A Capitol Couple Pt. 06

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It was Wednesday. The middle of the work week; hump day. Stephanie awoke to a cloudy morning sky. The forecast the night before had said there would be a decent chance of rain. Stephanie showered and got dressed. Today she chose a deep blue short-sleeved knee-length wrap dress. She grabbed her umbrella and headed to work. When she arrived at the office there was a voicemail waiting on her office phone. She pressed the voicemail icon and entered her password.

“Hi, Stephanie, this is Marcella in New York. I just received confirmation this morning that the Kenyan government is going to be hiring teachers for their EFL programs, and they would like our help with recruiting. They want to start advertising by this upcoming Monday. If you could put something together and have it to me by Friday, I’d really appreciate it. Ciao.”

Stephanie saved the message and turned to her computer. She pulled up her work email and shot a quick message to Marcella, asking for details about she wanted. She didn’t have to wait long for a reply. Within ten minutes, Marcella had responded. She wanted Stephanie to send an advertisement to all EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher recruitment companies about the programs in Kenya. She also wanted a short thirty second to one minute video promoting the program.

“I don’t have a video,” Stephanie said to the computer. “Where the hell am I going to get one?”

“Get what?”

Stephanie looked up to see Ella walking through the door. Her hair was up in a bun, and she wore a knee-length pleated khaki skirt and a white button-up blouse. Stephanie though she looked very pretty.

“Good morning, Ella,” Stephanie said.

“Good morning, miss.”

“I just got an email from one of our government liaisons in New York. The Kenyan government is going to be hiring EFL teachers for two of their schools, and they want to start recruiting right away. I have to put an advertisement together for the various companies that recruit English teachers, and I need a short video promo.”

“That sounds like a lot,” Ella said. “How soon do they need it?”

“Friday,” Stephanie replied. “By the way, do you have that report?”

Ella had nearly forgotten she’d brought it with her.

“Oh, yes, miss,” she said, pulling a folder from her tote.

She handed the report to Stephanie. Stephanie flipped through it. Upon first glance it was neatly written and seemed thorough. Hell, Ella had even thrown a chart in there.

“It looks good,” Stephanie said. “I’ll read it over and let you know. In the meantime, here.”

Stephanie handed Ella a thick manila folder.

“This is the proposed budget for two high schools in Rwanda. Right now it’s way over budget. I need you to look through and see where we can make cuts to ensure we can get these schools up and running. Bring your recommendations to me when you’re done.”

“Yes, miss,” Ella said, taking the folder.

“Oh, Ella?”

“Yes, miss?”

“Since that room will be your office for the summer, feel free to decorate it as you wish.”

“Really? Thank you, miss!” Ella smiled.

Ella walked to her office, opened her laptop, and began looking through all the budget proposal papers. Stephanie turned her attention to Ella’s report. The report was nearly fifteen pages long. As Stephanie read through it she was amazed at how much detail Ella went into. Ella had clearly done her homework. It took Stephanie a little over half an hour to read the report due to the level of detail. When she finished she put the folder down.

“Damn, this girl’s good,” she said to herself.

She smiled and swiveled her chair to get up. As she did, her legs spread and, for a brief moment, one could see her black lace panties. Ella happened to be looking into Stephanie’s office at that moment. She had been lost in thought and had quickly looked up to clear her head. She watched as Stephanie’s legs spread, for an instant. She saw her boss’ lacy undergarment. She quickly looked back down, so as not to seem to be staring. She didn’t think Stephanie had seen her, but she couldn’t be sure. There was a knock on her office door. She looked up. It was Stephanie.

“I read your report,” Stephanie said.

“Yes, miss,” Ella replied, not knowing what to expect next.

Stephanie smiled.

“You did an amazing job! The level of detail you gave was exactly what I would expect from someone who’s been doing this job for awhile, not from a college intern. And all the facts and figures you included? You really know your stuff. Well done!”

Ella was elated.

“Thank you, miss!” she said.

“You’ve really proven yourself. How’s your analysis coming along?”

“It’s quite a lot, miss. But I should be done in a few hours.”

“Take your time,” Stephanie said. “I’d rather you be confident in your decision and be right than go too quickly and make a mistake.”

“Yes, miss.”

“What would you like for lunch today? https://www.escorthun.com My treat for a job well done.”

“I would really like some Indian food,” Ella suggested.

“Always a solid choice in my book,” Stephanie said. “Ever been to Bindaas?”

“Oh, yes, miss. I love that place.”

“It’s a date, then. See you at lunch.”

Lunchtime arrived, and the two ladies headed out. They walked south on 18th Street, then turned and headed west down Pennsylvania Avenue. They arrived at Bindaas, which was unusually empty for this time of day. They were seated right away. They both knew what they wanted and placed their orders.

“Any plans for the weekend?” Stephanie asked Ella.

“My roommates and I are going clubbing,” Ella said. “Soundcheck.”

“Never been there,” Stephanie said. “I’ve heard of it, just never been. Jake and I don’t really go clubbing much anymore.”

“It’s fun, you should try it.”

“Well, let’s just say Jake and I prefer things a little more…wild.”

Ella didn’t know what Stephanie meant, but she she smiled and nodded.

“Things can get pretty wild at Soundcheck,” Ella said. “One time I got so drunk, I made out with one of my roommates.”

“Really? Are you bi?”

Ella blushed. She didn’t know why she had told Stephanie about the night she’d kissed her roommate. It had been hot, yes, but she’d been drunk.

“Yes,” Ella answered uncomfortably.

“It’s ok,” Stephanie said. “I don’t judge. If you’re bi or gay, that’s just how you are. You can’t help that.”

Their food arrived. Stephanie and Ella were hungry. They dug in, not talking at all during the meal. They finished, Stephanie paid the bill, and they headed back to the office.

“Thank you for lunch, Stephanie,” Ella said.

“You’re very welcome,” Stephanie smiled.

As they walked back, Ella couldn’t help feel that Stephanie was attracted to her. She was being very nice, which Ella just chalked up to human decency, but there were other signs, too. She’d seen the way Stephanie looked at her. This was the second time in a week Stephanie had taken her to lunch; she’d even called it a “date”. She’d complimented Ella on her looks, and asked about her boyfriend and her sexuality. Then there was the whole panty peek incident that morning. She didn’t know if Stephanie had done that intentionally, or if it was just a case of looking up at the wrong time. Ella began to become confused and nervous. Sure, she thought Stephanie was an attractive woman, and she found herself slightly envious of Stephanie’s husband.

“Pull yourself together,” her conscience told her. “You’re an intern, and she’s your boss. Not to mention she’s married.”

They arrived back at the office, and Ella went back to work on her budget analysis. Stephanie returned to her office and began to work on the advertisements for the Kenyan schools. After what seemed like only a few minutes, Ella knocked on her door and entered. Stephanie looked at the time. It was three o’clock already, and she’d barely gotten anything done on her project.

“I haven’t finished, miss,” Ella said apologetically. “But I will take it home tonight and try to finish it.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Stephanie said. “You can work on it tomorrow. It’ll be your big project. Now I have to try to figure mine out. I’ll be here late. You are free to go.”

“If I may ask, miss, what are you having trouble with? Maybe I can help.”

“I am not quite sure how to word the advertisement,” Stephanie said. “And where the hell do they think I can get a promo video of African schoolchildren?”

“I have a friend who’s a teacher in Johannesburg. She can send me some videos, and I can put something together. One of my roommates is a video wizard,” Ella offered.

“Ella, you’re amazing,” Stephanie said. “If you can pull this off, I just might have to hire you.”

Ella came around and looked at Stephanie’s computer. She looked over what Stephanie had written so far. She leaned over Stephanie’s desk to type on her keyboard. As she leaned forward, Stephanie could see that Ella had unbuttoned her blouse a bit. Ella was wearing a lacy white cami. She began to wonder if the downstairs matched the upstairs. Her mind began to wander. She imagined them alone in the office, her laying Ella back on the desk…Her mound began to swell with arousal.

“There, miss,” Ella said.

Stephanie was shaken out of her daydream. She looked at what Ella had written.

“You’re good,” Stephanie said. “I still have to stay to finish some things.”

“I’d like to stay, if I may,” Ella said. “Maybe I can get this budget finished.”

“It’s up to you,” Stephanie said. “As long as you don’t work over forty hours, and we pay you for the time you do work, you can work as late as you like.”

“I’ll email my friend, and see if I can get some of her classroom videos,” Ella said.

Ella returned to her office. Stephanie leaned back in her chair. Ella was a lifesaver. Not even finished with her first week, and already she’d proven herself to be the best intern Stephanie had ever had. She closed her eyes to relax for a second. She jolted herself awake several minutes later and hoped she hadn’t snored. She picked up her phone and dialed Jake.

“Hey, honey,” she said. “I got handed a project, and I won’t be home until late. Do what you want for dinner. I love you.”

She went back to her work. Soon only her and Ella were the only people left in the UNICEF offices. It was almost six o’clock. She picked up her phone and ordered dinner. About half an hour later the food arrived. Stephanie beckoned Ella.

“How about some dinner?” Stephanie said. “I got Chinese, if you’re interested.”

“Thank you, miss, yes. I am hungry,” Ella said.

Ella dished herself up some food. Stephanie invited her to eat with her. They sat at the small table and talked. As they talked, Ella realized she was becoming more and more attracted to her boss. She had no problem keeping eye contact with Stephanie; her eyes were difficult to ignore. And her voice, Ella thought, was also very sexy. They both got up to get more food. Ella reached for the General Tso’s chicken. Stephanie must’ve had the same idea; her hand touched Ella’s. Ella took Stephanie’s hand. They looked into each other’s eyes. Stephanie moved to Ella and caressed her soft cheek.

“I know I shouldn’t,” Stephanie said. “But I want you so badly.”

“I want you, too, miss,” Ella admitted.

Stephanie inched closer to Ella. She slowly touched her lips to Ella’s mouth; Ella’s lips were soft and warm. Ella closed her eyes and trembled as she felt Stephanie’s lips pressing against hers. She pressed back, returning Stephanie’s kiss. Stephanie moaned; she could feel herself becoming aroused. She pulled Ella to her. Their bodies were now pressed together. She moaned as she kissed her intern harder. The kissing became more passionate, more sensual. Stephanie slid her tongue into Ella’s mouth. Ella moaned as her tongue met Stephanie’s. Their tongues danced around each other in an open-mouthed kiss. Ella’s hands moved to Stephanie’s chest. She began to slowly massage her boss’ breasts; her hands felt amazing.

“Fuck,” Stephanie gasped.

She reached behind Ella’s head and grabbed her hair. She pulled back gently. Ella’s head went back, exposing her neck. Stephanie pressed her mouth against it, kissing hard.

“Oh, miss,” Ella moaned.

Stephanie kissed up and down Ella’s soft neck, kissing every inch. Ella was now totally turned on. She loved how Stephanie’s lips felt on her. Stephanie licked up Ella’s neck; Ella shuddered.

“Shit!” Ella gasped.

Stephanie took hold of Ella’s white blouse. Her hands began to work the buttons through their holes. Within seconds, Ella’s shirt was open. Her perky nipples were visible beneath her lacy white cami. Stephanie slid the blouse off her shoulders, and it fell to the floor.

“No bra?” Stephanie smirked.

“I’m only a thirty-two b-cup, miss,” Ella said.

“So young and so sexy,” Stephanie said. “Let’s get this off you.”

Ella raised her arms, and Stephanie pulled off her cami. She stared at Ella’s perky, twenty year-old breasts. She moved her mouth to them and began to suck. Ella’s head went back.

“Fuck,” she gasped.

Stephanie gently sucked Ella’s erect nipples. They felt and tasted good in her mouth. Ella couldn’t help but moan as Stephanie’s warm mouth caressed her breasts. She groaned as she felt Stephanie’s tongue swirling around her nipples and flicking them.

“You’re breasts are so perfect,” Stephanie whispered, continuing to suck.

“I want to see yours, miss,” Ella said.

Stephanie pulled back and stood up. Ella reached out and undid the belt holding her boss’ dress closed. Stephanie’s dress opened. She was wearing a sheer black bra and the black panties Ella had seen earlier.

“Wow, miss,” Ella said. “You’re very sexy.”

“Thank you. Come sit up on my desk.”

Ella moved to the desk and pushed herself up. Stephanie walked to her and started kissing her again. This time neither one of them held back. The kissing was raw, hot, and passionate. Their tongues were deep in each other’s mouths now. They moaned together as their tongues flicked together. Ella reached behind Stephanie and unhooked her bra. She slid the straps slowly off Stephanie’s shoulders, and soon Ella was staring at Stephanie’s firm shapely breasts.

“Oh my god,” Ella said. “I’m even more jealous of your husband now.”

Stephanie giggled. Ella leaned forward and took one of Stephanie’s breasts in her mouth. She sucked hard, eliciting a moan. Stephanie loved the feel of this college girl’s mouth on her tits. She loved how forceful Ella was being; it was making her so wet. Ella sucked even harder. Stephanie whimpered as Ella nibbled.

“Oh my god, Ella, suck them hard.”

Ella took the other one in her mouth and sucked it just as hard. Stephanie could feel her wetness soaking through her panties. She reached up and pushed Ella back.

“Lay back, Ella.”

Ella reclined back onto the desk. Stephanie pulled Ella’s skirt up. The crotch of her white cotton panties were soaking wet.

“I could get in so much trouble for this,” Stephanie said. “I’m your boss. If we were to get caught, we’d both be out of work.”

“It’s ok, miss,” Ella said. “I want this.”

Stephanie moved her head between Ella’s legs. She licked Ella’s panties, tasting her arousal. Ella shuddered. Stephanie couldn’t get enough of Ella’s juices. She pulled Ella’s panties aside; Ella’s was practically dripping. Stephanie had to taste more. She licked Ella’s slit.

“Oh, fuck, miss,” Ella moaned.

Stephanie’s tongue moved slowly up and down Ella’s glistening opening. Ella was moaning uncontrollably now. Stephanie’s tongue seemed to be hitting every nerve. Stephanie spread Ella’s lips apart to reveal a perfect pink hole. She thrust her tongue inside Ella.

“Oh god!” Ella nearly screamed.

She’d never felt anything like this before. She’d never had anyone go down on her. Sure she masturbated, but this was so much more intense. She could feel Stephanie’s tongue inside of her, and it felt amazing. Stephanie moved her tongue deep into Ella. She flicked it up and down. Ella’s back arched.

“Fuck!” she screamed.

Stephanie could feel Ella getting wetter and tighter. Even though she’d never been with a woman before, she knew Ella was about to orgasm. She continued fucking Ella with her tongue. She felt Ella grab the back of her head. Ella was whimpering loudly now, begging Stephanie to make her cum.

“Make me cum, miss! Fuck my tight pussy with your tongue!”

Stephanie licked Ella’s pussy faster. Ella screamed.


Stephanie felt Ella contracting around her tongue. Then she tasted the warm sweet love juice. It tasted like apples and honey. Stephanie greedily licked up Ella’s cum, lapping up every last drop. Ella’s orgasm finally subsided. She lay there, trying to catch her breath. After a minute, she got up and moved to Stephanie. She grabbed her and pushed her down into one of the plush chairs.

“Spread your legs,” Ella said, her eyes full of lust.

Stephanie liked how Ella was taking control. She spread her legs wide open for her gorgeous intern. Ella could see Stephanie’s glistening pussy. She moved right in and started licking. Stephanie was taken aback by the sudden aggression. She moaned loudly as Ella’s tongue moved up and down her slit. For not having been with a woman before, Ella certainly seemed to know what she was doing.

“Oh fuck, your tongue is amazing,” Stephanie moaned.

Ella licked Stephanie’s swollen pussy lips. Stephanie’s head went back and she exhaled deeply.

“Shit!” Stephanie groaned.

Ella licked faster. She could see Stephanie’s pussy dripping with arousal. She wanted to please her boss, to give her the same intense pleasure she’d felt. Her tongue made it’s way up Stephanie’s mound until…

“Fuck!” Stephanie yelled.

Ella’s tongue had found Stephanie’s throbbing clitoris. Ella swirled her tongue around her boss’ nub. Stephanie grabbed her head and pushed Ella’s mouth against her swell. Ella began to suck. Stephanie began to quake.

“Oh fuck, the intern knows how to suck a clit!” Stephanie moaned.

Ella moaned on Stephanie’s clit. The vibrations resonated throughout Stephanie’s nerve ending. Her pussy was pounding, her clitoris throbbing like crazy. Her legs began to shake.

“Don’t stop!” Stephanie screamed. “Eat my fucking pussy!”

Ella sucked as hard as she could and moaned loudly on Stephanie’s dripping mound. Stephanie lost all control of herself. She felt herself pulsing.

“Ella!” she screamed as she came, her legs shaking wildly.

Ella pressed her open mouth against Stephanie’s hole. She could feel Stephanie’s warm nectar flowing into her mouth. She had never tasted a woman’s cum before. It was sweet and thick. She loved it. She licked around to make sure she didn’t miss any. Stephanie had to stay in the chair for several minutes while she recovered. It took almost five minutes for her legs to stop quivering. Ella stayed on her knees, watching Stephanie’s pleasure subside.

“Oh my god, Ella, you’re amazing. And you’ve never been with a girl before?”

“No, miss, this was my first time.”

“Well, you certainly know what you’re doing.”

Stephanie was finally able to stand. She handed Ella her clothes, and they got dressed.

“We cannot say a word of this to anyone, understand?” Stephanie asked.

“Yes, miss,” Ella replied.

“And we must act professional around each other from now on, like nothing has happened,” Stephanie warned.

She moved to Ella and caressed her cheek. She leaned in and gave Ella one soft, final kiss.

“Good night, beautiful Ella. See you tomorrow.”

“Good night, miss,” Ella said. “And thank you for an amazing evening.”

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