A Dinner with Tessa

Big Tits

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The 5 hours to our next encounter felt like an eternity. The memory of what she’d just done to Tony at the mall with her red-hot stilettos was enough to keep me almost constantly aroused. My condition got all the more critical when she stepped into my car. As I greeted her, my eyes travelled from her eyes down to her feet then back up her naked legs, from her red-hot stilettos to the hem of her matching red leather minidress. She held her position just long enough for me to appreciate the charms she had on offer. I knew she was perfectly aware of where my gaze was focused. She was blatantly naked underneath and the sight of her glistening pussy caused my arousal to reach the next level. The trousers she had me buy at the mall did everything but hide my predicament. They were so tight my erection strained like a tent-pole against the confining material, and so thin they let every drop of my precum visibly ooze through it. They made my lack of underwear utterly obvious and I felt totally exposed. I could see she was looking at my throbbing member as she licked her lips and giggled:

“Hmm Philip are you really that pleased to see me?”

As I drove, she rested her hand on my upper thigh, less than an inch from where my erection was straining against the leg of my trousers. She would occasionally give the fabric a small nudge, causing it to rub against my glans. This caused sparks of arousal to run up my throbbing member as it strained ever more desperately against its constricting confines. She soon had me on the edge of climax as her nudges became more insistent. Even if she wasn’t directly touching my cock, the friction of the soft fabric against it was enough to send me into overdrive. And the whole week of abstinence she’d imposed only made my condition more desperate. As I finished parking the car, her fingers wandered down to feel the fabric below my erect glans. She commented:

“Hmm Philip! Be careful! You’re getting wet down there!”

As we walked from the car to the restaurant, I could feel the warm breeze flowing through my thin trousers, further stimulating my already desperate arousal. I stood slightly behind her as we entered the restaurant, trying my best to hide my predicament. She told the hostess:

“Hey Tina! Good to see you! Please meet Philip! He will be escorting me tonight as Tim is on a business trip!”

Tina replied:

“Hey Tessa! So happy you could make it! Just follow Tabitha to your table. I’ve made sure it’s the most secluded!”

Tina licked her lips as she looked at my throbbing arousal and added:

“And it looks like you might need somewhere quite private to handle that rather massive problem down there uh?”

We followed Tabitha to our table, and I couldn’t help notice how sexy she looked in her revealing outfit. Her white see-through minidress did little to cover her visibly braless tits. Her matching white stiletto sandals only enhanced the effect her delightfully varnished toenails were having on me. It felt as if everything was conspiring to make my arousal ever more unbearable. Tabitha took us to a secluded table at the back, which was set up for us to sit on adjacent rather than opposite sides. She turned on a switch and I was awed by the design of the transparent glass table and luminous chairs. Tessa sat down on my right and smiled as she looked at my crotch. The material of my trousers was so transparent that the light from the chair was shining through, clearly showing the huge outline of my desperately erect member. She giggled:

“Wow! https://bursali.org I never thought these trousers would be so transparent Philip! I can even clearly see your T-Spot!”

I asked quizzically:

“My tea spot? What do you mean Tessa?”

Putting the stress on the “Tease”, she replied:

“Oh that’s short for your Tease Spot Philip! It’s that area on the underside of your cock-head that gives me total control over your arousal! Here! Let me show you!”

She rested her feet on my lap, and I was left speechless as I felt the tip of her stiletto brush over the underside of my erect glans, focusing the pressure on my most erogenous zone. Her expert action had me feel on the constant brink of losing it inside my tight trousers. I nearly erupted as Tabitha came back to take our orders, giggling as she watched the action of Tessa’s heel through the transparent glass table and asked us:

“Shall I bring you an ice-pack to help cool all this down hmm?”

Tessa gave an almost decisive stroke to my nearly erupting cock and removed her heel as she replied:

“Oh don’t worry gorgeous! I’ve got everything under control!”

My cock throbbed desperately, longing for her to resume the contact. She extended her hand under the table and proceeded to brush her fingernails against my erect glans through the thin material of my trousers. She had me on the very brink of cumming and she was making sure her expert strokes were keeping me right there. Tabitha commented:

“Oh I can see that! Just make sure he doesn’t have a little accident! It could wreak havoc with that electric chair!”

I gasped as Tessa’s fingernails nearly brought me over the edge while Tabitha watched the action through the transparent glass table. But she quickly removed her hand to show her choice on the pink side of the menu:

“I’ll have the Tossed Cock in Slutty Gravy please”

Pointing at the blue side of the menu, she added:

“And I recommend the Red Hot Chilli Pussy in Horny Goat Weed Sauce for you Philip!”

She turned to the cocktail menu and said:

“And we’ll have two SLUTT’s please”

I looked up the cocktail menu to find it stood for Sexy Licks Under The Table. This caused my cock to throb even more wildly inside its tight confines. As Tabitha swayed temptingly away, Tessa asked me:

“Would you mind giving me another foot massage while we wait for the food Philip? I really loved the one you gave me at the mall but my feet are still so sore!”

I thought about telling her she’d had more than 5 hours to rest them, but couldn’t resist the opportunity to worship her goddess feet again. I replied:

“It will be a pleasure Tessa!”

I already knew it would be just as much of a sweet torment and she would be mercilessly teasing my cock. She rested her feet on my lap and I slowly took off her sandals. Her naked right sole started rubbing over my desperately massive erection as I lifted her left foot to massage it. The rubbing soon turned into some deliberate masturbatory strokes, keeping me on the constant edge of cumming as I tried to concentrate on the massage. She asked me:

“You like being cock-teased like that don’t you Philip?”

I gasped as her sole rubbed up the length of my cock in a nearly decisive stroke and proceeded to fondle my balls. I couldn’t help a generous shot of precum from leaking through the thin fabric of my trousers. Tabitha came back with the drinks and commented:

“Oh! I can see it’s not only an ice-pack he might need but maybe also a blow-dry! But for now I think this might help make it less obvious hmm?”

Tabitha unfolded a napkin and laid it over my crotch to cover the resuming action of Tessa’s toes over the underside of my nearly erupting glans. I nearly blew my load bursa escort kız as Tessa replied:

“Oh thanks! Let’s see how that helps lower his resistance uh? Now he won’t be so worried about having a little accident!”

Tessa’s toes kept me on the edge as she raised her glass and said:

“To our dinner and everything else that might be cumming!”

I stopped the massage, letting go of her foot to raise my glass and replied:

“To everything else Tessa!”

She now had one foot working the underside of my massive erection under the napkin, while her other foot slowly stroked the top from over it. She had a sip of her drink as she watched my crotch and commented:

“Only this napkin doesn’t let me see what I’m doing Philip! Don’t you think it defeats the whole purpose of that illuminated chair?”

She briefly raised her feet for me to pick up the napkin and put it on the table between us. As she resumed her reckless toe job, she neatly folded it and put it by her side and giggled:

“Keeping it safe just in case you need it later! Now tell me more about that little foot fetish hmm Philip?”

I was again left speechless as the coordinated action of her delightfully varnished toenails threatened to make me spill my load right through the thin material of my trousers. The way she expertly raked them against the underside of my erect glans was about to make me erupt. But she removed her feet just in time to prevent my impending orgasm. As she raised her feet, the hem of her dress hiked up her thighs to reveal her glistening pussy to my gaping eyes. She started fingering herself as she watched my twitching erection and commented:

“Don’t tell me you were already about to sperm your trousers Philip? We haven’t even started eating yet!”

The wet spot of precum that surrounded my erect glans was getting larger. My cock kept desperately throbbing, eager for the addictive action of her toes to resume. But she rested her feet on my other thigh and went on fingering herself as she said:

“Now can you please help put my sandals back on Philip? I need to go to the toilets to avoid any electric shock myself you see?”

I fumbled to fit her sandals as I gaped at her fingers still playing with her dripping pussy and replied:

“Oh I can see that Tessa!”

While she was at the toilets I tried my best to let my mind focus on less arousing thoughts. Even though I was sure she’d gone there to complete her finger job. But I couldn’t help watch Tabitha as she hopped from table to table and smiled at me. Her knowing smiles were enough to keep my arousal at fever pitch. My erection was still obscenely massive when Tessa came back. She giggled as she looked at my crotch:

“Hmm Philip! Looks like you really need a SLUTT!”

She had a sip of her cocktail and knelt down under the table, proceeding to lick the underside of my massively erect glans through the thin material of my trousers. I’d seen her ask Tabitha on the way for help applying her lipstick but was too aroused to resist her expert blow-job. Combined with the way her lips were slurping back and forth against my glans, the expert action of her tongue soon had me on the very brink of cumming. But she stopped at the crucial moment and kissed my glans, making sure the telltale mark of her fresh red lipstick would stay imprinted onto the revealing fabric. She commented:

“Hmm! I hope the food is as juicy as this Philip!”

She got up to sit on her chair. I was still gasping from the arousal as she said:

“I might need a SLUTT myself you know?”

She opened her thighs and motioned me to kneel down, offering her naked pussy to my hungry mouth. The waft of her musky perfume further fired up my senses as I started softly licking bursa anal yapan escort the bulbs of her clitoris. I felt her heel start brushing against my erect cock as I did this to her, slowly masturbating me through the thin material of my trousers. She stopped just as I felt I was ready to explode. The way she clutched my head between her thighs as her heel held me on the brink was making her orgasm totally obvious. She opened her eyes and said:

“Oh thank you Philip I loved it! But you know my legs are still so sore! You don’t mind if I rest them on your lap while we wait for the food?”

It was a request I couldn’t refuse. Not only was her posture fully showing me the charms of her glistening pussy, but it also caused the tip of her right stiletto to graze over the underside of my glans, again deftly playing with my T-Spot through the revealingly thin material of my tight trousers. I almost shot my load watching how she licked her lips as she watched the effect of her strokes on my nearly erupting erection. She still had me on the brink when Tabitha came back with our dishes. Tabitha giggled as she watched my throbbing hard-on:

“Hmm Tessa! Are you sure he will need the Horny Goat Weed Sauce?”

She withdrew her heels from my lap to start eating. But my respite was short-lived. She would periodically extend her hand under the table and reach for my erection, making sure to keep me constantly aroused. As soon as we had finished eating, her stiletto heels were back doing their mischievous magic. She resumed fingering her glistening pussy as her heel applied a light and rhythmic pressure to the underside of my glans. She had me right about to explode. She held me on the brink like that until Tabitha had finished cleaning up the table. I watched in despair as Tabitha took the napkin away while Tessa applied a decisive stroke. The rhythmical beats of the tip of her stiletto against the underside of my glans had me helplessly erupt a huge jet of cum straight through the thin material of my revealing trousers. But she stopped her expert stimulation just at that crucial moment, leaving me teetering on the brink of spurting all the rest of my week-load of cum. The way the tip of her stiletto pressed against my T-Spot was effectively preventing any further outburst, while causing my massive erection to strain even more desperately against its tight and now thoroughly soaked confines. Along with her heavy breath, the way her hand was clutching her pussy as she did this to me made it obvious she was having another orgasm. She licked her lips as she watched the outcome of her expert commando foot tease and said:

“I just love to make guys cream their trousers for me like that you know Philip? And that’s my way of saying thanks for helping me at the mall! Even if I can’t get my trophy from you! But I really can’t walk out with you like that hmm? Everyone would think I’ve been a naughty wife!”

She reached for my crotch one last time, stroking the outline of my massively erect glans through the embarrassingly soaked and lipsticked material of my trousers. She sat up and said:

“Hmm, you’re still horny as a bull Philip! That must be the Horny Goat Weed starting to take effect! Please save it for me for next Friday! I want to show you my lap-dance club!”

I watched her sway away as my cock throbbed at the prospect. She whispered something to Tabitha as she left, and Tabitha soon came back with a napkin and commented:

“My! Did you have a little accident? You really need a blow dry now! Here, let me help!”

Tabitha started rubbing the soaked fabric with the napkin, making sure to stroke my massively erect cock as she did that. She nearly made me cum again with her expert fondling, but stopped at the crucial moment and giggled:

“Hmm! I better stop now before I make this even more obvious!”

I couldn’t have felt more awkward as I walked out of the restaurant back to my car, trying to use the napkin to hide my soaking predicament and reawakened arousal. All I could do now was wait for my next encounter with Tessa, and hope for some real relief.