A Valet’s Job

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This is a story of fiction, one that I’ve wanted to write for some time. I have no experiences of what I wrote in this story but I do have desires of them. I also believe in safe sex and I hope you will forgive me if the events appear somewhat exaggerated. It is fiction however, good or bad.


Have you ever walked up to an unfamiliar car, keys in hand, got in and attempted to start the damn thing up? Well, I can tell you it’s not as easy as it looks. First of all, you have to get in and that can be a test! Some are key lock, some you press the key remote and still others you just walk up to the car with the remote clutched in your hand and the door will unlock. Second, does it start by inserting the key, do you push a button or as so many of the newer high end jobs are equipped with, do you just say, “start “. I tell you, I think it was easier to crank up an old Model T to get it going.

I’m guess I’m being testy about it because I took a part time job as a car jockey in a hotel to make a few bucks, but being new at it, I’m frustrated by the technology of the modern car. I shouldn’t nit-pick though because it gave me the opportunity to experience the one thing I was hoping to do….suck a cock.

My job was to park or retrieve a customers’ car from any of our twelve floors in a parking garage adjacent to our twelve floor hotel. Although we don’t always park the guests’ car on the same floor they’re staying on, we sometimes get lucky and find a spot on their floor so they have access to their car if they need to get to it. This can result in a little extra tip money.

My good fortune started on a slow Friday night about 11:45PM when I was working the 4 to 12 shift. It was a slow night and the garage was fairly empty. I was able to park some of our weekend arrivals on the same floor that the guests were staying and I was happily stuffing the tips in my pocket. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not greedy, because I do go out of my way for the guests.

Like I said, it was a Friday night and I was standing at the garage entrance talking to my relief. A Toyota Camry pulled up and the driver got out of the car, holding out his keys to me, as I approached him.

“Are you going to be putting my car up on the sixth floor?” he asked.

“Yes sir. There’s plenty of room up there,” I responded.

“Would you mind if I rode up with you, if it’s not against company rules.”

“To be honest,” I said, “you’re the first person to ask me. Hell with it, hop in and we’ll keep it our secret.”

I got behind the wheel and the customer slid into the passenger seat and I headed up the ramp. He was a handsome guy, friendly, with a nice smile.

“I figured it would be easier than traipsing thru the lobby and doing the elevator thing,” my passenger said. “You having a busy night?”

“No sir,” I said, “It’s been slow and I’m getting off in a few minutes.”

“Good for you. I had a busy day and I’ll be glad to settle in my room for the night.”

We rounded the turns up thru the garage and arrived at the sixth floor quickly where I was able to park the Camry near the hotel entrance door. Getting out of the car and walking around to the passenger side, the gentleman handed me five bucks and thanked me. I returned the thanks and started to walk towards our service elevator.

“Hey,” he called over to me, “you want to come in for a beer? I mean, since you’re getting off duty. I have a six pack in the bar and it would be nice to have some company for a bit.”

I liked the guys’ demeanor. He seemed to have a nice way about him so I responded with, “Sure, I could use a cold one. Let me go punch out and I’ll come back up.”

“That’s great. I’m in room 1230. Just knock.”

“Okay,” I’m thinking as I rode to the ground floor, “he doesn’t seem like a serial killer and I’m sure he’s not after my tip money.”

I got down to the time clock and punched out, then gave my wife a call. I told her I was going to work some extra hours because she would not want me drinking and then drive my car. I was sure I was only going to have one and then be home early, fresh as a daisy. It only took me a few more minutes to get back up to room 1230 and my host answered the door with one knock.

His room was top shelf. It had a small living room with classy furnishings, a wet bar and the bed and bath were thru a doorway. Our hotel is very upscale so I wasn’t surprised. There were even swankier rooms in the hotel that I’ve seen.

“Welcome,” he said, extending his hand, as I took off my jacket, tossing it on a chair. “My name is Brian.”

“Hi Brian, Joe,” I said shaking his hand.

“Let me get you that beer,” Brian said, walking over to the bar.

As he was pulling the bottle out of the fridge, I got a chance to look him over. He looked to be near my age, 60, my height and was nice looking. My wife would say he was cute. I guess I felt comfortable with him from the start because here I was in his room, alone, with a stranger.

“Here you are, Joe.” Saluting me with his bottle he said, tuzla escort bayanlar “Cheers.”

“Chin-chin,” I said, laughing, having heard the expression recently. Brian just smiled so I didn’t share the joke.

“So,” I said, “How do you come to be in the big city? Do you come here often?” I was just a little tense. You know, feeling a little out of my league shall we say.

Brian told me he was a drug rep for a pharmaceutical company and came in to the city a couple times a year. He traveled a lot and hated it. It was a lonely life, staying in hotels and cooped up in strange rooms, alone. Once in a great while his wife came with him but she had her own job at home that tied her down.

I talked about my short, part time career as a valet and my full time job. My wife and I lived just outside the city and came in often to eat or see a play. Brian was easy to talk with and we found that we had a lot in common, especially about our marital relations, both of us being very happy with our spouses.

We were still talking and Brian had gotten us both another beer when I got up from the sofa and noticed my host had a couple of DVD’s sitting on the TV. I picked one up and saw that it was a porn movie featuring bi-couples. They were all bi-movies.

“This keep you company on those lonely nights?” I laughed, waving the case in the air.

“Yea,” he confessed sheepishly, “I like to lay back and relax with a film. Gets my mind off work…and fills a need while away from home.”

“I know what you mean, Brian,” I said. “I like to watch the stuff and I’ve learned a trick or two that I’ve enjoyed with my wife. She’s not in to porn but she’s benefited by it.” (big smile)

“I haven’t looked at any of them yet. You want me to put one in?” he asked.

“Sure, why not. Let’s see what the folks are up to.”

Brian inserted the disc and we sat back on the sofa with our beers. It was a story of two young guys who were cutting a female homeowners’ lawn. The dialog could have been written by a fifth grader and we had a good laugh mimicking the actors. We both got quiet when the plot had the three of them in her kitchen and she was taking both guys on.

“Now that’s my kind of action,” Brian exclaimed.

“Yea, I would love to fuck my wife with another guy!” I blurted out.

“Really?” he said, looking at me with a surprised side glance and then turning back to the screen. The woman was on her back, on the kitchen table with one guy shoving his cock in her mouth and the other pumping into her pussy.

“Yea, I’ve already told her, while we’re fucking. It gets her hot. I think she believes it’s all about fantasy, but I really mean it.”

“And you would be okay with it?” he asked.

“With the right guy, sure,” I answered, never taking my eye off the screen. “There’s a lot of stuff I’d like to do, you know what I mean?”

“Yea I do. To be honest, I’m the same way. I want to try different things but I haven’t had the opportunity to do it, or the guts, I guess.” Brian admitted. He blew a long breath out when a real scorcher of a scene started as another guy appeared on screen. It was the woman’s husband. He got right in on the action and started sucking on one of the guys cocks.

Pointing to the scene on the TV I asked him, “Is that why you’re watching bi films, Brian?”

“Blow jobs turn me on. I mean….I never did it…. it just turns me on,” he said.

I took a big swallow of my beer and asked, “What would you be doing if you were alone right now?”

He brought his beer up to his mouth and said over the top of the bottle, avoiding my gaze, “Probably be jerking off.” Then he laughed, turning to look at me.

“Am I cramping your style for the night?” I probed.

He laughed again and then said straight forward, “I do enjoy pounding my meat!”

I smiled at him, strangely comfortable and asked bluntly, “You ever jerk off with another guy present?”

“No. Have you?”

“Not yet,” I answered. We looked at each. I was feeling really bold and I was genuinely enjoying Brian’s company. I decided to take a leap. “You want to do it?”

Brian looked at me, took a big swig of beer and said, “Fuck it, sure, let’s do it. I’d enjoy watching you stroke your cock.”

The movie was just finishing and Brian got up and put another one in the player. Both of us waited until the film started and it took about five minutes for the action to heat up. It was a movie with two couples and they were all intertwined with each other like living snakes. Brian was the first to make the move. I watched as he slid his zipper down, reach in and flopped his fat limp prick out. He picked up his beer and with one hand took a drink and with the other, slowly caressed his soft meat.

I looked again at the TV and lay back against the sofa, sliding my zipper slowly down. I could feel the vibration of the each metal hook unclasping from its’ mate on the top side of my cock and digging in, tugged my flaccid prick out.

“Do you think istanbul tuzla escort we’re both soft because we’re nervous?” I asked Brian.

“Well, it’s not because it’s cold in here,” he laughed.

He had a good sense of humor and it put me at ease. It was real uncomfortable sitting in my pants with my cock squeezed thru the opening that I decided to pull out the stops.

“Fuck it, Brian! I can’t do it like this. I’m shedding my jeans.”

“Great idea!” he replied.

We both got up and in a flash pulled our pants off. I shucked my underwear and sat back down as Brian was doing the same. So there we were, both naked from the waist down with limp cocks on our laps.

We sat there for a few minutes stroking ourselves again, watching the movie and just barely getting it up. I looked over at him and watched how he was doing it. Brian had a solid grip on his dick and was pulling it up hard like he was trying to yank it off his body. He was doing this ever so slowly and I could see it rising to stand straight out from his body, growing longer. I was still just caressing mine, like I was petting it, but watching Brian’s’ manhood come to life caused my own cock to swell, the blood flowing into it.

He looked at me and I asked him, “You ever wonder what another guys’ cock feels like?”

“Lately I have.” he answered.

“Me too! Do me a favor will ya, if you’re comfortable with me asking, turn your body towards me so I can see you better. I’m enjoying watching you”

Brian didn’t hesitate for a minute. He was sitting to my right and to reposition himself he raised up from the sofa and sat on his heels, just like a kid, with his legs spread wide open giving me a great view. He leaned back against the arm of the sofa, staring at me, not paying any attention to the TV, with his cock standing straight out. It was as though he was giving me a show. I sat up and turned my body to face him and imitated his pose. We both sat looking at each other’s cock as we continued to play with ourselves.

Holding his cock at the base and wagging it up and down reminded me of a trannie I watched in a porno flick, sitting on a guys’ cock and getting it in the ass, and his prick was flapping up and down just like my sofa mate’s was doing. “Was he tempting me?” I wondered. I hoped he was. His dick was really hard now and large and it didn’t swing with as much flex as a minute ago.

We both turned our heads to the TV when we heard slurping sounds. One male was sucking and stroking the other guys cock with delight as he was humping his dick into the girl who was eating her friend’s pussy. I was getting warm and slipped my sweatshirt and Tee off and Brian quickly following suit as we both turned to watch the girl again.

“He’s really enjoying himself,” he said quietly, still shaking that meat at me.

“Brian, can I feel your cock?” I asked quickly, ignoring the movie.

Looking at me he just kind of whispered, “Yea, I’d like that,” not stopping his hand. I crawled over to him and took it in my hand as he released it. It was rigid as a wooden peg and the texture felt like soft calfskin. Brian was circumcised, and his heavy, bulbous head with purple corona was like a large helmet sitting upon a column of pink marble. I gripped it tightly, then spitting into my palm, washed the wetness onto the shaft and over the manhead, along the engorged ridge. Pressing his cock against his belly I looked at the heavy ball sack rise and expand like a balloon filling with water. I knew my touch was making his nuts begin to churn up a hefty loud of cum.

Brian was watching my action as the moans of the sex scene on the TV continued. “Man, your hand feels so different than my wife’s does!”

“This is a great looking cock. She must enjoy herself,” I said. It was larger than mine, longer, and thicker, with sparse brown hair at the base. My dick was really hard by now. “Fuck it,” I thought, “I am so close to what I’ve desired,” and with that I sank my mouth onto his cock-head, my mouth in a sucking grip. God it felt good, the firmness in my hand and the thick fat head beyond my lips.

“Do you want this?” I said, stopping to look up at him.

“Damn yes! Keep going Joe”.

With that Brian reached forward, thru my legs searching for my own erection. He took hold of it and held it in a tight grip as I began to make short strokes, then longer ones with my mouth.

I was on my knees, between his open legs, gripping his cock at the base with one hand and cupping his sack now. His balls were big and I could feel them stirring in their bag. Brian’s’ embrace of my hardon was making me hotter and he was starting to respond to the blow job I was giving him. I wanted to try to deep throat him but his cock was too long and I was an amateur at this. My nose would touch his pubic hair and there was a scent that was so new, so pungent, that I wished he was shaven like I am. I wanted to lick his cock and his groin and his balls but I hesitated because of the hair.

“Oh kartal escort man,” I sputtered thru my teeth, his flesh driving into my mouth. I exhaled, saliva spilling out of my mouth, running like foam down the length of his shaft. “It’s delicious!”

I quickened my pace and Brian began pumping his groin up to meet me. I knew he was getting ready to blow his load but I didn’t want things to end this quick. I pulled off leaving his cock wet and wavering in the air. “Do you want to suck me?” I said panting. “Yea! I want to do it too. Lay back down,” he said.

I sat up, laid back down on the sofa and Brian positioned his cock over my face as he got on all fours. He took my stiff prick in his hand and stroked it a few times, then wiggled it, smacking it against his lips as I waited for him to get started on me, so we could get off together. He must have had thoughts of what he would do with a cock because he was enjoying playing with mine. I held on to his dick to keep it up but was savoring the playfulness he was enacting on my body part. Suddenly it was in his mouth and he started sucking me. His mouth was wet and warm and soft. He was holding my inner thighs and going up and down the length of my shaft, slowly with a strong grip of his mouth. “It’s different than a woman’s mouth,” I thought.

Brian pulled off for a moment and uttered heavily, “Man, you taste good”, and licked the full length of my cock, around the base of it, the crotch of my legs and even my balls. All the area that was clean shaven, he licked, then went back to sucking me off.

I had put his cock back in my mouth and continued where I had left off. Holding onto his ass cheeks I began to suck stronger, trying to pull his cock from his body with my mouth. Lust was rising to its peak and both of us were now moaning with cocks stuffed in our maws and pumping our groins furiously, our naked skin touching, bodies rubbing, male against male. Slurping and pumping, grinding and sucking, we were two bodies exploding with new found passions and emotions.

The unique sense of knowing when someone else was going to ejaculate in your mouth was rousing. My female companions often talked about it. Now here I was with a cock ready to explode. It started with Brian’s verbal sound and then the cheeks of his ass tighten. His cock swelled in girth and got hot. Suddenly for a brief second he froze and then his pumping increased, my body going thru the same ritual as his at that moment as I was encouraged by his lust. My pelvis thrust up to his face as I felt a rocket of liquid shoot thru my sex tube. Brian’s load shot into my mouth now at that same instant, hot and thick and in an enormous amount. His white man-milk filled my mouth and I almost gaged. I yanked his cock out and he spurted three more time into my open cavity. Swallowing most and pushing some out with my tongue onto his cock, I used it as a lube to suck him more. An indescribable, intense taste, I licked the sheen of jizm from his shaft, even sucking the small amount of leakage running from his slit.

Brian had taken a good load of my ejaculate into his mouth, swallowing it all, only to continue sucking me, trying to pull more from my body. We were both spent but continued to enjoy each other as our cocks went flaccid. Even as it withered to a limp stage he felt good in my mouth. I suspected he was feeling the same because I had to make the first move to pull away and sit upright, moving away from him

“Wow that was good,” he uttered. “I finally did it!” “Yea! Me too!” I said. “I wish our wives could have seen us. They would have gone nuts.”

Brian winked, “I’d like to imagine them playing with each other while they watched, but I guess that only happens in the movies.”

I laughed at that, “How ’bout another beer, Brian. I need something to wash down the aftertaste.”

He took two beers out of the fridge, handed me one, and while both of us were still naked we walked over to the window to look at the city view. I put one foot up on the wide window ledge and he was standing close to me. We both took a drink.

“You know Joe, as we were riding up in my car I had a fantasy of doing this with you. I liked your looks and I was eager to meet someone like you one day.”

“I’m glad we met. You’re nice to be with and you definitely have a nice cock,” I told him.

He reached over and started to caress my ass as I stood in this one legged position.

“You mind if I try something else, Brian? I’m curious of the taste.”

“G’head, I think I’m game.”

I leaned over and kissed him on the mouth, a real wet and long kiss. Brian didn’t back away, he opened his mouth and our tongues swirled and entwined, our arms around each other’s back. Brian’s hand dropped and he began caressing and squeezing my ass cheeks. Suddenly I felt his finger touching my anus, the pressure slight but probing. I’ve experimented with a dildo at times so I wasn’t troubled by this. In fact, now I wanted it.

We stopped kissing and I told him to wet his finger. He stuck it in his mouth, brought a string of saliva to my hole, lubricated it and eased it in, slowly to his knuckle. I was playing with his cock, swinging it and pulling on it as it came to life, getting harder and longer. Now he had two fingers in me, pumping slowly. I was moaning softly. With his other hand he cupped my balls and caressed them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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