The Librarian Fantasy

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Female Ejaculation

It was late and the library would be closing any minute. Michael hoped he would make it in on time so he didn’t have to pay a fine. He ran up the steps and was relieved to find the door still open. He walked inside but didn’t see anyone around so he went to the counter to put the book in the return slot. He turned to leave when he heard something that sounded a lot like moaning coming from between the book stacks. Curious he started to walk by the stacks.

Towards the back in the last row Michael stopped dead in his tracks. Leaning against the stacks was a beautiful woman. She was tall but still way shorter than him and she had long shapely legs. He could see that she had a perfect hourglass figure and he could also see that she was playing with herself. She was wearing black high heels and her stocking clad legs were long and slightly parted. Her black skirt was hiked up to her hips, her fingers buried in her pussy. The bunched skirt revealed a huge expanse of her upper thighs and Michael noticed she wore a garter belt. She had on a white button up shirt but most of the buttons were undone exposing her ample breasts encased in black lace. They rose up and down as she took heavy breaths. Her head was thrown back, her moist lips slightly parted. Her eyes were closed and her dark lashes left crescent moons upon her cheeks. Her hair was a rich brown with streaks of auburn and it was styled into a loose bun held only by a pencil. Michael’s dick hardened instantly at the site of her.

He quietly walked up beside her careful not to alert her to his presence. She was moaning louder now, obviously close to coming. Her free hand came up to touch her nipple and it instantly hardened at her touch. Michael’s cock pulsed; he reached his hand out and gently replaced his hand with hers. She moaned louder and then blinked open her eyes.

She sucked in a breath showing a little fear at first but then when she look at Michael she released the breath and a small mischievous smile spread across her beautiful face. Michael got his first glimpse of her eyes then, and his cock flexed again. They were emerald green with a few flecks of gold and they were absolutely gorgeous. His hand was still stroking her playing with her clit and pushing into her with his fingers.

She just stood there still caressing her breast and staring at him while he stroked her with his fingers. “I get off in a few minutes; do you think you could give me a ride?” A low seductive voice said.

If it was possible he hardened even more, “I can get you off right now if you want. Then we can talk about that “ride” later.”

She smiled and took a hold of his hand. She led him to a table in the back and she leaned him against it moving in between his legs. Michael reached up and took the pencil out of her hair and it cascaded down her back in waves. He ran his fingers through her silky hair and she released a sigh. He clenched his fist in her hair and brought her lips to his. The kiss was fiery and passionate. He devoured her with it. She sighed into his mouth and wrapped her arms around his neck. Michael lifted her up in his arms and his hands moved under her skirt to cup her ass. She hadn’t been wearing any panties and her pussy and inner thighs were very wet. He pushed up her skirt so it bunched around her waist as he rubbed along her smooth silky thighs to her nice firm ass. She was moving restlessly against him rubbing her wet pussy against his jean clad cock. It pulsed against his jeans as he turned around and placed her on the table.

Her hair spread out around her head like a halo. Her breasts still encased in lace, were heaving up and down with her sex hikayeleri breaths. Her skirt was still bunched up around her waist and Michael bent down to unzip it and slid the skirt off her body. She had black stockings on attached to a lace garter that matched her bra. He ran his hands over her thighs and across her stomach to caress her nipples through the lace. At once they hardened at his touch and he bent down to suckle her nipple through the lace.

She arched her back and clenched her fists in his hair. She moaned and writhed on the table. “Please,” was all she said.

He stopped suckling her breast with one last flick of his tongue and moved away to trail kisses down her stomach. She sat up and took off her shirt and bra, her breasts bouncing free of their restraint. Michael teased her with his fingers while he slowly made his way to her pussy. She gasped at the first touch of his tongue on her clit. He laved her with his tongue and entered her with his fingers making sure she would be ready for his cock.

She clenched her fist in his hair and caressed her breast with her other hand. His tongue was doing impossible things to her body. Her pussy felt heavy with need and she cried out as an orgasm washed over her body.

Michael didn’t stop until he was sure she was done. He stood back up and took off his shirt. She sat up on the table and ran her hands along his tan muscled chest. She leaned forward and kissed down the center of his chest, still caressing his chest and stomach with her hands. Her hand brushed his cock through his jeans and she felt it pulse beneath her fingers. She undid his pants and his cock jumped free. She slid her hands over it loving the silky feel of velvet over hardness. She looked up at him and smiled then slowly lowered herself to the ground before him.

He was huge and long as she started stroking his cock. It pulsed with each caress she gave it. She licked the head of his cock and it jumped against her lips. She slowly started to lick his cock making it nice and wet as she stoked it with her hand. She put just the head in her mouth and laved it wit her tongue. Then she slowly started moving his cock in and out of her mouth. He threw back his head and clenched his fists in her hair thrusting his cock into her mouth. She raked her hands down his thighs and took him completely into her mouth. He released a moan and thrust harder. She looked up at him and their gazes locked while she moved over his cock. She kept up with his pace, feverishly sucking his cock.

Michael couldn’t believe how good her mouth felt on his dick. Her lips were soft and her mouth hot and silky. Her tongue rolled around his cock making it grow impossibly large. She slowed the pace after awhile and looked up at Michael. He was running his fingers through her hair and she nuzzled her face into his hand.

“I need you inside me.” She said as she stood back up grazing his entire body with hers. “I want to feel your hard cock inside of me.” And she then pulled him down for a passionate kiss.

Michael moved his hand over her body and finally settled on her hips. He turned her around and bent her over the table. He spread her hands apart on the table’s surface and then rubbed back up her arms and down her spine. When he reached her hips again he thrust into her hard and deep. She let out a cry at the sudden pleasure of his cock being embedded inside her then he began to move and she lost all thought or reasoning. Michael rubbed along her skin paying extra attention to her ass. God she had a beautiful ass and he loved the feel of it slamming hard against his body while he fucked her.

He leaned over porno hikayeleri her and kissed down her spine. She tightened inside and Michael nearly lost control. He slowed his pace taking his time kissing her back not missing a spot. He gathered her hair and moved it to one side so he could have access to her neck. He nibbled at her shoulder and neck loving the taste of her skin. Then he reached around and grabbed her breasts stroking her nipples in time to his thrusting.

She loved how his hands felt against her skin. He left trails of heat where ever he touched her. His large hands worked magic on her sensitive nipples. She started rotating her hips against him, matching each of his thrusts.

Michael bent his head to rest between her shoulder blades. Her pussy was so tight and hot. He was having trouble staying in control. The way her body moved against his sent shivers racing through him. Sweat broke out on his body as he tightened his grip on her hips. She responded by letting out a cry and pushing back against him harder. Michael growled low in his throat, it was too much. He ran his hands down her arms and entwined his fingers with hers. He used the leverage to thrust deeper and harder into her.

She felt the heat pooling low inside of her. She could feel it rising with everything thrust of his cock. When he bent his head and whispered in her ear she shattered. She cried out as she released and Michael couldn’t keep control. He poured into her with hard deep thrusts until he felt completely empty and sated. He was cradling her to his body. She fit so perfectly. They were both breathing heavy and finally he moved, withdrawing from her. She turned around and leaned against his body. He wrapped his arms around her and bent his head to nuzzle her neck.

“You still want that ride?” Michael said while lazily stroking her sides.

She looked at him and smiled, “Definitely.”

Michael waited outside, in his 2005 Mustang, for Raven. It felt silly asking her name after they had just had wild passionate sex but it was even weirder not to know her name. So after the name exchange she said she had to clean up and close the library and she’d be right out. So here he was waiting for Raven, a woman he only met a few hours ago and just had the most amazing sex with.

She came out the door and walked up to the car. She whistled low, “Nice car.”

He smiled and opened the door for her and she got in. After telling him where she lived he started the car and began driving towards her home. After a little while and some small chit chat, Raven leaned against the door and raised her knee giving Michael a revealing view of her pussy. He tried to keep his eyes on the road but he kept glancing over at her beautiful body. She opened her shirt again and started caressing her breast. Her other hand was playing with her clit.

Michael could feel his cock hardening and squirmed in his seat to get more comfortable. She leaned across the seat and nibbled at his neck. Then she reached down and rubbed his cock through his jeans. His cock immediately got harder making him squirm even more. She smiled and unzipped his jeans releasing his cock into her hand. She stroked it for awhile and then leaned down to put it into her mouth. Michael moved his arm to give her more room trying desperately not to crash the car. He rubbed down her back to her ass as she sucked his cock. She took him completely into her mouth in long strokes laving her tongue around his cock when it was deep in her mouth. She moaned and the vibration almost made Michael drive off the road.

She gave him a few more licks and then came up to whisper in his sikiş hikayeleri ear. “I think you should find someplace to park.” Then she returned to his dick giving it her full attention.

Michael, after what seems like forever, finally found an empty parking lot behind an abandoned building and parked the car. She was swallowing his cock and moaning obviously enjoying her work. He let his head fall back on the seat and just enjoyed the feel of her mouth on him. He lazy rubbed down her spine and over her ass. He moved the hair away from her face so that he could watch her on his cock. Her luscious lips were wrapped around his swollen length. She took him deep then and swirled her tongue around him.

Tensing to try and hold back his come Michael pulled her up against him. “Let’s get in the back seat, there’s more room.”

She was already climbing in the back seat and he joined her there. When he sat back down she straddled him. She removed her shirt and bra and in the close confines of the car her breasts grazed across his face. He reached up and held her still taking each nipple into his mouth and grazing each one with his tongue and teeth.

Then he moved his head back up to her ear and whispered, “Put my cock inside you Raven.”

She moaned and reached down between them to position herself over his cock. She guided him into her as he was still suckling on her breasts. She moved for him letting him relax and enjoy himself. Raven put her hands under his shirt and raised his arms to take it off. She rubbed and kissed over his chest, her tongue following where her hands went. His hands were resting on her thighs gently massaging her.

She kissed up his chest and throat, her breasts brushing against his chest. He lightly stroked her hips and placed his hands on her ass guiding her strokes. She leaned back on him looking into his eyes. They sparkled green and she became mesmerized by their depths. She let her head fall back to let the feeling of his cock wash over her.

He leaned forward and kissed at her collar bone, down between her breasts.

Raven moaned as his tongue caressed her. His dick was so hard and long inside of her. She could feel heat spreading over her skin making her breasts and pussy heavy with wanting him. She raised her hands up to push off the ceiling of the car to thrust harder against him.

He moved his arms to wrap around her back and grasp her shoulders. He pulled her against him hard and fast trying to get as much of him as possible inside her. She cried out and he gripped her hair in his hand and pulled her head back to get access to her neck. As she moved against him he kissed her neck making her moan louder and louder. She screamed his name when she came and she clenched so tightly around his cock that Michael came with her, growling out his pleasure.

He pumped into her until he was finished and then leaned back against the seat with her cradled in his arms. Shivers were still racing through Raven’s body. Her breasts were pressed against his face and he couldn’t help but take her nipple into his mouth and lazily stroke it with his tongue. She rested against his shoulder, lazily trailing a finger over his skin. He rubbed his hands up and down her sides then he moved to capture her mouth with his. The kiss was so soft and tender and it seemed to last forever.

Eventually they got up and dressed and once again started driving towards Raven’s house. She didn’t try to seduce him on the way home this time; she just lightly stroked her hand over his leg. When they got to her house Michael walked her up to her door. There was a little awkward silence between them but then Raven smiled and kissed his cheek.

“Thanks for the ride.” She said as a blush appeared on her cheeks.

Michael smiled at her sudden shyness and said, “I think it is I who should be thanking your for the ride.”

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