A Conversation Online with Julie

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Julie first emailed me over three years ago having read some of my stories. We started to exchange explicit e-mails. And it was Julie, a lesbian in her mid-twenties, who introduced me to the Lesbos-Island site where I met some wonderful ladies and had lots of sex. That included Julie’s own internet lover Clara, in the States. Julie’s ambition was to visit Clara, and maybe try living with her and Clara’s daughter Ellie, a college young lady. Julie was very much in love with Clara, a divorcee. But she never did – well, not yet anyway. I remember the three of us had a fantastic threesome one afternoon in a private room on the island. Something we all wanted to repeat but never got the chance. Pity I didn’t keep a transcript!

It was shortly after getting to know Julie, I had my first message from the beautiful Natalie, also in the States, whose exchanges I have already posted on Literotica. I suggested to Natalie that she join the Island community. Natalie did join, and straight away found Julie there by sheer chance. They hit it off together – two horny ladies – and I found myself with some great lovers. I would have internet sex with Natalie during the week and with Julie at the week-end.

The problem was that we all seemed to fall in love with each other. I was having occasional sex online with Clara, as well as Natalie, during the week. Julie was a little jealous I think, but didn’t really mind. At least, that’s what she told me. It all became rather emotional, though. I got rather too fond of all three and had to cool it off, though we have remained close friends ever since and still make love online when we can. Julie’s great ambition at the time was to make love with her very beautiful mom – a fantasy she played out while having sex with me, and an ambition she eventually realized! They are now regular lovers. But that’s a different story!

We all decided to try instant messaging each other. Julie and I had our first exchange one warm Saturday morning in August. When I saw her come on line, ‘available’, I started to chat with her.

‘Julie. You’re early darling.’

‘Sarah! How are you? Really in the mood for some fun.’

‘Isn’t this amazing! We can actually chat!’

‘Awesome Sarah! And play! How exciting!’

‘What are you wearing?’

‘White bikini.’

‘Can I stroke your inner thighs. Perhaps start by giving you a kiss.’

‘Want me to undo a few strings?’

‘Why not? Arm round your shoulder Julie – faces meet – lips touch – kissing kissing. A long deep one – mmmm. Lips gently chewing.’

‘French kisses I like! Oh yes Sarah! More please.’

‘My body rubbing against yours – my nipples rubbing against yours. Your hot body from the sun – my cool body.’

‘I’ll remove my top … then our breasts can then squirm together. I have lotion on my body – so you can slip back and forth.’

‘You smell delicious. I could eat you. Let my hand slide down into your bikini bottoms.’

‘I’m undoing them for you.’

‘Feeling for the heat of your pussy. Oooo. It’s wet too. Yes … you’re definitely horny!’

‘Need your tongue down there, Şerifali Escort Sarah.’

‘I can feel the silky wetness on your labia. Slip off the bottoms, then.’

‘There. Quite naked. Thighs wide open for you Sarah. Want to push your head against my pussy.’

‘Oooo yes – what a beautiful pussy, Julie. I want to examine it first. Study every little crevice. Those crinkled lips – that open vagina surrounded with its cluster of fleshy pieces. ‘

‘Play with my nipples while you eat my pussy.’

‘Study the love-juices seeping from your vagina. Kiss the patch of auburn curls.’

‘Mmmmm. I so want to cum in your mouth.’

‘Then – oh then – yes – my face leans in towards it – brushing your thighs. Nipples are getting hard. Tongue seeking the entrance to that feminine mystery. Julie’s sweet mystery of life.’

‘I want you to make me cum.’

‘Mmm. My tongue sliding in and out of your vagina.’

‘Want to fill Sarah’s mouth with my hot juices.’

‘My fingers stroking your rosebud.’

‘Mmmmm. I’m gasping.’

‘Prodding the entrance to your other dark mystery. Others fingers playing with your hard little button. Tongue tasting the special juices. Oh Julie…. you taste divine.’

‘Ohhhhh god … that feels so good.’

‘So wet and syrupy.’

‘Oooooo Sarah.’

‘My tongue exploring your hidden depths. Scooping out the nectar.’

‘Oh yes … please fuck me.’

‘That sweet nectar of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Now fingers. Two. In and out. Now three … harder and faster.’

‘Oooooo yes! Want to fill your mouth with my nectar.’

‘Finger fucking. Mmmm. You’re trembling. Shaking.’

‘Ooooooo goddddddd yesssss.’

‘You’re coming …’

‘Two in my pussy right now. Oooooo Sarah. So close. On the brink. Eyes tight. Head thrown back.’

‘Come on then. Come on. Come … come. Your juices are pouring out. Filling my mouth.’

‘Mmmmmm … thinking of you finger fucking is so wonderful.’

‘Tongue lashing your pussy.’

‘Ooooohhhhhh. Fuck fuck fuck.

‘Come for Sarah.’

‘Cummmmmmminng. Mmmmmmmm. YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS. Ffgfgyucccccckkkkk.’

‘Come come. Come COME COME.’


(A few seconds pause whilst we recover our breath.)

‘Was that it Julie?

‘Woweeeee. Whooo. Came so hard Sarah.’


‘Squirted too. And I did so want to give you an orgasm today.’

‘Well, I’m here, willing and ready.’

‘Bikini is soaking wet. Do you know, Sarah … I love you! You are such a fantastic lady.’

‘So are you darling. I think I love you too.’

‘Okay – thank you … lover.’

‘Tomorrow perhaps?’

‘Mmmmm. Yes please. Love to.’

‘Bye for now, can’t wait. I shall count the minutes. Lol.’


‘Don’t want to leave you Julie! Grrrrrr. Want to keep on kissing that pussy. Licking the juices.’

‘Mmmmmmmm. I’d like that too.’

‘Nibbling the clit. Chewing your nipples. Oh dear … I do so want you darling.’

‘Lying Şerifali Escort Bayan naked together, Sarah. Grinding my pussy against yours.’

‘I’ll think of you when I play with myself! Remembering that glorious pussy.’


‘Rubbing harder and harder against each other. But really really must … oh hell …. don’t want to. KISS ME.’


(The following day was Sunday)

‘Hi darling. What a great time yesterday. Thought about you an awful lot. I masturbated three times during the day. Wonderful orgasms – all for you. I think I’m in love with you Julie.’

‘Mmmm – and me too. I thought about you all day, wanting to be with you. Longing for you. And here I am, lying beside you, my hand between your thighs feeling the warm wetness of your pussy – slipping a finger inside – gorgeous!! So scrumptious – you are so beautiful’

‘Mmmmmm want you to make me cum.’

‘Did you wake up feeling horny, Sarah?’

‘I’ll bet you were dreaming of Clara.’

‘And Ellie too? Yes … and of you too.’

‘Mmm a threesome then.’

‘Foursome would be nice.’

‘Er … oh, with Ellie you mean.’


‘You and Clara – me and Ellie.’

‘We can watch each other.’

‘Oh Julie… that would be wonderful.’

‘Yes Ellie is so sweet and innocent so yummy like mum.’

‘A sweet virgin pussy lips do you think. They are so lovely – all innocent and soft.’

‘Yes. Clara wants to watch us together first. Then join in. What are you wearing?

‘Will nothing do.’

‘Mmm. You on the bed?

‘Yes. Waiting for you.’

‘Playing with yourself. Already had an orgasm then?’

‘How did you guess! But ready for another. Another would be nice.’

‘Come on then, Sarah.’

‘Especially with you.’

‘Let me kiss you first. I love the taste of your lips. Mmmmmm long slow kiss. A long loving kiss with open mouiths chewing lips softly.’

‘Want to put my arms around you. Feel our lips together.’

‘Soft breasts touching. My body tight to yours. Our bare breasts rubbing together. Stiff nipples touching.

‘Kissing kissing.’


‘Moan. Love you Julie. Breaking off our kiss to say I want you. Then kissing again. My hand snaking across your belly.’

‘Love you to Sarah.’

‘Gently caressing your mound. Looking into your eyes. Then over your whole vulva. Cupping the warm wet flesh in the palm of my hand. Wanting to make love to you. Squeezing. That sweetest part of your body. Dripping into my palm.’

‘Taking your hand heading to my bedroom. Slowly undressing you. Removing your unwanted clothing. Let me see it. Open your thighs. I want to gaze on that wonder of nature. Mmmm inhaling the scent. Delicious Sarah! You smell so divine – lying naked on the bed for me. Nose touching your clit. Rubbing it up and down – your hot sexy body. Tongue probing your vagina.’


‘That hot mystery. Your own secret mystery. I need to solve that mystery.’

‘Calling your name as I feel your tongue inside me. Find Escort Şerifali the source of its power over me.’

‘Oh Sarah yesssss.’

‘Opening the labia. Your nectar-covered vagina gaping wide beckoning. Begging me to enter. And explore.’

‘Wanting you to make me cum. Needing you Sarah.’

‘Fingers penetrating the pink flesh.’

‘Oh yessss please take me.’

‘Other hand playing with your breasts.’

‘Ooooooo yessss.’

‘Tongue kissing your clit. Fingers probing your pussy.’

‘Ohhhhh Saraaaaahhhh.’

‘In and out.’


‘Now fingers testing your rosebud. Mmmm that dark secret place.’

‘Ohhhhh godddddd. Wanting to cum for you.’

‘Yes – the rosebud opens, showing its soft petals. My fingers slips inside up to the first knuckle – my other fingers in your vagina. Finger fucking both holes.’

‘Oooooooo. Yeeesssssssss.’

‘Chewing your nipples. Harder and deeper.’

‘Ooohhhh jesssssussssssss.’

‘Fingers in both holes harder. Deeper. Exploring. Scooping.’

‘So cccclose right now.’

‘Swirling round. Thumb now lashing against your clit. Fingers driving deep into you. Faster and harder. You tremble. Shake. Shudder.’


‘Arch your back. Tense muscles.’


‘Holding your breath.’


‘Squirt squirt. And I’m shaking here.’

‘Ooooh yes.’

‘Yes. Trembling hips.’

‘Sarah’s fingers teasing my clit. Oh wow.

‘Vagina oozing copiously. Come on. Finger me Julie. Taste me.’

‘Want to squirt over your hot sexy body Sarah.’

‘Tongue me. Come together. ‘My tongue inside you. Yours in mine. Do it. DO IT TO ME.’

‘Tongue pushing deeper and deeper in Sarah’s vagina.’

‘FOR GODS SAKE DO IT … OH YES YES YES. Juliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeee. My fingers slipping down your crack.’

‘I’m coming for you as well. OMG. Yes yes yes.’

‘Back arched as I fuck you with my tongue. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.’

‘Ooooooooooooooooooo Sarah.’

‘Fingers deep in your crack Julie. Tongue fucking your pussy. Fucking harder and harder. Fingers deep inside you. Tongue fucking you. I’m nearly there…. OMG.’


‘Go on – squirt all over my tits Julie. I’m coming …. WOWWWWWW! YEEEEEES!


‘Pee on me Julie. GO ON. NOOWWW. All over my face and tits. PEE ON ME – ALL OVER ME. I want to feel your warm pee squirting over my face and tits … and in my mouth. DO IT. DO IT. YES YES YES YES FUCK FUCK. CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING.’

(A few moments of silence whilst we get our breath back again.)

‘Getting breath back. Phew. Omg. A minute…. Thank you darling. Both together – ecstatic! Absolutely fan-tas-tic … mmmmmm… Omg. Did you squirt Julie?? Want to lick you up.’

‘Oh yes. Squirted all over you Sarah. Awesome. That was a really wild orgasm darling. Legs thrashing. Mmmm you really are something else again!! Want to cover you with my juices.’

‘And belly. And face. And mouth. Phewwwwwwww.’

‘And in your face. Want to cover you with my dripping pussy.’

‘I love you Julie.’

‘Me too.’

‘Let’s do it again. I’m desperate for you.’

After recovering our breath, we made love again – and again. All morning. We were besotted!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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