A Special Day for Patricia

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“Tonight is a special night,” Roger whispered in her ear.

“Oh?” Patricia purred pressing her back against his chest. “How’s that?”

He slid his hands down her sides. The only barrier between his fingers and her skin was the silk of her dress. The tips of his fingers floated past her breasts. The lack of a bra sent electric bolts straight between her legs. His hands found her tight, round buttocks and with a gentle squeeze, he breathed into her ear. “Tonight.”

Patricia was a bit confused, but that only added to her excitement. Roger took her by the hand and led her through the darkened house to the master suite. The room was bathed in candle light like a medieval castle. A fire crackled in the grate, and smooth jazz mixed with the smell of jasmine in the air.

He led her past the king-size bed into the bathroom. It too was awash in candle light, the effect multiplied in the reflection from the mirrors. The garden tub, more like a small pool, sat filled with steaming bubbles with a bottle of sparkling wine in an ice bucket and two flutes standing by.

Roger turned to face Patricia. He slid is arm around her waist and pulled her close. Her eyes were hungry. Her lips were moist and slightly parted. She could feel his eagerness between her legs. They stared for a moment, then melted into each other. First with gentle kisses. Each tasting the sweetness of the other. Growing hungrier with each second. Finally lips parted and their tongues met. A dance. A promise. His hands found the zipper at the small of her back. He drew it down, then slid his hand inside. There were no panties. She’s such a little slut, he thought. Then he slid his middle finger between her tight cheeks. He slid it gently up and down a few times before moving his hand over her bare skin and giving a squeeze. Then he drew himself back and brought his hands to her shoulders. With his eyes locked on hers, he slipped his thumbs under the straps of her dress and slid them off her shoulders, letting the fabric fall to her ankles.

Stepping back, raked his eyes over her body. Her Latina features even more exotic in the candle light. Her long chestnut hair fell over her shoulders and down her back. The room was warm, but her nipples were hard, proud adornments to her full breasts. A glimmer of sweat gave her skin an ethereal effect. Her dedication to fitness shown on her cut abdominal muscles. The smooth patch between her legs was slightly hidden by the way she stood with one knee slightly bent. Her muscles flexed in her 5″ spikes. The only piece of clothing still on her body.

“Like what you see, Daddy?”

“Oh FUCK yes,” he croaked. His throat suddenly dry.

She gave him a wicked smile, and placed one foot out of the fabric circle at her feet, then hooking it with the toe of her other, flicked the garment into the corner of the room. She walked up to him and placed her hands on his chest. They felt like hot irons on his skin. She slipped his jacket off and lay it gently on the chair behind him. He began to unbutton his shirt, but she batted his hands away, giving him a scolding look. Without breaking eye contact, she slowly unfastened each button. Licking her lips or biting her lip as she went. Finally, it too joined the jacket.

With a mischievous smirk, Patricia grabbed Roger’s belt and tugged him a bit closer. Again, without breaking eye contact, her fingers worked the leather, and then the snap, and with her tongue tucked against one of her canines, she slowly lowered the zipper. It was agonizingly slow. Like she was lowering the zipper one tooth at a time. Then she let go. His pants dropped to the floor. She moved her hands to his hard cock. The tip was practically protruding through top of his tight black boxers. One hand rubbed his shaft while the other caressed his balls.

“Oh, Daddy,” she cooed. “You seem to be all bound up.” With that she slipped her thumbs into his wait band and pushed the fabric down. She followed them to the ground in a squat until she was face to face with his erection. The crimson head glistened with pre-cum. She cupped his balls with her left hand. Wrapping her fingers around the top of his sack.

“Fuck!” he gasped. “Yessss!!!!!”

She spit on his shaft and used her free hand to quickly coat its entirety. Then, working from the base, she squeezed and pushed toward the top. Effectively milking his cock of any remaining pre-cum.

“Oooh, Daddy! A treat!”

She held his gaze as she used his cock like a giant tube of lipstick and spread the viscus fluid across her pouty lips. Then she snaked out her tongue and licked them clean before wrapping them around his shaft and taking it down her throat.

“Oh, FUCK!!!!!” Roger gasped. He grabbed the back of her head, but before he could thrust, she knocked his hands away, and stood.

“Not yet, Daddy.” She scolded. Then she moved away from him to the edge of the tub. She sat on the edge and removed her shoes. Then swung her legs around and slipped beneath the bubbles.

Roger stood there for a second, his cock Büyükesat Escort as hard as it had ever been. He wanted nothing more than to walk over to his little fuck slut and drive his aching shaft down her throat. But she was right. Not yet. He had a plan, and she only thought she knew how the night was going to go. Before it was through, she’d be begging for him in a way she never anticipated.

Roger sat in the chair and quickly removed the rest of his clothes, then joined Patricia in the water. She’d already poured the wine and was waiting with both glasses.

“What shall we drink to, Daddy?”

Roger gave her a naughty smile. “To new adventures,” he said, and clinked her glass.

They took a sip then Roger placed their glasses on the tub ledge. He floated Patricia so that she was in his arms with we back against his chest. Their skin together felt hot enough to boil the water around them. She lay her head back and he ran his hands over her soapy breasts. Her nipples tickled his palms as they glided over. He cupped each breast and gave a gentle squeeze. He felt her purr in appreciation. One hand moved down her tight stomach. Her legs parted in anticipation, but he wasn’t ready to please her just yet. She had, after all, left him with an aching erection.

His hand moved along the inside of her thigh. He could feel all her hours in the gym. Her muscles contracted at his touch. He slowly brought his hand back toward her pussy. She arched her back in anticipation, but just at he was about to make contact, her drew his hand back up across her stomach to her breasts.

“Daddy!” she protested and tried to force his hand back.

“Oh, so it’s ok for you to tease Daddy, but not the other way around, huh?” he laughed.

“No,” she pouted.

“Well…” he said sliding his other hand back down across her abdomen. “I guess…if you promise to be a good little slut for Daddy.” He didn’t tease her this time. He went straight for his target. His finger slid across her engorged clit, and then slipped inside. It felt like an oven. A gasp escaped her lips.

“Like that, Baby?”

“Uh-huh,” she moaned through closed eyes.

“You gonna be a good little slut for Daddy?”

“Mmm…” she nodded.

“And do whatever Daddy wants?”


He repositioned her so that she was more cradled in his arms. Her head back, her breasts we now available to his mouth. He bent down but couldn’t quite get to her nipple. She sensed his problem and bought her breast to his mouth like a nursing mother. He licked and sucked like a man near death with hunger. His other hand was now in a better position. He slid a second finger inside and used his thumb on her clit. Her bucking hips sending waves crashing on the side of the tub.

Patricia was panting now. She used her free hand to grab the back of his head and pull him harder against her breast.

“¡Chúpalo!!” she growled.

He loved it when she reverted to her native Spanish. He did as instruct and sucked harder, adding gentle bites. Her panting grew to grunting, and he knew that she was close. He slid a third finger inside her pussy, then used his pinky to gently massage her forbidden hole. She responded like the little whore that he knew she was. He increased the pressure and her muscles allowed passage. Her fingers were now clutching his hair.

“¡Sí! ¡Sí! ¡Sí! ¡¡¡Papi!!! ¡Dámelo duro!”

His fingers increased their pace. Now he was pounding his fingers into her body.

“¡Vendré!!!!” she screamed.”

Her body shuddered and shook. Her legs stiffened and flailed. Then she pushed her head back in his arms and screamed.


Roger stopped what he was doing and held her as she floated through her orgasm. Her body giving involuntary jolts as each wave passed. Finally, she went limp. She woke to his fingers stroking her hair. His face only inched from hers.

“B-bueno,” she managed. Then smiled.

He leaned in and kissed her tenderly. Then leaned back. “Water?”

She nodded.

He slipped from behind her and swam to the edge of the tub to retrieved a bottle of water. He brought it to her, and she drank half of it before coming up for air.

“You do that so fucking well,” she gasped.

“Glad you enjoyed it! Wine?”

She nodded.

They each took a sip, then it was her turn to take the glasses away.

“Stand up, Papi.”

He did as she asked. His body emerged from the water, the suds ran down his body. It was her turn to admire his dedication to the gym. He didn’t have a six pack, but his abs had that outside cut. His legs, however, were a different story. Clearly, he never skipped leg day. She knelt in front of him. His cock was no longer hard, but it was still quite long. She ran her hands up his calves. His legs felt like marble. She ran her hands up to his ass. His buns felt like two loaves of bread. Each with a perfect dimple in the side.

“Ay, Papi!” she sighed. Then lowering Elvankent Escort herself a bit, opened her mouth and took him in.

“That’s it, baby! Suck Daddy’s cock!”

She took him deep down her throat. It wasn’t always possible for her to do this. She had had to do a lot of practice, and not on her husband. He wasn’t nearly big enough. She thought about using things like a banana, or a cucumber, but somehow that just didn’t seem right. So, she took a trip to her favorite sex shop and found just the right tool. A set of dildos in increasing sizes. She started with the smallest option (which was still bigger than hubby). It wasn’t wide enough to stretch her mouth, but it was long enough to trigger her gag reflex. It took several weeks of daily practice, but now she could swallow a horse cock like her Daddy’s. What’s more, she could take his mouth fucking. She withdrew from his mouth, looked him in the eye, and spoke.

“¡Como quieras, Papi!” Then she took him back into her mouth, and let her hands caress his firm ass.

Roger gripped her head and eased his length down her throat until he could feel her nose against his groin. Then he pulled back and slid in again, this time a bit harder and a bit faster. He picked up his pace and soon he was fucking Patricia’s mouth like it was her pussy. He could hear her gurgled grunts each time he bottomed out. She was breathing hard through her nose and saliva was flowing from her mouth and over her breasts. Roger could feel his balls start to boil. He wanted to explode down her throat. To ram his cock deep inside that little slut mouth and pump load after load of his leche!

She sensed his lust. She loved being his fuck toy, but even daddy’s need to be controlled, and she knew just how to do it.

She moved her hands to between her mouth and his groin. Gently she pushed back. Roger stopped his thrusts and she slid his monster from her mouth. Gasping, she stroked his length with her one hand, while her wrapped her thumb and forefinger around the top of his scrotum. Gently, but firmly, she squeezed and pulled.

A bolt of exquisite pain shot through Roger’s balls. The first time she ever did that, he wasn’t sure if he liked it or not. Now he couldn’t get enough of it.

“Yes, Baby!” he snarled. “That’s it you little slut. Control Daddy’s orgasm.”

“Like this, Daddy?” she said pulling a little harder.

Roger threw his head back and gripped her hair. “Yes, you fucking whore! Harder!”

She smiled and did as she was told. She slid a finger between the crack of his as and fingered his orifice. “Don’t cum, Daddy!” she ordered. “I’m not ready yet.”

He loved it when she turned the tables on him. Mostly he was in charge and she was his little fuck slut. But she knew exactly when to flip the tables and take control.

“Yes, Baby!” he said panting and catching his breath. His urge to cum faded. He was regaining control. He looked down into her dark Ecuadorian fuck-me eyes. At those full lips; perfect for sucking cock. “I need a drink.”

She laughed and let him go so that she could retrieve their wine.

Roger took a gulp, Patricia a sip. Then Roger slid his hand behind her neck and pulled her to his mouth.

Her lips were sweet from the wine, as was her tongue. Roger broke the kiss and turned Patricia around. He placed one hand on her waist, the other on her shoulder. She understood. Bend over.

“Wider,” he ordered.

While she adjusted her stance, Roger went to the edge of the tub. He kneeled and bent over the edge to retrieve something. He was there for several seconds, during which time Patricia again admired his body. He had a swimmer’s “V” and for the back, you could see the ripples of his shoulders, his lats, and his traps. He stood and returned with something in each hand, one of which he placed beside his wine glass.

Roger knelt behind her. As soon as his tongue touched her pussy, she reflexively dropped her head and pushed back. He ran his tongue flat from her clit to her ass. She was his steamy sweet treat. He slipped his tongue deep inside her pussy, using it like a cock. He alternated. Lap. Probe. Lap. Probe. She moaned. She was wet to start with but was getting even wetter. Roger leaned back.

“Spread you ass for Daddy,” he whispered.

“Mmm…” she purred. “Naughty Daddy.” She lowered her shoulders even more to rest her body on the tub edge to free both hands. This had the effect of further exposing her pussy to Roger’s view. She reached back and with both hands, spread her ass.

Her tight little hole was staring back at him. Darker than the skin around it, like something forbidden. Exactly what Roger wanted. He moved in and ran his tongue around the outside. This brought another gasp, followed by a moan as he coated his tongue with saliva and slide the tip beyond her tight sphincter. Patricia grunted. She loved being rimmed. It was something that Roger had introduced to her, and now it was one of her favorite parts. Beşevler Escort Roger continued to slide his tongue as far into her ass as he could. Her muscles gripping him as he slid deeper and deeper. While he tongue-fucked her ass, he fingered her clit and pussy. Patricia was one of those women who’s first orgasm took a little while, but after that she was Niagara Falls. Roger knew that another orgasm was building. This was his cue. He rubbed the tip of the object against her bung hole.

“Oh Daddy!” she moaned.

He pushed gently, but firmly. The well lubricated tip sliding easily past her tight opening. Her back arched slightly at the intrusion. Roger relaxed his fingering of her pussy, but continued working on her clit.

“That’s it, Baby. Just relax.”

He knew this was normal. Her outer muscles were easily defeated, but she needed to relax her inner muscles before the plug would easily pass. He maintained constant but gentle pressure. It only took a few seconds. Roger watched with a wicked smile as the plug spread her ass wider and wider. At one point he no longer had to push. Her body sucked it in like it was starving for it.

“Ay, Papi! It’s so big.” Patricia moaned.

Roger got to his feet and with one hand on her hip, he positioned his cock at her entrance. He rubbed the head of his cock between her lips and over her clit. She shuddered in anticipation. He eased into her. She was plenty wet, but she would need a few strokes to accommodate all of his 9 inch length and 3 inch girth.

“¡Coger!” she screamed when he tapped bottom, and reflexively raised up on her toes.

Roger pulled back a little and she relaxed. He could feel the plug in her ass against his shaft. He resumed his fucking, just not quite so deep. He loved to ram his cock in her pussy while in doggie. He was longer than she was deep, so he had to be careful in other positions. But not in doggie. She could take it deep.

“Daddy, you’re stretching my pussy!”

He loved it when she said shit like that. He pulled his cock almost all the way out and looked down. It was totally covered in her cum. He pushed back into her, but not quite as hard. This time she arched her back and grabbed his hand.

“Ok?” he whispered.

She nodded.

He reached over and took the other device in his right hand while he took a hold of her long chestnut hair in the other. He pulled her head back, slid his cock inside her, and hit the switch on the remote control.

“Carajo! Hijueputa! Carajo! Carajo! Carajo! ” she screamed. Her entire body convulsed. Her legs stiffened, and her arms collapsed beneath her. Had it not been for the handful of her hair in Roger’s hand, she may well have smacked her face on the edge of the tub. She rolled her eyes back and convulsed into the water. Roger quickly hit the off switch and scooped her into his arms. Her hair lay across her face, and she was gasping.

“Patricia?” Roger said, the worry evident in his voice. He was afraid that he’d ruined their evening, but more worried that he’d hurt his lover.

“M-ok,” she sputtered and whipped the water and her hair from her eyes. “W-w-what the fuck has that?” she said panting but obviously happy.

Roger gave her a smile. “So…you liked that?” he said with a cocked eyebrow.

Patricia was still gasping but managed, “Uh…well…uh…yeah. I think so. What the fuck was that?”

Roger held up the pink remote in his hand. “Setting one!”

Patricia gave him a playful grin, “You could warn a girl.”

“Where’s the fun in that?”

“Setting one. How high does it go?”

“I don’t know,” grinned. “Wanna find out?”

She gave him an encouraging smile.

Roger eased her off his lap and stood. In his concern for Patricia’s well-being, he’d lost most of his erection.

“You scared Daddy, Baby. Now Daddy need you to get him hard again.”

“Si, Papi,” she cooed, and took him into her mouth.

She loved to take a soft cock in her mouth. To feel it grow and become ridged. She loved that she could have that effect on a man. And in Roger’s case, to have it grow to the point that it actually forced her back.

She sucked him back to steel rod status then without needing to be told, she stood, turned around and resumed her previous position at the tub’s edge. She looked over her shoulder with bedroom eyes and said, “¡Coger-me, Papi!”

Roger moved behind her. He didn’t bother rubbing her slit this time. She was wet and ready. His cock slipped in with ease. Again, he felt the anal plug against his cock. He fucked her gently a few times, and then leaned forward and whispered, “Ready?”

Patricia gripped the edge of the tub. Roger could see her knuckles whiten slightly. She didn’t speak, she only nodded. He hit the switch.

Instantly her body tensed, but she was ready for it. Her arm muscles flexed as she stabilize her body’s convulsions. She pushed back hard against Roger’s cock which had yet to move. She wanted him to fuck her.

“Want Daddy to fuck you good and hard, Baby?”

Again, no words, only a rapid nodding of her head.

The butt plug was nothing new for them. They’d fucked before while she wore one. But Roger had never experienced a vibrator on his cock before. The resonance traveled down his shaft into his balls. He couldn’t help but contract his own sphincter. For Patricia it was far more intense.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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