The Au Pair

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I park my car in the driveway of the house and grab my duffel out of the trunk. I spend more time here than I do at my own place, my roommate says I should just move in here as I’m never at home. I’ve been working as an au pair for The Williams family since I was twenty four and I’ve just turned twenty eight so almost four years. This was supposed to be my weekend off but I’ve been called in as an emergency business trip has arisen for Mrs Williams.

Mr Scott Williams is thirty six years old, still young and gorgeous. He’s a warm and genuine man, always taking the time to ask me about my day. It’s like he actually cares and doesn’t just consider me an employee. We’ve had great chemistry the entire time I’ve been working there, part of the chemistry might be one sided though, it’s very inappropriate.

Mrs Elizabeth Williams however, is very business like. Only ever small talk, she’s from a very well to do family and is used to treating people like they’re lesser humans because they don’t have money. She’s two years older than her husband. She strikes me as a very cold woman, there is hardly any interaction with her children and I’ve never seen a shred of intimacy between her and her husband in the four years I’ve been here.

I walk to the door and ring the bell, waiting patiently for my employer to answer. After a few seconds the door opens.

“Hey Sam, come on in” Mrs Williams says as I step over the threshold and enter the massive house in the rich neighbourhood.

“Thank you” I reply as I make my way into the kitchen where seven year old Alex and ten year old Amelia sit at the table doing homework. They turn their heads and Alex jumps off his chair and runs towards me, I drop my bag on to the floor just as he throws his arms around me.

“Sammy!” He screams excitedly as I return his hug. “This is so cool, we’re gonna have so much fun!!” I release him from the hug and usher him back towards the table.

“So are you sure you’re gonna be okay this weekend?” Mrs Williams asks.

“Of course ma’am, this business trip is important for your career remember” I reply as she puts some paperwork into a satchel that is more couture than business.

“Okay, I’ve left money for food but there is stuff in for tonight. Amelia has a sleepover tomorrow night so it will just be Alex, however he has a play date during the day tomorrow.” She says as she picks up her keys and heads towards the front door. “Mr Williams might make it home tomorrow but he’s not sure, I’ve told him to ring ahead or text to let you know so you’re not frightened by someone entering the house.” She always refers to him as Mr Williams, she never calls him Scott in front of me. I’ve never called either of them by their first name even though Mr Williams has told me to on numerous occasions.

“Everything is taken care of Ma’am, no need to panic. I’ll see you Monday evening.”

“Are you sure you don’t need anything?” She asks.

“I’m fine, you should go. You don’t wanna miss your flight. If anything comes up I will text you I promise. Have a good time in Dallas. Children come say goodbye to your mother.” Alex and Amelia put down their pencils and walk silently to their mother.

“I’ll be back soon” She says and she pats them both on the head and walks out the door without looking back.

They look up at me with sadness. “Mama is never here…” Alex says as he shuffles his way back to pendik escort the table to finish his homework, Amelia falls in step with her brother and puts a hand on his back, a sign of support from a sibling in agreement.

“Come on guys, this weekend is gonna he awesome. What do you want for dinner?” They look at each other before yelling at the same time.


I smile and open the fridge door, sure enough there’s all the fixings to make a lasagna, I’d got groceries in before going home just four hours earlier. Leaving Mrs Williams instructions to make a lasagna for the kids as she was alone this weekend. I chuckle at the thought of her actually cooking and get to work. The kids continue to do their homework as I cook, taking my time to make sure it’s perfect. When it’s ready I dish up and we sit around the table to eat, plates are clean at the end of the meal. Amelia loads the dishwasher while Alex wipes the table. Once everything is cleaned up we head into the den to watch a movie, it’s Alex’s turn to choose so we end up watching Monsters Inc.

At 9pm it’s time for Alex to go to bed, Amelia is allowed up for an extra half hour so she plays on her iPad for a while. Finally she heads off to bed.

I wait until 10pm before I head into the bathroom for my shower, I sleep in the guest room and have my own bathroom. Once showered I put my on red shorts and red tank top, sans bra, which I sleep in and head back into the den to watch tv. I’m flicking through the channels when I hear a car pull into the driveway, I pick up my phone and check it… sure enough there’s a message from Mr Williams. ‘Hey Sam, everything finished earlier than planned so I’m heading home. See you very soon’ I put down my phone just as the front door opens, I turn off the tv and run toward the kitchen.

Mr Williams, in my opinion is a gorgeous man whose wife doesn’t appreciate him, just treats him like a bit of eye candy on her arm. (And there’s always been a little bit of chemistry between us… maybe it’s just me) He enters the kitchen and puts his bag on the table, while I’m hidden by the fridge, I grab a bottle of water and close the door. He turns to me, his eyes widen and his mouth drops open. As he takes in the sight of me, without a bra under my shirt.

“Hey, can I get you anything?” I ask, pretending not to notice his reaction. He says nothing, just continues to stare at me. “There’s leftover lasagna…” I continue before he raises his hand to cut me off.

“That would be great thanks Sam, I’m just gonna have a quick shower” and with that he leaves the room, quicker than usual. I shrug and start warming up the oven to reheat the lasagna.

Ten minutes later he’s back in the kitchen, I turn to face him and stop dead in my tracks. He’s wearing just pj bottoms, no shirt. I stare at his bare chest, which is lightly covered in blonde hair. I must confess I have a thing for men with a hairy chest. His blonde hair is still dripping from his shower, little droplets land on his shoulder and run down his front. I let out a little, almost inaudible moan. I take a breath, hoping he’s not noticed how I reacted to his shirtlessness and pull myself together, walking over to the table as he sits down, placing his plate in front of him.

“Thanks” he says as he picks up his fork, avoiding eye contact. I turn to leave the kitchen, intending on making my way to my room to leave maltepe escort him to eat in peace when I hear a groan as he notices my shorts.

I stop and turn my head “Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you Mr Williams”

“Scott…” I turn around to face him and nod my head. “Fuck it!” He says loudly before standing. “Sam…”

“Yes…?” I reply. He strides towards me his 6’3″ frame towering over my 5’4″ tiny ness before grabbing ahold of my waist, one hand on my lower back as he pulls me to him.

“I…” He begins to talk but decides actions speak louder than words. His lips come crashing down on mine, kissing me with blind passion. My eyes close as I kiss him back, my arms wrapping around his neck. Our tongues intertwine as the kiss gets even more passionate. His hands run down my body, over my ass until his hands are on my upper thighs.

He grabs and lifts me off the floor, I wrap my legs around his waist as he moves over to the table. He sits me down on the table as he continues to kiss me. His hands come around my body, cupping my full breasts.

“Fuck!” He mutters as he feels how hard my nipples are, before taking my mouth again. One hand on my breast, the other on the back of my head pulling me closer. He breaks the kiss, his head moves lower, he pulls down my tank top and takes one of my erect nipples in his mouth. I moan as his lips touch me, my breathing becoming heavy as I throw my head back and savour the sensation. His mouth moves on to my other nipple, making me moan again.

He stands upright, his breathing heavy as well. I look down and see his hard cock straining the thin cotton of his pj bottoms, instinct takes over and I jump down off the table. I take the waistband of his pjs and pull them down, kneeling in front of him. I look up into his green eyes, which seem to be sparkling with want. I smile before licking the tip of his cock, his hips buck towards me. I run my tongue around and around his swollen head, a gush of precum the reward for my efforts. I lick it up and swallow, I hear a tiny groan. I look up at him before opening my mouth and taking his cock to the back of my throat. “Holy fuck!” He exclaims as my mouth works up and down his cock, his whole body shaking as I suck him.

He grunts before pulling me off him, standing me up again. He grabs my shorts and pulls them down, before grabbing the back of my legs again and lifting me onto the table. He drops to his knees and pushes me back onto my elbows, pulling my ass forward. He kisses my outer pussy lips, I sigh. He parts my folds and licks my clit gently, I moan and lay on my back. He takes my clit between his lips and sucks gently.

“Oh Scott…” I moan.

He stops “That’s it, I need to take you now. I can’t restrain myself any more!” He groans as he stands and pulls me up, until I’m on the edge of the table. His cock twitching at my dripping entrance as he kisses me again before the tip penetrates me. I moan as I wrap my legs around him and pull him closer. He slides inside me, holding me tight, unmoving. Like he’s savouring the moment.

I wrap one arm around his neck as we kiss again, the other on the table as he begins to move. I whimper in ecstasy as his hard cock slides in and out of my wet pussy. He grunts and groans as he pumps away furiously, my breasts pressed against him. I’m moaning against his mouth as he kisses me while fucking kartal escort me.

He puts his hands under my legs and lifts me off the table, my arms around his neck, spinning us around until he has me up against the wall. His hips moving faster as he fucks me. My legs wrap around him tighter, pulling him into me, he moans loudly and hoists me up again.

He leaves the kitchen, carrying me while still inside me. My room is on the ground floor, he carries me there as I kiss him, gently moving my hips and making him groan against me. He enters my room and shuts the door with his foot, placing me on the bed as he lays down with me. My arms no longer around his neck, my hands clutching the bedcover as he leans down to me and whispers.

“Hold tight..” He begins fucking me forcefully, grunting loudly as his hard cock impales me over and over again.

“Oh… ohh… OHHHH!” I moan as I close my eyes.

“Open your eyes, look at me. Know that it’s me fucking you!” He demands. My eyes fly open as he bends down to kiss me, he breathes hard as he kisses me. He pulls back from the kiss and grins at me. He winks and pulls his still hard cock out of my wetness.

He grabs my hips and rolls me over onto my front, spinning me around to face the full length mirror, then lifting my hips up til I’m on all fours. He eases his cock inside me, watching as my mouth drops open at feeling so full. He winks again and grabs a fistful of my hair, my face contorting in pleasure.

That’s all he needs to see before he begins pounding me and I mean really pounding me. He’s fucking me with such force I feel like he’s trying to spilt me in two… but it feels so fucking good. He uses my hair to pull me back into him hard and I love every second. I look into the mirror and see the pleasure on his face, I see the hunger and the need and I feel an orgasm building inside me.

The goosebumps begin first, then the tightening of my already hard nipples. I moan loudly as my body begins to shake.

“You wanna cum Princess?” He asks.

“Yes!” I moan.

“Cum for me! I wanna feel that gorgeous wet pussy tighten around my cock, milk me Princess!”

It hits me hard. “I’m coming!!” I yell as my body begins spasming, my pussy spasms around his cock and I scream in pleasure. He grunts and his orgasm takes over, he unloads a massive load of creamy hot cum into me. My pussy filled. He pulls out of me and I collapse onto my front, still jerking around the bed, still in the throes of my climax.

As my orgasm subsides and Scott collapses beside me reality hits… what have I done? “That should not have happened” I say between laboured breaths.

Scott turns his head to face me. “I’m glad it did.” I look at him confused. “I’ve wanted to do that for the past eighteen months.” My mouth opens in shock. “What?” He says. “It’s the truth.” I turn on to my side, propping myself up on one elbow.

“Eighteen months?!” I ask.

“Okay I’ll be honest it’s been three years but the last eighteen months especially, that’s how long it’s been…” his voice trails off.

“Oh…” I pause. “Why?”

He turns his head to face the ceiling and sighs. “Work… she’s always consumed with work. I feel like she doesn’t want me anymore” I roll over and snuggle into him, he sighs contentedly.

“I very much doubt that” I respond.

“Thanks Princess.” I smile “Mind if I stay here? It’s been so long since I’ve had this.”

“I want you to stay but…” he cuts me off.

“We’ll deal with it tomorrow, for now let’s just cuddle please” I sigh and close my eyes. We drift off to sleep, leaving the guilt until the morning.

End of Part One

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