We Swank It Up with Pamela

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Solo Male

Pamela is a very attractive African American woman who lives in a small apartment. I have been making love with her occasionally for the last year or so, just the two of us and usually at her apartment, but she has certain dreams. She lusts for fair-skinned white men with green or blue eyes. Pamela fantasizes being the center of a gangbang with three such men and she wants to get together with them in luxurious surroundings. Last week all those things came true for her.

As early in the day as we could, she and I checked in to the swankest suite available in the best hotel in town. Included in the amenities were a super-king sized bed and a multi-head shower with a shower chair. The other two men would be joining us after they got off work and we wanted to prepare some things and have some fun by ourselves before they got there. The sitting room had two overstuffed chairs and we moved them into the larger of the two bedrooms. We removed the bedspread and comforter from the bed because all we would be needing were the sheets on top. They were silk, and the mattress was especially made to support a lot of weight and provide just the right amount of softness. After leaving a large tube of Aqualube and a good supply of condoms on the nightstand, we took a shower together.

Pamela is about five and a half feet tall, with a voluptuous body. Her breasts are large and full and her hips and ass are equally womanly. She has large, pinkish-brown nipples that contrast nicely with her chocolate-brown breasts. The nipples have dark spots and as she becomes aroused, the spots raise. She and I both like it when I eat her pussy and twist the nipples, causing her pussy to squirt. Her face is also very pretty, topped by auburn hair, and with clear chocolate-brown skin, warm brown eyes, a snub nose that wrinkles when she smiles and a generous mouth that smiles a lot. Best of all, not only is she beautiful to look at, she has a sweet nature too, and I really enjoy our time together, not only for the sex, although that is great too, of course.

We showered together for cleanliness and so we could be naked together and fondle one another. Pamela turned around and I washed off her beautiful ass, running my hands on her smooth, wet, soapy skin. When she spread her cheeks, I reached in and played with her sweet, dark-brown rosebud and slipped one of my fingers into her. Pamela just giggled because it takes something bigger than my finger to give her ass a thrill, and we weren’t going to do any fucking in the shower when that great big bed was available. She carefully washed the cock that would soon be in her mouth and I washed off her pussy and got out my shaving equipment. Since we would be staying overnight, we had both brought overnight bags. I like to use a shaving brush and cup soap because it gives me a really clean shave, and I would be using that and my safety razor, with a new blade, to shave Pamela’s pussy.

I lathered her up and went to work. The areas above and beside her mons were fairly simple but I had to be extra careful shaving the outer parts of her pussy lips. Pamela stood with one foot on the chair in the shower to tighten the skin surface, and I curled her outer lips, one at a time, around my fingers to shave off all her pubic hair. The operation was a complete success and I removed all the hair without cutting her. After rinsing off the leftover shaving soap, I tested it with my tongue, licking the entire shaven area, which I enjoyed, and found no stubble. Pamela’s pussy was as hairless as her face.

We dried each other off with the huge, fluffy towels that were supplied and walked naked and barefoot to the giant bed, enjoying the plush carpet between our toes. There was plenty of time before the other guys arrived and we wanted to have some fun together before they got there. Lying together naked in bed, I kissed Pamela first on her smiling mouth, then her warm eyes, then the erogenous places in her throat, down to her breasts. I held one of those marvelous mounds in both hands and licked the nipple, feeling it grow firm and feeling the spots rise as I licked it. My tongue caressed its lovely twin and observed the same reactions. For a few minutes I moved my mouth back and forth from one nipple to her other. I drew one luscious globe into my mouth and sucked on it while my tongue continued caressing her nipple. Pamela was smiling even more now, and breathing through her teeth. My mouth moved over to the other breast and I sucked and licked it the same way.

Pamela was breathing harder and she said “I love the way you suck my boobs, George.” Then she added, “But I love the way you suck my pussy even more, and I’m ready for you there.”

She was right. Her pussy was squirming on the bed and I could see and smell the fragrant juices waiting for me so I kissed and licked my way down Pamela’s soft, womanly belly until I reached her mons. The freshly shaven areas felt especially delightful. I got up, knelt between her legs, slipped a pillow under her voluptuous ass, placed my shoulders against her thighs and wrapped my arms around them. Pamela’s pussy avcılar üniversiteli escort lips were open and I breathed deeply of the glorious aroma of her delectable wetness and licked up all the juices that were waiting for me. They tasted even more delicious than they smelled. Although Pamela’s pussy is truly a thing of beauty, with its rich, chocolate brown exterior and the delicate pink inside, she smells and tastes even better than she looks.

Because I especially like the feel of the clean-shaven skin on my tongue, I started by licking the outer surface of one of her outer lips. This is not a very sensitive area so I applied quite a lot of pressure with my tongue. When I reached Pamela’s mons, I kissed her and started over on the other outer lip and again licked to her mons. This time, after kissing her there, I returned to her love hole.

After relishing what juices had accumulated there, I started slowly licking the inner surface of the same lip. This part is more sensitive, so I was gentle, and covered the area several times with my tongue. When I reached the place where the outer and inner lips are close, I probed the seam and licked both available sides. Again, I was relishing Pamela’s delicious, and fragrant pussy so much that I made sure that I licked everything my tongue could reach, slowly and many times over. When I reached the end of the inner lip, where it forms the clit hood by merging with the other inner lip, I continued along the outer lip to its end, then brought my tongue back and let it gently caress the top of the hood, indirectly stimulating her clit.

Pamela expressed her appreciation by cooing her pleasure and saying “Ooo, that feels good, George. I love it when you lick my pussy.”

She demonstrated just how much she loves it by starting to hump her pussy against my face, and producing more of her nectar, which I happily devoured. Pamela is really great for someone who likes pussy juice as much as I do because she puts it out by the bucketful.

I started licking her other outer pussy lip, and treated it and the inner lip as I had the first pair. We had plenty of time, as we had planned, before the other guys arrived and we both wanted to enjoy each other before they joined us. After covering the inner surface of the outer lip all the way to the end, I started licking her clit hood again. Pamela’s cooing turned to moaning, and when I curled my tongue under the hood and caressed her adorable clit, her pussy suddenly seemed to be trying to wrap itself around my face.

“Woowee, that feels good! Lick my clit! Lick my clit some more,” was Pamela’s plea. I would, of course, but not very much just yet.

Again, I feasted on the great wealth of juices that she had produced and started to probe just under the rim of her love hole, and on the sides of that lovely pink place. As I probed under her inner pussy lips, her delightfully smooth and fragrant pussy was jamming itself into my face. Pamela’s thigh muscles had rotated outward, and her pussy was fully presented to me for my pleasure and for me to pleasure her. While I moved my tongue from one inner lip to the other, thrusting under these very sensitive places, Pamela was moaning and whimpering and begging me to suck her clit. She wanted to cum and I knew she was almost ready to cum but there were other delightful places my tongue wanted to visit first.

One of these places was her adorable love hole, where the juices were almost an ocean. I sucked out as much as I could, and squeezed my tongue inside, saving the upper side for last. That part is directly under her clit and when my tongue stroked her there, I used enough pressure, to stimulate her clit again. Pamela’s hips were swiveling under my face, thrusting her legs over my shoulders like pistons. She was weakly begging me to suck her clit when I started probing between that precious love button and the top rim of her pink hole. I spent only a few seconds there before I clamped my mouth around her clit. My lips formed a seal at the base of that little darling and I sucked on it strongly, while my tongue caressed the swollen sides and top.

As I sucked and licked, I could hear Pamela express her delight. “Oh, God! Oh, God, yes! Yes!” she babbled and then “Oooo, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Her legs clamped around my temples and her hands grabbed the back of my head to jam my face tightly into her pussy, slamming so hard against my face that her ass was lifting off the pillow.

“Ahhhhh”, Pamela crooned, as her legs thrashed around on the bed with my head imprisoned between them. For as long as she continued cumming, I kept my mouth tightly around her clit and kept sucking while I caressed that charming love button with my tongue. When she climaxed, it was with one last great thrust of her pussy, before relaxing back on the bed. Her legs released my head and one of them fell off my shoulder onto the bed while the other one remained draped across my back. Pamela’s hands let go of me and sprawled out at her sides as she totally relaxed. Fresh cum juices avrupa yakası escort were pouring out of her pussy to tempt me.

I gave in partly to the temptation because there was so much of the nectar, and I devoured most of it, but I left enough for it to perform its natural function. My condom was ready to use so I got to my knees and pulled it on my stiff and eager cock. Pamela’s other leg fell off my shoulder so I was between her spread legs with her pussy wetly inviting me to enter. I didn’t need a second invitation; I moved up on my knees and leaned forward with my hands on the bed supporting my weight as I prepared to enter. Pamela looked up, saw me, smiled and reached one of her hands to guide my cock into the place where we both wanted it to be.

My cock slid easily into her pussy, all the way so my pubic hairs were tickling the place I had shaved. I curled my hands under her arms so my weight was mostly on my knees and forearms. Pamela’s legs wrapped themselves around my hips and her arms went around my neck as we began the slow, rhythmic strokes of fucking. Pamela was cooing with pleasure almost immediately and, even though my face was smeared with her pussy juices, she pulled my face down to hers and we kissed each other’s lips. She even licked some of her juices off my face.

“Delicious,” she pronounced them. “Is that why you like to eat my pussy so much?” She opened her mouth to laugh, and I kissed her there, pushing my tongue in to meet hers and tasting her juice on her own tongue.

“Yeah,” I replied, after I disengaged my tongue. “Even though I hate to eat your pussy, I do it just to get some of your juices to eat.”

Pamela laughed, because she knew better, and said “Oh, shut up and fuck me.”

And that’s what I did, fuck her at least, with long slow strokes of my cock, all the way into her pussy. Almost all of my weight was supported by my knees and elbows, and the weight of Pamela’s hips and ass was supported by her legs around me, so she could move as much as she wanted. She took advantage of this and, besides fucking back to meet my strokes, she was squirming and swiveling and rocking on her ass, making it extra good for both of us.

“Oooo, George, I love it when you fuck me good and deep and slow like this. Your cock feels so good in my cunt.” Pamela sometimes talks a bit dirty while we are making love. I had no complaint, and I responded the same way.

“Your cunt is so hot and wet; my cock really loves it. I could fuck all day.”

“Well, that’s the plan, isn’t it? For all four of us to fuck all day?”

I had been having so much fun that I had almost forgotten about the other two guys who would be joining us later. “Those other guys won’t be here for a while. Let’s just you and I enjoy ourselves for now.”

“Good idea. Now hold on, and let’s do this a little different.” Pamela squeezed my hips and ass with her legs and wrapped her arms tightly around my neck, holding her body entirely off the bed with my cock imbedded in her pussy. She started jerking her hips from side to side, causing my cock to rub first on one side of her love hole, then on the other. There was no in and out motion, just her body moving from side to side, so my cock stroked different parts of her wet pussy.

Pamela continued this strenuous activity for a few minutes before lowering herself back to the bed, pulling me on top of her, and changing to sliding bank and forth on the silk sheets. Her new motion rubbed my cock first against the bottom of her love hole and then the top, where it scraped against the underside of Pamela’s precious clit. Her cooing mixed with her pleasurable moans and I could feel fresh fluids spurting into her pussy around my cock.

“Oh, God, George”, she panted as she moved back and forth. “My cunt is really loving your cock. ‘Specially my clit. She really likes to fuck you.”

In a few minutes, Pamela was moaning steadily and her juices were pouring out of her pussy and soaking my pubic hair and the sheets. She relaxed her grip on my neck and on my hips, although she kept her arms and legs in place. I resumed fucking the way we had started, with slow deep strokes and Pamela’s pussy resumed fucking me back, as well as squirming, swiveling and rocking, giving both of us a glorious fuck.

Slow strokes or not, the whole erotic day so far, especially Pamela rubbing her clit against my cock had caused my climax to start building. I could delay it for a few more minutes but I knew that I was going to have to cum soon. I told her that I was close to being ready to cum.

“Just keep fucking that nice cock into me, George, and I’ll cum before you.” I hoped she was right because I always believe that nice guys finish last. Pamela slid farther down, and I moved up a little so my cock had more contact with her clit, and I increased the speed of my strokes. She responded to me, matching the increase, and we both built rapidly toward our mutual climax.

“Fuck me good, George. Keep fucking my cunt. I love it. I love it. Fuck me.” I didn’t need any bağdat caddesi escort encouragement, but I was getting it anyhow, and I responded by pounding my cock in and out of Pamela’s pussy while her pussy pounded back just as hard at me.

“Oh, fuck me. Ahhhhh, I’m cumming! Fuck my cunt! Fuck my cunt! Cumming! I’m cumming!”

Pamela’s legs squeezed around my hips again, and her arms wrapped themselves around my neck as she kept telling me to fuck her. I rammed my cock into Pamela’s pussy over and over and her pussy kept pace with me. I could feel the underside of her clit scraping against the top of my cock, and I could no longer hold off. The pleasure that I had been holding back welled up, unstoppably, and I started to cum into my condom before Pamela finished, but just two strokes of my cock later, she climaxed. We sprawled together with me on top of her, my cock still in her pussy, and her juices soaking the sheets and mattress.

She recovered first. “We gotta straighten up a little, George.”

Pamela removed my condom and took my cock into her mouth to suck out what was left of my semen and after she had gotten it all, she licked off my soft shaft. “I don’t like to see it all go to waste,” she told me. When she was done, she lay on her back with her legs spread and I kept her cum juices from going to waste also.

The other guys were due to show up any minute, and Pamela put on one of the big fluffy white bathrobes the hotel had provided for us. I laughed at her for being modest. “First of all,” she told me. “When the doorbell rings, we don’t know for sure it’s them. It might be the hotel manager or room service by mistake, or someone else. Second of all, when they come in, they’ll be fully dressed and I don’t want to parade around buck-bare-ass naked so they’ll think I’m some kind of bimbo slut, just because I like to fuck and suck. I’ll take off the robe when they get undressed.” I had to admit that she had a point there, several points, in fact, so I put my robe on too.

A few minutes later the doorbell did ring, and I got up to answer it. Before opening the door, I looked through the peephole and saw only Frank in the hallway. I greeted him and shook his hand and inquired about John. “I sneaked away from work early but he couldn’t get away just then. He said he will be here as soon as he can, and we should start without him.”

He looked at me in my bathrobe, and added, “It looks like you already have.”

We walked into the bedroom and I introduced Pamela and Frank to each other. As I said before, she is a very good-looking and bosomy woman, just the kind that is attractive to Frank, and he was very taken with her. Pamela was even more enraptured with him as she looked at his fair skin, blonde hair and flashing green eyes and, especially, at the bulge in his pants. The bulge got bigger when Pamela untied her robe, letting it fall open, showing off her big, firm breasts and hairless pussy. When she hugged her nakedness against him and patted his cock, it got even bigger and harder, seeming to be trying to rip through his pants.

“I’ve got something I want to do with this big dude,” Pamela said as she continued to fondle his cock. She led him to one of the easy chairs and started to unbutton his shirt.

When she was through with his shirt, she removed it and gave him a little push so he sat in the chair. She knelt in front of Frank and removed his shoes and socks and unfastened his pants. That was when I slipped Pamela’s bathrobe off her and threw it and mine onto the other chair. Frank raised his ass while his pants and underwear were pulled off, and all of us were equally naked.

Pamela gazed, fascinated, at Frank’s big, stiff cock. “Come to Mama,” she said. Frank continued to sit in the chair. “Come to Mama, I said,” she repeated. “How can I lick your balls if I don’t have a place to put my chin?” Frank scooted forward to the very edge of the chair and leaned back to be pleasured.

Pamela lifted Franks balls and licked his crotch and around his scrotum. She murmured happily while licking his balls in their wrinkled sack, taking one at a time into her mouth and caressing it with her tongue. All around the base of his cock her tongue traveled, until she licked up the underside of his cock to the head, and around the ridge just under the head. After that, Pamela held the object of her adoration gently in her hands, looked at Frank and smiled around his cock head.

“Green Eyes, you are about to get the blow job of your life.” Slowly and sensuously, she took Frank’s cock all the way into her mouth.

Usually, in such a situation, I would not just stand around. Fucking Pamela doggy style while she sucks off Frank would seem to be called for but my Viagra is good, not perfect, and my cock would not be ready for such an activity for a while. Because I love eating Pamela’s pussy, and she loves having me eat her, that was an excellent second choice. I took a pillow from the bed, set it in front of her where she was kneeling with her mouth full of Frank’s cock, and started to crawl in between her legs. When she saw and felt what I was doing, Pamela spread her legs and moved to present her pussy to me. Meanwhile, her mouth was moving slowly up and down Frank’s cock, taking it in all the way to his pubic hair and back out until only the head was still n her mouth. From personal experience, I knew that her tongue was caressing his shaft inside her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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