Win/Win Situation Ch. 02

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In the three months since his sudden appearance in her backyard Jake and Darlene had settled into a domestic partnership. It was not a typical arrangement but one that gave them both a great deal of satisfaction.

Jake was still making up for the time he’d lost in prison. For Darlene it was deeply gratifying that the briefest glimpse of her body made him hard. Her cunt and asshole had become accustomed to constant use and she no longer experienced the soreness she had that first time. Now they could fuck for hours, and often did.

On the first day he’d made some ground rules. When she was home she couldn’t wear a bra or panties. And she had to wear clothes that made her body easily accessible to him. It was still a thrill for her to get home from work, step in the door, and peel off her undies and bra. Knowing she was ready for him was enough to make her wet. And more often than not he was deep inside her within a minute or two.

He’d also instructed her to always carry a fanny pack that contained lube and her sex toys, even while she was at work. It made her apprehensive but also excited her tremendously. She suspected that he was well aware of her response.

Her favorite times were the ones where he’d tell her to hand him the lube and bend over. She knew then that she was going to get it up the ass. God she loved the way he fucked her ass. And those were the times he came the loudest. It made her feel so good to know she was giving him such pleasure. And the sounds of his pleasure, as well as the way he’d grab her hips and pound against her ass, made her own orgasms into hot blissful memories she treasured for days. Even longer.

Sometimes he wouldn’t let her wear clothes at all, just the fanny pack. He’d watch as she moved around the house doing her usual household duties. These were the times when she knew they’d be fucking for hours. He seemed to build up a deep need that took a long time to discharge. She’d wait, with growing anticipation, for him to say, “Darlene, go in the bedroom and get ready for me”. And when he did she would walk into the bedroom with butterflies of expectancy dancing in her belly, lie down on the bed, spread her legs, and play with her clit. Suddenly he’d be there, completely naked, his cock standing out straight, and with a groan he’d bury himself inside her. Doing her every which way in the hours that followed.

But not all their time was spent fucking. Sometimes Jake went out; he never said much about where he went and she didn’t ask. Sometimes they sat together and watched TV and talked like a regular couple. And, recently, he’d begun learning how to use her computer and surf the Internet.

“Well I’ll be go to hell,” he said one morning an hour or so after he’d logged on.

“What Jake?”

“I found my buddy. The one I thought was down in Gainesville. He’s part of some kind of biker site. He’s in Little Rock now.”

She went over to stand behind him and look at the screen. “Oh, I see. They sell biker stuff. What kind of videos are those? People riding around on motorcycles?”

He clicked on the link to the videos and then clicked through a notice for adult content. Then the screen filled with groups of people fucking. “Oh shit,” he said, “I should have known Doug would be involved in something like this. He’s as big a horn dog as I am. That’s Doug right there.” Jake pointed to a large naked bearded man with a rotund belly doing a slender young woman doggy style. “There’s an email address on the home page. I think I’ll try to contact him.”

A couple of days later he mentioned that some woman named Deena had replied to his email saying that Doug was in Charlotte, North Carolina. Later the same day he told her he’d given Deena their phone number. So Doug might be calling. She didn’t give it much thought although the images of all those people fucking together stuck in her mind. She’d gone back to the web site a few times to take another look.

The next day the phone rang and when she answered a rumbling male voice asked for Jake.

“Hey buddy,” Jake said, after taking the phone. “How’s it hanging?” He laughed in response to something the man said. “Oh you are? Hey, that’s great. Yeah, it’s been awhile. Had a little problem with bars and I don’t mean the ones that serve alcohol. Okay. Sometime Tuesday then. It’ll be great to see you.”

He hung up the phone. “Doug’s going to be coming by for a visit on his way back to Little Rock,” he said. “I think you’ll really like him.” He gave her a look that made her lower belly tingle. Something told her he was thinking of more than just talk and a few beers.

It was late Tuesday afternoon when they heard the unique roar of several Harley motorcycles coming up the drive. Jake went out the door with a smile on his face. Darlene followed behind, feeling much more hesitant. There were three of them. One, a big bear of a man, with a full beard, she knew was Doug. This was the man Jake approached first, giving him a handshake and a hug. As she joined them Doug was introducing the short rotund bakırköy escort man next to him as Bob. Then Jake was shaking hands with the tall skinny man with a moustache and goatee whom Doug called Big John. After that Jake introduced her to the three men.

“Hey, we even heard about your prison break in Little Rock,” Doug said, as they all walked toward the house. “I about shit when I saw you on the news. I was telling everyone. Hey, that’s my buddy.”

“It was hell, man,” Jake said. “Being locked up with some weird motherfuckers. Barely room to move. And only paper pussy. I couldn’t take it.”

“I hear you, man,” Doug said. “I know how you like your pussy. Looks like you landed on your feet, though. You always could do that.” They were now in the living room.

“Have a seat guys,” Jake said. “Hey Babe, why don’t you take off the shirt.”

She stared at him. She knew he knew she didn’t have anything on under the shirt. None of the men sat down.

“Babe,” her man said, giving her a penetrating look.

She started unbuttoning her shirt. All four men were watching her intently. It made her feel exposed and excited at the same time. She opened the shirt and pulled it off. They all made sounds of appreciation.

“Now, get these boys some beers,” Jake said. “They’ve just had a hot dusty ride.”

She walked into the kitchen, holding the shirt in her hand. She could hear them talking.

“Damn boy,” Doug said, “she’s hot. I love those tits.”

“Shit yeah,” one of the others said.

“You can touch her tits but that’s it,” she heard Jake say. She felt her legs trembling as she laid the shirt on the counter, got four beers, and put them on a tray. Taking a deep breath she walked back into the living room. The men were still standing. She walked up to them and held out the tray. Jake took the tray and almost at once the three of them were touching her. Fondling her breasts, pulling at her nipples. She looked down to see their hands on her.

“You’ve got a great pair, Sugar,” Doug said. She looked up and saw him smiling at her. “And your hard nipples tell me you’re enjoying the attention.”

“Bet your pussy’s wet too,” Big John said. He reached out and touched her right nipple with the cold beer can.

“Oh!” She said, startled by the sudden coldness.

“That’s enough,” Jake said. She was impressed by the way the three men instantly heeded him. “Why don’t you go fix us something to eat, Babe.”

She went back into the kitchen trying to sort out all the different emotions she was feeling. She was frightened. She felt she didn’t have any control over what was going to happen. But she was excited too. She could feel wetness on her thighs. Something was telling her she was going to fuck all these men. Maybe more than one at a time. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine. And felt herself get wetter.

The rest of the afternoon and evening were relatively uneventful. Jake didn’t let her put her shirt back on and all the men seemed to enjoy watching her large breasts swing freely. Occasionally, when she was near enough, one would reach out to touch her. Once Doug even sucked one of her nipples and she could feel the hair of his beard brushing her belly. And another time Jake slid his hand up her skirt and gave her a big grin when he felt how wet she was.

But mostly the men talked and drank beer. Reminiscing about old friends and acquaintances. Jake was eager to learn about all he’d missed during his long five years in prison.

Finally Doug yawned and said he was ready to hit the hay. Jake set up the fold out bed for Doug while Big John and Bob bedded down on foam mattresses on the floor. They all exchanged good nights and then Jake and Darlene went into the bedroom. Darlene started to close the bedroom door but Jake told her not to.

And then her man fucked her. Hard and long. She knew the other men could hear them and it embarrassed and excited her. And then Jake began to talk.

“You want those guys to fuck you, don’t you?” He said. “Well, I know they want to fuck you. They love your tits. And I know they’ll love your pussy. And your hot asshole. They’re going to fill you up Babe. I’m going to let them fuck you. Would you like that?”

She didn’t speak but she knew he could feel her answer in her body’s response. She came.

What she couldn’t tell him, and now didn’t need to, was that she’d always wanted to know what it would be like to play with more than one cock at a time. She’d never dared find a situation like that on her own. It was too scary. But now he was here, protecting her. Telling her she could play to her heart’s content. With four hard cocks. The thought of it made her horny. For the first time in her life she felt she had permission to be as sexual as she wanted to be. And she wanted to be very sexual. She came again.

“I want you to go out and suck Doug’s cock,” Jake said as they lay side by side, still breathing heavily.

Darlene felt herself go tense. She had to struggle bakırköy eve gelen escort to breathe. This was it, the moment she’d dreaded and longed for. Did they really want her? Or would they laugh at her? But oh God, if they all fucked her. She could feel her body responding to the idea.

“Hey!” Jake said. “What are you waiting for?”

She slid over to the side of the bed and put her feet on the floor. Her legs trembled a little as she stood up. She reached for her robe.

“No, Babe,” her man said, “you won’t be needing that.”

It seemed to take forever to walk down the short hallway. She could feel her juice and Jake’s cum on her thighs. As she entered the living room she could feel all three men watching her although all that could be seen were dim shadows.

“I wondered if ol’ Jake was going to share,” Doug said as she knelt on the fold out bed. He’d thrown off his blanket. He was naked and already hard. She marveled at how thick he was, unable to get her hand all the way around the shaft. He sighed as she fitted her mouth over the wide velvety head. “Come on boys. She wouldn’t be out here if Jake didn’t mean for all of us to do her. Right Darlin’?” She tried to nod but it just seemed like part of her cock sucking motions. She was gratified by the hurried sounds of the other two men getting to their feet. Moments later four hands were roaming her body.

“Goddamn!” A voice she recognized as Big John’s said as his fingers probed into her cunt. “This is one juicy lady.” Seconds later the biggest cock she’d ever had in her life was sliding into her. She moaned with pleasure.

“I think she likes it,” Bob said from underneath her where he was fondling and sucking her left breast.

“Oh yeah,” Doug said. “Ol’ Jake knows how to pick them. He can smell a hot cunt a mile away.” He reached out and began pulling on her right nipple. She moaned again. “Go for it Sugar. I’m going to have a hot load for you in another minute or so. Would you like that?”

“Hmmm,” she said.

Big John was moving in and out of her with long easy strokes. She could feel his hands gripping her hips. On the way in he filled her up incredibly, the head of his cock touching the mouth of her uterus. And her cunt tried to clutch him as he withdrew. She was moaning continuously now. She couldn’t help herself.

“Ya’ll having fun?” Jake said from the doorway. The four of them froze. “Hey, hey, it’s cool. I just thought I’d come see what Darlene was making all the noise about.” He walked closer and she felt his hand on her back. “You like this Baby? You like being fucked by Big John’s big cock while you’ve got another big one in your mouth?”

“Hmmmm. Mmm,” she moaned.

“She’s about to get a mouthful,” Doug said. “Oh shit, I’m getting close.”

She started rapidly stroking his cock as she sucked the head.

“Oh Jesus! Yes. Oh. Oh.,” Doug moaned, his hips lifting off the bed, thrusting into her mouth.

She felt his cock throb in her hand and then his cum was pouring out. She drank it eagerly. It didn’t taste as good as Jake’s but she loved the idea of giving pleasure this way, hearing him moan.

“I’m going to come,” Big John said behind her. He was fucking fast and hard now. “Here you go Baby, here you go.” And then he too was shooting his seed into her body.

“Oh shit, this is hot,” Jake said. “You are so hot, Babe.”

She felt Big John slip out of her, leaving an aching emptiness. And then Bob was scrambling to take his place.

“She likes it in the ass too,” Jake said. He handed Bob something and a second later she felt drops of liquid falling near her asshole. Then Bob’s fingers.

“Oh yes,” she sighed. She was resting her head on Doug’s big belly as he ran his fingers through her hair. Jake was squeezing her breasts and pulling her nipples the way he knew she liked. Then Bob’s cock was entering her.

“Oh yeah,” Bob said. “Fuck yeah. Oh shit this feels good.” She felt the first pain turn to pleasure as he fucked her. He began swatting her bottom, spanking her.

Against her neck she felt Doug’s cock start growing hard again and she reached up and gripped it with her hand. She felt wild. She felt hot and open. She wanted to fuck and be fucked all night long in every way they could manage. She wanted all her holes filled with cock. She wanted to come again and again.

Bob was fucking her hard now. Making rough grunting sounds. And spanking her. Jake reached underneath and rubbed her clit. A powerful orgasmic heat was building up inside her, pouring through her bowels. She began to wail.

“Oh yeah. Oh yeah,” Bob was grunting. “Cum for me, Baby. Cum for me.”

Jake was working her clit hard and Doug was pulling at her nipples. And then the deep hot pleasure took command of her body. She screamed from the intensity. Bob came as her asshole tightened around his cock; she could feel him pulsing. But he kept moving. Her climax seemed to last forever. Then finally ebbed away. She settled on Doug’s bakırköy grup yapan escort belly feeling totally relaxed, still holding his hard cock. Bob pulled out and fell on the bed behind her.

“Well, shit damn,” Jake said. “I’d say a good time was had by all.” She could hear Doug’s chuckles rumble in his tummy. “And she’s all yours, boys. Any time, any place, any way you want.”

Darlene felt her cunt twitch in response to his words. Doug slid his fingers through her hair and Bob rubbed her ass.

“But that’ll have to wait until tomorrow because right now me and my lady are going to bed.” Jake touched her shoulder and then waited as she shakily climbed off the bed and walked unsteadily back to the bedroom.

“Goodnight,” each of her new lovers called after her.

“Did you have fun, Babe?” Jake said, cuddling up to her under the covers.

“Oh yes!” She said.

She had to go to work the next morning so she went through her usual routine of getting ready. None of the guys were stirring although Big John was awake enough to give her a wink and a grin as she walked past him on her way out the door.

It was difficult to concentrate on her work. All day the memories of the night before kept invading her mind. She’d close her eyes with a sigh and lose herself in a reverie filled with men’s bodies and all the thrilling sensations they’d given hers. A moment later she’d return to the present with a guilty jerk, glancing around to see if anyone had noticed her flight into fantasy.

At other times her thoughts were full of anticipation. She’d remember she had a house full of men who had permission to fuck her anytime anywhere. It was a wonder she got any work done at all.

She called Jake on her cell phone on her way home.

“Hi babe,” he said. “I’ve got some horny guys here who really need a woman’s touch. And they have a little request for you.”

Her stomach muscles clenched with a delicious sense of dread.

“They want you to take your clothes off in the car and walk into the house naked,” he said. “I told them you’d be happy to. You aren’t going to let me down, are you?”

“No,” she said.

She parked in front of the house and sat for a moment. Even though there weren’t any neighbor’s houses within sight she imagined eyes watching her from the woods. Maybe some boys pretending to be frontier scouts; well, those young Dan’l Boones were about to get an eyeful. She opened the car door and quickly stripped down to her fanny pack. The warm air felt good against her skin. Barefoot she walked up the stone walkway to the front door.

“Oh yeah,” she heard Doug say as she walked in. The men, all fully dressed, were sitting in the living room with cans of beer in their hands.

“Babe, I think you need to greet these guys properly,” Jake said. “Like saying a nice hello to a certain part.”

She started with Bob. Kneeling down she unzipped his jeans and fished out his half-hard cock. With a soft moan of pleasure she took him in her mouth. She loved feeling him grow hard against her tongue. Behind her someone was running their hands over her ass.

Big John was next. He’d taken off his clothes while she’d been sucking Bob. She ran her hands up his thighs, looking into his face. He was grinning down at her. She wrapped her hands around his cock, which was already hard, enjoying the bulk of him and then struggled to fit her mouth over the plum sized head. Bob was playing with her right breast and someone had found her cunt, sliding two fingers deep into her wetness.

Doug was also naked. And hard. She didn’t waste any time taking him in her mouth. Going from man to man, and finding them so ardent, was a powerful stimulant. It was wonderful to feel so desired. A big cock, it had to be Big John’s, was entering her cunt. Both her tits were being squeezed and tugged at. She loved the sensation of being surrounded by hard man flesh. She came.

“Oh yeah, baby,” her man said. She knew he was aware of her orgasm. “You love having all these hard cocks to play with, don’t you? Knowing they’re all going to fuck your hot cunt and ass.”

“Mmmm,” she said, her mouth full of Doug’s cock.

“Oh man, she is so wet and tight,” Big John said. “God what a great fuck.” Grasping her hips he thrust himself into her. They both moaned with pleasure. A moment later he withdrew and began teasing the mouth of her cunt, sliding up between the lips to rub her clit.

“Nnughh!” She said, her mouth still occupied. Big John laughed at the sound of her obvious frustration.

“I’m getting close, sugar,” Doug said.

“Hmmmm.” She took his fat shaft in her hand and began stroking him. She felt Big John slide deep inside her again.

“Oh yeah, drink his cum, baby,” her man said as he squeezed her tit, pulling at her nipple. Bob was busy with her other one.

“Oh shit,” Doug said. “Oh shit, here it comes.”

She delighted in the sensations of the pulsing geyser splashing against the back of her throat. She could feel him begin to soften even as she swallowed. Behind her Big John got down to business.

“Oh fuck,” he moaned. “Ohhhh fuck.” He was moving hard and fast, his thighs smacking against hers. And then she could feel him cum, twitching and pulsing inside her. All too soon he too was soft. She felt a twinge of disappointment. But a moment later Bob had taken his place.

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