling sound beneath him and he tensed, shifting his hips when he felt the Gel make contact with his buttocks. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath as the warm thickness flowed onto the spread cheeks of his buttocks and under his bent thighs, secreting a mix of chemicals that would keep him calm and aroused. The Gel flowed between his bent thighs and his anal lips tingled as the warm thickness slipped over it, on its way toward his balls and penis. A soft gasp was heard when Sean felt his testicles slipping into a warm, bursa escort bayan massaging pouch and he sighed as the new sensations rippled into the tingling head of his penis.

The flow of the Gel now reached his penis and his gasp became a soft moan as the Gel flowed onto his small penis, encasing it within a velvety sheath. As it closed around the tube of flesh, the Gel’s sheath began to caress and squeeze his awakening penis. The rippling sheath caused his excited penis to stir and he gasped as his three inch erection strained into the squeezing sheath. He had never felt such sensations and the gasp turned into a moan. Sean would remain erect for the duration of his enhancements.

The Gel moved across his abdomen and up onto his chest area and two small Gel masses formed over each of his areolas. Within each mass, a depression formed into a ‘mouth’ and Sean sighed as each descended onto his nipples with an exquisite suckling action. Another moan escaped his mouth when felt the clear Gel sheath begin manipulating his hardness with an exquisite swirling action which felt as though dozens of small fingers were caressing his excited penis.

The villagers smiled, Diana closed her eyes.

The Gel now had complete control of his body. The men grasped the supporting rope and pulled Sean upward until he was three feet above the bowl, giving his audience full view of his body.

3.03 Sean, Gel, First Ejaculation:

Suddenly, Sean felt a warm, thickness pushing between the cheeks of his buttocks. A wide eyed Sean frantically shifted his hips in an effort to stop the advancing Gel and he froze when its purring thickness nestled onto his anus. The flexing tip secreted a warm liquid that oozed into his tingling anal lips. The tight sphincter muscle relaxed and a euphoric warmth spread around the loosened opening and seeped into his rectal sheath.

He felt the Gel’s probe applying pressure and he sighed as the head slipped through his stretching anal lips and into his rectal passage. A wave of warmth accompanied the thickening probe as it nudged inward, twisting and turning. Sean shut his eyes and savored the new feelings that were spreading across his body. Again, his eyes flew wide open and a loud gasp was heard when the Gel’s probe made contact with his young prostate causing an incredible spasm to ripple across his loins.

The probe’s soft depression intensified its exquisite massaging action and started a slow stroking action over the excited tissues with deliberate pauses. Every time it restarted, Sean’s body was racked with a series of internal jolts joy that he had never felt before.

His body shook and thrashed as small orgasmic waves rippled throughout his rectal area, onto his erection and into his erect, suckled nipples. In a few seconds, all saw the Gel’s clear sheath begin to swell with Sean’s drooling preseminal fluids.

The Gel’s probe lengthened to 6″ x 1″ with deep ridges along its flexing surface. It started a slow thrusting action in and out of Sean’s rectal sheath and he squealed in joy as the pulsing ridges caressed his spasming prostate. At the same time the sheath intensified its massaging actions on his small, but highly excited erection.

The probed began to vary its lunges from fast to slow, all the way in, all the out. The suckling ‘mouths’ on his nipples made them feel like hard bullets, his erection strained into the squeezing sheath and his testicles churned within the massaging pouch. Sean had never masturbated and as the sensations saturated his body, his mind was telling him that something new and wonderful was about to happen.

An incredible pressure was building at the base of his erection and surged up his rigid hardness and seemed to stall at his thick, tingling gland. The liquid joy swirled around the hyper-sensitive gland and then spewed outward, into the waiting ‘mouth’ of the Gel’s vaginal sheath.

Sean froze as orgasmic seizures gripped his body for the first time. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights flashed across his mind and eyes, his toes curled and his hands fisted. He threw his head back and squealed in joy as his body shook with the intense orgasmic shocks from his first ejaculation. The Gel’s vaginal ‘throat’ and ‘mouth’ feasted on Sean’s jettisoning nectar and increased its milking actions, coaxing the spasming prostate to unleash another stream of thick semen.

His mind couldn’t cope with the extreme, first time sensations and his sexual sensory system went into overload and he lost consciousness. The probe released its enhancement chemicals that were quickly absorbed into Sean’s prostate. The chemicals would be activated by the urethra probe which would trigger the enhancing chemicals.

Diana looked with stunned eyes at her son’s ejaculating penis.

3.04 Sean, Gel, Nipple Enhancement:

Suddenly, Sean sighed, shifting his chest back and forth. The Gel masses that were formed over his areolas renewed their kneading and suckling actions. The ‘mouths’ released a growth chemical that would enhance his nipples. Sean moaned as his arousal was rejuvenated and his still hard erection twitched within the sheath’s velvety sheath.

The suckling ‘mouths’ began to deliciously kiss and caress the hard buds and Sean’s sigh turned into low gasps as exquisite tingling sensations flooded each nipple.


NIPPLES: 1/4″ H x 1/4″ D

As his nipples grew, they became more sensitive and Sean began thrusting his excited nipples into nursing ‘mouths’. His body had never felt such sensations and he moaned as the waves of pleasure rippled across his chest.

NIPPLES: 3/8″ H x 5/16″ D

The ecstatic sensations were now merging into those that were emanating from his throbbing erection.

NIPPLES: 1/2″ H x 3/8″ D

Sean’s enhanced nipples had now reached their targeted size. The secreted chemicals from the suckling ‘mouths’ now connected each nipple into his sexual sensory system. The Gel’s attention to his rigid nipples slowed to a low level ‘purring’ and Sean slumped down onto the Harness’s soft supports savoring the wonderful feelings.

Diana saw what the Gel was doing to her son and couldn’t suppress the need and desire that was seeping into the junction of her thighs. John was frantically trying to control the stirring of his penis.

3.05 Sean, Gel, Urethra, Prostate Enhancement:

Sean slumped onto the Gel’s supports savoring the exquisite sensations that were radiating from his rectal sheath and prostate. Suddenly a quick gasp escaped his mouth when the Gel’s ‘mouth’ that was covering the tingling head of his erection begin an exquisite sucking action on his excited gland. His hips bucked and his small hardness flexed wildly as the ‘mouth’ feasted on his spurting preseminal fluids. Just as Sean was approaching his ejaculation point, the ‘mouth’ stopped its ecstatic ‘nursing’ and Sean groaned as his body was pulled back from his orgasmic edge.

Suddenly he felt the Gel’s sheath that was covering his gland folding downward toward the circumcision ring. He looked down and saw the slick, bared head of his small erection glistening in the light.

A thin glistening tube rose upward from between his spread thighs. It was a 1/4 inch thick, flexible and hollow. It arched up and over his straining member and stopped just above the opening to his oozing urethra. His eyes opened wide with apprehension and he tried to move his hardness away from the tip of the tube but the sheath gripped his erection firmly and kept his urethra lined up with the dripping tube.

Slowly the tube descended into the slick opening.

He watched with wide open eyes as the tube descended slowly into his erection. Within a second or two, Sean’s urethra twitched wildly with ecstatic ripples of pleasure. Sean threw his back and gasped as the slick, chemically laden tube reached the base of his erection. His erection felt harder as it pulsed and jerked with ecstatic sensations.

The tube continued its journey deeper into Sean’s urethra. Soon it reached the two valves that controlled the injection of his semen and sperm into the urethra. A chemical was released that opened both valves, cutting of the bladder. Two Gel stems slithered outward, one slipped into the fleshy tissues of his prostate and the other made its way downward toward his testicles. Waves of euphoric sensations bathed the center of Sean’s sexual being.

The open tips of the two stems released their catalytic chemicals. Sean moaned as the enhancement to his prostate was triggered. His semen production would be four times that of a normal male and his sexual recovery or rejuvenation would be rapid, immediate if stimulation was still present. The stem that entered his testicles injected its growth drugs and again Sean sighed as a wonderful warmth filled his balls. They quickly expanded and Sean felt a new heaviness within the Gel’s massaging pouch.

As the stems withdrew, they oozed a chemical, causing the sexual ducts and valves to be enlarged, permitting larger volumes of semen and sperm to be discharged into the urethra. The two valves were closed and the urethra tube slowly slipped back down until it reached the base of his erection.

3.06 Sean, Gel, Urethra, Erection Enhancement:

Again Sean felt another flood of warmth, spread throughout his loins. The tube now started secreting a chemical that would enhance his erection. Sean gasped and threw back his head as waves of joy radiated outward from inside his jerking penis and felt an incredible antsy feeling sweep the entire length of his engorged erection. He moaned excitedly and thrust upward trying to get more of the ecstatic feelings. His throbbing organ now began to feel heavier and thicker.


ERECTION: 3.50″ x 0.75″ .. 4.00″ x 0.75″

His mother couldn’t believe what she was seeing as her son’s erection grew in spurts before her eyes.

ERECTION: 4.50″ x 1.00″ .. 5.00″ x 1.00″

Each growth spurt pushed Sean further up his arousal ladder and drools of preseminal fluid flowed past the Gel tube that was imbedded within the excited head of his erection.

ERECTION: 5.50″ x 1.25″ .. 6.00″ x 1.25″

His penis strained into the Gel’s ‘vaginal’ sheath which now had more and more hard flesh to squeeze and massage.

ERECTION: 6.50″ x 1.50″ .. 7.00″ x 1.50″

A stunned Diana looked in awe at the incredible erection that was rising up between her son’s thighs.

ERECTION: 7.50″ x 1.75″ .. 7.75″ x 1.75″

Sean’s erection had reached its targeted size and his hips began thrusting his granite-like pillar into the Gel’s clenching ‘vagina’ with a desperate need to ejaculate. A long moan of orgasmic frustration was heard as the urethra tube slipped out of his engorged gland and returned to the Gel mass.

3.07 Sean, Gel, Testing and Conditioning:

The Gel was now ready to test its new creation. The velvety sheath began to ripple up and down Sean’s long, thick member. The bared gland turned a deep purple as blood rushed into the engorged head. This time, the rippling sheath had a longer and thicker organ to please and Sean’s hips bucked and jerked as the Gel began an exquisite ‘milking’ of his straining manhood.

Sean’s chest arched outward pushing his enhanced nipples into the Gel’s suckling ‘mouths’. The vagina-like sheath clenched up and down his straining erection with ecstatic squeezes and massages pushing him into a sexual frenzy and he thrust his straining hardness into the Gel’s clenching vagina.

A low guttural moan was heard as his ejaculation surged up his straining hardness. The thick liquid of joy swirled around the excited gland and then jettisoned outward. His hips bucked and jerked as two long, thick streams of semen pulsed up his spasming erection. The enhanced streams arched high in the air and splattered back down, drenching the thick blanket of Gel on his abdomen and thighs.


Sean lost consciousness and he slumped back onto the Gel’s supports. His massive erection continued to gush and spurt.

While Sean was unconscious, the Gel released its final conditioning chemicals.

The surface of his erection would be able to sense the orgasmic contractions of his partner. If they were present, his ejaculation would be permitted, if not, he would be kept at his orgasmic edge until the contractions were sensed or his erection was removed.

Sean is now a submissive fourteen year villager and the memories of his parents were fading from his mind.

Sean slowly recovered and moaned as he came down from his orgasmic high. He looked at his sister in front of him and saw the dazed look on her eyes. For the first time he saw the small extended pinkness of her clitoris. He didn’t know what it was but felt a need to touch and suck on it.

The men lowered Sean until his buttocks were once again an inch above the bowl. The Gel started to disengage itself from Sean’s body. The two masses over his areolas and nipples slipped away and his rigid nipples twitched in the air. He moaned as the testicle pouch opened up and his heavy balls swayed in the air. The Gel’s ‘vaginal sheath’ released his softening penis and it drooled with the remnants of his ejaculation as slipped down over his balls.

The Gel had returned to the bowl and the men grasped its handles and moved it to the side of the structure.

A boy came forward with a wet and dry cloth. He smiled and Sean sighed as his slick penis and testicles were cleaned and dried. The men removed the ropes holding his bent legs, including the wrist ties and Sean was returned to a sitting position. The support ropes were then loosened and Sean felt himself standing on wobbly legs. As the boy removed the loops from his thighs and shoulders, The villagers clapped and Diana looked with wonder at the thick tube of flesh that lay between her son’s thighs which was so out of proportion to his body.

The boy led Sean to two fur mats at the front of the villagers and they sat down facing the structure. Diana looked at her son hoping to see some kind of recognition, but there was none.

4.01 Sara, Enhancement Preparation:

Again, a hopeless feeling filled John’s and Diana’s mind when they saw the Medicine Man pointing at Sara. The two men undid her restraints and the woman took Sara by the hand and led her to the structure. As with Sean, the woman put her feet into the thigh loops and pulled them up onto the center of her thighs. The woman then guided Sara’s hands and arms into the shoulders loops and adjusted them onto her shoulders. The two men took in the rope’s slack and Sara felt herself being pulled upward and put into a sitting position. An inch wide support strap was then attached across her back. Two leather loops were pulled over her feet and up to her knees. These were attached to the shoulder loops and adjusted so Sara’s bent legs were pulled back toward her hips and spread apart.

The villagers smiled when Sara’s young sex came into their view. Finally her wrists were attached to straps on the thigh loops preventing her from interfering with the Gel.

The Medicine Man directed the placement of one of the large bowls under Sara’s buttocks and she looked at the clear, thick, gelatinous mass with both nervousness and anticipation. The men grasped the supporting rope and a gasp was heard when Sara felt herself being lowered toward the bowl. The lowering stopped when her buttocks were about an inch above the bowl. The men secured the ropes and stood beside the structure.

Sara closed her eyes waiting for the Gel’s touch.

4.02 Sara, Gel, Introduction:

She flinched slightly and shifted her hips when she felt the Gel make contact with the cheeks of her buttocks and closed her eyes, sighing a warm thickness flowed onto her buttocks and spread upwards under her bent thighs. The Gel flowed between the cheeks, over her labia and onto her clitoral hood. A warm, thick slipperiness pushed between the flared folds pushing them further apart. The sigh turned into panting gasps as the Gel began caressing her inner lips and coaxed the pick tip of her clitoris to protrude out of its protective cover.

The Gel continued its upward flow, across her abdomen and onto her chest, encasing her breasts within two silky pouches. Two suckling ‘mouth-like’ depressions formed within the pouches and descended onto each nipple. A low moan was heard as her nipples stiffened and grew erect.

Sara’s mind was a whirlwind of sensations. It felt as though the blanketing Gel had hundreds of tongues and mouths that were devoting their attention to her labia, clitoris, breasts and nipples.

The Gel now had complete control of Sara’s body. The men grasped the supporting rope and pulled Sara upward until she was three feet above the bowl, giving her audience full view of her body.

4.03 Sara, Gel, First Orgasm:

The massaging Gel kissed and caressed Sara’s fluttering inner lips that were already moist with her early juices. Her clitoris hardened and began to ache and throb. A small sheath-like tube formed from the mass that lay over her labia. The end formed into a suckling ‘mouth’ and slipped over the hard pink tip and Sara’s clitoris tried to extend itself further out of its hood into the sucking Gel ‘mouth’. Her eyes flew wide open and her hips jerked at the ecstatic contact and she squealed with joy as the Gel slipped over the rigid organ and slithered into its clitoral hood.

The massaging Gel kissed and caressed Sara’s fluttering inner lips that were now moist with their early juices. Her clitoris throbbed within the suckling sheath and she pushed her bullet-like nipples into the ‘mouths’ of the Gel’s suckling pouches. As the Gel massaged the flared folds, it formed a half inch thick phallic and its head nudged against the treasured entrance of her maidenhood. Her clasping inner lips kissed and caressed the purring head as it nestled further inward.

For a fleeting moment, Sara’s mind was flooded with conflict. Only her fingers had ventured into her vagina, now something thicker was at the open gate. Her enflamed and rigid clitoris was filling her vagina with a sense of unexplained need. She shifted her hips against onto the caressing head and pushed her sex down onto the thickness that was probing the portal to her virgin vagina.

While her swollen folds and clitoris were being massaged and suckled, the Gel’s phallic slowly slithered inward past the stretching inner lips and into her young womanhood, twisting and turning. Sara gasped as her mind was became saturated with new sensations that she had never felt before.

The flexing head nudged up against her hymen and secreted a numbing chemical causing the sensitive membrane to lose its nerve endings. The half inch flexing head pushed through the small opening in the center of the membrane. Special ridges formed along the phallic’s surface and with a few slow, reversing strokes, the phallic shredded Sara’s hymen. She only felt a slight pressure as her hymen gave way and the physical evidence of her virginity was taken.

When the Gel was satisfied that Sara’s vagina was ready, it slipped deeply inward expanding to one and a half inches in diameter. The ridges changed into pulsing rings that ecstatically caressed her vaginal walls. Sara’s mouth and eyes opened wide as unbelievable sensations exploded from within her excited passage. Her vaginal walls began to spasm and clench around her thick Lover. The flexing phallic searched for and found the sensitive tissues of her ‘G’ spot and began an exquisite caressing. Sara arched up and screeched at the ecstatic sensations that were gripping her enflamed sex for the first time.

The phallic lunged deeply inward, her cervix flared open and began kissing the throbbing head as it nudged against the portal to her womb. Her hips ground excitedly onto her buried Lover and she gurgled as it slowly pulled out and stroked back in. The Gel now started a series of rhythmic thrusts, in and out, fast and slow. Sara was in ecstatic heaven and her body instinctively began counter thrusting. Her mind was awash with joy as gasping and moaning sounds were heard and her body began thrusting in sync with her Gel Lover.

Sara’s body was catapulted into a sexual frenzy. Her body had never experienced such ecstatic sensations. Suddenly the Gel phallic lunged deeply inward and stopped. Its head thickened as it turned and twisted. Sara felt the most incredible sensations she had ever felt in her life as the Gel started to forcefully ejaculate deep inside her vagina and cervix. The warm, thick ejaculant gushed and filled her cervix, back flowing into her vagina. Sara instinctively thrust her exploding sex forcefully upward impaling herself completely on her Lover’s flexing hardness and her legs shot outward in a wide ‘V’ kicking franticly in the air. Her toes curled, her hands fisted and she squealed with joy as her body exploded with her first orgasm.


Sara’s young mind went into orgasmic overload, and she lost consciousness. She slowly regained consciousness and felt Her ‘friend’ still buried deep within her vagina and moaned as the intense aftershocks rippled throughout body. The Gel withdrew its phallic out of Sara’s foamy, spasming vagina and she moaned as the wonderful fullness escort bursa left her body. It remained nestled within her twitching inner lips with a delicious purring action.

This time it was Diana’s turn to feel a sense of envy as she watched Sara orgasming. John is an early ejaculator and it was left up to her to satisfy her own needs.

Deep inside John’s mind another feeling was rising, the feeling of envy. His fourteen year old son is more endowed than he is.

4.04 Sara, Gel, Breast Enhancement:

The Gel let Sara rest within the Harness’s supports as her body slowly came down from its orgasmic high.

The purring silky pouches on her breasts now released their enhancement chemicals and Sara felt a wonderful warmth seeping into each of her breasts. The wonderful massaging, kneading and suckling were restarted and she moaned as her arousal was rejuvenated.

Suddenly an exquisite firmness gripped each of her breasts and her erect nipples tingled with excitement. She looked down and a beaming smile filled her face when she saw her breasts begin to expand within the clear Gel pouches. She had always felt disappointed when she looked at the breasts of girls her own age and a sigh of thankfulness escaped her mouth.

NIPPLES: 4/16″

It started as a rippling firmness that gripped each breast and flowed into her nipples.

NIPPLES: 5/16″

As her breasts grew, her nipples became more sensitive to the suckling ‘mouths’ and Sara began thrusting her firm breasts and erect tingling nipples into kneading and suckling pouches.


Diana couldn’t believe how full and firm her breasts were beginning to feel. Her nipples had never felt so hard.

NIPPLES: 7/16″

As the expanding pouches had more to work with and the kneading, massaging and suckling intensified.


She thrust her breasts excitedly into the Gel’s kneading pouches and their suckling ‘mouths’. The pouches slowed their assault to a low level ‘purring’ and Sara rested within the Harness savoring the wonderful feelings.

Diana saw her daughters’ firm full breasts and erect nipples being caressed within the Gel’s clear pouches and mouths’. The need and desire that was seeping into the junction of her thighs was growing stronger and she looked at John and saw his glistening hardness jerking in the air.

4.05 Sara, Gel, Clitoris Enhancement:

The warm suckling ‘mouth’ and ‘throat’ of the clitoral sheath began adorning the pink protruding length of her clitoris and she gasped loudly when she felt an exquisite firmness gripping her clitoris. Her wrists pulled on the restraining ties in a desperate attempt to touch her excited organ of joy.


CLITORIS: 1/4″ x 1/4″ .. 3/8″ x 1/4″

With each ecstatic jerk of her hips, Sara’s clitoris lengthened and thickened. She gasped and panted when she felt her clitoris and clitoral hood begin to expand in width and length.

CLITORIS: 1/2″ x 5/16″ .. 5/8″ x 3/8″

As her clitoris extended, the more excited the rigid organ became and her squeals of joy became louder as the ‘throat’ had more and more to suckle on.

CLITORIS: 1.0″ x 1/2″

Sara’s hips bucked forward, thrusting her straining organ into its ‘mouth’ trying to get more of the ecstatic feelings.

4.06 Sara, Gel, Vaginal Enhancement:

The flexing tip of the Gel’s phallic that was nestled in her inner lips nudged inward and Sara’s elastic opening eagerly slipped over the slick head as it slowly twisted and turned its way into her more than welcoming vagina. Again, Sara savored the wonderful fullness that was stretching into the depths her womanhood. She moaned as its full length came to rest with ecstatic ‘purrs’ and ‘flexes’. The Gel now secreted its growth chemicals and Sara gasped as delicious, antsy sensations gripped her entire vaginal sheath. The elasticity and vaginal depth was slowly changed to accommodate an 8″ x 2.0″ erection. The sexual sensitivity was expanded to take in 50% of the vaginal sheath and her illusive ‘G’ spot or Skene’s gland was expanded.

4.07 Sara, Gel, Vaginal Testing:

The Gel was now ready to test out Sara’s ‘new’ enhancements.

Suddenly Sara’s entire body was flooded with waves of sexual excitement. The massaging, kneading and suckling pouches and ‘mouths’ renewed their attention to her firm breasts and bullet-like nipples. The Gel’s ‘mouth’ and ‘throat’ encasing her rigid organ of joy intensified joyous suctioning action.

Sara bucked and jerked as her body was thrown into a sexual frenzy.

The Gel phallic withdrew from her clenching vaginal sheath until the tip was just inside the clasping inner lips and then plunged back into the depths of her enflamed passage. Incoherent sounds of joy escaped Sara’s mouth as her Gel Lover began a rhythmic series of slow ecstatic thrusts and lunges.

The phallic began to vary its rhythm, full in, full out, part way in, part way out, always twisting, always flexing. Sara was gasping deeply for air as her body became saturated with waves of sexual joy. Her hips were bucking and jerking wildly in the Harness’s restraints as her enhanced body was catapulted toward her orgasmic edge. Her orgasm came like a clap of thunder and bright flashes of light exploded across her dazed eyes and mind. Her hips bucked upward and she froze as a loud orgasmic wail echoed around the stage.


She slumped back down, gasping and panting. Her hips continued matching the deep thrusts of her Gel Lover. Her mewing and gurgling sounds became incoherent as they escaped her open mouth. The Gel’s phallic now expanded its length and width and Sara’s body went into its sexual ‘auto’ mode with forceful counter thrusts as she rode her orgasmic elevator toward her second orgasm. Her legs shot outward, kicking franticly in the air. Her lover lunged into her womb, unleashing its warm thick ejaculant and Sara felt the incredible warm, thick volume ejaculant filling her cervix and vaginal sheath. Her eyes opened wide but she saw nothing, her mouth opened but no sound was heard. Suddenly, her orgasmic freeze disappeared and the clearing was filled with the wails of her second orgasm.


Sara’s mind and body couldn’t absorb any more orgasmic sensations and she lost consciousness. Her jerking body slumped down onto the Harness. Sara slowly regained consciousness and she moaned softly as her body rippled with ecstatic aftershocks.

Sara is now a seductive, fourteen year old villager and the memories of her parents were fading from her mind.

The two men used the Harness’s rope to lower Sara until her buttocks were once again just an inch above the bowl.

The Gel pouches slipped away from her firm breasts and her perky nipples tingled as they sprung into the air. The suckling clitoral ‘mouth’ and ‘throat’ released her still engorged clitoris and the rigid organ throbbed in the air. Finally, the Gel’s thick phallic slowly withdrew from her stretched vagina. A thick mix of vaginal fluids and Gel ejaculant gushed out the gapping opening as it slowly closed.

The Gel had returned to the bowl and the men grasped its handles and moved it to the side of the structure.

The girl came forward with a wet and dry cloth. She smiled and Sara sighed as remnants of her orgasms were cleaned from the junction of her thighs. The men removed the ropes holding her bent legs, including the wrist ties and Sara was returned to a sitting position. The support ropes were then loosened and Sara felt herself standing on weak legs. The girl smiled at Sara as she removed the loops from Sara’s thighs and shoulders.

John’s penis stirred, and Diana looked with envy as their eyes looked at the curvaceous body of their fourteen year daughter.

Diana saw the Medicine Man pointing toward the fur covered platform and watched as the boy helped Sean up from the fur mat. The siblings smiled at each other as they were led toward the platform. Both Diana and John knew what was about to take place and couldn’t understand why they were so willing to let it happen. Their hearts sank when neither of them looked at their way, not even a passing glance.

4.08 Sean and Sara, Sibling Mating:

When they reached the edge of the platform Sara sat down and spread her legs apart. She saw Sean’s breath quicken as he stared at her flared sex. Sara smiled and beckoned Sean to come closer between her legs. He did, and his eyes opened roamed up and down Sara’s body from her firm breasts to her clitoris and the parted folds of her labia. Sara eye’s were locked onto magnificent Sean’s long, thick penis and her breathing quickened.

Sara looked up into Sean’s face and whispered,

“It is beautiful .. and it’s all mine ..”

Sara reached out and cradled Sean’s stirring penis in the palm of right hand. and wrapped her fingers around it, gently squeezing the thick tube of flesh. A dazed Sara continued to massage and squeeze Sean’s expanding penis and her breathing quickened when the thickness began pushing her fingers apart.

She moved her left hand down to his testicles and lifted them. Sean gasped as his arousal vaulted. Sara couldn’t believe how soft and heavy they were. Her eyes became fixed on the thick gland of Sean’s straining erection and soft pants escaped her mouth when she saw Sean’s early preseminal fluids oozing from the thick head .. she knew she had to taste it. Sara’s hands left his hardness and testicles and reached to his hips, drawing him in closer between her spread thighs. Her mouth opened as the head of his erection neared her lips and she lowered open mouth, slipping it over the excited gland of Sean’s manhood.

Sean gasped at the contact and more of his essence drooled onto Sara’s tongue. It was like an aphrodisiac ‘hit’ and flooded into her taste buds and rushed throughout her body. Her clitoris pushed out of its clitoral hood and her nipples quickly stiffened.

Sara smiled and withdrew her hands from Sean’s body brought them toward her firm breasts as though she presenting a trophy to him. When he saw Sara fondling her breasts and caressing her nipples his breathing quickened and his erection jerked between his thighs. Sara smiled when she saw more of Sean’s clear precum drooling onto his glistening gland.

Sara reached out and took both of Sean’s hands and brought them to her breasts. She moaned softly as the touches of Sean’s kneading hands and fingers added to her rising arousal. She saw Sean’s enhanced nipples standing out like beacons and began caressing them with her finger tips. Sean gasped and pushed them into her fingers. Sara looked down and her hungry eyes feasted on the solid erection that strained in front of her. She saw a long string of precum dangling from the oozing head and reached out with a finger, pressing it into the oozing slit.

Sean gasped again and his erection jumped excitedly.

Sara’s arousal vaulted when she felt the head of Sean’s erection pushing against tip of her exploring finger. She brought her finger back to her mouth and licked Sean’s essence into her mouth. Again, the taste of Sean’s nectar made her mind want more of it and had Sean lean inward and rest his head on her shoulder. She felt Sean’s warm panting breath flood the side of her neck.

Sara reached out, cupping and lifting his heavy balls with both hands, causing another moan from Sean’s mouth and his legs spread apart. Sara’s right hand slipped up to his throbbing member and pressed the palm of her hand onto the sensitive underside of the thick tube of flesh. Sean groaned as the palm glided up and down his throbbing manhood. His breath came in quick pants when her fingers swirled the slick precum over the excited gland and more of the slick liquid drooled onto her discovering fingers.

She returned her hands to his hips and pulled him inward. He saw the head of his erection come nearer and nearer to Sara’s open mouth and then felt her warm, moist breath wash across the tingling gland.

He held his breath waiting .. waiting .. and then he felt the most incredible sensation that his young body had ever felt. His straining erection slipped between Sara’s lips and into a warm, moist suckling mouth. Ecstatic jolts of joy gripped his member as Sara’s lips, tongue and mouth caressed and suckled on the excited head of his erection.

Her mouth and throat now started a slow descent onto Sean’s throbbing erection. He gurgled with joy as Sara’s warm throat muscles ecstatically kissed and squeezed his pulsing hardness as it was sucked into the depths of her throat. Sara’s throat bulged obscenely from the imbedded erection and she pressed her chin against his heavy balls, shifting it back and forth causing Sean to moan loudly from the dual sensations.

With a torturous twisting motion, Sara lifted her head and Sean’s throbbing erection was slowly pulled outward. When the agitated gland reach her mouth, she closed her cheeks around it with a forceful suctioning action. Her tongue swirled around the pulsing head and played with the oozing opening. She sucked up Sean’s precum with her curled tongue as though it was a straw.

Sara smiled inwardly at Sean’s torment and then skewered her loving throat back onto Sean’s enraged organ. Sara could feel Sean’s deep throbs and jerks and knew that she was pushing Sean toward his orgasmic trip point. She pulled upward just enough so that two or three of Sean’s manhood remained within her throat and began to ecstatically flex and clench her throat muscles around Sean’s highly excited erection.

Sean was catapulted into a sexual frenzy. He gurgled incoherently as his thick load of semen entered the base of his erection and shot up his highly agitated erection. The thick stream of semen spewed into Sara’s eager and thirsty throat. She feasted on Sean’s gushing nectar and intensified her exquisite milking actions. Sean’s hips arched again as his mind and body became submersed in a cauldron of orgasmic explosions. Sara’s mouth and throat followed his orgasmic twists and contortions. His erection was again at the bursting point and another huge stream of thick semen surged up his jerking organ. Again, Sara feasted on the spewing gushes of nectar.


Sara’s cheeks ballooned with the torrents of Sean’s ejaculation. What she couldn’t swallow gushed out past her lips and onto the Sean’s convulsing erection and balls. He slumped down onto Sara’s shoulders and arms, exhausted and drained.

As Sean came down from his first orgasmic high, Sara held him close, wrapping her arms around him. She felt his body tremble and he moaned softly as the aftershocks rippled across his body. She looked down between their bodies and saw his hardness slowly soften. Drools of his semen dangled from the head of his penis.

John and Dianna were both stunned and aroused with what they had just seen their daughter do. Diana now knew had lost Sean and shortly, she and John would also be lost.

Sara and Sean embraced each other and kissed deeply and passionately. As the kissed, Sara reached between their bodies and began massaging his slick penis. Sean moaned into Sara’s mouth as his sexual rejuvenation kicked in and Sara felt his penis rising against her inner thigh. They broke their kiss gasping and panting and Sara looked down and saw Sean’s engorged erection pointing up at her.

She quickly sat back down on the bed and lay back on it with her feet resting on the floor. She held out her arms Sean who quickly moved between her spread thighs and leaned over her body.

Sean began planting delicious suckling kisses on Sara’s shoulders and neck. Sara cooed and rubbed his back as the wonderful mouth spread warm waves of pleasure across her chest. The suckling mouth started to move downward and her erect nipples tingled with anticipation. Sean’s hands moved to both firm breasts and began to massage and knead them. Sara closed her eyes and savored the wonderful sensations. The suckling lips neared her right breast and she could feel the hot moist breath bathe stiff tip. It slowly descended onto the excited nipple and began to suck and suckle on it. His warm, slippery tongue swirled around the engorged tip and Sara arched her breast up into the nursing mouth.

Sean’s hands continued to massage and knead the firm mounds. His suckling mouth trekked across her chest and paid homage to her left breast and nipple. Sara’s breathing was becoming quicker now and her hips were pushing her swollen sex deeper onto Sean’s thick manhood as it sawed its way through her wet folds. Sean gasped as the her clasping folds kissed and caressed his throbbing member.

Sara brought her feet up from the floor and placed them on the edge of the bed and spread her thighs wide apart. Her sex rose up and Sean’s thickness settled deeper between the swollen folds.

Sara reached down between their bodies and grasped Sean’s straining hardness. She pushed the thick gland between the slick folds and traced the engorged head up and down her swollen furrow and then centered it at the clenching entrance to her womanhood. Sean felt the eager lips kiss and caress his excited gland.

Sara reached up and put both hands on Sean’s hips. They looked into each other’s eyes, knowing that this was their moment. Sara slowly pulled on her hands while Sean slowly pushed forward. Sara saw Sean’s face light up with new sensations of excitement as he nudged his thickness inward. Her clasping inner lips slipped over the thick gland with a delicious caressing action and both moaned as Sean’s erection slipped into Sara’s warm, moist vaginal passage.

Sean was not prepared for the intense, ecstatic sensations that raced along the surface of his rigid erection. Sean wanted more of the sensations lunged into the depths of his Sara’s clenching womanhood. Sara cried out and gurgled with joy at the thick impalement that was stretching her enflamed vagina.

A despondent Diana and John watched as their siblings took each other’s virginity.

Sara tightened her hands on Sean’s hips and kept him buried deep inside her. Sean moaned and flexed his erection causing Sara’s face to light up with joy. Slowly Sean withdrew his member until the head just remained inside the slick opening and then stroked back into the moist velvety sheath. Both moaned again and Sara ground her hips as the long, thick impaler, re-entered her eager vagina.

Sean began ecstatic thrusts into and out of Sara’s clenching sex. He varied the thrusts from all in to all out, part way in, part way out. His conditioning was controlling his orgasm. Sara was in second heaven as the ripples of ecstasy from her sex spread across her body. The tip of her enhanced clitoris exploded as it was dragged along the length of Sean’s stroking erection.

Both their breaths were coming in deep gasps and pants. Sean lowered his head onto Sara’s shoulder and his panting breath bathed her neck. She wrapped her arms around his upper back and locked her legs around his lower back, thrusting her sex upward, matching Sean with her own counter thrusts.

Sara was in a sexual frenzy and fast approaching her first orgasm. Sean felt Sara’s vaginal muscles grip his aching rigidness tightly. He could feel her thick juices gushing out past his erection. His deep thrust’s never faltered and loud slurping sounds were now heard as he plunged into Sara’s convulsing vagina.

Sean’s entire body now screamed for orgasmic release. His prostate swelled and his bloated testicles spasmed as they clenched upward into his groin.

The hold on his ejaculation was removed.

Sean lunged into the depths of Sara’s milking cavern and froze. An incredible pressure built at the base his erection and the thick liquid pulsed up his jerking member and seemed to stall as it neared his highly excited gland. The liquid joy swirled around the tingling head and then jettisoned outward into Sara’s contracting vagina.


Sara suddenly felt the most ecstatic sensation grip her entire sex as the torrents of hot, thick semen gushed from Sean’s ejaculating erection. Her orgasmic, dazed mind wasn’t expecting the overwhelming volume as her passage ecstatically ballooned with Sean’s incredible discharge.

Her legs shot out from her body in a wide ‘V’. They cycled desperately in the air as her body bucked and thrashed. Her hands fisted tightly and her toes curled. Her mouth opened but no sound was heard, her eyes opened wide but all she saw was orgasmic flashes of light.

Finally, a loud ecstatic wail escaped her open mouth,


Sara slumped in a euphoric, orgasmic daze. Her body continued to jerk and spasm with intense aftershocks. Sean erection continued to ejaculate.

Slowly both came down from the ecstatic highs and held onto each other closely as they savored their post orgasmic aftershocks. Sean slowly pulled his deflating member out of Sara’s reluctant vagina. It slipped out with a loud slurping sound and gushes vaginal juices and semen flowed outward from Sara’s gaping entrance.

Sara moaned as the wonderful fullness left her stretched womanhood.

The boy and girl cleaned and dried Sean’s and Sara’s bodies and then led them to their waiting fur mats. They returned the villagers welcoming smiles.

Next: The Rainforest Part-2

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