The Education of Samantha Ch. 1

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My name is Sophi, I live at home while going to a local college. I have been interested in my body since my breasts began forming. I love to be at home in the middle of the day alone. I usually wear nothing around the house, and I love to masturbate everywhere.

Well, on one such occasion I happened to be in my room, still a little wet from the hot shower. Knowing no one was home, or due home anytime soon I began to slowly and lightly run my hands over my body. Almost immediately my nipples began to harden. I circled my areolas making the circles smaller and smaller then brushed my hands over my nipples, sending waves of pleasure through my body. I pulled my breast up and licked and sucked on my nipples, moaning from the sensations. I reached over and opened my night-stand and pulled out my 8″ vibrator and turned it on its lowest setting. I closed my eyes and began moving it down my tummy to my bald pussy. First I pendik escort bayan moved it over my outer lips downward and let it linger on my little asshole. As I moved my toy over my slit I could feel my juices leaking out and running down my ass. I put the tip of the vibrator in my hole and began to finger my clit and when I opened my eyes I saw my older sister sitting at the foot of my bed watching intently. I was so shocked I could not say anything. I just stared at her.

She stood up and moved beside me and said, “That looks like it feels good.”

“It does,” I stammered. She was in her panties so I could see that she was wet. “Would you like to see for yourself?”

“Yes” she answered simply. I reached over and pulled down her panties as she took off her bra. I had not seen her naked since I had moved back in from the dorms. “You have a great body, Samantha. I think one good enough to ataşehir escort eat!”

“So have you sis, now show me.”

“How long were you watching?”

“Sometime after you pulled your thing out of the drawer.”

“Well, why don’t you lay here by me, and we will begin sex ed. 101 for you.”

With that she lay down, and I rolled onto my side to face her. “First you must learn to touch yourself and be comfortable with it. Just pretend it is a boy running his hand over your body. Close your eyes and let your hand move over your breasts. Pinch your nips, and let your body relax. Move your hands down between your legs and spread your beautiful pouting lips out. Wow! I never knew your lips were this big. I spread her legs, and moved between them. Now find your clit with your finger tips and lightly rub it.

As I watched my little sis rubbing her pussy, I found myself wondering what she kadıköy escort would taste like. I had never thought of a lesbian affair, much less one of taboo such as the thought I was having. I lay down on the bed between her legs and grabbed my smaller 5″ vib from the nightstand. I turned it on and as Sam was rubbing her pussy and moaning louder and louder I reached out and moved her hand from her clit. She opened her eyes and I smiled. Now feel this, sis, and with that I bent down and sucked her clit into my mouth. I flicked it ferociously with my tongue and eased two fingers into her warm, wet hole. Sam grabbed my long hair and pulled me harder towards her pussy, and I began fingering her tight asshole with my thumb as I finger fucked her with two fingers. She reached down with one hand and rolled onto her side a little and spread her ass cheeks. I took the vibrator and lubed it up with her pussy juices and slowly inserted it into her virgin ass. Just as soon as I turned it on she began shuddering with an intense orgasm.

I left the vibe in her ass and laid beside her as she convulsed from the ecstasy. When she came down from on high; she quietly whispered “Next time I will do you!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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