To Bask in Breastford Ch. 14

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“This place is cold. It gives me the creeps.”

Natalie Knockers was pacing back and forth on the white tiles of a very large living room floor. The ceiling stood some fifty feet above her, and she guessed that it probably went on for a mile.

Paula Swanson was sitting on a red couch, which appeared to be some sort of velvet, shaking her head at Natalie in disapproval.

“You didn’t have to come, you know.” She said.

Natalie laughed as she finally sat down opposite Paula. She gazed passed her and rested her chin on her hand.

“If only that were true…” Natalie replied.

“You could’ve at least changed, then.” Paula said.

Natalie looked down at her hip hugging jeans and frilly pink top. The top had a large portion cut out around the collar like a v-neck, and it was encrusted with mock jewelry all the way around. The two straps holding it up looked as though they were on the verge of snapping in the wake of her heaving chest.

“She couldn’t think any less of me than she already does.” Natalie said, confidently.

Paula opened her mouth to speak, but was cut off as she heard the tapping of heels echo into the room. Natalie’s eyes went wide and she quickly walked around the coffee table separating her from Paula. She sat down on the red couch, next to her friend.

Before long, a woman stood adjacent to them. She wore a white button up and smart blue blazer, along with a matching blue skirt. The blazer seemed to fit her comfortably, but the white top underneath looked to be struggling against her massive breasts.

She brushed some brown locks away from her face and fixed the dark rimmed glasses she wore before taking a seat across from the two other women.

“So glad the two of you could come…” She began.

She placed a manila folder on the table in front of her and peered at the two busty women, giving her an air of authority over them. She closed the deal by stealing a quick glance at her own huge rack, which was considerably bigger than Paula or Natalie’s.

“Not at all, Evelyn,” Paula said in response. “To what do we owe this honor?”

“Well, as I’m sure you know, I’m not here for myself.”

“Of course.” Paula replied.

“That being said,” Evelyn continued. “It seems the person I’m here on behalf of has had a problem with the last batch you gave her.”

“Oh!” Paula said, slapping her forehead in remembrance. “No need to say any more. I’ve long since corrected the problem. I can’t believe I let this slip my mind. Too much going on in school, I suppose.”

The three women laughed with friendliness.

“I see.” Evelyn said. “Then I assume you know what I’m going to ask next?”

Paula looked over at Natalie, who simply turned her glance.

“Yes.” Paula said, blinking as she turned back to the busty woman across from her. “I’m assuming two vials, as per usual?”

“Not exactly,” Evelyn answered. “It seems she’s had a bit of a change of heart.”

The two women looked at each other in surprise.

“Oh?” Paula said.

“Yes.” Evelyn said, fiddling with her glasses. “It seems she’ll be needing ten vials of the stuff.”


The two women sat up abruptly.

“I…I’m-“Paula stuttered as she struggled to find the right words. “I…I’m afraid I can’t allow that. It’s still in its testing phase. I’m afraid that any more than a few vials could have dire consequences.”

Evelyn leaned back and crossed her arms.

“Did you not fix the problem?”

“I did.” Paula stated. “I found that liquefying the substance increases its potency. It’s much stronger than the last batch. But new problems have arisen.”

Evelyn brushed her hair with her hand.

“Such as?” she asked.

“Well I…They’re…” Again, Paula was struggling to find words. “They’re yet to be known. But I still have much more testing to do before it’s ready for such extensive use.”

“Shall we settle on a compromise, then?” Evelyn asked.

Paula looked at her in intrigue.

“What did you have in mind?” she asked.

“Five vials.” Evelyn said. “I think that would be enough to satisfy her needs while still giving you peace of mind.”

“Well…I…I suppose.” Paula said.

“Of course…” Evelyn continued. “There’s still the off chance that she’ll need more. In which case….”

Paula and Natalie were both looking at her intently. She had their undivided attention.

“Well. I think you know.” She said.

Paula nodded in agreement.

Evelyn now sat up properly and turned to Natalie.

“Natalie…” she said.

“Yes?” Natalie replied.

“How goes our situation with the new hire?”

Natalie bit her lip as she struggled to answer the question. Fortunately, Paula answered it for her.

“Natalie had the, um…displeasure of experiencing him just a few days ago.”

“Anything to report?” Evelyn asked, unsympathetically.

“No. No new news.” Natalie stated confidently.

“Good.” Evelyn said, clapping her hands together. “I won’t lie to you, ladies. We were beginning to worry.”

“Why’s that?” Natalie asked, curiously.

“Well just for the sheer canlı bahis şirketleri fact that he’s still around.” Evelyn said quickly. “And because…”

The two women leaned in; they were hanging on her every word.

Evelyn seemed to be struggling with this next statement.

“Because we were afraid there was something we had not accounted for.”

“You mean, besides his wife?” Natalie asked.

“Yes.” Evelyn stated.

“Well,” Natalie said. “Sorry to disappoint, but everything is ship-shape.”

“Mmm. Yes.” Evelyn said, peering at Natalie over her glasses.

There was a brief moment of silence, but Evelyn finally broke it.

“That concludes our business for today, ladies.” She said. “Meeting adjourned.”

The two women said their goodbyes, and soon Evelyn was shutting the door after them.

* * * * * * * * * *

The light was on, but it was still dark as Coach Steven Blue opened his eyes. As the blackness faded and he became accustomed to the light, he remembered the last thing he had seen: two bras from two busty blonde teens falling towards him. He quickly reached up to his face and frantically searched his entire head. Across from him, he could see his own reflection in the mirror. After seeing how stupid and pointless this all was he stood up, leaned against his desk, and buried his face in his hands.

He was interrupted, however, by a knock on the door.

Just as he was about to shout for whomever it was to just walk in, the door opened and Samantha walked in anyway.

“I came to check on you.” She said, closing the door behind her.

Coach Blue looked at her, and his eyes filled with anger. He stomped towards her and threw his hands out against the door, trapping Samantha between his bulky arms.

Samantha turned her head in fear as though she were about to be struck.

“You lied!” Coach Blue spat.

“I…I did not!” Samantha stuttered.

It was hard for Coach Blue to tell if Samantha was crying, or laughing. Either way, it pissed him off more.

“You said if I did this…this…this THING with you then I would have…”

He stopped as he realized how irrational that sounded.

“I never said that!” Samantha said calmly.

“You said that if I…that if me and you…and –oh my god- my wife? Oh my god…”

It was clear now. Samantha was laughing as she was pinned against the door. She was having a ball as she heard the words coming out of his mouth.

“You’re a pig.” She said. “But even pigs need it, and since I know how much you dislike your wife there’s only one place you can get it!”

She was speaking as though her words were arrows and her mouth was launching them.

“Oh my god…” Coach Blue said, backing away. He was staring at his hands as though they were unfamiliar to him.

“Sooner or later you’ll realize that you need me!” Samantha said. “And when you do you’ll realize that bigger really is better…and not where you think it counts!”

Coach Blue almost stumbled over his own desk as his rear came into contact with it.

Samantha was laughing like a hyena as Coach Blue struggled to keep his composure.

“Look at you!” She laughed. “You thought you were gonna get it all, and instead you got me.”

Her laughing now stopped and her eyes filled with tears. Her face reddened as she grew angry.

“YOU GOT ME!” she shouted in anger.

Coach Blue was scared. Not by the hideous woman that stood before him, yelling, but by the things he had done with her. And the things he had done with his wife…what had he been thinking?

“You got me…” Samantha continued, as she hung her head and swiped her hands across her face.

She raised her head and looked back at the coach as she dried her tears. She stared at his muscles and finely toned body…

“So…” she said, as her hand reached behind her and turned the door knob. “We’re gonna have fun together. I suggest you drink lots of water.”

Coach Blue only stared at her as she opened the door and backed out into the doorway.

“And get ready to saddle up.” She said.

She licked her lips and stole one last glance at his hard body before closing the door for good, leaving Coach Blue to bask in disappointment.

* * * * * * * * * *

The air was warm as Brittany Bust kicked off from the ground and flew into the air. She was sitting on a swing in the Biguns’ yard, and Brooke Biguns was standing next to it.

“I just can’t stand her sometimes.” Brooke said.

Brittany let her feet drag across the ground until the swing stopped. She turned to her friend as she swung back and forth, ever so slowly.

“She’s under a lot of pressure.” Brittany said.

Brooke threw her head in the air and laughed. Her blonde hair flew backwards and trailed down her back. Her back had a slight arch, which increased the curves in her silhouette. Indeed, she looked like a model the way her big boobs jutted out and her hair flew freely in the warm air.

“She hasn’t even been inducted yet.”

“But she’s going to be.” Brittany said, throwing her hair back with her hands. She, canlı kaçak iddaa too, arched her back as she sat on the swing. Her own pair of big, busty boobs jutted out as she looked up at Brooke.

“Not for a while, she’s not.” Brooke said. “She thinks she can boss us around just because of those big-“

“Look…” Brittany said, interrupting her. “The bottom line is, if we want Nina to take us with her then we’ve got to be nice to her. So suck it up.”

Brooke turned to look at Brittany.”

“And then what?” she said. “Suck it up some more?”

Brittany shrugged.

“Brooke Biguns does not suck.” Brooke said, sternly. “Anything. Not even-“

“Look!” Brittany said, pointing across the street. “Isn’t that Coach Blue?”

The two girls looked across the street and watched as Coach Blue’s car pulled into the driveway. The door opened and they saw him get out. He looked angry as he stomped down across the driveway to the front door.

“Coach Blue!” The two girls screamed.

The befuddled coach immediately turned in their direction. Brittany and Brooke continued to arch their backs. Their hands went to their curvy sides and behind their heads in various poses as their big tits continued to heave atop their massive racks.

Coach Blue gasped as he saw one busty teen sitting on a swing and flaunting her gorgeous melons for him while her busty friend stood next her and did the same.

The girls saw him reach for his crotch, and then they heard him grunt something inaudibly before he stomped his way into the house. They laughed as he disappeared from sight.

When the laughing was over, Brooke turned to her friend.

“We really did a number on him, didn’t we?” Brooke said.

“Yeah!” Brittany laughed.

Brooke’s voice now changed to a solemn tone.

“Look,” she said. “Last time was too close for comfort.”

“Yeah.” Brittany said, in all seriousness. “I see what you mean.”

“I don’t think we should do it anymore.” Brooke said, sitting down next to her friend.

“I don’t think we should, either.” Brittany replied. “I mean, we almost had to-“

“I know.” Brooke said.

“But what happens if something comes up?” Brittany asked.

It was silent while Brooke gathered her thoughts.

“We end it. For good.” She said, finally.

“You mean…?” Brittany asked, gesturing to their big racks.

“Yeah.” Brooke said, looking down at her massive jugs.

“Wow.” Brittany said. “I guess there won’t be an ‘after.'”

“Nope.” Brooke replied. “But if, by some chance, he does pull through…I think he’ll have learned his lesson.”

“Definitely.” Brittany said, staring across the street.

Silence took over the conversation again, but after a while Brittany broke it.

“Hey can I borrow that top?” she asked.

“The extra small one that makes your boobs look like bowling balls?”

“Yeah!” Brittany said.

“No.” Brooke said. “I’m saving that one for me.”

“Oh.” Brittany said, disappointed.

“Then what about that other one that-“

“It ripped off.” Brooke cut her off.

“Do you have anything I can borrow?” Brittany asked, with mock frustration. “Preferably something that makes my boobs look bigger than yours?”

Brooke laughed.

“That’s impossible.” She said. “But let’s go see what looks good on you.”

Happily, she and Brittany got off the swing and went inside.

* * * * * * * * * *

Coach Blue was staring up at the ceiling as Laura sloppily slurped on his dick. He didn’t think there was such a thing as a bad blowjob, but his wife was proving him wrong. How could such a sloppy blowjob be so bad?

“Ouch!” he yelled as he felt Laura’s teeth sink into him. “Quit it!”

“Sorry…” she said.

“Jeez, Laura, don’t bite it! What the hell are you thinking??”

“I just thought it would be kinky.” She said, disappointed.

Coach Blue sighed deeply.

“Aw fuck it.” He said. “What does it matter? Do whatever you want.”

Although a little confused, Laura decided to cease biting and go back to tounging it…badly.

The frustrated coach just stared up at the ceiling and sighed. He didn’t even know how this blowjob had started. He had simply come home and collapsed on the bed when all of a sudden his wife had walked in and began taking off his pants.

Given recent events, he had lost the will to do anything to stop this.

But suddenly his will came back as he felt a distinct change in Laura’s mouth and tongue. He felt her tongue swirl around his head with expert care before taking his entire length clean into her mouth. She bobbed up and down on it for a few minutes before taking it out and running her tongue up and down his shaft, stopping at the top and bottom to lick his balls and then his head. She began smoothing him out with gentle kisses, she kissed her way from bottom to top and when she got to the head her tongue came into the picture and she began a full on make out session with his cock as though she were in love with it.

“Oh my god…” he moaned. “Laura…”

She felt Laura immediately pull him out of her mouth, canlı kaçak bahis but she continued to keep him warm and throbbing by stroking him.

“Gross!” she said. “You’re thinking about that fatass??”

Coach Blue sat up and gazed down at his crotch. Gretchen Swanson was between his legs. She had his cock in her small petite hand and was stroking it at a calm pace. She had a look of disgust and offense on her pretty face.

“You!” Coach Blue said, startled. “You-“

“Shut up.” Gretchen said, cutting him off by sticking his cock in her mouth.

Coach Blue’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as the busty teen swallowed him up. He fell back on the bed as his cock throbbed inside the busty brunette’s warm, expert mouth. He was throbbing like he hadn’t had a blowjob in years…and it sure felt that way.

“Here, Nina. You give it a try.”

As soon as he heard the words, Coach Blue frantically sat up. The bed squeaked and shook as the coach struggled to sit up as fast as he could. As he struggled, he saw the busty babe Nina Knockers crouching down next to Gretchen between his legs. He was comfortable, and in awe, as Nina adjusted herself and grew comfy as well; her big tits bulging out into his legs.

Coach Blue moaned as his legs came into contact with her thin gray shirt…and the huge melon underneath. It was warm and soft, and he almost blew it right then and there as Gretchen stroked him off.

Nina’s girlish face was just inches from Gretchen’s as Gretchen lightly passed her the coach’s rock hard torch. Both she and Gretchen were looking up at him as she lowered her head and tilted her face forward so that the tip was even with her nose. Gretchen scrunched her face at the coach ominously, knowing that he was going to enjoy this.

“Ok.” Nina said, batting an eye at the coach, playfully. “But I’ve never done this before…”

Gretchen licked the head of his cock as Nina’s tongue slowly inched out and batted his shaft. Coach Blue was in heaven as the two busty babes tongue bathed him over and over. He could hardly believe Nina would even do such a thing, and just seeing her engage in the activity was more arousing than the activity itself.

Coach Blue leaned back on his arms as his cock protruded between the mouths of both girls. They now took to kissing it, as though it was a scraped knee and they were giving it the upmost care.

He let out a deep breath just as the girls each took a side as though they were playing the same harmonica. He didn’t know if he would make it through this without blowing his load, and he didn’t care. All he knew was that Nina Knockers and Gretchen Swanson were blowing him at the same time, and there was nothing wrong.

Just as he was starting to enjoy the busty, double-blowjob he felt someone curling up next to him. Not long after, he felt someone curl up on his other side as well.

“Having fun with our daughters?”

He snapped out of the trance Gretchen and Nina had put him in and realized that their mothers, Natalie and Paula, were right next to him.

“Girls, don’t touch that. You don’t know where it’s been.” Paula said.

Coach Blue frowned as did Gretchen and Nina. The two teens immediately ceased all activity between his legs. But Gretchen’s frown soon turned into a smile.

“Maybe not,” she said. “But I know where it’s going.”

She lurched down over his cock until her lips were touching the bottom of his shaft. Coach Blue’s eyes went wide as Gretchen deep-throated him and Nina looked at the two of them and smiled.

She looked at Coach Blue with seduction in her eyes, her big boobs pressing into his legs.

“Do you want to have sex with me and my busty mom?” Nina asked.

Coach Blue was taken aback by the question, but he managed to nod excitedly.

Gretchen pulled him out of her mouth. Saliva dripped down his length and made it shine.

“How about me and my mom?” she asked.

“And afterwards…” Natalie said, leaning into him. “We could put the girls to bed and Paula and I can have you all to ourselves…”

Coach Blue moaned as the thought entered his mind. Below him, Gretchen was busy bobbing up and down on his cock. At his sides, two busty milfs were pressing their heaving chests into him and toying with his face and ears playfully.

“You know what you have to do.”

He quickly searched behind Nina and Gretchen and found that Brooke Biguns was standing behind them, along with her friend Brittany Bust.

“Yeah, Coach…” Brittany said as she and Brooke leaned down over Gretchen and Nina respectively.

The two girls leaned over Gretchen’s shoulders and stared up and the excited coach as their mouths inched their way closer to his dick. Gretchen released the grip her mouth had on him and let him slip out from between her lips. The two blondes immediately began teasing him by blowing hot breath on the tip.

Brittany leaned forward and kissed the head passionately. Eventually she took his tip into her mouth, coaxing a rather long moan from Coach Blue.

Brooke was busy fishing around between Gretchen’s hooters. Gretchen had taken to giving Brooke’s massive breasts the same treatment, smiling at them as they bounced right next to her face. Brooke finally pulled her hand out from Gretchen’s busty cleavage and revealed a gold necklace, weighed down by a golden key.

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