A New Camping Experience Ch. 02

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I woke up around one in the afternoon, sweating from the heat of the day. At first, I thought my encounter with Paul had been some kind of wet dream, but after a few seconds I realized that it really had happened and that I had been incredibly turned on by it. I felt a little bit of shame, but it was overshadowed by the two huge orgasms I’d had, and the little third one from jerking off back at the campsite. My dick twitched thinking about sucking Paul’s cock, but there was a soreness to it from all the unexpected action it’d had so far today.

I got out of the tent and looked around for Mom and Dad, but didn’t see them. Once Lena and I were grown enough to manage by ourselves, they had a habit of packing a lunch and spending the day on the trails, returning to the campsite when the light started to fade. I assumed that’s where they were.

I went back into my tent, leaving the flap open to get something of a breeze, and tried to read for a while. A few minutes later I tossed down the book, not being able to get into the story. I closed my eyes, reliving the feel and taste of him and how his cum had coated the inside of my mouth and throat.

Campsite 75. That’s where he was at. I wanted to go there, experience him again, suck his cock again. My dick throbbed when a sudden thought entered my mind…what would it feel like if he fucked me? How would it feel if he slid himself into my ass and fucked me like a girl? I’d heard about anal sex before. If people were doing it, then it must feel at least a little bit good, right? The thought made my dick painfully hard, both from the idea of being underneath him and the soreness from jerking it earlier.

But that was just me being horny. I’d never have the nerve to do that, never be forward enough to seek him out.

I changed into swim trunks, flip-flops and a t-shirt. Swimming would take my mind off of Paul’s cock. Taking my towel from where I’d hung it on the tent, I started walking towards the river.

There were signs wherever the trails branched that said what campsites were down each. The first one I came across had “River Access” pointed to the left, and “70-85” to the right. I came to a faltering, stumbling stop.

I didn’t make a conscious decision, my feet decided for me as I veered to the right. I could just go see where his campsite was, couldn’t I? Just in case I wanted to go there later? Just a quick peek to get the lay of the land, so to speak.

Paul saw me before I saw him. “Hey, Will,” he called out, seeing me on the trail. He smiled, that smile that made me nervous and trembling and excited, and waved me over. Hesitantly, I walked to his campsite.

“I figured I’d see you again,” he said.

I was about to speak, about to say some bullshit about just walking the trails when another man stepped out of the tent at Paul’s campsite. He looked even older than Paul, with a grey beard and a bald head.

Seeing me startled, Paul quickly said, “Oh, this is Matt. We work together. Matt, this is Will. I, uh, ran into him earlier today.”

“Nice to meet you, Will,” Matt said, nodding at me, then raising an eyebrow at Paul.

“Uh, hi,” I stammered. Shit! I’d gotten this far despite my nervousness, and now Paul wasn’t alone. I stood there for a second, desperately trying to think of something to say before coming up with, “Nice tent.”

Matt glanced at it. “Yeah, we just got it for this trip. A lot of space for just two guys, but we were hoping to have some company while we were out here. Would you like to see the inside?”

I nodded, not thinking of anything to say. Paul gestured towards the tent, and I quickly walked inside. Paul and Matt followed me, Paul zipping up the tent door behind us. Then, he came up behind me and put his arms around me, pulling me close to him.

“I probably won’t be able to get off again for a while,” he whispered in my ear. “But poor Matt hasn’t had anything today. I told him about your sweet hot mouth, and now he’s all turned on. Think you can take care of that for demetevler escort him?”

My heart jumped inside me. I had hoped to do stuff with Paul again. I wasn’t expecting someone else. Half of me wanted to bolt out of the tent in fear, half of me wanted to do what he suggested out of excitement and horniness. My excitement won out. I nodded, not trusting my voice.

Matt watched me, his face expressionless, as Paul pulled off my t-shirt and pushed my swim trunks down. I should have felt something…embarrassment at being naked in front of the both of them, but there wasn’t. I stood there while both Paul and Matt disrobed, the three of us naked and two of us (me and Matt) sporting erections.

There was an opened sleeping bag on the floor of the tent, and Matt laid down on it. He patted the spot next to him, and I jerkily moved over and laid down next to him. I was confused…didn’t he want me to suck his dick?

Matt cleared up some of my confusion by rolling over on top of me, nudging my legs aside and laying between them. I could feel the tip of his cock press lightly against the cleft of my ass. He kept his weight mostly off me, but the heaviness I did feel felt awesome. Unexpectedly, his head dipped down and his lips pressed against mine.

I’d never kissed a guy before and, surprised, I tried to jerk back but there was nowhere for my head to jerk back to. His mouth was insistent on mine, and in a second my lips parted and his tongue snaked into my mouth. It wasn’t like kissing a girl…usually I was the one doing the kissing and the girl just kind of accepted it. The roles were completely reversed here, me accepting his mouth on mine, his tongue dancing over mine. My dick throbbed against us, and I felt his throb against my ass in return.

He broke the kiss, and slid down a bit on my body. His mouth trailed down my chin, then my chest, then his lips covered one of my nipples. A shock of pure pleasure ran through me. He nursed one, then the other, soft sucks intertwined with light bites. I always figured that nipples were pretty much useless on a guy, a design flaw if you will, but Matt’s mouth proved me wrong. I closed my eyes and let the waves of intense pleasure wash over me. My dick, soreness forgotten, throbbed against his stomach.

After a few minutes of bliss, his mouth disappeared from my nipples. I opened my eyes to see Paul standing above me, stroking his cock to hardness while Matt lifted off of me and sat next to me on the sleeping bag. He was stroking his cock too, and gave me a meaningful glance towards it.

I quickly rolled over onto my stomach and made my way to him. My mouth hungrily captured his throbbing dick, sliding all the way down until it hit the back of my throat. I gagged, then pulled off a bit until the feeling subsided, and began sliding my mouth up and down him. I was rewarded by a soft groan from Matt.

I sucked his cock for all I was worth, taking it deep, stroking it faster. All I wanted to do right then and there was make him cum, and make him cum hard.

“Enthusiastic,” Matt said to Paul between clenched teeth, who chuckled. I took it as a compliment, and my dick throbbed as I sucked even harder and faster.

Matt’s hand found my head, but he didn’t grab it as Paul had earlier today. Instead, using soft pressure, he led me to taking him deep, then backing off until only his cockhead was trapped between my lips. He guided me to set up a long, deep stroke, his cockhead going from my lips to the back of my throat, then back again.

“Jesus, that’s good,” Matt groaned, and I felt his cock throb once, then twice in my mouth, followed by a surge of his hot spicy cum. It suprised me, he didn’t give me any indication that he was about to spew like Paul had earlier. I choked slightly as the blast of semen flooded into my throat, then swallowed quickly while not losing my rhythm. The second and third masses of cum followed the first, and after a few more weak throbs, Matt gently otele gelen escort pulled his cock out of my mouth.

I looked up at him with cum-soaked lips, incredibly turned on and wanting more. He smiled down at me, using his finger to trace around my lips, pushing his cum back into my mouth.

“I want his cherry,” I heard Paul say from behind me.

It should have scared me, the hungry way he said it. I knew what he meant…he wanted to fuck me, to put his cock into my ass and fuck me like a girl. However, I was too turned on to be scared, and wanted it more than anything.

He grabbed my hips and lifted them up, and I felt his hot slick cock press against my ass. The tip of him touched my rosebud and I felt a sharp pain as it slowly spread me open.

The pain jerked me back to reality. I thought that maybe this wasn’t a good idea after all and I tried to pull away from him, but his grip on my hips was too strong.

The second push moved his cockhead into me, and I yelped. That HURT! I pulled away harder from Paul, and my asshole stung as I managed to dislodge him from me.

“Let him on top,” Matt suggested.

“Yeah,” Paul said, his voice heated with lust. He released my hips and laid down on his back on the sleeping bag. He grabbed me, and maneuvered me on top of him, straddling him. I complied hesitantly. He reached between us and lined his cockhead up with my asshole again.

“Lower yourself on it,” he said. “Go slow, take your time.” His words urged slow caution, but his tone of voice said to slam myself down on him.

“I…” I started to say, to protest, to say I couldn’t do this, but before I could Matt had stood up and his now-limp cock was level with my face. He easily slid it into my mouth in mid-word.

Even though I’d only done it for the first time today, Matt’s cock in my mouth was almost comforting. I nursed his cock as I gingerly pushed myself down onto Paul’s throbbing cock. At the first twinge of pain, I’d raise off him, pushing against Matt’s hands that were gently pushing my shoulders down. As soon as the pain passed, I moved downward again.

After a few minutes, I felt Paul’s groin against my asscheeks. I gasped in surprise around Matt’s hardening cock. I did it! He was completely inside me.

The pain was still there, but much lessened. I ground myself against Paul, rewarded with a groan of pleasure from him.

“Fuck, you’re tight,” he said, his hands cupping my ass cheeks as he thrust himself up into me.

The pain in my ass was almost gone, replaced by a dull ache that was completely overshadowed by the excitement of having Paul’s cock deep inside me. Every so often, he’d hit something inside me that shot waves of pleasure through me. In short time I was bouncing up and down on his cock, my own dick hard and waving with my frantic movement.

“Roll him over,” Matt suggested, taking his semi-hard cock out of my mouth. Without pulling out, Paul half-sat up, then rolled both of us over. I ended up on my back with Paul on top of me, his hands grabbing my legs and lifting them up to his shoulders.

“Fuck me,” I said, shocked at both my words and the fact that I wanted him to. The sensation and excitement of being underneath him, his cock buried in my ass, had me turned on more than I’d ever been in my life.

Paul complied with my request, his hips driving his cock into me harder and faster. My own hips fucked back, wanting him to pound deep into me. I was so excited, so turned on, that without touching my dick it began to throb, cum oozing out and pooling on me. I felt my ass spasm with every throb of my dick, and I know Paul did too as his thrusts became harder and faster.

One final, hard shove and he was deep inside me, his cock throbbing as his cum flowed into me. I frantically fucked back, wanting him to fill me with his juice. He shuddered several times, then slowly relaxed. His cock, raging hard and feeling so wonderful inside me, quickly shrank balgat escort and he gingerly pulled it out. I felt his cum leak from my asshole and run down the crack of my ass onto the sleeping bag.

“Baby, you were made for this,” Paul grinned, sweat coating his face. I suddenly realized how hot it was in the closed tent and that I was covered in sweat too. Paul pulled away from me, then plopped down on the sleeping bag next to me.

“That was…incredible,” I said, exhaling loudly.

“Agreed,” Paul replied. I could hear his breathing slow as he caught his breath.

“So,” I heard Matt say with a smile in his voice, “you up for more?” I turned my head to look at him, sitting on the ground next to Paul and I, slowly stroking his half-hard dick.

The excitement had worn off with my and Pauls orgasms, and my asshole ached throbbingly. Part of me wanted to either suck him again, or let him fuck me as Paul had, but there was enough discomfort to dissuade me, plus the fact that my previous nervousness had returned. I could hardly believe that I’d let a man fuck me, or that I’d sucked another one off, or that I had wanted BOTH to happen.

“I, uh…” I started to say.

Matt laughed. “Just kidding. I don’t think I could get off again so soon anyway.”

“I probably should be getting back to my campsite,” I said hurriedly, scampering to my feet and throwing my clothes back on. I started towards the door flap when I heard Paul speak behind me.

“Will,” he said in a deep forceful voice, then softer, “It’s ok if you liked it.”

I blushed red, then admitted, “I did.”

“You know where we’re at,” he continued. “Come back any time. One of us is usually here.”

I nodded, then left the tent as they began to clean up and dress themselves.

I made my way down to the river and found an area with no other swimmers around. Leaving my towel and flip-flops on the bank, I jumped in, allowing the river to rinse away the evidence of what happened.

I thought as I swam. Being honest with myself, I realized that I was more excited by Paul (and Matt!) than I had been the one time I’d been with a girl. But was it the novelty of it, the fact that it was taboo, or that I truly enjoyed having a man inside me? I didn’t know.

I swam for about 45 minutes, then left the river and went back to the campsite. It was only about 5PM, but Mom and Dad were already back from their hike. They asked me how my day went, and it was all I could do to keep from exclaiming “It was FUCKING AWESOME!”

After dinner, the cooler evening air was starting to flow through the trees. I was putting the ice chest back in my folk’s tent when I heard my name being called. I turned around to see Paul and Matt, and my heart froze inside me.

“Some friends of yours?” Mom asked.

“Yeah, I met them earlier today, at the river” I said quickly.

They walked into our campsite. “We were just walking the trails when we saw you,” Paul said. I hoped that Mom didn’t see the glimmer in his eye. “I hope you don’t mind us barging in.”

“Not at all,” Mom smiled. She saw Matt’s t-shirt, and asked, “Huntington College?” I glanced at Matt’s shirt and saw the Huntington logo emblazoned on it.

“Yes,” Paul said. “We both teach there.”

Mom said, “Will’s attending there in the fall.”

Both Paul and Matt broke into huge grins. “Really? That’s a good thing. Huntington has a lot of opportunities for a young man like Will. Lots of exciting programs, too.”

Mom gave me a sly look. “Now’s your chance, Will. You can get the inside scoop, so to speak.”

I chuckled nervously. “Sure, Mom,” I replied, then looked at Paul and Will, “if they don’t mind me coming over and bothering them.”

Matt replied, “It’s not a problem at all. We’re just down the trail to the right, site 75. We’d LOVE to have you over to discuss what goes on at Huntington.”

“Sure,” I said, calm now that I realized that they weren’t going to spill the beans on what had happened earlier today. “I can come by later, if that’s ok?

“Feel free,” Paul said. “We’re night owls, so we’ll be up most of the night. Come on over and we can fill you in.” In my mind, I heard, “…fill you UP.”

Despite how many times I’d cum today and how tender my dick was, it gave a throb in my shorts. I hoped the “discussion” took place with me on my knees or on my back.

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