A Boy, Bracelets and the Back Bay


I was horny and alone and I knew that the only way to satisfy the craving I had was to find a young twink who enjoyed making a dad like me happy. I had recently found Sniffies. I logged in and started looking at the various bubbles, some with pictures, most without, that dotted the screen, reflecting opportunities in a couple mile radius around me.

I was in my place in Boston’s Back Bay, and the screen was alive with pulsing bubbles, each one representing a potential hook up.

I scrolled around the onscreen map a bit and a picture caught my eye because it was different from all the rest–this one featured the chest of what appeared to be a young boy with a white lacey blouse open to the belly button, where it was tucked into a plaid, school-girl’s skirt.

I clicked on the icon and scrolled through the post. He was 22. A local college student. And he was looking for a daddy who knew how to treat a young boy who liked to dress up. I shot him a text on the site and continued to scroll around the map. A minute or two later I noticed the alert that indicated that he had responded.

My breath caught. “Hey, Daddy,” he texted, “I’m interested to hear what you have in mind.” His post indicated that he liked light bondage and dressing and undressing for dads. I wrote back, telling him that I loved twinks who liked to dress in silk and satin. I also enjoyed light bondage. We chatted for a few more rounds. When he got comfortable, he asked me where I was located and whether I could host. “I’m in the Back Bay,” I told him. “And, yes, I can host all night.”

“All night??,” he replied, “you sure you’re up for that?” I responded with a blushing emoji.

“Are you in a hotel,” he asked. “If so, which one?”

I told him “no” and that I live in a condo in the Back Bay. For that I received a smile emoji in return, with a tongue hanging out between the lips.

He wrote, “that’s great. I hate to go into hotels. I hate the thought of walking through a lobby.” I wrote him back and told him that he didn’t have to come through the front lobby of my building. My building, I told him, has a side entrance, that avoids the front lobby.

This was looking good. As you know if you frequent these sites, there are far too many flakes out there who apparently have no real interest in meeting. They like to draw you out and string you along. But it often just ends up with nothing more than verbal masturbation. I’m not sure why they like to do that. But I will admit to falling for it more often than I should.

After a few minutes he wrote back: “I can’t be there until around 8. Does that work?” It was just after 6. I was still betting that this was going to be a bust. My experience is that when you start chatting and someone wants to meet a couple of hours later, it doesn’t happen. Time kills all deals, say the dealmasters. But I remained optimistic and told him that 8 was perfect. “OK,” he said, “will text you here around 730 or 745.”

I made dinner and fed the dog. I settled in to watch the news. At 730, I went back to my office and signed back into Sniffies. I noticed a couple of messages from guys who had reached out earlier, but nothing from my little twink. Disappointed but not surprised, I began the search again of the local area. About 5 minutes later, as I was scrolling around, I noticed the red dot beside his bubble that indicated that he had texted me. I clicked on it and read his text: “If I’m lucky with the Green Line” I should be at your place by 8. Still interested?” “Of course,” I immediately texted back, “and, by the way, if you don’t want to take the Green Line, I’ll gladly get you an Uber.” “Thanks,” he responded, “but I’m almost at the BC stop, so I’m good.” “Ok,” I said. “See you soon.”

I jumped in the shower. I soaped up my washcloth real good and lathered up under my arms and in my bush and around my cock, taking a little time to really soap up my balls and then worked on my ass and asshole. I probably didn’t need the cleaning but it’s a ritual for me. I enjoy a hot shower and it takes up some time.

When I stepped out of the shower, I was semi-hard. Drying off briefly around my torso I padded over to the second bedroom which serves as my office. I looked down at the screen and as I was scrolling the site a message from him popped up–“getting off at Copley now.”

I confirmed directions for him. I threw on an old Harvard t-shirt and slipped on my running shorts, opting to go commando. I went out the door. I live in Bayan Eskort a high-end high rise, with A-level security, so I don’t bother locking it when I’m just going to be gone for a few minutes. I rode the elevator down 30 floors to the second floor, which housed the lounge, gym and an access door that led out to a ramp that was used by all of the many runners who live in the building–allowing us to go out and come back easily from our runs.

I opened the door and there stood a gorgeous twink. He said he was 22 but he looked at least 3 years younger. He had milky white, flawless skin and short black hair. His lips were full and thick. He had blue eyes and high cheekbones. He was a pretty boy and could certainly pass as a cute girl. He was about 5’7″ with a slight frame (maybe 120 or 125 pounds) that was hidden beneath an oversized sweatshirt and sweatpants, both black.

He smiled when he saw me open the door and walked in. We didn’t say anything to each other. I simply nodded toward the elevators and he followed me. Back up we went to the 32nd floor. There are only 3 apartments on my floor. I’ve lived here 3 years and in all that time the only people I’ve run into in the hallway are the cleaning or service folks. Tonight was no exception. There was no-one in the hall.

I turned to the right and walked about 20 feet down the hall. My boy–he’d yet to give me a name–followed about 3 spaces behind. I opened the door and let him enter before me. My door opens into a longish hallway of about 10 feet. At the end it opens up into an open-concept kitchen/dining room/living room. It’s a corner unit, so there are windows on two sides. To the west, the Charles River nicely lighted by the bridge lights across Mass Ave gives way to Cambridge, twinkling in the evening light. To the North, the traffic lights on Boylston street stretch up to touch the Public Gardens.

My boy walked over to the window and looked North. “Nice,” he whispered, his voice thick with what I think we a little nervousness and a bit of excitement.

I offered him a bottle of water, which he took. I then asked him to make himself comfortable. He set a small bag down on the counter and pulled his sweatshirt up over his head. In a flash, he dropped his sweatpants to the floor. He took my breath away. He was dressed in a black lace camisole pajama set. The top ended about mid-stomach. His belly was firm and there was a hint of a pleasure trail that made its way down below the black silk panties. His package strainged against the panties. He turned around and I sighed when I saw that they were T-Backed, with the center strap plunging between his two ivory white cheeks.

I stepped forward and put my arms around him. I felt through his top and massaged his breasts and nipples while my other hand traced a path south to his crotch. I grabbed him–he was rock hard–and managed to put my hand around his stiff cock and balls all at the same time. He was a few inches shorter than me, so the positioning was perfect. I nuzzled and kissed his shoulder while my left and right hands continued to explore this exquisitely lean body through the silky cloth.

I let him go and turned him around. “Undress me,” I commended. He reached out and drew my t-shirt up over my head. He stopped for an instance to examine my chest and stomach. I’m 60 and I won’t claim to look 40, but I’ve kept myself in pretty good shape. He reached out and put my left nipple between his thumb and forefinger and started to stroke. At the same time he came in close and started to suck on my right nipple. My nipples are directly connected to my cock. I was already hard but I felt myself get even harder.

While continuing to suck on my nipple, his left hand slowly traced a path to my waist and undid my shorts. They fell to my feet, and I stepped out of them. My 6.5″ cut cock now pointed directly forward, released and looking for attention.

He stepped back. “Would you like to tie me up,” he whispered. I nodded and we moved over to the kitchen island, where his black bag sat. He opened it and took out a bit of rope and handcuffs. I grabbed his left arm and swung him around. I reached around and grabbed his right forearm, gently swinging it back behind him so that his hands were now touching each other behind his back. I snapped the cuffs on one wrist and then another. I grabbed the short chain connecting the two cuffs and walked him over to the floor to ceiling windows, carrying the black bag with me. Anadolu Yakası Escort A butt-high bar ran parallel to the floor in front of the windows. I leaned my ass back against the bar with him facing me and pressed his shoulders down. He got the hint and sank to his knees. I dropped the black bag on the couch as I passed it.

He leaned forward and licked the pre-cum smeared at my cock head out of the slit and off the helmet. He pulled back slightly and looked up at me with obedient eyes. I nodded again and he leaned in with his tongue out and mouth open. He slowly leaned forward and his tongue touched the underside of my cock. He proceeded to bathe my cock from tip to bottom with his tongue–licking and swirling his tongue around the bottom and top. He got closer and sucked my balls into his mouth. I could feel his tongue licking my balls as his teeth lightly pulled on the skin. After a minute or so of this, he let them plop out of his mouth. He then licked my pubic mound and followed my hair trail up to my belly button with his tongue, reversing course and kissing and licking his way back down to my cock.

I looked down at the top of his head. I cupped each ear and guided him back to my cock. He leaned back and took the tip of my cock in his mouth. He licked the glans like it was a lollipop and then his tongue traveled below to my frenulum. He just kept lapping the underside of my cock like he was a kitten cleaning its paw. Licking and licking and licking.

He then took my whole cock into his mouth. I let him take his time. He easily swallowed my entire length down to my pubic hair and then stopped. I could feel his tongue licking my shaft while it was parked firmly in his mouth. I slowly moved his head back and he let me. Then I took over. I pulled his head forward and backward and very quickly his tongue and mouth were working in cadence with me. I would draw his head back so that just his lips and tongue were touching the head and then I would pull his head forward slowly, enjoying the feeling of him licking and eating my rock-hard cock. In and out we went. He was moaning and squirming on his knees, eating me down to my pubes. I was moaning and urging him on.

I can usually last a long time, but this was just too much for me. I murmured that I was going to cum and he slightly nodded his head. Back and forth went his mouth and tongue. I let go of his ears and grabbed my balls with my right hand and grabbed his hair at the top of his head with my left. I guided his lips and mouth in and out. I could feel the throbbing starting low and deep behind my prostate gland. My balls drew up and my cock got harder and suddenly I was convulsing with volley after volley of come into his mouth. His tongue was at work, funneling the gooey treat down his throat.

I stopped convulsing but left my cock in his mouth, resting. His tongue lightly licked and his mouth softly sucked as I deflated like a big balloon in his mouth. I’m usually very sensitive right after I cum but he was expert–using a light touch and avoiding sucking or licking too hard.

After what seemed like hours of this he slowly pulled back from my cock. A long stream of cum mixed with his saliva connected the head of my cock to his lips. He drew out about a foot and then went back in and licked the string clean. He looked up at me and smiled. I smiled down at him.

We stayed there like that–me with my naked ass pressed against the rail that separated my body from the window and him on his knees, now resting his head against my right thigh. My cock dangling, tired, in front of his nose.

After a few minutes, I reached down and stroked his face, pulling his head up by the chin to look at me. I slid out from the rail and got behind him. I reached down and wrapped my arms around his chest, helping him to his feet. He was still in his thong and camisole. I walked him backwards toward the couch. With him standing in front of me, I sat down on the couch.

Now his cute bubble butt was about even with my face. He was still handcuffed. I grabbed his thong from the top and rolled it down over his ass, past his thighs and calves to his feet. He stepped out of them and I whisked them away. Now his butt was all mine.

I reached up and put each hand flat on each cheek. I slowly started to rub and massage, pushing each cheek outward from the crack, opening him up to expose a clean-as-can-be pink and puckered hole that looked like it had never sprouted as Pendik Escort much as one hair. Moving my hands around to hold him by his hips, I licked along the top of his butt. He had two perfectly placed sacral dimples very lightly indented above each ass cheek. I licked first the left one and then the right. He was squirming and pushing back into me as I licked my way down the crack.

When my tongue found his hole, I reached around and grabbed his cock. He was about 6″, I thought. I started to stroke his cock while my tongue plunged in and out of his beautiful boy pussy. I bent him at the waist so that his hole opened up further for me. In and out my tongue went, licking the puckered hole and the smooth flesh around it, running my tongue up and down the walls of his crack and then plunging back in as I continued to stroke his throbbing cock. My wet spit coated his ass and dripped down his taint.

I spun him around. This was my first real look at his cock. He had very fine pubic hair that was trimmed in a straight line about two inches above the base. His skin was pale white above and to the sides of his tightly trimmed pubes. A treasure trail headed up to his belly button.

His cock had been expertly cut by a doctor some twenty-something years ago. It was, as I had guessed, about 6 inches long and it was jutting straight out, parallel to the floor. His balls were shaved. They weren’t huge but they weren’t small. “Just right,” I sighed quietly to myself.

I reached out and cupped his balls, running my fingers across them and then holding them tight in an alternating pattern. I drew him close by placing my other hand on one of his cheeks. His beautiful cock was now just inches from my lips. His head was thrown back and his hips were arched forward, a pose begging me to take him into my mouth. I obliged. He had a delicious cock. Velvety smooth and hard as a rock at the same time. He was oozing pre-cum and I licked it off and savored it for a moment on my tongue. I pulled back and rapidly flicked my tongue around the underside of his cockhead, rapid fire, like a puppy lapping water. He moaned. And I moaned too. I licked my way down the underside of his shaft to his balls and took first the left and then the right into my mouth. I bit down just enough so that he could feel it but not enough to really cause too much pain. His continued moaning told me it was just right.

I stopped, turned him around, and having found the key in his bag with my right hand, reached up to unlock the cuffs. They fell to the floor.

I stood up so that my left shoulder caught him across the belly. Carrying him across my shoulder I walked us down to my bedroom. I tossed him on the bed, with his head up by the headboard. I climbed up and straddled his chest so that my once again rock-hard cock was dangling by his lips. I pressed forward, penetrating those lips and sinking my cock down his throat. His hands came up and played with my balls. “Harder,” I whispered. He increased the pressure, and I began to slide in and out.

I stopped and reached down and grabbed him under each armpit. I brought him up so that he was sitting with his back to the headboard. His cock was fully erect and pointing up. I rose to my feet and then crouched down, pushing my cock once more between those moist, plush lips. I then began to face-fuck him in earnest. In and out in a sawing motion, plunging deep and then pulling out and repeating that pattern over and over and over again. His hands were stroking my legs, my balls and my ass.

I felt the cum begin to boil deep in my body. “Play with my balls,” I urged him. Both of his hands came up and started tugging, grabbing, massaging and rubbing my balls. After just a few seconds of this, coupled with my cock sliding in and out of his wet mouth, I came, shooting a quick volley of creamy cum into his mouth. I leaned against the wall, exhausted but still standing. He lapped up all of the cum of my cock for a full minute before I sank to the bed beside him.

He had a big smile on his face; his lips and cheeks were laced with my cum. I leaned in and kissed him, and we swapped my load back and forth. While kissing, I reached down and started to stroke his cock. My rhythm increasing as I felt him building to an explosion. It took only a second or two and suddenly his cock convulsed in my hand, sending up at least three thick, long ropes of cum to his belly. Magnificent.

I sat back against the headboard and he nuzzled into my right side. I reached down and traced patterns through his spatter, occasionally lifting my fingers to either give him a taste or to take a taste myself. After a few minutes, we sat quietly.

I think we both needed a rest because we both knew it was going to be a long night.