The Perfect Christmas Present

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Thanks to my friend Ryan…

As my second semester of my junior year rolled around, I wasn’t really looking forward to it. I had classes I hated, and teachers I hated even more. I had gotten held back a year, and I had to repeat some of the classes. But, first, I had Christmas break, which I was grateful for in more than one way. It got me out of school, and it also gave me a chance to see my brother…

My brother Ryan had grown out of the awkward stage all brothers go through, and the last time I seen him right before school started, he looked really good. He had gotten tall, and he had awesome blue green eyes, brown hair, and he wore glasses, which I always thought were adorable. I always looked up to him cause he had protected me all through out my awkward teen years and my horrible freshman year. He was a good big brother.

I always followed him around when I was younger, and as I hit my sophomore year of high school, I had made my own friends including some boyfriends he didn’t approve of. He thought I deserved better. When he found out that I had went all the way with one of them right after my 18th birthday, he gave me the big brother lecture of him being disappointed in me. And as a consequence of him finding out, he told Mom, and she put me on birth control. Big deal.

Well, back to the Christmas break. I got put in control, somehow, of picking him up from the bus depot. I didn’t mind that much, but I was planning on something, and I wasn’t quite ready when he came home a few days earlier than expected. When he climbed into my little bitty Honda, I smiled and peeled out of the parking lot. I was blasting the radio and not even giving him a chance to say anything till we pulled up in the drive way ten minutes later. When I turned off the car, I quickly jumped out and ran into the house and straight into my room after I gave him instructions about fixing his own lunch. I sat down at my desk and started to write in my diary:

…well, he’s home. I just went and picked him up. Damn he’s hot! Seducing him is going to be so damn fulfilling. I know that he’s my brother, but I just cant help the fact that he’s hot and I want him more than any of the other guys at school. Besides, Chris sucked in bed, and I want to know what an orgasm feels like from someone else besides my self! Okay, plan is I’m going to ask him to go into the hot tub with me tonight and then accidentally lose my top as we’re rough housing. If it works out from there, I’ll have my way with him before the night is over! Mom and Dad couldn’t of picked a better weekend to go visit Grandma!

I closed my dairy and put it in the bottom drawer. After a few minutes on the computer checking my mail, I decided that I wanted to go see what Ryan was doing. Okay, so I just wanted an excuse to check him out. I went down the hall into the kitchen, then through the living room. I glanced out the glass door into the back yard. Not there. I checked the bathroom. Not there either. I knew there was only one other place he could be: his old room, where he would stay when he came home. As I neared his door, I heard soft sounds. Never in my life could I have imagined what I would see.

The moans were coming from Ryan! I peeked into his room, almost gasping out loud. His headboard was against the same wall that the door was on, and he couldn’t see me watching him. I don’t think he was really paying attention. I don’t think he cared, he seemed to be in another world. He had nothing on but his blue boxers, his hard dick standing straight up. As I stood there, his hand teased his cock with light touches while the other one cupped his nuts. I was watching my brother jerk off! This realization made me wet and hot at once. I almost moaned aloud and gave myself away.

I’m glad I didn’t though. Within a few more seconds, he had his head ground into his pillow and was almost screaming. I just stared in wonder as his cock spewed cum all over his hand and stomach. I had never watched a guy jerk off before. Much less cum all over his self. As he laid there with his eyes closed, tremors subsiding, I stepped away from the door and headed into the living room. Sitting down on the couch, I tried to process what I had just seen. My big brother cumming all over his self was a sight to behold. Amazingly, I didn’t feel guilty at what I had watched.

I turned on the TV and pretended to be watching it when Ryan appeared in the living room. He sat down beside me, close enough to feel the heat radiating off his body, and asked me what was on.

“Nothing really. There never is on a Saturday. Unless you want to watch a bunch of Christmas reruns. Boring!”

“Yeah, ataşehir escort I agree. What did you plan on doing tonight?” He looked at the clock on the mantle. “It’s already 7. Shouldn’t you be out partying?”

“Nah, thought I’d stay in tonight.” I grinned inwardly, knowing for sure that after what I had just watched, I’d so be staying in tonight!

A hour later, Ryan complained he was hungry. Mom and Dad had left me some money, and we ordered pizza. We watched a racy movie on HBO, and it got me even wetter than I already was. I knew that I had to have him tonight. When I asked him did he want to go in the hot tub, he shrugged.

“Oh, c’mon Ryan! It’s been forever since we’ve done anything like that together.”

“If you want me to join you that bad, then why the hell not?”

Yes! I thought to myself. Before he left for college, we had horsed around in the large hot tub. It could easily seat 10 people. I got up to change into my bathing suit. Looking in the mirror, I realized that I had gotten the crotch of my shorts wet. Thinking about getting in the hot tub with Ryan and watching that movie had gotten me wet enough to go through my cheer shorts.

He was bound not to notice though, right? I had a good idea that he wouldn’t catch onto my plan. I changed into a dark red string bikini and grabbed a towel. When I looked out to the hot tub, I noticed Ryan had already climbed in. Sucker.

“Feel good?” I asked as I stood at the side, looking down at him. He was sitting on the side closest to me. He already had it cranked up to full speed, the bubbles making it hard for me to see much of him below the waist. I climbed in and sighed as the hot water relaxed my tight muscles. I was really feeling the sexual tension that seemed to be hitting me really hard today. As I laid my head against the rim, I glanced over at Ryan. He was intently watching me, mostly watching my chest float above the water.

“Hey, haven’t you ever seen a pair of tits before?” I joked as he blushed when I caught him watching. “Just kidding.”

“Lil’ Sis, you sure have filled out in the last few months.”

Yeah, I had, going from a 32C to a 40C. Not bad for only 6 months.

“Nice of you to notice.” I told him, trying my hardest to sound sarcastic. I wondered if I had pulled it off. I smiled up at him and was taken away at how his eyes shined with out and out lust. Never have I seen a guy’s eyes show so much emotion. I gasped, drawing his attention off me and onto the water.

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to stare. It’s just that I’ve been really busy lately, and I haven’t gotten laid in like a month. And every girl I see that’s even remotely sexy, I have to look.”

“So, you think I’m sexy?” I asked him, knowing that now my voice showed my arousal. It was hard to miss. Husky.

“Hell yeah! I mean…uh…” he stuttered, turning all different shades of red. I thought it was sexy, a grown man, despite the fact it was my brother, was tripping over his tongue to compliment me. I felt my desire rise another notch or two. Damn I was turned on! I smiled at him again, and when he looked back down at the water, I slid over to the side he was sitting on.

“Hey, don’t be embarrassed! I like getting compliments, no matter who their from. And we’re both adults now, so I think we should be able to act like adults.” I took his chin in my hand and lifted his face to look me in the eye. “And besides, big brother, I think you’ve gotten sexy, too.”

“Naw, you’re just saying that to be nice cause I said something to you.”

“No, I think you are.” This was going way better than I could of ever planned it! “Let me show you…”

I leaned towards him, placing my hand underwater and on his thigh. I slid closer to him and pulled his mouth to mine. I kissed him slowly and hesitantly first. I didn’t know how he was going to act. But after a few minutes, he groaned, and I let down of all of my barriers. He was surprised I could tell, but he kissed me back with equal passion. I linked my arms around his neck and pulled him even closer to me. I was kissing my big brother! After all of these years fantasizing about it, here I was!

As my hand trailed down his chest, I smiled when he moaned as my hand touched his nipple. Knowing I had other plans, I let my hand continue all the way down. When it rested on his stomach, I could feel his hips lifting up. I smiled again I let my hand go further down, looking for the waist band of his shorts. I never found them. He was completely naked! I pulled back in suprise.

“Ryan! You don’t have any swim trunks on!”

“I saw kadıköy escort bayan you watching me. I have a mirror over my dresser. And my dresser is straight across from my bed. Did you forget that? I seen the look in your eyes and knew that I just had to have you.”

A smile came over his face, knowing that he had pulled off the innocent act good, well, good enough for me to buy it. I could only smile back. Standing up, streaming water from my body, I motioned for him to follow me after I grabbed a towel. He did, and I got a quick glimpse of his hard dick again before he covered up with a towel. Walking into the house, I headed for my room.

“No, lets go to my room. It has a bigger bed.” I turned to see him smiling at me. I changed directions and led him down the other hallway to his room. Closing the blinds, I let my towel fall off of me. I could see his eyes sweep my body, and I felt myself getting self conscious. That is until he whispered “Good God a mighty! Honey, you are hot.” He just motioned for me to turn around, and I proudly did so after that comment. I could feel his gaze boring into me, and it felt good.

“You’ve filled out a lot honey.” His voice was raspy, and I got a jolt from head to toe at that moment, knowing that he was as turned on as I was. “I’ve wanted you for a long time. But I never knew how you’d react. Especially when I saw how you filled out some of your tight clothes. So, I jerked off earlier in hopes that you’d hear me.”

“I was wondering why you were cumming so loud. I was thinking that you thought I went out or something.”

“Nope. Wanted you to find me. And when I saw you at the door with that look on your face I knew I had to do something about it.” He laughed. “That’s the reason I was staring at your tits. Well, not the only reason…but that was mainly the reason. And it worked better than I could ever asked.” I told him quickly that mainly, the same thoughts that were running through his head were the same running through mine and we both laughed. All at once, with one look, we both relaxed fully. We were family, yes, but we loved each other probably more than anyone else. I knew, at least, that was the case for me. I just shyly padded over to him and slipped my arms back around his neck and started to kiss him.

As our mouths fused, so did the rest of both our bodies. Or at least to the best of their ability. He was six feet even, and I barely reached five and a half. I melted in his arms, knowing that he would show me how it was supposed to be between a man and a woman. He stopped me long enough to pull me on top of him on the bed while he laid on his back, and we resumed kissing. The only thing separating our bodies was a thin towel and my bathing suit bottom. I groaned as his hands rubbed up and down my arms. My back arched as his hands closed around my breasts through my top.

I sat back on his thighs and undid the strings of my bathing suit. He reached up and slid the top off of my head. When my tits were revealed to him, he looked me straight in the eyes and motioned me to come towards him with a slight nod of his head. I obeyed. As his mouth closed around my nipple, hot and demanding, I cried aloud. I loved my big brother, and I couldn’t imagine something else feeling this good with someone else.

As he played with my nipples, switching from one to the other, my hips involuntarily humped his. The first movement had his head dropping back down to the bed for just a few seconds. I realized I could use this to my advantage, and started to rock back and forward. I knew that before long, I was going to have to either touch him or go insane.

Gratefully, he felt the same way. I felt his hands under my ass, and he flipped me over to my back. As he flipped over, the towel fell away, and I got a personal look at his hard prick. It was rock hard, pre-cum making the head turn shiny. He kissed me, wanting to push me back down on the bed, but I had another idea.

As he stood back up, a puzzled look on his face, I reached out and grabbed his dick at the base, pulling him towards me. He moaned aloud, and when my hand traveled up his hard cock, I could see his knees shaking. I knew that I could turn him on, but this much over one touch made me gush. I sat up slowly on the edge of the bed. I took his cock head in my mouth and gently sucking it, the taste of pre-cum driving me crazy.

Inch by hard inch, I pulled him into my wet mouth. I started to suck on his dick, and he placed his hands on top of my head. As I got his dick wet, I started to pump his hard cock in and out of my mouth. I knew that I was good at head, escort maltepe since most of the time, that was as far as I would go. I knew that he was aching for more though, and with a long sweep of my tongue on the under side of his hard cock, I looked lovingly up at him.

“You have to know, Ryan, that the only guy I’ve slept with was Chris, and from what my girlfriends have told me, he sucked. I’ve never had a guy get me off. Will you?” Getting on his knees at the edge of the bed, Ryan pulled my hips to the edge of the bed. He first kissed the inside of my thighs, leading down to my pussy. He wanted to taste me, but wanted to tease me first. With slow kisses up and down my hips and stomach, Ryan avoided my aching pussy.

“I know that what you’re doing is supposed to feel good, Ryan, but I want to feel your mouth on me. Please?” He was only too happy to make my wish come true. With a loud exhale, he used one hand to slip my pussy lips apart as his tongue went straight to my clit. My hips jerked, and he smiled. Oh yeah, he taught to himself, this is going to be easy. He got me going, and before long, with a tongue on my clit and a finger in my tight pussy, I came all over his face. I lay on the bed, amazed at the sensations going through me. I had never felt this way when it was only me.

“Pleased?” He asked me with a smile on his face, obviously not expecting an answer. “Now, I know you want me to fuck you, but I have to ask you a question.”

“What’s that?”

“I want you to let me fuck you in the ass.”

At first I was surprised. Never had I done that before. He still had his finger inside of me, and during the long silence, he started to move it in and out of me again. I was trying to think, I really was, but it was hard with such great sensations radiating from inside of me. And when he slipped a finger into my ass, I was amazed. Instantly, I knew that I had to find out what it felt like to have his cock all the way inside of my ass. Looking up at him, I nodded my approval.

Getting on the bed beside me, Ryan stretched out as I followed instructions to get on top of him, with my face in the direction of his feet. I moaned very loud when I felt the head of his cock brush my pussy lips. I tried to push down, missing the first time. Reaching under me, I grabbed his cock and shoved him into my wet pussy. I didn’t have any lube, and I figured this was as good as a way as any. Plus, as wet as I was, it would work just fine. Knowing that I was on birth control, I didn’t need to worry about a condom. This thought made me spasm inside, and he groaned.

Starting to rock, I gasped aloud as I felt him start to finger my ass. I moaned aloud then screamed as he inserted his finger all the way. He jerked inside of me and I stopped for a few minutes. He fingered my ass for a few minutes. Eventually, when I couldn’t take it anymore, I begged my big brother to fuck me in the ass. Rising up, I slid his cock from my pussy to my ass. Ryan told me to relax or it was going to hurt. Taking a few deep breaths, I relaxed. As I felt the head of his rod press against my asshole, I moaned and tried to push my ass all the way on him. After a few grinding tries, I had the head of his swollen cock inside of me.

As I slowly took more and more in my ass, I started to shake. I was really turned on, and we hadn’t even started really fucking yet. When I had him all the way in me, he put his hands on my hips and made me fuck his hot dick. It felt so damned good. I wanted it to last forever. Once he slipped out of me, and slid into my pussy with no warning. I came at the very second his dick was buried all the way in my pussy. Halfway through the orgasm, my big brother slammed back into my ass and sent me spinning once again. I almost passed out from cumming so much. My body was racked, but I sure as hell didn’t mind.

When Ryan couldn’t stand it anymore, he asked me to get on my knees. I did quickly. As he stood up, I arched my ass against his crotch. He pressed his hips forward and slid his dick into my sopping wet pussy. I cried out loud and he began to pound me hard and fast. I could hardly stand it, because it almost felt too good. But I held on. After fucking me for about twenty minutes, Ryan announced that he was going to cum, and asked me to sit on the edge of the bed. Doing so, I was surprised when he started to fuck my newly developed tits. While I held the sides of my tits, he placed his hands on my shoulders and fucked me.

As his moans got louder, I pressed my tits onto his dick. As he started to shoot, I opened my mouth. The first shot landed straight in my mouth, the second and third on my chin. I moaned and swallowed, then leaned down and sucked him into my mouth, sucking out the last drop of cum. I heard him exhale loudly, and looking up, he moaned. He grabbed the towel off the end of the bed and wiped my mouth.

“Made a mess there little sister…”

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