The Beach House Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 (Welcome to PeopleCo)

Janet and I walked across the beach house’s courtyard, towards a double door leading inside. As we passed into and out of various shaded, then sunny areas in the courtyard, the sun would reflect deeply in her well-oiled skin, and glint brightly off of occasional beads of sweat caused by the afternoon heat. Many of these beads seemed to be in very strategic points on her body – the tips of her nipples, her slightly protruding labia, and the rounded swell of her ass. The overall effect made it appear as if Janet was wearing nothing but diamond jewelry, and that each shining jewel was specifically located to accent her various attributes.

I could tell once again that Andre had been very thorough with his massage and the suntan lotion, as, except for these occasional bright points of light, every other inch of her body was just as brown and smoothly oiled as if she had been swimming in olive oil.

Janet must have noticed my occasional glances up and down her perfect body; she suddenly stopped halfway through the courtyard. She turned to face me completely, taking each of my hands into hers and smiling broadly.

“I have so missed you Jack” she smiled appreciatively. “You know how to make a woman feel so sexy, without even saying one word.”

“Go ahead and look all you want” she went on. “You can even touch any place on my body that you might be interested in, but only for a few minutes, we have a lot to do before it’s time to get ready for dinner.”

I looked up into her deep blue eyes for a while, then allowed my gaze to wander down along her long, dark, cascading hair, to her large, up-thrust breasts. I examined each breast in detail with my eyes, with their rich, perfect nipples rising to meet the sunlight, then finally moved down along and past her flat, oiled stomach, her glistening, protruding, pussy lips, and finally down along her athletic muscular legs to her bright-red, painted toenails.

I cupped my hands around her rounded ass, and pulling her into me I gave her a long, deep, kiss. She returned the kiss, thrusting her tongue into my mouth, and pressing her large, perfect breasts into my chest. Her nipples were so hard that I could feel them, distinct from the rest of her breasts, poking into my chest.

After a few moments I broke the kiss and told her, “There is no part of your body that I DON’T want to touch just now, but I could get lost in you for hours. If we don’t have that kind of time, I think I’ll take a rain check on that offer.”

Her eyes sparkled with delight. “I think that I would like that very much” she said in a low and husky voice. “You may have your rain check sir.” “But,” she cautioned, “don’t wait too long to redeem it. I may just have to be proactive and come find you to deliver it!”

She turned back toward the door, and we continued on, my hand still cupping her firm ass cheek. I couldn’t resist though, I moved my hand just a little to the left and slightly forward, and was rewarded with a giggle and a rush of moistness as my fingers slid one by one between the lips of her pussy.

“You had your chance, you dirty boy” she laughed, as my fingers found their way to her grasping hole. “But now your time is up, and we have to go and get you ready for your introduction.” We at last reached the waiting door, and I walked into a world that I had never suspected I would soon be a part of.

We entered a room that was brightly lit by several skylights in the ceiling. At various points around the room were statues. Each was Greek or Roman in their appearance, depicted nude men, women, or both in various classic poses. On the walls were numerous paintings and tapestries depicting scenes of various amorous activities.

There were Kama Sutra demonstrations, couples in the heat of passion, and lone men and women pleasing themselves with their fingers or with tools, their hips thrusting forward in final release. I even noted two large tapestries with full-blown orgies, each with dozens of participants involved in the pleasure of one other. The entire room had a theme of sex, and this only made me that much more aware of the statuesque, naked woman who had accompanied me into the room.

The room was much cooler than the courtyard, and Janet’s nipples became pointed and harder to a degree that looked almost painful in its constriction. Goose bumps quickly formed, then faded away on her breasts, her limbs, and on her perfect ass.

In the middle of a long wall, a prim-looking woman sat as straight as a tree at a simple white desk. She had the uptight appearance and the seemingly disapproving look of a librarian, all the way down to her horn-rimmed glasses.

Her dark brown hair up in a tight bun, she wore a straight-cut grey suit and high heels. Curtained doorways were located in each wall of the room, three of these in the wall behind her desk. Each doorway had a painting above it that depicted a different scene. These were the only paintings in the room that did not depict bahçeşehir escort some sexual theme. A picture of a green rolling meadow was over one of the doorways behind her. Other paintings were of a tropical jungle and of waterfalls crashing down a mountainside.

“Jack, this is Marion, our company spa manager” Janet told me. “One of her jobs is to introduce you to our ways here. You should be nice to her, in some ways, she holds the keys to the kingdom.”

“Marion, the librarian” I thought to myself. “How fitting!”

“Hello, Jack” the thin-faced Marion said dryly. “Welcome to the beach house.” “I hope” she went on, “that you noticed the sign on your way into our getaway?”

“What sign might that be… Miss?” I asked her. She made me a bit nervous, and I almost called her “Ma’am”.

“You may call me Marion, although if you want to call me “Mistress Marion”, I might take it to mean you had something more specific in mind” she said, opening a drawer on the left side of her desk. She took out a photograph.

“This is the sign I am referring to” she said, holding the picture up for me to take it from her outstretched hand. A spark jumped from her finger to mine as hands met. A thin smile came across her lips, and she raised a single eyebrow.

The sign in the picture read, “Welcome to the PeopleCo beach house retreat. From this point forward, all rules of the house MUST be followed.”

“Oh, THAT sign!” I said. “Yes, I saw it. Up until I saw that, I didn’t realize that this was a company house.”

“So?” I asked. “Doesn’t this just refer to not stealing things and making more coffee when you empty the pot?”

“Certainly, he is teasing us Janet” said Marion, turning to look at my still naked companion. “Could it be that Heather hasn’t filled him in on the Employee Sharing Program?”

“I do believe that you may be right there” Janet said thoughtfully. “Heather might have decided to let us introduce that particular aspect to dear Jack here for her.

“And if she has deferred that part to us, then I should think that she wishes him to have every bit of education and benefit available, don’t you?”

A sly grin formed on Marion’s lips. “I do believe that you might be right there dear” she said. “All right, Jack. Follow me into the first door on this wall then. Are you coming too?” she asked, while looking at Janet.

“I believe that this could be quite an enjoyable afternoon” replied Janet. “And, I wouldn’t miss it! I think that I could use a refresher course myself, if you don’t mind.”

Marion led the way through the curtain that covered the first doorway, the one under a painting of a rolling meadow. As I got closer, I noticed more detail about the painting. In it, the rolling hills continued on for quite a ways, each gaining height until reaching a far-off mountain peak, barely visible in the distance.

After passing through the doorway, we came to a small room containing even more doors. “This is our massage area” said Marion. “Each of the private rooms beyond has a specialized table for the purpose. Just pick any room, undress, and lie on your stomach on the table, someone will be in shortly.”.

“There is a VR headset in there as well” she continued. “If you would be so kind as to put that on, we can get you caught up on how we do things around here.”

I chose the middle door, and then did as Marion had suggested, placing my clothes on the hooks set on the wall. The table was much larger than any massage table I had seen before, and it appeared as if it could be manipulated in any number of different configurations. Putting the VR headset over my eyes and the headphones into my ears, I lay face-down and waited.

“Welcome to PeopleCo, where our people come first!” a woman’s voice said seductively into my ear. I could suddenly see the interior of a white room, with a high stool at its center. Janet walked across the room in an extremely short dress, seating herself in the bar stool.

The picture was so realistic that I had to make myself remember it was actually virtual reality, I felt as if I could reach out and touch her. I even attempted to look up that short skirt, for all the good that did me.

“As a significant other of a PeopleCo employee, you are about to be introduced to the company Employee Sharing Plan, or ESP” the virtual Janet went on. “My name is Janet, and I am the company administrator for the ESP plan.

“Five years ago, our company leaders instituted this plan as a way of retaining and rewarding our best employees. The concept is quite simple, and it affects people at every level of the company.”

At just this time, I began to feel two hands massaging my feet and legs, rubbing and pressing at various points along them. I could tell that some type of oil was being used as well, as the unknown hands were gliding effortlessly over my body. I wondered idly whether my attendant was a man or a woman.

“ESP mainly bakırköy escort uses the reduction of sexual tensions to improve overall work efficiency” Janet’s voice went on. “Employees are divided up into four groups, employee, supervisor, manager, and director. Any individual in any of these divisions is allowed, even encouraged, to have sexual contact with others in the same group while at work.”

“What?” I thought to myself, shaking my head to make sure I was hearing correctly. The hands continued to rub, and I suddenly noticed that the bottom half of the table seemed to be coming apart, as my legs were now spread apart. My unseen masseuse continued on past the tops of my legs, grasping and oiling the cheeks of my butt. I listened on, closely watching the virtual Janet, wondering where this was going to lead.

“In addition to the sharing of one’s time and assets with other employees at their own level,” continued Janet, “each level is allowed to offer themselves to their direct superiors. For their part, each level is allowed to request, but not demand, the services of their direct reports.”

As I lay there trying to absorb what I was hearing, the well-oiled hands finished my hips and butt muscles, continuing on to the cleft between my cheeks. This was spread out, and a hand softly grasped my penis, and then began to slowly massage its growing length, out to the tip, then back down to my balls. This path was repeated several times, and it did not take long for me to become hard with all of this attention. Once again I wondered about the gender of my attendant, but for now it felt so good that I put the thought out of my mind.

“This means that any employee can enjoy themselves with any other employee, and with any supervisor, a supervisor any other supervisor and any manager, and so on, up through the director level” the VR Janet said.

After working on my erect prick for a minute or two, the rubbing moved on up my body. The legs of the bed returned to their original position, and I felt my companion climb up, and then straddle my legs on either side with their own.

Continuing up to my lower back and down into my butt muscles, I could now feel pendulous breasts stroking up and down the backs of my legs as she (I could now tell that it was a woman, and in fact a naked woman) moved her hands along the lines of my muscles, working the fragrant oil into my skin.

“Although there is no company policy that requires that these activities be held privately, special rooms are available by reservation in each office area. Exhibitions of this policy can regularly be found in many public areas as well, however.”

The entire body massage, along with the repeated brushing contact from the tips of the nipples of her low-hanging breasts, had me so relaxed that I was concentrating much less on the virtual presentation than on what was going on in the real world. The hands finished up on my upper back. My companion climbed down off of the table and I was urged to turn over, which I did.

“There are some activities that are forbidden under this policy. You should read the company literature in order to get a complete list, but I will give you some examples at this time.”

Once I was lying on my back, the massage began again, first with my feet and calves, then moving up my legs gradually climbing towards my still hard prick.

The VR picture changed, and I saw Janet, naked and on her hands and knees in the middle of an office hallway, complete with office workers busily going back and forth on their daily rounds.

To one side of the busy hallway, a man had his pants unzipped and his cock out. He was holding onto the back of Janet’s head, pushing it into his crotch while he pumped his cock down her throat. A woman walked down the hall from behind the camera. She lifted Janet’s skirt, exposing her naked pussy, and then began pushing first her fingers, then her entire hand into Janet’s gaping cunt.

“Public activity such as this is allowed, as long as both participants have consented to it. No employee may force another to perform any act in public that would degrade the other employee.” The second woman continued pumping her right fist in and out of Janet’s now dripping hole, using the fingers of her left hand to pinch and rub Janet’s clit at the same time.

“If the subject in this example felt that the second, unplanned activity was unwelcome, she has the option to stop it at any time.” In the video, Janet shuddered strongly from the hand pumping in and out of her cunt, just as the first man spray the back of her throat with his cum.

The rubbing hands once again reached my prick, and continued to rub yet more of the oil all over it, and around its base. I even felt one of the well-oiled hands begin to probe my asshole, first with one finger, then two. After another minute of this combined activity, the hands went away, and I could feel my mystery person climbing up on başakşehir escort the table once again.

A new VR picture was displayed. In this one, Janet was completely naked, lying on her back across a desk in a private office. Her legs were being held high in the air while a man in a suit and tie slammed the length of his cock into her grasping cunt. I could see the lips of her pussy being sucked into, then pulled back out of her hole, while her large breasts flopped up and hit her on the chin each time he pushed forward.

On the desk, right next to Janet’s bouncing stomach was a picture that appeared to be of the man’s smiling wife and kids. As both participants were crying out quite loudly and repeatedly, both he and Janet seemed to be enjoying their afternoon fuck session immensely.

“It is possible that this activity may not be allowed ” Janet’s VR voice explained. “Why? Because the man is a manager, the woman a supervisor.” “If he had not been given permission by the supervisor to initiate this contact, he would be in violation. If, however, she had come in and demanded to be serviced, her manager would have been obligated to satisfy her.”

As she appeared to climax, Janet raised her hips, then reached down and grabbed the man’s ass, pulling him deep inside of her sopping cunt. He grunted one last time, then I could clearly see his semen oozing out around the edges of her cunt and down between the cheeks of her ass.

I could feel my invisible masseuse raise herself above my waist. She once again grabbed my prick, holding it straight up in the air.

Suddenly, I could feel the walls of this invisible stranger’s cunt all around my prick as she dropped down onto it, her knees bent at my waist, her lower legs straddling my thighs. She rose and fell a few times, then, while rocking forward and backward at the same time, she continued on, massaging my stomach and lower chest.

The scene switched once again to an elevator. On each side of Janet stood a man and a woman, behind her another man. The man behind her reached up under her shirt and began massaging her large breasts underneath her shirt, causing her nipples to visibly swell and harden.

“The contact in this instance is forbidden” Janet’s voice said “because the employee is in the presence of two customer representatives. When with customers, only they are allowed sexual contact with a PeopleCo employee.”

The scene switched once again, beginning with a tight zoom-in of the female customer’s hairy snatch. As the camera pulled out, I could see that Janet was expertly using her tongue in order to make certain that the customer “came first”. As she busily munched away on the woman’s crotch, the male customer lifted Janet’s skirt up around her waist. First fingering her cunt to make sure that she was wet, he quickly replaced his fingers with his cock. Janet did not miss a single lap of the pussy before her as he began to pump in and out of her cunt, although she did raise her ass higher into the air in order to make the target easier for him to reach.

My companion continued her massage up my chest, while at the same time continuing her rocking motion back and forth on my cock. Just as she reached the tops of my shoulders and the end of the massage, she stiffened for about 20 seconds, letting out a small cry.

She climbed off of the table, and I could hear her quickly walk out of the room. I was so caught up in the action taking place on the VR goggles that I didn’t even think about taking them off before she could slip out of the door.

The three partners in my video came quite loudly and in quick succession, first the woman customer, then the man, and finally Janet, all three collapsing upon each other. Having finished, the man pulled his shrinking cock out of Janet, then held out his hand to help her and his still shuddering associate to their feet. Hands were shaken all around, and then Janet led them back down towards the elevator, a trail of cum beginning to leak down her leg.

“In the near future, you will be receiving some intense one-on-one training on how the ESP affects you personally. In the mean time, please be open to any experiences that you may have while here at the beach house.”

I felt very well rested but a bit wobbly from both my physical and virtual experience, as I removed the goggles and carefully climbed down from the table. Crossing over to where I had left my clothes, I found only a card that read “As you exit this room, please continue down the hall to the doorway on your left.”

Looking around the room, I found no trace of anything at all to wear, least of all the clothing that I had come in with. I finally resigned myself to walking around as I was, so I did as the card suggested and walked out of the room and down the hall.

Above the last doorway was a copy of the second painting, the one of a tropical jungle. In the painting, it was easy to visualize the steam rising off of the jungle floor. Glowing eyes could be seen in the shadows to each side of a path leading into the dense underbrush.

I walked through the doorway, and the temperature seemed to rise at least forty degrees. The room was dim, but it appeared to be a sauna, with steam rising out of each side, and long, wide benches all around. I stopped in the doorway; I could see that someone else was in the room with me.

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