A Collection of Fantasies

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Ashley Bulgari

Tai’d Up

I, and a few of my friends walked into a tai restaurant Sunday afternoon. The place was mostly empty, with a couple and their two children at one booth, and two Asian waitresses, one short and skinny, with some skin showing around a tight waist and wearing tight jeans, and the other, a little heavier, and with a cute smile. About ten minutes in, the kinky side of my brain kicked in as the wife knelt to deal with a kid.

I imagined myself bending her over the seat divider in the booths, right next to her husband, with one hand tangled in her hair mashing her face down facing her husband as the other was at her hip and I was fucking her like a prostitute, unconcerned with her needs, only seeing to mine. Her husband would stroke himself as he watched his wife cry and moan, beg to be treated like a slut, and beg for more. After I was done, I would withdraw, my come leaking from her pussy, and he would stand up, spank her twice, his hand in her hair pushing her face down like I did before he fucked her even more roughly, begging him to knock her up.

After I came, I would totter over to the table my friends sat, and order the skinny waitress to lick myself clean, and to just suck me through the rest of the dinner, while the other served food. After the plates were delivered, she would push her jeans down and climb up on the divider, her back against the wall, each foot on a table as she pulled the wife’s head cruelly back making eye contact as the waitress scooted forward and wordlessly plunging her face into her wet pussy.

I would see this and pull the skinny one off my cock, and ask, “I’m going to fuck you, and you have two holes I haven’t yet christened, your cunt, and your ass. Which one do you want me to fuck first?”

She would reply, “My ass! Fuck me in my ass!” as she feverishly skimmed her pants off. I would bend her over the table and pour my food over her back, licking and sucking the food off of her as I savored the feel of her ass…

And that’s where my ruminating broke off; the food arrived.


Yesterday was the first time I felt good in a while. Again. I blame the weather and the pollen. Nevertheless, I felt good, and my hormones were at full peak, as it were. It started when I went to Wal-mart to pick up some onions for dinner, and I decided to go sans-underwear. I’m walking around Wal-Mart, horny, looking for some onions when I see her: medium height, hair in a ponytail, lavender pants and a black halter-top that contrasted nicely with her skin, bent over a produce isle reaching down for something. The next thing I know, I’ve got a ragin’ hard on in my jeans, and I’m drooling.

When she bends over there’s no panty lines that I could see, and no bra, and my kinky side imagined me coming up from behind her and pressing my hard on against her as escort kocaeli my hands glide under her tank top and with a jerk I tear it off. I turn her around and grab her roughly and lift her off her feet. I stagger a few feet away to a metal table with packaged pastries, grip her tighter with one hand, and with the other sweep the table clean, flinging pastries everywhere as I sit her down and yank her pants, push her back, and force her legs wide as I dive between them. Her hand tangles in my hair, steering my tongue, I remove my hands and fumble with my pants. My loose pants drop off and I take my head away, and grab her at the waist and slide my dick along the length of her slit while I sick and nibble on her breasts and nipples. I my hips slide back a little… and then she stands up, bags her food, and walks away.

I smile at her as we pass, and I make my way to the change rooms. It’s late at night, so there’s no one there. I sit in one of the booths and begin to jack my hard cock off, imagining the girl bouncing on my cock in there with me, trying to muffle herself from anyone outside.

I’m so close, so very close, when someone knocks on the door and says, “I’m sorry, the changing room is closed.”

“Okay, sorry!” I blurted, pulled my pants and stood. I was so close, and so hard.

I left and wandered out and found myself looking at the lingerie, and stroking my cock through my pocket. I saw the same woman park her cart nearby and pick up a pair of canary yellow satin thong panties, checking the size, and it was too much, my hand popped out of my pocket and started stroking my cock through my jeans, pumping up and down until my hips shuddered, and I came in my pants. My cock made a loud hissing noise with every squirt, and I feel the warmth seeping down my leg.

I stumbled off to a seat and caught my breath for a moment before I rushed to check out, hoping to get out before the wet spot became too obvious. When I was in the car, I couldn’t help myself again, and I masturbated myself again, using my own cum as lubricant. This time, the cum flew up and splattered on my shirt in warm puddles, and I drove home using the back roads, with the cruise control on, jerking my cock and driving. I came one more time a few miles from my house, and when I walked into the house, jeans wet, shirt splattered, and reeking of semen, I smelled myself and jerked myself as I sucked the semen off my clothes, and off my hand, and I came one last time into a shallow bowl so I could lick it up.

I don’t know about you, but I blame the full moon.


While I was waiting for my mother to arrive by plane, noticed two women. Both were short, and both looked rather plain, and both were wearing things I usually don’t see, honestly. One was wearing a rather short jean miniskirt on her pale legs, and for gölcük escort a moment, I wondered about the physics of sex in that, from the ordinary to the rather perverse. Alas, as I wondered, idly reading my book, I grew painfully hard.

Now, I had thought about nipping off to the bathroom and masturbating, but a little suffering is good for the soul, and I merely kept thinking, feeling real naughty as I was surrounded by kids, parents, men, women, all waiting for someone to step off a plane, and there I was, reading a book with a hard on and thinking of all the permutations that that woman and I could attempt with that flap of clothing on right there in the airport, and then several in the car on the way home. The most memorable would be to lay back and turn slightly in the car, put one graceful foot on the dashboard, and the other in my lap and with a wicked grin, finger herself slowly, her foot pressing into my rock hard cock, making very sure to be very vocal as the smell of sex thickened in the car. I would be going slowly insane, teased playfully, and with no way to do anything about it while I was driving.

Then another woman walked in, shorter and smaller, wearing a thin white shirt and a pink bra, and pair of soft pajama bottoms that just adhered to her beautifully, hiding and revealing simultaneously that if possible I grew stiffer. She didn’t seem to be wearing panties, the center seam down the back plunged into the crack of her butt, as she leaned forward to lean against the railing, bouncing on her toes her pert ass pushed upwards and bouncing slightly. She was barefoot, and I would have never thought that a simple pair of pajama pants would arouse me, but she looked really good in them.

That was when my self discipline broke down and I calmly walked to the bathroom, went into the back, closed and locked the door and masturbated, biting my lip and trying hard not to pant audibly as I stood hunched over the toilet, one hand gripped the handicapped rail in a white-knuckled death-grip, and the other flicking up and down my cock imagining what the three of us could occupy our time with as they waited for their boyfriends (probably), what rocketed me off was the idea of the three of us in the bathroom, me pressed against the wall, miniskirt bouncing up and down on me my hand on each cheek assisting her, and holding her up, her miniskirt a tube around her waist, as pajama took her from behind with a strap-on her hands playing with miniskirts breasts as she kissed and licked her neck, the three of us moving in an erratic rhythm trying not to make too much noise.

I cleaned up a little, straightened myself and walked out. Another pair of flights had arrived, and they were gone. I wonder if others are as much of a horn-dog as I, I really do…

Can’t stop

Last night I watched/read izmit sınırsız escort a lot of hardcore porn and came about four/five times in a two hour period before I slept, soaking my cum rag, and exhausting myself in the process.

That night, I had a dream about my friend’s fiancé, lets call her Andrea, was wearing her usual tight sweats and shirt she lounges around the house in. She’s at the computer, playing the Sims, when I, lazing on the couch, waiting for my friend (lets call him Adam) to return from some errand he had to run, accidentally flipped over to the porn channel on cable. I watched quietly, the sound muted as I usually have it when I flip through the channels, some German hardcore porn. A woman handcuffed at her wrists and ankles crawling difficulty down between a line of masturbating men, who would spray her with come and then either take a position later in the line, or walk over to a younger woman, presumably her “daughter” tied up and gagged on this device, and just plunge his dick in a hole and fuck until he was satisfied. Most pulled out of the “daughter”, some didn’t, to her pleading expression.

My cock was a lump in my pants, and the hand not holding the remote control was idly rubbing it through my jeans and underwear, barely feeling it through all the layers. I watched the porn and noticed that Andrea had stopped watching the sims, and that she was staring at the screen in a mixture of horror, and arousal. Her nipples threatened to tear through her top, she couldn’t tear her eyes away as a leash was attached to the mother’s collar and she was walked over to her daughter. A cock-muzzle was fitted over her mouth, and she was forced in between her daughter’s legs. The daughters head rocked back as if slapped as her mom’s head thrust forward endlessly in short, sharp head-bobs.

“What is that?” Andrea asked.

“Porn.” I replied.

“God, that’s so nasty!” She said, and then looked at me. “You’re turned on!”

“Yeah, I’m so fuckin’ hard. I love it when it’s so nasty. It’s such a turn on.”

“You love this stuff?”

“Yeah, I do. It’s so illicit, so forbidden. Fuck, I can’t take it anymore!” I grunt and skim my pants and underwear off. My cock bobs twice and I sigh with the release of pressure.

“What are you doing?”

“Jacking myself off watching porn.” I say and unmute the tv. The sound of sex fills the room as I do indeed grasp myself and proceed to masturbate.

“No! No! Stop!” She says and steps in front of me.

“Get out of the way, I’m close!”

“Put your pants up and leave, now!” She says, putting her hand on my wrist, trying to pull it off my cock.

Angrily, I tackle her to the floor in front of the tv. She squeaks and struggles, And I find myself on top, facing her back, my cock wedged between the cheeks of her ass. I look up at the screen and the “daughter” has a dick in every orifice, and I start dry humping against her ass as I hold her down and hump faster and faster until I spray all over her back.

As I wake up, the only thing I can think is… what the fuck?

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