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After my first intercourse with my brother will in the bathroom the
relationship between me and Will changed. For a
month we didn’t get chances to get together.

Finally we planned to
grandpa’s farmhouse in Amsterdam for the vacation.
We boarded the flight; it was a tiring two hour travel. We also didn’t
nearby seats so that we could fist each other. We

landed by nightfall. We waited in the baggage counter for the bags. To
my unluckiness my bag was lost, all me clothes and

makeup kit was in the bag. Nobody could help me and my brother
grinning at me. Grandpa picked us up from the airport that

night, I told him about my missing bag and he told he would give me
grandma’s clothes. I sat in the back seat and he talked to

my brother the whole ride. I just watched the city. It was beautiful!
Then he took us to a fancy restaurant. I found a

table in the corner and he sat down right beside me while Will sat
across. I didn’t mind but the whole time he kept

sliding his hand up my summer dress and I’d giggle and push it away.
He laughed a little. I wasn’t uncomfortable he was

just playing. After a while we started home, When we arrived at the
house it was pretty late so we didn’t bother

unpacking. There was only one guest bedroom so my Brother said to
share the bed with me. Grandpa said

I could sleep on the couch.
So the bed was for us. I and my brother very happy expecting a
blissful night. I had a hot shower and wrapped myself in a

bath towel. Before I could get some dress for the night grandpa was
asleep on the couch. I didn’t bother to wake him up as

I wouldn’t need any clothes tonight. Before my brother got to bed I took off
the towel and covered myself under the bed spread.
I knew that it’s been a long time I and my brother had sex but as he
came towards the bed I pretended as if I was asleep.

Suddenly I felt my brother’s hand searching for my tits. My heart
started to race and when I opened my mouth to say

something he quickly leaned over and put his hand over it. I wasn’t
sure what was going on but suddenly he said, “You’d

better not make a sound. I don’t want grandpa to wake up. Just let me
touch you. I’m having an urge to touch you and fuck you sister,

you so don’t ruin this.” I wasn’t sure what to do so I just waited to
see what would happen. I watched as he took one hand

and cupped my breast which made my nipples stand out. Then he took the
other hand from my mouth and held on to the other

breast. His eyes were so full of desire that it happened so fast. He
suddenly made me sit upright and pulled my naked body

towards him. In that moment I couldn’t believe I was on his hardening
dick, and I started to enjoy. He covered my mouth

again. He said just let me touch you. I know you’ll end up enjoying
this. I’ve had some experience compared to my

friends.” I sat quietly as his hands travelled up my thighs and to my
pussy. He just stroked the pink lips and I noticed

my breathing was harder. Was I enjoying this. “I bet no guy has
never done this to you before” said Will. He bent his

head down and began licking my pussy hungrily. He knew all the right
spots and made me wet within minutes. He began to

suck harder and I was very much aware not to make a single
noise. He brought his fingers to it now and massaged

my clit before suddenly ramming them into me hard. I wanted to cry out
from the wonderful pain and he suddenly stopped. He

grabbed my breasts again and leaned very close to my face kissing me.
He was surprised but ready. I crawled up the bed

naked and spread my legs revealing my moist cunt for him to take me.
He zipped off his cargo and he started to lick my

horney nipples and while he did I ran my hand down his huge shaft. I
couldn’t believe how big it was. I wanted it inside

of me so I gently moved my head down to see if he would want me to do
it. He smiled and shoved my face to his cock. “Suck

it like a lollipop sister I’m sure you know how. I began to lick the
head before putting it in my mouth. Then he

grabbed my head with both hands and started bouncing my head off his
cock. Surprisingly I didn’t gag. I loved it and gave

him what he wanted. When it was perfectly hard he turned me on my back
and began to slide his throbbing hard cock over my

red wet pussy. I began to have a clitoral orgasm but before I could
climax he stopped. He then rubbed over my breasts.

They’re very perky and my nipples were hard. He made my entire kocaeli escort body
ready and suddenly jammed his enormous piece inside of

me. I sat up and grabbed onto his back but he pushed me back down and
went in deeper into me touching my cervix. I wanted

to shout out loud but couldn’t because grandpa was asleep. He was
going so fast, slurp…slurp Right when I thought I

could take no more he pulled out of my gasping pussy and pushed my
legs up beside my head. I’m a flexible girl and he

parted my buttocks and put his dick up my welcoming ass I didn’t mind
at all. He supported himself on my legs and played

with my breasts. “Fuck me brother!” I couldn’t stop, I felt amazing.
Nothing like this ever happened at home. Suddenly I

could feel him ready to cum but I said, “No! Cum inside my pussy. I
want to feel you there rubbing my vaginal walls.” He

couldn’t believe what I’d just said. “But you might get pregnant
sister.” I didn’t care, I felt too good to let it bother

me. So he let my legs fall back down and got on his knees. I want to
engulf his dick fully in my hole. He lifted my hips

and rammed his hard cock between my legs. I did my best to grab the
blankets instead and enjoyed every thrust. We rocked

together for a few seconds and then it happened. Will blacked out with
a manly moan spraying his hot cum deep into me; the

feeling was as good as I shut my eyes having a blistering orgasm
shooting through my spine. He held me there for another

second then he dropped me. He lay next to me on my stomach for a
minute while he massaged and sucked on my breasts. I was

totally exhausted and all of a sudden I heard the creak of a door. I
wondered if it was a wind but I wasn’t sure so I hid

myself under the bedspread I kept my eyes closed just in case. I heard
someone walk right in front of me and stop. Then I

felt someone sit down beside me. I opened my eyes it was grandpa!
Before I could plan something he shouted “where you kids banging each
other? I nodded no. Within a second he pulled

blanket off me revealing my naked sweaty body. I didn’t know any other
way so I started to cry. By the time my brother

woke up and was frozen with fear. Grandpa gazed at my cum dripping
pussy. “You know you can get pregnant” said grandpa ,“don’t

worry I can get you an abortion, plus I want you to experience your
first time with me without protection baby girl. Before I could

react grandpa took me for granted. I had to oblige him so that he
doesn’t tell it to my mom. Grandpa patted Will and said

you are a grown up man aren’t you, why don’t you join me and your sexy
sister. He stammered as he didn’t expect this from

Grandpa unzipped showing his 6inch long dick. I had no other choice so
I wrapped my hand around grandpa’s erection and

began to stroke it while at the same time pulling Will in with
wonderful kisses on his forehead. I shivered with delight

as they both ran hands all over my nude body. Fingers found my teen
breasts and rolled my nipples smoothly. Grandpa

massaged my clit and fingered my already damp pussy. I moaned in my
throat and lashed out with my tongue and gripped his

abundant erection. My hand could not close around his width.
Disengaging from Will’s kiss, I got a good look at what I had

held on. Next I fell on my knees in front of Grandpa with his dick
between my lips and my head bobbed up and down, slowly

taking in more of him each time, I felt Will behind me with his long
fingers playing with my ass hole. When two

fingers entered into me, I moaned into the mouthful of cock. I rode
the thrusting fingers; I licked and sucked the length

of grandpa’s dick. His balls were beginning to tighten and he pulled
my head into his lap and bucking upwards. Will’s

fingers were gone and she felt disappointed until I heard grandpa’s
pants hit the floor. Grandpa knelt behind me and

rubbed his cock along my damp holes. He entered me slowly indulging my
need; I nearly choked on Will’s cock as Grandpa’s dick

filled my wanting pussy. This was so much better than 69. I loved
giving control to grandpa, teasing or pleasing as my

whim directed. Being fucked at the same time gave it a whole new
dimension. I was in charge and at the same time at

someone else’s mercy. I tried to maintain the momentum of the blowjob
for Will but it was difficult with grandpa stroking

inside me. Grandpa and Will repositioned me to a doggy position and my
brother got down on the floor, lying kocaeli escort bayan on his back.

He wiggled under until my ass hole was over his mouth and began
licking. With his wonderful cock back my reach which I

happily went down on it again. Oh God, yes!!! Never in my life had
it felt so good! The sensations rolled in my mind and

through her body, My ass twitched under Will’s tongue and my pussy
spammed around grandpa’s thrusting cock. Will grabbed

my hair as his urgency grew and I popped off Grandpa’s dick. Grandpa
rubbed his face into my mound and rumbled “Mmmm your

juices taste so good.” My mouth was free, I told both men to fuck and
lick her harder. I was startled as grandpa gave me

a few hard spanks but it made my buttocks glow red. Will rolled out from under them

and Grandpa pulled me to his chest, still deep inside me as he spurts
tapered off. When I reached for grandpa he said,

“Let’s all go to the couch, we’ll be more comfortable there.”
Grandpa swept me up into his arms and carried me down the living room.
He made me sit on the leather couch and kissed me.

Grandpa’s hand pushed between my thighs and forcing them apart. Will’s
spread me further apart as he went to his knees in

front of me. He put his head between down and licked my used pussy
lips with his cold tongue. I pulled his hair, bringing

him up for a kiss. Will returned to my cunt back down. I gasped and thrust forward as he

forced his tongue into me. Grandpa said “So, shall I ravish you here
on the couch or take you bent over my desk?” I

wrapped my legs around his back and pulled him towards me till my
pussy touched his skin. I replied “Any places you want

as long as I can feel that delicious cock of yours deep inside
me, But if you are asking me what I want, then I

want you both in me at the same time.” Grandpa coughed and cleared his
throat. “I think if you lay on the couch at the

very edge, I could straddle you and Will would be able to stand behind
me.” Will was grinning ear-to-ear. Will grabbed one my tit

and brought his hungry lips to the erect nipple. Grandpa moved up
behind me and took my hands from Will but did not

release them. He pressed up against me and I noticed that he was ready
for an anal penetration. Grandpa positioned his

hardened dick between my bum cheeks and pressed against my tight glory
hole. A shiver ran the length of my spine and I

leaned back into his strength as my knees threatened to buckle. After
a dozen of anal pounding, Grandpa finally released

my arms. He lifted me and set me on the edge of his desk as he was
not comfortable with my posture. Meanwhile, Will

swept the desk clear behind me and gently laid flat on his back.
Slowly grandpa assisted me to squat on top of Will. Will

slid his manhood along my inner thighs in anticipation and teased me
with his tip, tracing around my anal entrance. Grandpa

slapped my ass against my hooded clit sending a thrill through me and
rubbed his dick against my spreading wetness.

Grandpa ran his hands the length of each leg he placed them on his
shoulders. He spread my pussy open with his thumbs and

he worked the tip around in circles inching forward ever so gradually.
I grabbed my breasts and squeezed them as my hips

began to move minutely. Will pulled my hips preparing to push the head
of his wide cock into my ass hole. Grandpa spent

some time just popping his dick in and out of my pussy. My pussy
resisted Grandpa’s extreme width but he worked it ever so

slowly until finally he was fully inside me. Slowly grandpa fucked my
pussy deeply and bent over taking an erect nipple

into his mouth. Will was busy putting his wet dick into my ass ,
slipping in a little by little. It felt wonderful as

Will rolled his dick around my ass. Then Will punched his dick straight up my ass,
passing the restraining barrier and I felt a burning

sensation as his cock filled my anal canal. Grandpa’s hand played with my
clit as he fucked me. With grandpa in my pussy

and Will up my ass, my holes were wonderfully stretched and full I
sighed with pleasure. Ouch, ouch, I gripped the edge of

the desk. “Relax,” Grandpa whispered, “just getting you ready for what
you asked for.” I focused on their slow thrusting

and suddenly the pain was gone. It was an awesome new feeling now,
much like losing my virginity originally. “Wow that was

pretty nice after the beginning.”I said. I was so wet that my holes
accepted their dicks eagerly. I felt izmit escort extreme

satisfaction as I began to move on their dicks. At first I rode high
like a pony and leaned back enjoying grandpa sliding

his dick against my g-spot. Now I could feel their poke against me
each time I rocked back. Wonderful, exciting

anticipation washed through my pussy and up my ass. My muscles
clamped down on Will’s dick as grandpa inched deeper into

my vagina. “Oh my God, will all that fit?” I gasped. “Oh shit,” I
yelled, as they entered me fully. Grandpa paused as

Will worked in and out; I gasped and cried out in pleasure and pain. I
rested my head on Will’s chest to

relax . Slowly my muscles relaxed and I stretched to accommodate
two pulsing cocks at once. God, it felt so good! I

let my muscles grip and relax, alternately exploring every feeling.
Grandpa began to bang in and out again; my pussy

engorged by grandpa while Will drilled my ass. Then I rose up. The two
of them exchanged their positions and my body

throbbed with pleasure. Never had I felt so many sensations at once.
Will moved in front of me sucking on my firm breasts.

Grandpa was fitting into my rear as I moved and his fingers on my clit
made me moan loudly. Both were ready and moans were

forced from me as the two men moved inside me. Every hot spot being
stimulated at once threatened to overwhelm and I held

on to the sensations as long as possible. My entire body clenched as
their dicks ripped through me. I trembled from head

to toe as the waves crashed through my body. The merciless men fucked
my holes harder and faster, my orgasms were pushing

them to the edge. This time they matched their fucking rhythm and
worked their dicks in and out for 15 minutes, and then

Will pulled his dick out of my drenched pussy. He pointed dick on to
my face and I began to blow furiously. This added

pressure and within seconds he cummed in my mouth. Will moaned in
pleasure as I tasted his semen. Grandpa pulled me down

on top of his chest and continued to churn my glory hole. I arched my
back gripping grandpa’s cock in my ass and undulated

into grandpa’s now furious onslaught. Grandpa straightened up and each
complete anal thrust spurted a sense of pain in me. Finally he

shot his load into me initiating a crushing orgasm. It was a curious
sensation and I relished it. Grandpa tickled my ass

as he twitched inside my anus making my juices flow yet again.

I was the centrepiece of a man sandwich as they collapsed onto the
couch. I felt curiously empty and magnificently

satisfied as I lay examining my gapped holes. Two minutes later I
was thinking about more sex but I knew my body would

refuse and I went to bed.

Next morning

Suddenly I felt a gentle pat on my naked back and I woke up hiding my tits
with my hands. It was grandpa with a cup of coffee.

“How do you feel child, come on have this coffee” said grandpa. I took
my hands of my breasts and sipped the hot coffee.

“Good girl, now get ready to go to the hospital to fix you up and I
have left some clothes for you in the dresser” said

grandpa. Immediately I sprung up from bed as I hated to become
pregnant. I had a warm refreshing shower and headed to the

dresser. I just found a small white lingerie, no bra and panties. I
just had to fit into it as I had no other alternative.

I walked towards the dining table slowly as any fast movement will expose my shaved pussy. My brother and grandpa were

waiting for me they burst out into loud laughter as they saw me. We
had some bread for breakfast and we left for the

My brother and Grandpa took the front seats while I took the back
seat. As I sat my pussy was in full view to my brother.

As we travelled grandpa narrated how he had excellent sex with grandma
and grandma’s interest in bondage sex and slave

submission. “What is bondage and slavery grandpa” asked Will. Grandpa
explained Will all about bondage and it gave me a

slight interest in bondage sex. Grandpa added about how grandma used
to act as his sex slave and it was awesome. Grandpa

promised us that he would teach us later that week.
We arrived at the hospital. I was led into a ward for examination. The
doctor asked me to open up and he inserted a speculum

into my vagina and examined me. When He was done he gave a tablet
strip and said, “Have a pill after the sexual

intercourse to prevent pregnancy”. I took the pills and happily returned home…
…To be continued….
Special thanks to XNXX for the opportunity. Readers please leave me
comments. Thankyou

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