A Picnic Story Ch. 02

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PART II — A Picnic Story

Chapter 1 Recap: Mike (an FA) and Donna (sexy BBW) enjoyed a first date and picnic in the state park, leading to a hot and heavy session of mutual masturbation with a happy ending. Chapter 2 picks up shortly after.


Donna and I dozed on the blanket on and off for at least an hour or more. Waking in each other’s arms and feeling the refreshing warmth of the sun’s rays streaming between the green overhanging canopy of trees was invigorating. After our activities of the hours previous, we felt new and fresh, like Adam and his Eve, awakening in Eden.

We continued to snuggle together; I feeling satiated yet desiring; she feeling the warmth of being desired by her guy.

As we talked about the sex we just shared, we began to let our hands and legs intertwine and explore one another. Remember that though we’d experienced sexual ecstasy and climax together, we’d not so much as touched one another. Now was the time of discovering, Donna reaching down and gripping my dick and fondling my balls; I nuzzling my face to her immense breasts with my mouth in full lock on her nipples, allowing my tongue to bring them into a state of firmness and erection.

I wrapped my free arm and hand around her mid section, allowing my hands to explore her abundance of flesh about her waist. Although she may have been a big girl, some may say ‘fat’, she was strong and firm, something I marveled at and admired. I occasionally let my fingers graze over her pussy, trailing my fingers across her labia and clitoral hood. Each time I did that, Donna sighed and breathed a trifle heavier.

Our hands moved over each other’s body as if seeking to affirm the reasons for our mutual desires. It had been a long time since either of us had seriously gotten in touch with our sexual spirit and had the chance to meld that spirit with physical stimulation of this sort.

AS time went on, Donna’s grip on my now erect dick tightened and her hand motion became increasingly faster. I, in turn, took this cue to turn my attention from stimulating her mind with soft sexual innuendo whispered in her ear to pure, unadulterated sexual stimulation of the physical nature. My mouth and tongue continued it’s journey about her mouth, neck, breasts, and down lower, my fingers gently caressed her thighs, her belly, and her pussy. Gently, I plied her clitoris and Donna moaned longer each time I touched her there.

I switched to using my thumb to continue clitoral stimulation and using my index and middle finger to gently rub the lips of her vagina, occasionally allowing one or both fingers to penetrate her pussy shallowly.

Donna whispered for me to put them all the way in. She took over the clit stimulation with her own fingers. At this request, I inserted first one finger into her pussy as far as it would go then gradually inserted both index and middle fingers into her well-lubricated box.

“I want you in me, Mike…. I kurtköy eve gelen escort want it bad…” whispered Donna as she nibbled on my ear. “We’ve waited, lover, and now I can’t wait any longer, I want all of you inside me.”

“No condom?” I whispered back to her.

“No, honey, I’m clean, you’re clean… on the pill…. please do me now….”

As she spread her thick legs to give me more room, I slipped one leg over hers and then the other. Here was my dream girl lying before me, open and ready. Her eyes, half shut in anticipation, mouth open wide breathing heavily; I took in the visual stimulation and now with my erection in my hand, slowly guided it to the entrance into her sexual canal.

I was in a state of sexual intoxication anticipating our first true connection. Running the head of my dick up and down her vaginal lips and feeling the coarseness of her pubic hair on it was so enticing that I had to say, “Donna, you are so beautiful, your body so inviting, take me in, babe….” And with that, slowly but firmly entered her pussy and used all the muscles in my lower body to push me to full depth inside her.

Donna moaned, “Ooooo, my god, that feels so good, Mike, give it to me… teach me how to cum again….”

As I thrust in and out of her pussy, I noted with pleasure how tight her pussy was on my dick. Telling her how tight she was caused her to push back harder against me with each stroke. In a short couple of minutes, I could already feel pressure mounting in me to release my myself in her so I slowed it down to let my dick explore her insides and to let me come down to a plateau of sensation that I could control. With my dick all the way in her, I would stop in and out motion and move my hips in a circular fashion, feeling the head boring into her backside.

“Ohhhhhhh, that’s it, Mike, keep doing it, you’re on my g-spot…. oh my god, you’re going to make me cum! Don’t stop there, push me over, Mike, push me over!” With that, I felt her spasm and she tightened her hand and arm grip around my lower back, trying to pull me into her harder.

“I’m there, I’m cumming, and you’re making me cum! she exclaimed. As her body convulsed in feverish orgasm, the tightness of our physical bond hit its tightest grip. She continued on for what had to have been 30-45 seconds of continuous orgasm.

As Donna reached the top of her climax and began the slow downside, recovering, she continued her verbal encouragement, “Oh Mike, no one has ever….” “Ohhh, it’s been a long time….” I was pacing my thrusts as well, feeling the pressure build. However, I just stopped my thrusts while buried deep inside her. This surprised my lover, causing her to ask me excitedly, “Mike, are you OK? How come you stopped?”

I responded, “I was thinking about something.”

Donna asked somewhat alarmingly, “What? What are you thinking about that would make you stop?” Then, trying to lighten the seemingly kurtköy genç escort awkward moment with levity, “Hopefully you’re not thinking about work?” she said somewhat more light-heartedly.

“Nope. I’m thinking about how helpless I could make you feel if I could make you cum again.” I said with a wicked grin.

She pinched me on my butt, hard. “You bastard.” she said as she pulled my head down to hers, planting her tongue squarely in my unexpecting mouth. She mumbled through our French kiss, “Why don’t you just try, you wicked little bastard, why don’t you just try!”

We laughed heartily through our clenched tongues and lips.

I resumed my pelvic thrusting into her hot pussy and at the same time, kept my roaming hands in full action squeezing her enormous breasts and pulling her head to mine. Then, I’d occasionally get my hands down under her ample butt cheeks and pull her torso tighter against my hips. I was pacing myself all this time to keep my own orgasm in check. Fortunately, our earlier masturbatory “adventure” had taken the pressure off and I was better able to control myself enough to try and make her “feel it” again.

As I pumped myself in and out, I could sense that Donna was getting “the rhythm” again… She said in between taking my thrusts, “I’m getting it again, Mike, oh my god, that feels so good, can you keep doing me?”

Then, as unselfishly as she could, she uttered, “Do you need to cum, baby?”

I simply responded with “Ladies first.” and smiled.

“Mike, you’re a true gentleman… a bastard for torturing me like this but a gentlemanly bastard” as she laughed. “Fuck me hard, Mike!”

Now there was a new one on me as I’d never heard her swear until now. “So you talk dirty do you, young lady?” I said, while picking up the pace and forcefulness of my thrusts.

“Only when I do the dirty!” she replied, breathlessly.

I could tell by her breathing that she was on the upswing again and I was starting to feel myself approaching my own inevitable release. I varied my thrusting between hard, deep and fast to gentle, deep and teasingly slow with a pause each time I hit bottom allowing her to grind her hips against me to massage her g-spot.

“Mmmmmm, mmmmmmm” she softly moaned. “What are you doing to me!? No guy ever let me cum more than once, if at all!!”

“Selfish bastards.” was my reply.

“Oh Mike, you’re sweet and a monster! Make me cum again right now!”

Donna’s second climax arrived much earlier than the first but her approach to the second was not as frantic and much more relaxed.

“I want you to cum for me, babe.” I whispered. “I want to feel you cum again.”

Donna replied, “I don’t think that’s going to be a… a… problem because I’m… I’m cumming right now…” trailing off into moans. Her body shook mildly and she pushed up against me really hard as I held my dick inside her pushing and putting pressure on her from kurtköy kendi evi olan escort my stationary position.

The physicality of her orgasm didn’t seem as powerful as her first earlier, but as she would tell me later, “it was more relaxed, but so much more intense than the first.”

“Mike, I can’t take this any longer, I want YOU to cum babe, I really want to make you cum!” Donna whispered in my ear longingly.

“I’m there, lady, I’m there.” I managed to say as my own breathing was at it’s fastest pace it had been throughout our tryst. “Where? Inside? Where do you want it?” I managed to say between thrusts.

“Come in me, babe, I want you to come in me.”

“Ohhhhhhh my gawwwwwd…” was about all I could get out of my mouth as the first spasm of my orgasm ejected semen deep inside her. As I pumped harder, she clenched her pussy hard against my dick as if to milk all of the goods out that I had to deliver. I don’t know how much of my milky sperm I actually deposited into her tight pussy but the intensity of my orgasm was off the scale. Never had I been that far over the edge into sexual nirvana.

“Come for me, babe, let it go!” demanded Donna.

“Ohhh, good god, you’re so tight, there it is, lady!”

As the force of my ejaculation started to subside, I pulled my dick out of her and, as if on cue, she grabbed the sopping wet pole and jerked me off with her hand to finish me. I still had one last shot left, which she brought out with her “handiwork”. This shot ejected from my dick in a lazy arc that landed on her ample tummy.

“Oooooo, thank you!” was her smartass, giggly remark.

I was a sweaty, breathless mess. This was in direct contrast to what I saw when I looked at her as I opened eyes. Donna was goldenly radiant, smiling her dreamiest smile, still gripping my penis as if never wanting to let go, her glorious nude body on full display for me and still ever so inviting. I couldn’t get over how I could, after such a hearty orgasm and physical act of shared love, look at her so longingly and desiring.

Her large breasts lay upon her chest hanging to either side, her legs still open wide for me, her large belly, glazed with my semen, and her beautiful face with those thick lips open and waiting for mine.

As if obligingly yet wanting, I lay down on top of her but with my legs now open and on the outsides of her hips to support my weight, I pressed my now flaccid penis on her still moist but satiated love triangle and my lips met hers in a hot but tender interlock. As it was always, our tongues met but this time in a slow, relaxed manner, gracefully playing with each other’s. Eyes closed, my hands in her hair caressing the long locks and pulling her mouth more forcefully into my own, I felt like I had never felt before.

I was sexually satisfied but was already longing for the next time. I told Donna this and she told me she felt the same.

Was this the start of a romantic relationship? Was this a one-off for both of us? We had no idea. We did agree that this was something new to both of us and at that moment, the best thing for us to do was enjoy the moment, enjoy the satisfaction we both felt, enjoy the quietness of the surrounding nature, and wherever the approaching evening led, well, let the chips fall where they may.


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