The Tantalizing Twins Ch. 03

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As Terri licked her twin sister Traci’s beautiful nipples, Traci began to unleash the monster in Steve’s pants. He was so hard from watching the twins together. She caressed Steve’s stiff cock and then she stood up, she pulled him up to his feet and shucked his jeans from his thighs she threw him down on the bed and then her sister moved in behind her.

As Traci began to suck and lick and tease Steve’s cock her sister Terri slid the skirt from her waist and now Traci was there on all fours her beautifully rounded tan ass staring straight back at Steve from the mirror of the hotel’s dresser. She was wearing nothing but black floss. The finest strip of black cloth ran between her sweet ass cheeks.

Then as he watched he saw her twin sister Terri move in and he saw the material pulled aside. He got a glorious view of the most beautifully shaved pussy he thought he’d ever seen. And he couldn’t believe that he was going to get to have it twice…the words identical twins just kept ringing in his güvenilir bahis ears.

Traci was the best at giving head he’d ever had—hands down—and her skills alone were enough to make him blow his top. But the end of the holding back came quickly when he saw Terri bend her head and begin to suck her sister’s wet pussy. She stuck her tongue deep up inside her sister’s love tunnel and worked it in slow circles as her twin began to moan, gathering all she could then she gracefully made her way up to Steve and offered him a glorious kiss tainted with the juices of her sister’s dripping snatch.

When Terri went back down to give her sister Traci more pleasure she licked her cunt again then she licked her finger and slid it slowly inside. She used her tongue and her fingers and mouth all together artfully. Traci’s lips tightened around Steve’s cock and he could feel the suction increase and the vibration from the muffled moans that were somehow escaping around the cock he had buried deep in her throat. türkçe bahis He looked down at the beautiful bare chested curly haired Blonde attacking his cock; he put his fingers in her hair and helped her even further down his shaft. By the time Steve looked back at the twins in the mirror Traci had engulfed his entire cock and at least half his balls.

Looking up at the mirror he saw the face of a beautiful straight haired Blonde buried deep within her own identical sister’s body. Seeing Terri’s beautifully polished, long, hot-pink fingernails make there way in and out of her sisters cunt—seeing the sticky—creamy whiteness that lay atop them each and every time Terri pulled a finger from Traci’s cunt was more than Steve could bare.

“Oh, Holy Shit you two look so good. Jesus I’ve never seen a pussy eaten like that!” He began to yell out.

Traci moaned and grunted loudly around his cock as she and he began to spasm together at the same time. As Steve came in her throat she swallowed down every güvenilir bahis siteleri sticky-sweet drop. He could actually feel her muscles close around his cock head as her throat closed and opened to swallow his cream.

The girls knew that he was done for a while. So they decided it was time for the real show to begin. He thought he’d enjoyed watching before but Traci was even better with pussy than her twin. And Steve lay down on his side to watch passively with his hand around his cock stroking gently.

Traci pulled her twin up to the top of the bed. Removing the hot pink thong from her sister she realized that it was quite wet and she threw it on Steve’s face. He smelled it and licked and was completely amazed at the way the two girls tasted—exactly alike.

Traci crawled up between her sister’s open thighs, her ass and bald pussy gleaming with her own juices in the mirror behind her. She teased her sister’s slit with one finger gently running it down the length of Terri’s slit—then back up again. When she reached the top she came to rest on her sister’s fat swollen clit.

She worked her finger around and around in a circle. Then she quickly and mercilessly slid her finger back down Terri’s slit again.

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