After the Storm

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The day started out as a typical Aussie summer morning, bright sunshine, no wind and a forecast of high temperatures with possible thunderstorms. I had always enjoyed camping in the national park and the break from work had been long anticipated. I had smothered the camp fire after demolishing the bacon and eggs so I could safely leave for a bushwalk without any fear of triggering a bushfire.

I left in a Northerly direction, towards the stream at the bottom of the gorge where I planned to have lunch, a swim and then return to camp to prepare the evening meal. Along the track I realised how alone one could be in the Australian bush. I had not seen a soul for 2 days and chances are, I wouldn’t see anyone for the whole week. Of course this didn’t mean it was quiet. The daily accompaniment of the cicadas was beginning, the shrill vibrations piercing the simmering heat of the day. I had removed my shirt and tied it around my waist, the sweat trickling down across my chest, before splashing into a puff of red dust on the track beside me. Soon I could hear the murmuring stream as the cooling shade of a storm cloud briefly blocked the suns burning rays.

I turned a last corner on the trail and before me, there was the billabong, silver gums reflected in a green cool shimmer. A platypus dived, mistaking me for danger. A wallaby bounced off into the nearby scrub, heading for a midday nap. And the incessant cicadas drummed on. I sat on a large flat sandstone slab overhanging the tepid water, and removed my boots and socks. From my backpack I retrieved my lunch, a bag of nuts and a juicy peach. I cooled my feet in the pool as I hungrily finished the food before lying back to relax and enjoy the moment. As I stared through the mottled grey green eucalypt canopy, I realised the storm prediction seemed to be holding true. Dark clouds crested by huge white thunder heads were tumbling across the clear blue sky and I heard a distant rumble of thunder, echoing along the valley walls. I put my socks, boots and shirt back on, readying to make a dash for cover should the sky open up.

A cool breeze announced the approaching rain, the cicadas instantly silenced from their throbbing chorus. Minutes later, the loud patter of large thunder storm drops hitting the parched ground approached my position. I ran to the small cave at the cliff base. Only two meters deep but certainly the best shelter from falling limbs or lightning available. The rain stopped after only a few minutes, but it had been heavy and cleansing. I moved back out into the steam wisping up from the still warm rocks, leaving my pack in the cave whilst I took a short walk around the billabong.

I made my way along the base of the cliff across a narrow Escort Etlik ledge bordering the pool. Just as I made the other side to the rock platform, someone called. A little startled, I looked back and saw a woman, maybe 20 years old, standing at the narrowing path. She repeated “Could you help me get past this narrow ledge please?”

“Hi there, of course, just wait, I’ll come back.”

She was fit, not real tall, and had the most beautiful tanned skin, well displayed by her wet, shiny, muscular legs, beautifully displayed in short brown cotton shorts and stout leather walking boots with pink woollen socks. She had quite a large backpack, her long brown hair spread across the top, still dripping from the downpour. The size of the pack meant she couldn’t navigate the narrow path unassisted. I had by now walked back to her side.

“Where are you walking to?”

She looked up at me, catching me glancing at the clinging white singlet top, her nipples poking into the wet fabric, a slightly darkened area around the peaks, emphasising how the rain had made it semi transparent. I quickly looked back into her eyes, catching her with a small grin at my discomfort in having been caught. “I’m just following the track until dark, then I’ll set up camp.” she answered.

“If you don’t mind, I’ll offer you some advice. I know this area really well and with storms around upstream, I wouldn’t recommend camping any further down the track. There could be flash flooding if there’s been enough rain.”

“Thank you. But where should I camp then?” she teasingly enquired like a damsel in distress, looking around the surrounding bush before looking back at me melodramatically batting her eyelashes.

“Well, I’ve setup about 30 minutes walk from here. You could set up near me and we could share the camp fire if you like.” I replied, trying not to sound overly enthusiastic to the point of scaring her off. “You look like you could use a clothes line to dry out your things. I’m David by the way.”

She took my hand in her small grasp and blushed; softly telling me “I’m Storm. I accept your kind invitation. I would enjoy the company and maybe we could …… where does this track lead to?”

“Drop your pack back there near mine and we’ll walk it together.”

Storm went back the short distance and took the back pack off and bent placing it next to mine. Her shorts rode up, revealing the rise of her buttocks, the gap between her thighs, a flash of pink lingerie. She straightened and arched her back in relief of the loss of weight, rubbing her shoulders where the straps had left red marks on both sides. As she stretched her arms back over her head, Storm’s singlet pulled upwards across Etlik Escort her taut narrow waist, revealing to me a delicate, jewelled belly button piercing, twinkling in the sunlight.

As she returned, approaching the narrow ledge, she reached her hand out for me. I stepped back to her and held my left hand out, planning on walking along with her. She instead passed my hand into her left hand and she put her right hand on my right shoulder. I was facing the cliff face, holding on with both hands as she began to pass behind me. She wrapped her arms around me as she slid past and when directly behind me, pressed against me. I could feel her firm small breasts against my back, and heard an almost inaudible gasp, her warm breath touching my ear. I dropped my right shoulder slightly, rubbing against her hard nipple and she climbed slightly higher to lick my ear lobe. I turned my face and we kissed. She groaned into my mouth. I twisted further to attempt to hold her and we both fell backwards into the pool of water. I surfaced to find her wading towards me, a sultry look on her face as she pulled the right strap of her singlet top down her arm, offering her beautiful breast to my lips. I rose from the waist deep water to drink the droplets trickling down from that crinkled brown nipple, the breast covered in goose bumps, her left hand holding the back of my head. My right arm pulled her to me as I tumbled back in the water, Storm rolling over on top of me. Her right thigh pressed into my crutch as my left hand cupped her right buttock and we attempted to finish the kiss that had just been interrupted by what I think was a deliberate tumble.

Our lips parted, both of us panting, as I pulled her singlet over her head. She in turn pulled my shirt off and then I bent to suck her left nipple deep into the back of my mouth. Storm worked frantically at unbuttoning my shorts before thrusting them and my boxers down and off before she turned to swim off with the both in her hand. I dived, reaching as far as I could and managed to hook my fingers into her belt, pulling her back to me. I wrapped both arms around her to cup her firm breasts as she pushed her bum back into my hard cock. My hands slid down, the left to undo her shorts, the right to skim inside her panties over a slick, smooth mound, finding her clit pressing between my fingers as I slid lower into her hot furrow. She twisted in my grasp as she pushed her pants down “Fuck me now, David ………. oh dear god, I need you to fuck me.”

I easily lifted her onto the platform behind me, her thighs still hanging over the water. I moved between them, dipping my head, to lick from her quim, the lemon honey taste of intimate readiness, the aroma Etlik Escort Bayan of a woman in heat.

I whispered “Pardon mes lèvres. Ils trouvent le plaisir dans des lieux mystérieux.” I parted her outer lips with my finger tips, her inner lips with my tongue, a long upward stroke with my tongue ending in an oral dance over her turgid clitoris. Before long, her pussy dripping a mixture of her juice and my saliva down her inner thighs. My cock was by now dripping, throbbing, anticipating. I too could now wait no longer before stabbing my tool into this lithe young woman. I stood and took the last step towards her. Storm looked up at me “Yesssssss. Do it. Fuck me David.” As she rubbed her middle finger up and across her clit before thrusting it into my mouth to suck the juice..

I held my cock in my right hand and pushed the fat head between her spongy lips, wiping it first up then down, spreading her nectar across the helmeted end. Each change in direction produced shock waves of pleasure through both our loins. Storm hooked her right heel behind my buttock and pulled my hips towards her, my cock slowly sinking into her dripping hot wet pussy. My left hand held her right breast. The first thrust put me one third inside her, “Ahhh” she uttered. I withdrew, pushed, half way in, “Mmmmmm” I withdrew. I looked to her for a reaction; Storms arms suddenly encircled me, pulling me fully inside her in an embrace that pushed the air from our lungs. I stopped, Storm stopped, maybe the world stopped at that instant. I opened my eyes to see her sparkling brown eyes staring back at me, silently, wantonly. A tear fell from my eye, splashing on her cheek as my lips searched out hers, we kissed. We kissed long, hard, and we fucked. We fucked fast and hard, then slowly, tenderly. Our rhythm changing as our bodies searched for the next pleasure. All too soon, I felt a rush in my loins, my eyes telling Storm I was close. Her panting increased as my heavy balls slapped against her thighs in an increased tempo. “yes………yes …….. YESS… YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS cum inside me David CUMMMMM WWWWIIITTTTHHHHHH MMMEEEEEEE!!!!!” as my head arched back, my toes curled and my groin pressed hard against her raised smooth mons, the semen spurting deep and hard into her. After the intense initial spasm, I returned to thrusting with each subsequent spurt, slower and slower until my head collapsed onto Storm’s left shoulder. I could feel her vagina squeezing my cock in similar spasms as her orgasm subsided.

Minutes passed. The two of us intimately joined but perhaps separately thinking about what had passed. I lifted my head up to look at Storms fine features, her eyes fluttered open before she looked deeply into mine and burst out laughing “What’s for dinner cookie boy?”

As I rolled off her stunning body, I answered “Steak with dehydrated vegetables accompanied by a cab sav. For dessert, a large helping of soixante neuf. Ok?”

She answered with a smile, her eyes lowered, “Oui.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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