You Should Try a Toy Rabbit!

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This is a report that i was instructed to write after spending an hour with Him exploring how my new toy worked. i had cum over and over as He watched and instructed me.

Before leaving me He set me the task of using the toy again on my own and writing about what i did and the sensations it produced in my body.

This (slightly edited) is what i sent Him :

Hello Sir

You said that this may be taxing, it really has been, and You know how i hate writing reports for You.

i’ve been sat here for about ten minutes with the rabbit in me set on low thinking about earlier and the sensations .. and i can feel them again … it’s the getting them down on paper that’s the problem.

Now, i’m laid on my side, naked, the laptop is in front of me on my bed, and my left breast is resting on my pillows. my left leg is curled underneath me and my right foot is resting on the bed with my right knee up in the air. my cunt is open and has the vivid pink rabbit nestling in its folds … with the cream curly wire coming poker oyna from its base to the controller that rests in front of me by my laptop.

The rabbit fits so well inside me. It’s slightly shorter than my vibrator but thicker and softer. But it has the additional rabbit on the bottom that when it’s settled completely inside me it nestles up and along my clit so that it’s ears are at the end of my clit under my hood, stretching it open slightly. It feels so right there and rests itself there without being placed. It’s as if it was made to measure!!!

Even switched off, because it stretches me, it begins to make me aware of my clit, of any movement .. and how good it feels nestled there stretching me.

When i turn it on, only the vibrator at first – and only on low, its gentle vibrations begin to spread through my stomach and just start to move to my clit – causing it to tingle. As i gently turn it up those feelings slowly increase and, at just under half way, i can feel them deep in me .. vibrating deeply inside me … making canlı poker oyna me want to move and push against the rabbit .. my cunt muscles contracting around it, holding it inside me.

At the same time the rabbit is moving against my clit working its magic, rubbing along its length, the ears stretching and vibrating .. teasing .. until my clit is hard and throbbing.

i turned the vibrator off and turned the other slide on low … the balls ..this is totally different. The vibrator rotates, bends, rocks and the balls in the shaft grind round against the walls of my cunt … it’s strange yet wonderful. It’s hard to describe .. (*giggling to myself* this is all so, so hard to describe!!!!)

i can feel the balls moving around, rubbing … really strange but on its own something that would take ages to make me feel anything other than excited and good. Definitely not a consuming action on its own I don’t think *grins* not yet anyway!

So i add in the vibrator and play with the slide and the feelings of excitement begin internet casino to rise straight away. The vibrations begin to flow deep inside me .. even deep into my ass. It seems to spread all over my body as the balls grind against my cunt walls and the trembling spreads through me. My cunt starts clenching on the vibrator, tightly holding ..then releasing. The rabbit is tickling, teasing, rubbing on my clit …stretching my hood and rubbing on the length of my clit. My clit by now is swollen, hard, throbbing….. i’m wet with my juices. i put it down on low … and the feelings recede slightly, calming me down, gradually sliding it up to half way …. feeling the vibrations increase and flow through me beginning to take me over …. then i push it to full on and … it’s overpowering. An explosion of feelings, a paroxysm of trembling overtakes me.

i need to cum so quickly it seems and I can’t stop it, but I remember to offer my cum to You .. thinking of Your voice as You say “Yes My slut may” before i erupt.

It seems to come from deep within me … quivering from my very soul. The shuddering rolling over me and the trembling in waves as the cum takes its course before passing over to leave me panting.

“Thank You Master”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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