The Family Reunion Ch. 09

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Back at the party, innocent eighteen-year old Delilah ate a chip.

This wouldn’t normally be worth commenting on, but for three things: Firstly, she was being watched by three of her uncles as she did. Secondly, the three of them all had bulging erections as they did.

Thirdly, what Delilah thought was dip was actually cum, Virus-laden sperm that had dripped off of her older cousin’s fingers a few hours earlier.

It was not the last sperm that she would be consuming that day.

As Lydia had been taken by her three nephews, more and more of the women at the reunion had paired off with men, finding excuses to leave for more private rooms.

Some men had been accompanied by two or three of their female relatives, and so the only people left in the lounge room were Lawrence, Mark, Edward and their little niece Delilah.

Delilah, Lawrence, Mark and Edward. By this point, the Virus had all but taken over their bodies and minds. If there had been a single girl their own age in the room, they’d have pinned her down and fucked her silly more than an hour ago. As it was, their sexual attention had been drawn to the only female they could see – the untouched girl in front of them, Delilah.

Unknown to them, the Virus had been affecting Delilah as well. She’d been filled with new, unusual thoughts ever since her cousin Zack had arrived.

Delilah’s family were the most religious of all of Zack’s relatives, and so she was completely unaware of sex. She’d been told very young that masturbation was a sin, and so she’d never even attempted it.

After Zack’s arrival at the party, she’d felt the need to slip into the bathroom and rub her slit until her knees trembled, but that wasn’t masturbation. Right? That was just…scratching an itch.

In all her life, Delilah had never even seen a boy’s…thingy. She was extremely sheltered; deliberately so. She carefully blocked her ears whenever an older relative discussed sex – a trait that her cousin Becky teased her mercilessly for.

She didn’t really get along with Becky.

After her cousin Zack arrived (she liked Zack – he etimesgut escort never teased her) she’d started having…funny thoughts.

Funny thoughts about thingies.

She’d seen her mother in the shower before, and of course she’d seen her own naked body so she knew what women looked like naked…but what about men?

As she chewed on the dip-covered chip, the strange feeling she’d had in her stomach earlier in the bathroom returned, and she considered excusing herself to be alone again.

Delilah didn’t realize, but she needed to fuck. She needed to fuck someone soon. Hard.

Her lack of experience meant that she didn’t understand the signals the Virus was sending, and had no way of coping. Her knees buckled with a need that she didn’t understand, and she stumbled to the floor.

When she looked up, her three Uncles were standing over her, concerned looks on their faces.

“Are you okay?” Uncle Lawrence asked.

“What happened?” followed Uncle Mark immediately.

“You fell over” Uncle Edward concluded.

“Mmmm…” Delilah said, and her Uncles could instantly tell that it wasn’t pain she was moaning about. They looked at each other comfortably; each of them was having the same two thoughts: “I shouldn’t be having these thoughts,” and “Dear god, I want to fuck my virgin niece.”

“I don’t feel so good…” Delilah smiled dreamily. Possibly out of guilt, possibly overcompensating for the images running through their heads, possibly out of a pure desire to please, each of the Uncles mentally vowed to do whatever they could to make their darling religious niece feel better.

“What can we do?” Uncle Edward asked.

“Does it hurt?” Uncle Lawrence queried urgently, looking his niece’s body up and down. For injuries, he kept telling himself. For injuries.

“You look okay…” Uncle Mark stated uneasily.

“My clothes…” Delilah said, writhing around. “…I need them off.”

A few seconds later, the three Uncles had even more mixed emotions. On one hand, they had lived up to their vow; Delilah had said her clothes were etimesgut escort bayan causing issues, and so the clothes were gone. On the other hand, it was becoming a second-by-second struggle not to pull their cocks out, pump once or twice, and cover their niece with a thick load of cum.

If you’d asked them a day ago, or even a few hours ago, all three men would have easily been able to tell you their preferences in women. Mark was a boob man, who preferred blondes; the dumber, the better. Lawrence had a fetish for African Americans, especially those with what was known as a “big booty”. Edward had a penchant for redheads.

Right now, however, all three men would have described the naked young body in front of them as absolute perfection. She barely had tits, her ass was completely flat, and her virginal cunt was covered in a light fuzz.

It looked like heaven to all three men, and it took every ounce of self-control they had not to leap forward and use the child’s body for their own pleasure.

Fortunately for them, the decision was soon going to be out of their hands.

As soon as she sat up, Delilah was in the perfect position to check out the part of their pants which housed her Uncles’ thingies.

Edward saw his niece checking him out – well, they all did, but Edward was so far the least affected by the Virus, and he managed to gulp out a rebuke.

“Delilah, sweetie, you shouldn’t be…”

He trailed off as his niece’s innocent eyes looked up at him. Like an angel, she sweetly asked him, “What’s wrong with your thingy, Uncle Edward?”

Before he could muster up the vocal capacity to answer, Delilah reached out and poked her Uncle Lawrence’s prominent package, which was just inches from her face. All three men were unconsciously moving in, surrounding the young girl’s head with cock. Long, hard, glorious ready-to-fuck cock.

It wasn’t a sexy poke – it was closer to a prod than a turn-on, but it was enough to push Lawrence over the edge. His knees buckled and his hips involuntarily thrusted as he came in his pants, jerking wildly escort etimesgut for a few seconds before he fell to the floor. Mark and Edward tried to conceal a smirk, but Delilah ran to him.

“Uncle Lawrence! What’s wrong??”

Mark and Edward exchanged glances, and after a quick non-verbal conversation, Edward turned to Delilah.

“Your Uncle Lawrence just…well, he ‘creamed his jeans’, Delilah.”

“Creamed his jeans? What does that mean?”

Another awkward pause, as Mark and Edward each tried to get out of explaining sexual terms to their young niece. This time, Mark lost.

“Well,” he said, nervously licking his lips. “When a man loves a woman…no, when a man’s thingy…um, you see…”

“Uncle Mark,” Delilah interrupted. “Can you just show me?”

Lawrence sat up, and all theee men shared a moment of unanimous agreement. If they were to show Delilah…just show her…how it worked, then it wouldn’t be…well, that wouldn’t be wrong, would it? It would be educational. No one could fault them for…educating their niece, on the ways of the world. No, it was the right thing to do. It was definitely the right thing to do.

In less than twenty seconds, three pantless men stood in front of Delilah, their cocks in her face, ready for her…lesson.

“You see,” Edward started, “this is a man’s…thingy.”

“And when he rubs it like this,” Mark continued, “a man’s…love-juice shoots out the end.”

“And that’s what happened to me,” Lawrence grunted, the fascinated look on his niece’s face turning him on more than he ever would have guessed it could. “You’re so pretty…so beautiful…so fucking hot, that I just couldn’t…I just couldn’t…”

For the second time in less than two minutes, Lawrence came, firing his hot cum straight at his niece’s face. The Virus took over her impulses, and she immediately began shoveling it into her mouth with both hands, forcing it into her mouth like candy at Halloween.

The image of their sweet, innocent niece as a cum-hungry slut caused both Edward and Mark to come as well, and soon Delilah was standing, bathed in her Uncle’s cum, just standing with an open mouth letting it drip in.

There was a pause, but before any of the men could question what they’d done, and let conventional morality set in, Mark spoke.

“Delilah, honey,” he said slowly, his voice like honey. “Would you like to learn how babies are made?”

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